End of an Era.

End Of An ERA            There’s SO many things in our Lives which comes to and End.

There’s some many Different directions we go in and so Much we can actually Try,

It’s REALLY shocking as to the Fact how many People keep Holding on to that which,

Will Not anymore Be…

I must say that if you Invest,



Your Life

OR in cases,

Your Heart…

That could be why Such change May not be TOO brilliant!

The Saying doesn’t Go for No Reason…





A Window opens and gives you Other Opportunities.

Fear will Always be the ISSUE which Everyone of us will have to Deal with.

The Fear of Getting Hurt in another Relationship.

The Fear of NOT knowing if this is better than Where you’d been before.

The Fear of what OTHERS might say, Even if they MAY do worse than You! ! !

BUT most of all;

The FEAR because THIS time it Truly MIGHT work if you do Work at it…

No Relationship is EVER easy.

No other Person is Ever easy to get to know.

Even if you’ve got SO MUCH in common,

Putting TWO different People together and NEITHER is willing to Put in the Effort;

Then you’re Wasting Your time once again!

ALMOST no one Was Created to be Alone.

There’s SO Many times where we Cannot Change our Situation,


Even here this Idea is WRONG,

YOU can change whatever there is You’d Need be Changing;

As Long As You’re Just Ready For That Change!

This Idea with the Fear of Getting Your Heart and Soul Broken again,

That could be the Reason why a

GREAT many of People out there,

Never will
REALLY be Ready for Life, Luck, Destiny OR Whichever it Might be;

Brings that Opportunity into Your Life!

That Opportunity can be ANYTHING,

A Relationship,

A New Job,

A Dream You’ve Have Forever,

Meeting the Hero of Your Dreams…

The Actual situation doesn’t Matter,


Being Ready to take that Opportunity with Both hands


KNOWING that thing Will and Can get better in time.

Life isn’t just Full of the Heartaches,

BUT those are the ONES

We most of the times Change our Lives…

Younger the Spirit… Younger the Heart…

Young Spirited

I’ve been a Good Samaritan in the Last week again.


Not only this, here at this house there are Two dogs as well.

The Mother and her Off-spring.

The Mother is much bigger and we Suspect the Off-spring will not grow much bigger.

That said,

The Mother just L-O-V-E-S playing Fetch… with a Rock in-mouth of all things.

Thus, when I get here, I throw the rock so much so;

She doesn’t drop it by me so I can once more throw it…

Getting to the water placed there for them.

Her son,

With her being so fleet on her “feet” as well,

He is even more so.

Enjoying the Company and being ALMOST on the Point of Hyper-Active…

Still as I now look back on this,

I see and Realize something interesting.

As with our Dogs and Pets and the lot–

I can see why its Beneficial not only for a Great Many People to have Pets

But then, as I can well Imagine,

How Children in the End of the Day would Influence not only their Parents

But as well, Their Grandparents.

With those Creatures… Meant in the Best of ways…

With their Young Spirits,

They have the Power to lift the Hearts and Spirits of those,

Who by Today’s Society;

Aren’t that Young anymore–

APARENTLY, unable to Positively contribute to Society anymore!

I’ve seen more than once,

Even those who do not WANT the little Spirited Critters around them,

It’s often These ones who actually Benefit most from the Situation

They may find themselves in.

Having the Younger Spirited Pets or even Children/Grandchildren around them!

Many a Parent will NEVER

Give up their Children,

Which is Clearly Understandable,

But the Positive Influences which those Younger Spirits have on Everyone,

Very few would stand back,

Looking at this and Understand, Get or Realize

Just how many of Us there are,

Who under MOST circumstances Cannot or

Aren’t Built to be Recluse or On their Own…

Just then,

Either one of them does something Naughty…

Then this idea also blows OUT the Window…

Remember the Smiling Happiness,

Enjoy the time They still Need Your Time…

E N E R G Y . . .


I have as of recently helped out to House-sit and Dog-sit for my Mother and her Boyfriend while they’re on a Vacation down by the sea.

As I’m not too use to the house,

The sounds there does catch me,

Not allowing me to sleep as deeply as I would in my own bed.

BUT THEN, that’s part of the package when you help someone out.

The idea isn’t so much the Lack of peaceful sleep…

At the house there’s TWO dogs.

The Mother and her off-spring.

She’s a LITTLE koo-koo.

Playing fetch… which isn’t strange,

THIS dog Loves to play Fetch with Only ROCKS!

She would bring them to you and drop it when She’s ready.

Still, she’s NOT take a thing other than rocks and at least 75% of the time,

She’s go find the rock where she’s left it last…

The thing is this,

The dog is Almost Border-line HYPER-Active.

Going up and down to the Point that YOU get tired.

Still, playing Fetch is Brilliant to her.

Her son,

As small as the Dog is,

Not knowing it’s Name…

It’s as Fast and Even MORE HYPER-Active.

It must have been Born with an Fully Charged Energizer Battery in it!

It really Love to get under your Feet and a few time I’d almost Stepped on the poor Little Dog.

It would run a few steps, MY steps, then stop, wait a little bit and when You don’t come along at all OR to slow,

It would run back, just Having to turn around and go back the Direction it had come!

Looking at the Energizer Dog running around like it is,

I wondered just how Much Unnecessary ENERGY we as People waste of what Isn’t Necessary?

Like the Little DOG,

We go back and forth,

We make plans and SOMETIMES those don’t come to Fruition!

We run around like Everyone else,

Doing what we can In getting Ahead of the Game…

There’s SO MUCH we’re thinking of and Considering,

Thing which may not even EVER come into being at all.

Still, not only do we waste TIME, but our Precious Energy!

When You reach Home OR get to that Meeting,

We’re So drained that we cannot even Help ourselves.

No matter how many times We say,

There’s always Tomorrow,

None of us KNOWS for sure what will Happen Tomorrow;

There’s ABSOLUTELY no way to Know for a Fact,

What we’d have Time and Energy for,

Getting Done what you Hope for, Wish for, Plan for, Live for…

The More Energy we waste,

The More Time we let slip as well;

Which is only a HAND-FUL of things which you Cannot Save Up!

What you Need be Doing, Work at it 100% or Getting there.

What There’s no Time for to Waste, do NOT let it get the Better of you.

As Your Life is ONLY Important to You,

WHILE the rest lives There’s, HOPEFULLY doing the Best they Can…

Use Your ENERGY Wisely, Making Your Time Count!

The LOUDNESS of Enthusiasm!


Once again I’ve been Privy to the fact at how many Different People are always out of their Skin… enthusiastic about various aspects of their Lives.

Our National Rugby Team played an International Game yesterday, THUS while I also watched to see what would be happening, I Clearly Heard what the TEAM had to do.

That said, I can imagine myself that sometimes the Coaches’ game-plan might not Always be so well Thought-out.

This being said, when You are going on so Rowdy – there’s ABSOLUTE no way anyone on the Other side of the Screen would be hearing them…

THEN another Interesting Thought, those People we know so well; Going on as they do – want to turn and Silence the REST when they’re done at Giving advice…?

BUT while They’re going on as they are; there’s Absolutely nothing wrong and They’re not getting so Excited!

As is with my One sister, when she Finally Emerge Herself into a Film – it wouldn’t matter by then Which one it would be,

She would tell the Characters/Actors what they Should be doing; TRYING all she can for them to Avoid that Required event for the FILM to work.

Getting rowdy OR plainly Fearful as she lives Herself into the Film OR as I’ve mentioned, Something People Invest their Emotions into…

It’s so Brilliant that Some have such Passion and Cannot Contain it…

The ONLY other Ironic fact is this,

Everyone of Us has got that Enthusiasm,

BUT, we don’t ALL wake the Neighborhood in Showing just how we feel in this regard.

ADMITTING, with the Last Rugby World Cup that South Africa won,

I raced from Work and Finished watching the Game in Real-Time at Home…

A few of the Neighbors around me in the Apartment Building would have suspected

Me at being right on the Side-lines.

That Passion is Good in all,

But still, Do consider those around you,

Not Letting it become a Bigger Issue than what It’s Worth in Living it OUT…

Lost In The ECHO…

Lost In The ECHO

I’ve met quite a few people in my Life so far.

I’ve seen them doing what they HAD to and or working in the Direction they found themselves in.

Life Happens While We’re Making Plans…

This is so true.

As in so many a Film, some of the Characters NEVER sets out at being Horrible, Bad or Worse than what they intended to be.

This is as true for the rest of us as well;

The many a person I’ve Seen working in the One or Other direction,

They’re not doing what they LOVE to do,

SEEING that some of the Times your Passion doesn’t Pay!

This is also a Part of Life as all of us Knows very well…

We’ve ALL got bills to pay and there’s no getting around this one.


OUR Dreams and Passions are Lost in the Echoes of life…

You’d Always dream of them,

IF they’re really as Strong as you Think them to be.

ONLY seeing if this is true,

When you can Earn a Greater Salary in the Current position you’re in now.

This is the Reason it’s so CURIOUS,

Those people around You,

Who do not Compromise in what they Reach out for,

They may NEVER reach there,

But if they’re Willing to constantly WORK at reaching their Own dreams,

Why it’s so easy for SO many to ask questions of them.

When it’s SO Many who do not Follow their own Dreams and Desires,

Understandable why that is,

BUT – it’s always SO Easy to do this,

Not supporting, but Thinking another’s life/plans/ideas/work

Is Vain and CANNOT bear any fruit.

One thing,

OUR Success and Goals all Differ.


O T H E R S may Never reach there.

But it’s the Journey and the Goal at Reaching there that’s still in the

Mind’s Eye…

The Dreams, Possibilities and Hope that’s still in the Heart…


Glued to the Technology!

I’ve changed some time ago, the Day in the Week I’d enjoy Movies at the Cinema.

This has worked out BRILLIANTLY for me.

To say the least, the COST is a little bit more – but then there’s SO few people in General that this isn’t TOO much of a bother to me…

The POINT system they’ve got, doubles as well;

But then, MOSTLY I do not use the Free Tickets I get with the accumulation of this…

After Finishing one of the Movies the other Night,

I cannot remember what Time I drove home after the Conclusion of the Film;

But what I could clearly remember was that it was Already Dark outside.

Driving Home, truning off at one of the INTERSECTIONS,

I saw two people by the Side of the Road, waiting for some Transportation.

That wasn’t anything weird and NOT after Dark as well…

BUT, what I did see and what we MIGHT regularly see;

Both the man and woman had their Cellphones in-hand,

Waiting there to see IF a taxi would Pop around to their Location coming to Pick them up.

That’s the thing,

We’ve HEARD and seen a few times… over and over…

A Greater amount of People are Glued to their TECHNOLOGY!


Glued to their Cellphones,

Their Tablets,

Or whichever other Handle-held Device which Connect them to the NET.

The reason I thought this was a LITTLE worrying,

They cared more to SEE what they might miss


What was happening;

While they stood there, waiting for the Ride, getting them back Home…

Safety has TOTALLY blown out of the window!

People are SO involved in their Devices,

There’s so MUCH they’re Missing along the way!

It can be a good thing to have the INFO at hand,

It can be a Really Good Platform from which to Engage with Others,

Which would have been IMPOSSIBLE a few years before…

I GET that.

BUT then it’s become an unnecessary item as SO Many people use them when it’s not

really That safe for them to do so…

Talking on the Phone in the car,

The WORST, texting in the car!

When and Where it’s safe,

By all mean do what you will…

But then,

When the S… hits the fan, You Might Not be HERE anymore;

Then it’s TOO Late in doing it safer.


I know for a Fact,

Most people would do what they will,

No matter the Situation.

We can BUT only Hope they’d learn,

Sooner than Later,

Before something horrible happens to them…

Technology can Always help us,

But there’s ALWAYS the other side of the Equation.

In Time & Out of Money…

In Time           

             I’ve watched a Cool Movie some time ago.

The Premise of it was Pretty Cool as well.

At some point in the Future we work and do what we have to,

Earning TIME itself.

            Everyone has an Clock on their arm and it runs down from the Age of 25.

THUS, some people live very long – seeing they’re Rich &

Others Clock-Out when their Clocks runs out to ZERO…


            That was a Pretty Cool idea how Money had changed to Time and if you’d have enough,

You could be Living for as LONG as you had Time on your Clock.


            Then this Thought hit me;

While I’ve paid for the Various aspects of Editing and such on my Book,

I’ve also looked at Various ways in which to Advertise and Reach more People.


Thinking about the Cost and Money needed to do what I want,

I also Thought about the Idea of this,

How easy it would be for US to go THAT way,

If You’re life-span was Calculated Directly against what kind of Money You had.


            This is as well, an ISSUE for Many People,

Looking at the Various things Many of us have to do,

Need or even Want to do for the Kids or Your Significant Other…

What you Need to do, keeping the Car running &

So much more…


            Then comes the Situation,

You’ve got a Household,

You’ve got accounts and there’s two cars maybe;

Not to even MENTION that there’s different Medical Aid additions to be paid…

            The cost of Living,

Eating and as we’re ALL running Far too hard and much,


JUST so THAT we’d DO it ALL again!


            With ALL of this that’s need to be Paid,

What IF your Life was really Calculated within the Money You’ve got in you Pocket,

AND so, Your Bank Account…

            That Feeling of Dread,

When you KNOW you’ve got things to do,

But there’s just NO Money in getting through to that…

            That Fearful Feeling of NOT KNOWING,

Where or When You’d get the Money to Pay for what You’d need…

When that Fear Grips Your Heart,

That’s NOT one of the Best Feelings in the world.


            There Had been so Many people not able to continue,

Without having the Money to Pay…


            BUT Then,

The day it comes; MAYBE,

The same as in the Movie – In Time,

When that Day does Arrive, we’ll be Really looking at your Money,

Seeing who would be Living Longer or NOT,

By then I hope I’d have Died of OLD Age…


            As much as THINGS change,

Some Aspects of the Past just Swings around,

Being used in a Different Manner or Form.