The Infinite Insight into the Windows of the Soul…


When last did you have that Scratchy feeling,

Either when the Wind was blowing badly or

You could have been around a great deal of Sand or Dust?


When you least expect it, and That particle finds its way into your Eye!

That Damn painful feeling when something gets in there

AND whatever it may be, it’s big enough for you to feel every Damn second of it!


There’s very Little you can do about it,

We Only know that the longer it stays in our eye,

You cannot use your eye and the tears forming to get rid of it,

That really doesn’t help that much in using your Eye!


I’ve for a VERY long time wondered just how it was when those bits did blow

Or fall or float into My eye – if they were bigger than I suspected,

How would they even leave my Eye OR if I was able to maneuver them into a better place – where was that place actually?


Well then, it’ll be Really good for you to know; Reading on the Internet about Eye care and Treatments of such issues of the Eye –

A foreign object that lands on the front part of the eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball, but they can cause scratches on the cornea.

This one had me worried for a long time, Especially when the Foreign Object getting in my eye was So big that I wondered if it’ll not press right into the Eye itself!


Wherever you may be, if You’re alone and suspect that Whatever it is in your Eye is only but a Dust Particle or such,

What I have done in the past have helped a Great deal in getting this Object out of there.


You may know this one,

You take your Top Eyelid and pull it over the bottom one.

When you Blink while doing this – discomforting as it is, it will change the Pressure on both the Lids and could potentially release the object and with Tearing up of your eye,

Help to move the eye to your Eye ducts.


I Wouldn’t Recommend this kind of Action with something that You feel Impacted on the Eyeball itself.

When you have to blink and you find that either your Vision or the Pain or the Scratchiness had increased far too much – then Seek Medical Assistance immediately!


When a Medical Doctor examines the Eye they could also use Fluorescein Dye,

which glow under special light.

They apply this to the eye, not only seeing where the Damage is but they can find the Object to see what it is in your eye.


Whenever you’ve got something in your eye, If you’ve tried or Someone with you had done the same and You still feel discomfort – it’s time to see Additional help.

The longer the Object is in your eye, the more Severe your Symptoms become,

The More severe the Object is affecting your Eye and the Longer it will take to Remedy this situation.


Even while we don’t Realize this,

In our Everyday lives there’s A great deal of small Dust particles which Impact on the Eye and although we might not believe this,

Our eyes secrete just enough tears to wipe this from out Eye-balls.

THIS is only my conclusion.


The reason why I suspect this does happen and Found the correlating connection,

Our eyes and Nose are Connected with each other.


Just Think about this one,

When last did you Use some Eye-drops,

AND miraculously You got the Taste of this Medication when there was an

Excess of this from Your eye.


In the Image, You’d see there’s a Tube which drains excess Tears to the Nose.

NOW then, think about this one as well,

Within those Tears, you have dust Particles –

Which means that the More dust which accumulates on the Eye,

The more of these Particles gets to our Noses.


With Sinusitis and Flew and Hay-fever,

Affecting many of us,

The dust which gets into your eye,

Some of that gets to your Nose and this also affects our reaction

To the three I’ve mentioned.


Your Eye needs to be Moist to Function correctly,

Your nose as well,

But then Combine these two and You’d see just how Interesting this becomes

For us, while things go Bonkers for us

Which Affect us throughout the Day, Month, Year…


This ONE-way street helps not only getting the Excess tears from our eyes,

But it’s the Eye’s garbage disposal route,

Meaning – when you sneeze and cannot sometimes understand why that is,

This Could be the excess build-up of Dust particles coming from your Eye-balls…


“Grandma, what Big Eyes you got;”


Keep Em’ Safe To See With!

Fever-Pitched Fear…



Yesterday I got a task to do at the Bosses house.

I took along one of the Other people working with me, having to supervise the work to be done on the Swimming-pool-pump.


Now what would be So Interesting about this situation,

For me to be writing about it?

That’s really Easy – something I’d been Thinking and Probably working with for some time Now.


The man who drove there with me,

He’s afraid of Dogs.

Especially this one is a Particularly Afflicted Pug.

Or they’d call it a Shar Pey… Image with the Post.


Now then, when I got to the Other gate, the man with me had Already reacted incorrectly.

Yes, that’s very easy to say as the Consensus is that Dogs can Smell fear.

Even here Most people have varied Ideas on this and I can tell you that I’m a Dog person as well as Cat person.


If you Know the basics of their Behavior and know their Personality in general,

That can go a Long way for you to get one over them.

Not to trick the Dog, but to make Friends with it!


This is not the First Dog which I’d come across which wasn’t really Me friendly.

The other one, even if they Told me what it was,

I cannot for the Life of me remember.

Not only that, But it was a Hunting Dog and was playing at a Totally different set of Rules as I found out really fast!


So, here is what I’ve learned from other Posts and Articles on the Internet

As well as what I’ve Experience over time…

Just One Thought here, No matter what Anyone says or what they Believes –

Always be Careful around animals which you don’t Know!

Rather be Safe than Sorry…


When I was faced with the Hunting Dog,

There was luckily for me a Smaller Dog as well,

When I walked into the Yard of the Boss of that time,

It Growled at me, showing Her teeth and reacted Really-Really aggressive!


That would be Understandable, seeing that She’d never before Smelled me.

She’d Never before met me and even though I was there with one of the Workers,

The Dog was Protecting her Territory and No One was going to tell her anything else!


What helped me her to make Friends with her,

Firstly, the Smaller dog was Friendly and enjoyed me Patting it.

As well,

Your stance in time should drop to their Level.

This shows the Dog that You’re not a Threat to them or that You’re not Aggressive or Hostile in the Situation.

JUST never make Yourself Venerable when you See the Dog is still behaving Aggressively.

Having someone there who can help you, which the Dog trust will help a Great Deal!


Always Allow the Dog to come to you.

Never run after it, trying to get it to Trust you.

You Must earn the Dog’s trust and that will take Time OR never ever happen!


In this Regard, I got the Dog so Jealous that it had No other Choice to come closer.

As a Matter of fact, when we make friends I was one of the very Few people who would Play her so Tired that she didn’t want to Play with me.

She drank water and just lay on the grass out of Breathe!


Now then,

The PUG isn’t the same kind of Animal.

Here is what I’d copied from the Internet on the Dog’s Character itself;


The Shar Pei is a Chinese dog listed in the «Guinness Book of World Records» as one of the rarest breeds in the world. Dogs of this breed have very independent and dominating nature, love to be a head of the family, so from the childhood, they should be taught who the boss is.

The Chinese Shar Pei successfully took part in the fights, so in it is in the breeds’ genes to show aggression towards other dogs. In the families, these dogs behave pretty well, but they are not always patient with children. The early socialization of the dog can help to minimize its aggression


It will Mostly Follow you. Not allowing you to walk behind it.

This is a sign that it’s being Forced!

It will Growl at you, being Unhappy as You’re excreting Authority and Dominance over the Dog.

As long as it’s walking back in the Direction You need it to go,

Allow the Dog to take it’s time and Get there.

The moment You physically try to Force it, that would be a BIG mistake!

That would be the time the Animal would become Violent.


With this Dog as well, there was another in the Yard.

ONLY, here it doesn’t matter if You try to make it Jealous.

If and When the Owner and Primary Person comes onto the Grounds – You could be perceived as a Threat!

As well with these Dogs,

It will almost Every time Challenge you for Dominance.

Mostly only when it does Perceive You as another Alpha leader.


Like Horses, the PUG would also play with you in time.

It would jump up onto you – Hence do not get Too low as the Dog could bump you

Over and that would be a bit of a Problem if you’re Not Too friendly with the Dog.


As with Horses, they tend to Bite Each other in playing,

When You’ve got a Good Report with the Dog,

I know of the Pug in this Regard,

It would Love to play with you.

AND do not be too shocked – it would Lightly nibble on you as well.

I’ve not stood Still long enough,

To see if the Dog would Bite me – but my Instincts says that it’ll not happen.

I Could easily be Wrong on this one!



One thing that You should know,

The more Often the Dog sees you,

Smell Your own Unique Body Odor,

The More attention you give the Dog,

Gradually the Better it’ll be for you and the Dog to get along.


I suspect that with my ability to pick-up on Small changes,

It’s a little bit Easier for me to Read the Situation.

THUS, If you’re not Sure, do not Overstep your boundaries.



Never Ever turn Your Back on the Dog and Run away!

Show the Dog Your palms and have your Arms reached out fully,

Do Not Move Fast or any Sudden Actions,

Move Backward still Looking in the General Area of the Dog.

Do not Look in its Eyes, this will Make the Dog feel Threatened.

If the Animal is following you Slowly, uncertain if it’s Safe,

Keep on moving out of Sight.

Even if this doesn’t sound Natural – try not to Scream.

Our Higher Pitched Sounds and Big Movement just stresses the Dog out.


The Dog will in Most Instances react on Instinct,

It’s Protecting its Territory and will Perceive You as a Threat.

If and When You’ve got to move into a Yard or such where You come Upon an

Unfamiliar Dog, reacting Aggressive –

Remember You don’t know the Dog and Anything is Possible.


Rather be Safe and get out of there as Cautiously as possible.

It’s Almost like a Child You frightened – Only this one’s got Teeth to Attack You with.

Nothing else Matter in Showing Fear or Such –

Just Vacate Yourself Safely from the Situation if possible!

Towing. . . the Pain out of the Waine…


Friday Morning,

I’ve got more than Enough planned for the Day of Work and

Every Other thing which can So Easily fall in my way,

There’s Almost no way of Planning for Anything else which Might rear its Ugly Head!


Yet as you can Imagine,

There’s another thing Way-Outside-Of-Left-Field that’s coming to Bite me!


I get a Call from Mom,

Telling me she’s stuck along the way,

Before she can Drop my Youngest Brother’s boys at the house.

Luckily it’s Public Holidays and so, there’s no Immediate rush.


Still, I cannot leave her along the Road for Too long


There are the Other aspects of the Day’s Jobs at hand…

HENCE, the Brian run at a Thousand Miles per Second.


My Poor Oldest sister got Retrenched from her Job the week before,

Thus, I got her to come with me, Driving there to firstly,

Drop the One kid at Home – the other doesn’t want to stay there…



Now then,

My Poor sister has to drive behind,

Bringing Up the rear so that we can get the Car to the Specified Mechanic.


As with Jump-starting a Car;

Here are a few things to think of when you tow a car Without a Solid Pipe connecting the two with each other.

The Solid pipe would make the Car in the back, Almost react like a Trailer behind pulled along… Almost, not entirely but it’s 90% easier…


The NOT so easy one would be the Following:

  1. Always have Two tow ropes with you. If there’s not Hook or Eyelid or hole for Towing on the other car. You find the most Solid part Underneath the car, there the Second tow rope would tie around. Make Sure that it doesn’t Obstruct the movements of the Suspension and thus be Worn-down or Cut while you’re Towing. (If it looks okay, it should mostly be.)


  1. Obviously, tie the Two cars to each other. Make sure to leave some distance between the two cars, so the Rear driver can maneuver. Three Meters should be sufficient or Ten Feet of slack between the cars.


  1. Make sure the Hazards work and be very sure that the Brakes on the rear car is working as well. The rear car with a Towing rope will break the Towing car.


  1. If possible, the Towing Driver should drop the window, able to give hand signals to make the Job at hand so much easier.


  1. Now, keep the Towing Road always tensioned. When both cars are Running on an even level that wouldn’t be an Issue. But on a Downward hill or such, the car in the back must slow down so not to bump the Towing car. This is Important as well when stopping. The Car in the Back must be dead stopped and keep the Tension on the Towing rope. When Pulling away the Action would be Smooth and not too much Yanking and Shaking can be averted.


  1. There are in my Opinion Three primary Signals for the Rear driver to know.
  • With an arm reaching out the Window. Palm down, move the arm up and down – thus Signaling the Driver to Apply the Brakes lightly so you can slow down evenly. Not stopping, just Reducing speed.
  • Also the arm out, for them to See – the General looking Stop sign. Arm at a Ninety Degree angle. L – If you’d like. Then with the fingers pointing at the Sky to show the Universal sign for stopping. ALWAYS keep the rear car Dead still at the Stop, keeping Tension on the rope…
  • Then as well Important – the Thumbs-UP so you can go. You’re moving again and all is good.
  • The Towing car should Use it’s Indicators to show what their Intensions are and make the Towing as Easy as possible for the Rear Car. As well, Plan Ahead to use the Least busy roads possible. The Less Stopping the Less additional problems there Might be and More concentration on the Job at hand.


  1. Do NOT drive Faster than what the Rear Diver is Comfortable with. Anything can Happen along the way. No Need for any Additional damage either!


  1. At All times keep in eye contact with the Rear Driver if there’s anything they might want to Signal to you. The Hooter might not be working and so, if you don’t Periodically check them, how would you Know there’s something else wrong.


  1. Do your Best and leaving space for those Behind you to pass, it will make things So much better and keep the Stress to a minimum.


  1. Slow both Cars down well enough before any kind of Intersection, You never know if someone will Cut-in and cause you more Issues. Rather go Slow and Safe than overdoing it, Expecting the Rear Driver to Know what you’re going to do.


  1. Do your best at Changing gears as smooth as possible, not too slow though, seeing you can loose momentum. The idea here is to keep the Towing rope at tension so that the drive would be without Too much Bobbing Heads when you apply the Petrol / Gas / Fuel after you’ve changed gears.


No matter how Good you become, being Safe and being Cautious is the Name of the game. If your Last Option is to Tow another car, remember to keep as Calm as possible and Plan well Ahead of what you’re going to do.

If and When Driving at a Comfortable speed, it’ll Always be easier to keep out of any further Danger.

Any excessive Speed would cause a Danger to both cars and those around you.

Just think logical, see what works then Next time you have to Tow and see what doesn’t work for you.


Keep Safe and be Aware of Everything around you…

Battery Dreariness…


Within our Lifetimes, we’ve had to deal with the Need in speeding up with every single thing we do.

To the point that Life has become very fast and it’s just Continuously speeding up!


I’d not really say that Life itself has Sped-up,

But with Our need for Instant Gratification,

We’ve over the past few Years, become accustomed to Everything having to take Less time, before we could See or Use it.


Within all of this, there’s been More Mistakes and Problems which arouse from the Continual and High-Speed of the Processing of Everything we want on Demand.

Our own nature is Perpetrating this Cycle…


Within all of this,

I have seen, Felt and come to Realize that running as Intensely as I have,

No matter how hard You’re working, at the End of the day, You may NOT finish the work THEY want you to get done.


Another Side-Effect I’ve come to Experience,

When I get Home,

After having a Nice bath, washing as much of the Day’s Irritation from my Body,

When I sit and start to relax with that Nice Cup of Coffee –

The Batteries fall to the way-side very fast!


Simple tasks become far more Difficult to Finish

& I have to concentrate even Harder on what I’m working on.

If and When I’m working through my e-mails,

I’ve found that I’d Dim-and-Bright…

Doze Off, when it becomes too Boring!


Either I have to make myself Another stronger cup of Coffee,

or at least just Get-up,

Making sure that my Blood circulates and I kick-start the System again!


Mostly after ONE of these spells I’d feel better,

But I feel like I’d sleep even Better than a Baby at that point,

Seeing that the Day’s work and Running around had Drained me as Much as it had!


It’s not Always possible to Relax as much as I’d like,

Seeing You’re thinking of what Still have to be done and

Worried because Other people You’ve got to Rely on in Getting their Parts done,

So you can Finish the work You’re responsible for…


Relaxing would be Brilliant,

But Most of Our Weekend consist of a Half Saturday and

When You’re running around on a Sunday as well,

Where had Your Weekend gone and where is the Rest before the

Dreaded Monday Morning comes knocking at the Door again!


Public Holidays and Our weekends turn out to fall under the Same category,

Then as well, Either you Cannot take a Holiday for there’s No One able to Relieve you

or worse, You don’t have the Funds in going away!


I’ve you’ve Ever stayed home over Your Holiday,

You work harder at Home than what You probably work at Your Day-Job,

Seeing Everything you do – you do it for Yourself…


Your Physical Batteries run Low and if you Struggle to sleep as well,

Recharging doesn’t happen that Easy,

Not to even say that Your Soul becomes Tired –

Depend on what You’re dealing with at Work as well…


No matter where we Go,

Everything had changed for Us and

It’ll never go back to what there was beforehand,


Through all of this, we need to Take Care of Ourselves and

Find the time to Recharge not only our Physical Batteries,

But Your Soul needs rest from all the Stresses, Everyone of Us faces every day…


I know from Experience,

When I’m working or doing something Small at Home,

When I get and feel so tired,

I know that I’m Racing after something which Shouldn’t be so Hard to find and have.


That’s why it’s Really Important,

Running the Race isn’t the Issue,

If you’re not Doing what you Love to do OR

The passion for – I suspect that at This point is when the

Exhaustion set in, Doing something beyond what You Crave can become as

Tiresome as it is at Going for your Goals, Dreams and Passions –

Without anyone else there to Support you…


This isn’t an Easy Feat to Accomplish,

But we Owe it to Ourselves to do what we can,

Loving what we do… every day…


Get as close to that as possible…


Save the Batteries!

The TWINKLE in the Orginal…


It’s Part of the HUMAN Condition,

We’re not Always too Sure of what to Do OR how others would take what we Do.

EITHER you do what You know OR Conform to what the Rest believe We should…


It’s not the Easiest of things;

Taking that LEAP and not Ever really Sure how Everyone would Take what YOU, Me Or THEM let loose on the World at large…


If what I’d heard is true,

At some point, Someone asked Michael Bay if he’d liked to Gamble –

He responded to this;

“I gamble with 250 Million Dollar Movies…”


Our Dreams, Passions or Desires might not Make for Such huge Proportions,

BUT, then it’s what YOU have the right to do.

As well, We’re all Totally UNIQUE and that’s Brilliant.


Everyone of Us can Improve on what we do,

It all Depend on what We’re doing and IF it comes down to the Point,

How much should you Change of what Might be working for you?


You might not even be Sure of what You need to do,

What your Uniqueness is,

Which isn’t an Issue – as long as you follow your Path in Reaching it,

BUT, do not Underestimate an Honest Person’s willingness giving you Honest Feedback either.


No matter what Anyone tells You,

It doesn’t matter Which Direction You Launch Yourself into,

Reaching for Your Unique Dreams and Desires MIGHT be Harder than Anyone can Know – seeing You’ve NOT gotten there Yet…


THUS, Know that we all Need a Support System


No matter How many times we fail,

Being that You’ve Listened to the Wrong person


Made that Mistake Yourself,

Dust Yourself Off and get up;

Life and Reaching for Your Dreams never would be an Easy Road for anyone to walk!


There had been Others before You,

There would be a Mired of People after You,

The ONLY thing of Importance is this–

What would You do with the Opportunity when it Does ARRIVE,

Would You say – What If… OR

Would you take that Leap of Faith in KNOWING what You know to be true.

What You’re here to do?


You can ONLY But follow Your Heart,

If that is for Business,

Your Career,

Someone You need to Follow for Love…

If you do NOT do what You have to,

REGRET, I’d say it One of the Single MOST Poisonous Killers for the Soul If I’d ever Known or Hear or Seen one!


BEING unique is Your Right,


It’s the RIGHT of the World to See what You are and what Unique Qualities You can Present the World,

SO we who are Creative or Productive or Systematic,

WHOEVER you are,

We have an Obligation to Show others they can Reach there as well…


As DIFFICULT as it may seem,


There’s ALWAYS someone else who has it Even Harder…


Help Any – and Everyone who You can SEE needs that Support,

NOT everyone would Ask for the Help they Sometimes Need,

Reaching out to that Person,

You just MIGHT help them Through a Very Difficult time,

Seeing them Blossom Beautifully at the Other side!


Studeant potius quam pridie… (Latin)


Strive to be Better, than You were Yesterday…

In the TRENCHES of Retrenchment;


I’d read on my FACEBOOK Timeline as well as Spoke to Someone the other day,

Hearing and Reading of the Possible Retrenchment approaching…


Not ONLY is it a Fact over the Years;

Meaning, Since the Beginning of Time and National and International Business and Finances – that things had gone Bonkers when we Least Expect it!


MY Faithful day was,

28 February 2011,

When my Boss, THAT time ago, Called me into his Office.

Telling me as well, It’s the END of the Month and that He has to make a Choice,

In what they’d be Doing…


MY Ironic Fact was this,

They wanted to Introduce Another Lady into my Position,

Seeing that She’s the Girlfriend of a Man which Worked there for MUCH Longer than I had worked there… Wanting an Increase or such…

So a Plan was formed and Yes, I went.


Funny Enough,

As far as I know,

NOT Seeing her there for a Long time –

I suspect that She didn’t Last there for THAT Long either!



Along the Grapevine,

I got it on Good Authority that they’d Miss me working there!


I never went back,

NEVER Knowing when the Idea of Retrenchment would come up again,

Seeing that I’d be Working there for ONLY Six Months!

Yet, that didn’t Matter much to them!


The Fact of the Matter is this,

No matter Who you are,

No matter What you do,

Each and Every one of US could easily enough Face this Issue!


I was HIT by this Situation there before I’d left the Workplace that Afternoon.

They’d Paid more into my Account than would be Normal;

Making sure that I didn’t kick-up Dust and for me to get going…



Even this,

No matter how much THEY pay into your Account,

There’s Absolutely NO way for Anyone to Know what will BE Tomorrow.


With our Lovely Economical Situation, we have in Our Country,

Probably the World,

How long would Anyone look to find another Place of Employment?


There WERE and there ARE Jobs available,

BUT then as well,

If you’re NOT Uniquely qualified for Each of them,

Then you Might as well Scream into the Wind as well!


Not ONLY My Brother,

But myself as well,

What Qualifications he’s got in the Long Run,

Have not helped him landing the Last Job which He’d been Offered,

When he Last got Hired…

YES, Experience has helped him, but there’s a Good Deal More for him to Learn as well…


Myself as well,

I’ve worked in a Variety of Areas,

Not what I Truly want to do,

BUT that’s also the Idea –

If You’re NOT doing what You’d Love to do, DO this Job as Best You can!

We may Never reach that Position OR this current Job, Career COULD potentially lead you there… if you are willing!


The ONLY thing that’s MORE Important that Most places in Life,

If you’re Willing and Able to Adapt to what is Coming,

No Matter HOW Bad it might turn to be,

If you can See and Reach for the Light at the End of the Tunnel,

You’d NEVER know what is there for you to Have and Do

When that Opportunity does arrive on your Doorstep!


Always be WILLING and Open to the Possibilities!

Cleansing of the Gluing…


In my Job, I use glue and the Variations of it to some extent.

Not only this, but I regularly get spilled Glue all over my Hands and Fingers,

Depending what I’m working on at the time!




I did read-up on the Method of Manufacturing some Glues,

BUT what really Caught my Eye and what will be Most Efficient would be the Removal of Glues from our Hands and Fingers…


So here goes;

If you’ve got Two Finger’s stuck together, you can do something about it–

Even if you’re alone, BUT always still be Really Careful in what you do Decide to do about the Problem at (finger)… Hand!


Firstly, assess your Situation. If the Situation you’re in, doesn’t feel Right,

Do not waste valuable time – Thinking that you can do this Yourself,

Rather get some Expert Medical help when You’re in Doubt!


If not such an Intense situation comes to mind,

Here is what you could do.


  1. You can use some Spirits – there’s a Normal one as well as White Spirits, so you can use either of them. Just be sure, Spirits is a Chemical and could affect your Skin and with the Glue there as well – could Irritate the Skin even more. Do not Use it Excessively, just see how the Skin would react first.


  1. At ALL Times when you’re working with Any kind of Chemicals, removing Any kind of Glue, wash your Hands, removing any Excessive fluid or such from your Hands and Skin.


  1. Warm soapy water would work in getting the Affected Glued area softer and would make removal so much easier.


  1. You can use Acetone or Nail Polish Remover. ONCE Again, be Very Careful when Using any kind of Chemicals. It could react to Your skin and even Create some kind of Additional Reaction to the Glue itself.


  1. If the Glue is only on a few places and not Gluing two Fingers Together, you can Allow the Glue to harden. Then using a Nail Fail or Nail Emery Board to work it off. Just be careful not to Irritate the Skin in the area.


  1. If you have Time, allow the Glue to harden and in time, while Performing your Normal Day-to-Day tasks will inevitably turn in another Colour and in effect the Hardened Glue would Crack, falling off little by little. With the oily discharge of your skin, it will inevitably affect the Glue.


  1. You can also Use Margarine as well. It will eventually soften the Glue and the softer it becomes the Easier it could be, just pealing off the Glue from the affected spot.


  1. If you have any Laundry Detergent, you can mix a ¼ Coffee Cup with warm water filling the same Cup and soaking the fingers in there. Soak the fingers in the solution for as long as you need, repeat say for a 20 minute period, seeing how well it works or not.


  1. A mixture of Salt with a bit warm water, such a past can be rubbed on the Affected area and continue for as long as you need. As well, use Lemon Juice in place of Water when the Glue and Affected area is intense. Rub for at least 2 minutes, rinse and see if it has any Effect on the Glue. Continue as needed.


  1. Some Alcohols (Vodka) have a Degenerative effect on the Chemical actions of the Glue and could easily be use to clear it off. Just remember again, it’s a Chemical on a Chemical and the Skin can become irritated. Press the fingers inside the Glass, using the glass as a scrap, getting the Glue off.


  1. Take some Salt after smearing or soaking the Affected place with the Alcohol, it will help with the Rubbing Affect and as well, neutralize the Chemicals so that you’d see how to proceed further.


As you can see, there are various ways of helping yourself, but the best would be to have some Rubber or Latex gloves at hand, working with them on with the glue.

There are some Combination and Compounded Glue’s which react Intensely and with what I’ve read and mentioned here, Will NOT help you in the least bit!

Be Very Careful with what you’re working, even if it’s just a Little Project at Home.

If You were to Swallow any of the Glue, OR if it comes in Contact with Your Eyes or Any Part of your Face, be SURE to get Additional help!


It might be a Helpful Product,

But even the MOST Helpful of Products can Cause as Much Injury and Harm to use than Good it can do when Used Properly.


Many Accidents, leading the Hospital Admittance,

Takes Place at Home.

Rather Teach Your Children how to use something Less Dangerous than Letting them find something That’s SO Dangerous without Suspecting it.


Rather be Safe than Sorry.

All The BEST!