This easily sounds like One of My Books Titles


Screenplay Ideas, which are running Rampant through my Mind…


Well, this isn’t that –

In fact, this is Much closer to every one of us then You’d expect it to be.


The Common name here would be Battery Acid,

Which is, in fact, SULFURIC Acid.

Being one of the Main ingredients in Most Batteries.


These batteries would be mostly those in Cars, Motorcycles, Boats and Trucks.

Our batteries in Phones, and such, as well as the normal Replaceable and Rechargeable batteries, are of a different Variety but have also to do with a Chemical Reaction.



What I’m talking about this time around,

Quit a long time ago one of our Clients bought a Car and

Asked me very Recently to help him out with a Battery which he borrowed from his brother.


What I noticed from this Battery is the following:

  1. It boiled.
  2. It became really warm, burning to the touch warm.
  3. There was a Smell of Sulfuric Acid, in a gaseous form – very TOXIC!
  4. It leaked some of that Acid.
  5. The battery itself formed a Bubble.
  6. The Smell is that of Rotten Eggs…

IF you’re in the position where you’re near a Battery reacting like the Description as I mentioned,

You need to be REALLY careful!


Firstly what you NEED to do,

Switch OFF Your car or whatever You’re busy with, where the Battery is working in,

The LONGER you leave the Battery, to have to deal with,

The bigger the Issue would become!


One of the Reasons why the Battery is generating so much heat,

The Continuous Charge is constantly creating a Chemical reaction.

There’s friction inside the Battery itself and the Chemical with the Lead Plats –

Mostly there are Six; depends on the number of Plastic Tops / Lids on the Battery.


All and all,

The Battery is either Broken or if it’s Filled with Too much Water,

With the Lead Plats inside and the Sulfuric Acid inside as well,

The Constant Chemical reactions react the Gas which allow us to Smell the Sulfur.

The Liquid inside the Battery literarily Boils and that’s when the Acid,

Flowing or Boiling out,

It COULD as well be that the Lead Plates – Two of the Six are Touching,

Creates a Great deal of Irritation or Annoyance for us…


Here’s the TERRIFYING aspect of a Broken Battery,

Especially when we can

Smell it,

Feel a Burning heat,

See the Physical change in the shape;

This means that the Battery itself isn’t Stable anymore.

At this point, You should change it


Not easily applied – see if the Specialists can save the Battery for you.

I have Heard AND Seen a battery Explode!

I have Heard and Know that a Few Cars had Burnt-Out because of this Problem with the Battery in the Car.


If the Battery did Explode and the Sulfuric Acid did fall on you,

The Clothes you are wearing would be a waste.

You’d very Easily feel that Acid Burning your skin,

YET – rinsing the Affected area with water would easily clean it off.

Putting a lotion would help the Skin to heal itself.

If needs be – use some Baking Soda to cancel out the Acid (Ph),

But within the Clothes, the Acid would drain into the Fiber and it would be lost!

The Biggest Problem here comes at – when the Acid and the Battery is HOT when something happens, With such Heat the Danger and Damage are Far worse!


The BEST course of Action to take when You’ve got an Idea that the Battery

Of your Car might give you any Issues,

It can be because of the Battery – but as well the Alternator.


To be as Safe as possible,

Leave the Car over-night and wait to see that the Battery is Cold before working to find the Possible problem with it!


If the Car doesn’t want to start,

Either the Alternator is Overcharging or Not at all,

But if you Find Symptoms as Described in the points above,

The Chances that it’ll be Your battery is very good,

THEN see if there’s someone at Any Battery Specialists who can help you.

Drive the Car as little as possible,

Especially when you Smell the Eggs and don’t know what it could be.

There could easily be one of the Lids, not tight enough.


If the Battery is Cold,

When opening the Lids on top of the Battery,

You can see if there’s Battery Water inside,

This could also have an Effect on the Battery itself.


The THING is this,

Make sure to know the Symptoms of this Battery

AND if you’re not sure – find someone Knowledgeable on this.


Sulfuric Acid is pretty Strong and can be Really Dangerous,

So, whenever You’re at the Garage,

Topping up on Fuel,

Water and Air on the Tires;

Be sure to ask the Attendant if there’s one,

Have a LOOK at the Battery.

This could help you a great deal down the line as well!


If You’re unsure,

Rather ask for Assistance,

Many a Person had ended up in Hospital because of an

Accident with Acids.


Stay Safe!

The ANTI in the Biotic!


Various capsules and tablets in row

Ironic for the Name on this post.

As well as, in Conjunction with Last weeks’ Post – Me, Myself and I – the Tooth!


The word; Antibiotics comes from two words in Greek.

Anti – meaning Against


Bios – meaning Life…


THUS, using Antibiotics, we are Literarily taking the Life from the Bacteria which is Infecting us.

This Bacteria is a living Organism itself and is Infecting a Larger organism.


The reason why People as well as Other Creatures – for a Lack of a Better word,

Fall ill so Regularly – either Our Immune Systems aren’t up to Speed,

BUT Mostly,

The MORE simplistic the Organism is – Virus, Bacteria, Infection,

The easier and more effective this Living Organism is.


US, Animals and such,

Being Multi-Celled Organisms thus must have a good Immune System.

As well as,


With Most smart-phones these days – you have to Upgrade and Update your Apps on the Phone to work correctly.


Most of the times we get sick, ill or catch some kind of Virus;

Our Immune Systems most of the times Adjust to this




Virus… and so, Adapt to become Stronger.


The ONLY issue here is this,

IF and when you are sick,

If you don’t Complete your Course of Antibiotics –

The virus, bacteria, infection or disease COULD become Resistant and when that Happens, you’d not as Easily pull through the next time.


There are Wide Spectrum Antibiotics we can use and

Be treated with – making sure that the Unknown Virus, Bacteria or Infection is being Treated, but then if that Wide Spectrum does not Cover or Effectively Treat whatever might be wrong; it Could as easily be a Waste of time…


HENCE the idea,

Getting to a Doctor so they’d see what you’d Really need and thus,

It would work more Effectively.


Antibiotics are used to Treat various Problems such as;




As well as Forms of Meningitis.

There are Harmless and good Bacteria’s

But then we’re not worried about those ones right now.


Miss-using Antibiotics have also got pretty Serious Side-effects;

Diarrhea – most of the Bacteria (Harmful ones) thrive on Sugar and thus in your

The Digestive system is a very good area for an outbreak.

If miss-used, You can feel sick as well, more than just you did before.

You can incur even more Infections; Mouth, Fungal and Digestive – as well as Genitals.


Rare Side-effects could also be:

Kidney stones                                     – because of Sulphonamides


Abnormal blood clotting         – Cephalosporins


Sensitivity to Sun                    – Tetracyclines


Blood Disorders                      – Trimethoprim


DEAFNESS                           – Erythormycin and Aminoglycosides


This said as well; Miss-Using some of these Antibiotics – not when they’re Prescribed in the correct and well, used manner.


There are TWO ways in which Antibiotics work;

As a Bactericidal, (Penicillin) would Interfere with the Bacteria’s cell wall and its formation of the Interior content of the cell.


Another kind; Bacteriostatic – this stops the Bacteria from Multiplying.


But then,

None of this would help anyone,

If you don’t know which Correct treatment to use,

VIA your Doctor and Finish the Course.


Always be Cautious when Seeking Medical help,

More so with Antibiotics if you’ve got one of these Problems as well:


Reduced Liver or Kidney Functions,

If you’re Pregnant,

If you’re Breastfeeding;



Don’t mix Most Medicines and when You’re on the Pill,

The combination of the Chemicals could cause Contraceptives no to function Correctly,


Don’t use Alcohol with Medicine EVER! ! !


Think Clearly, Be Careful,

Be Smart and Be Safe!

Tunnels Of Torture…


As of a Week or so ago, I found that one of the possible Issues with some part of my Health might have had an Adverse effect on me…

Not as Serious as it sounds – I do promise.


The last time I visited the Dentist,

Which there had been Quit an Adventure incurred,

I saw the Specific Placard with Specific information on.


Not only can I NOT remember the Specific name –

Which I’d not Really even Tried to Remember,

But I’ve got no Idea, having searched the Internet to some Extent,

Able to find the Name of this Specific Disease connected to Teeth…


NOW then,

The other aspect of this precise Issue would be the next,

I do know and have Osteoporosis AND know that the Current affected area would be in my Low back,

Hence, the Nutrients are Systematically taken from Other parts of my Healthy body to Supplement the Areas of Greatest Need.


Not sure which one of these has the Greatest Impact or even if they really DO have such an Impact,

But that’s also the Interesting Predicament I’m currently in…


As I mentioned, probably more than a Week ago,

I found that one of my Teeth’s Mantel decreased in its density and probably with age

Or possibly my Osteoporosis – it systematically decayed in its own strength and form.


Before I knew what hit me, the specific Tooth cracked,

I cannot say from the Top to the Bottom,

But I can feel that it’s not Healthy anymore.

One of the reasons why I suspect that My Osteoporosis is helping along the Specific Degeneration of the Teeth along;

Having a Possible Generic Disease where my Teeth’s mantel is thinning right on the Gum-line and eventually would break there as well.


Not all of them have this “line” on the same level,

But them, many of them do have this


Having spoken to the Dentist Way-Back-Then,

I know that there’s definitely such a Diseases which does Affect the Teeth in this manner.


Thus, this last one Cracked more than a Week ago and steadily I found that it started to slowly irritated me More and More over time…


Now I know that Everyone at some point had visited the Dentist


If you were that lucky, they – He or She was able to deal with your Problem.

But I wanted to add a few pieces there and there,

Maybe it would help in due time…


Before I’d go visit the Dentist,

Possibly having to Pull the Tooth,

Seeing that it’s been Compromised,

I read-up about some Aspects of Teeth and something I suspect we’d really

NOT want to know or be Confronted by.


I suspected even with the Brushing,

With the Tooth being cracked as badly as it did,

It gave way to Bacteria, getting in where it shouldn’t have and

Created some infection in the Tooth itself.


If you find any of the Following symptoms, you might have an

Infection or even worse than that – An Abscess in that Tooth.

Luckily you can Treat this problem before you even Get to the Dentist.

  1. If you feel a Fever, not sure why it is – could be your tooth.


  1. When you feel any Pain while Chewing anything.


  1. When your Tooth feels Sensitivity to either Hot or Cold.


  1. There’s a strange and or Bitter taste in your mouth.


  1. You either realize or someone tells you there’s a Foul smell to your Breath.


  1. If you feel or realize some of the Glands in your neck are Swollen.


  1. You come have a General discomfort, Uneasiness or even feel ill for no apparent reason.


  1. If you notice any Swelling or Redness in your Gums.


  1. Obviously, you’d feel some kind of Sensitivity of your Gums or in your Mouth.


  1. At some point there could even be a Sensitivity to even Speaking, meaning that the Cold air entering your Mouth affect some sensitive or irritated part of your mouth.

At any moment we can Have or Find there could be a Problem.

I’ll have to keep a better Vigilance over my Teeth as there is TWO possible culprit

Gunning for the Healthy minerals in my Teeth.

If you do find there’s something bothering you,

Rather make hast in finding out what this could be and the Best as well as the Fastest Manner in which to Safeguard the Little Okes which Assist us so much.


If you do not do this,

As I’ve read and found,

The Body can even Create its own Drainage Tunnels,

Effectively, trying to drain the Poison from the Tooth or your Mouth,

Which would be the Reason why you Taste or Smell some kind of something Horrible in your Mouth or on your Breath.

This could be Painful as well and really Sensitive.


Rather find out what is going on,

Because even if the Pain does subside – it’s not to say that the Problem would be dealt with as well;

Most of the time a Dentist and a visit there,

Would be needed to deal with whatever Issue or Problem you may have with your

Teeth, needing some help to Heal…


The Visit to the Dentist may sound Pain now,

But the Pain and Spread of this Problem would incur far more Issues

And Pain that what anyone may want to endure.


Take care of those Little White Soldiers,

Constantly Standing Guard where they always are.


All The Best To YOU!

a Change, as Good as a Holiday…?


Firstly we had the Departure of Britain from the European Union,

THEN there’s been the International Converge for the build-up of Elections in the USA

LASTLY for us here, Our Local Municipal Elections, here in South Africa.


First and Foremost,

I’m not at ALL interested in Politics!

No matter what Anyone tells you – every Person out there is trying to get Our support for Something They’d like to do.


I’d not argue this fact either;


SOME people out there do not Care about the others and


SOME of the people out there DO Care what happens to the rest…


This isn’t the Issue at hand,

What is the Most common thread throughout All aspects of this Change is

What happens Before and After the Vote or Change.


Even if it’s just Within the Restructuring of a Company,

The Change in a Marriage


Like the Political Landscape changing around the Globe;


The impact of such Changes is Far-Reaching most of the time!


It’s not for Nothing that Most People have a Really Hard time at Changing,

It’s in Most cases not the Easiest of things to do or Accomplish,

We are being Pulled or Forced into a direction we don’t want to be in.


Within this Change, we’re Unhappy with,

There are Additional forces working on us,

Knowing that the Next person in Power might not in the least

Worry what happens to you OR what you may want for yourself.


The Ironic thing within all of these Changes is,

We cannot Know or See how good or bad the Change might be,

BUT one thing I can tell you for a Certain fact,

The longer and harder Everyone fight against Allowing the Change,

Being Positive or Negative to take place,

The more Difficult such Changes would become.


This is the Time and Place within the System,

When things go Really Bad and we get News Reports on the Television,

When people Refuse to take the Chance – making things Being Better,

This is the time the Up-Risings arrive right at our Doorstep…

You can Always afterward Shout it out,

That the Change whoever tried – Didn’t work;

But then, being that





as we can be –

Even IF this Change in someone else’s ideas, Could work,

THOSE people unwilling to Accept something Better,

Will forever stand in the Way of someone Trying to Improve lives.


Thus Another aspect of Politics,

If I cannot make things better Myself and take all the Glory,

Then I’ll stand in Your way not to Reach there…


No matter who is Changing the World,

Those who believe THEY are the Ones who should do it,

Will Forevermore, Not allow Someone else to do this,

Especially when that Other Person can get Rich in doing this as well.



The question should actually be Asked,

HOW many Politicians would be in Office,

If there was NO way for anyone of them to make One sent from their Elected positions.

How many would Really want to Help and Serve the People…

What would the Chances be for an Idealist Thought like this to EVER take root and

Those Politicians to Really work for the Betterment of the Peoples…


I doubt that We’d really Ever see something like this come along…?


Change, will Only happen when They do not have Choice in the matter anymore.

Where do you Come from My Lovely…


There’s a Song by:

Peter Sarstedt,

I suspect it’s really Famous – Where do you Go to my Lovely…


Just Sometimes we Find or Land upon something that we Couldn’t for the Life of us,

Imagined or Planned to have Happened!


I could go and say something like this was a Small Miracle,

But then there are Mathematical Equations which the More Clever People could get up to as well – My Inclination on this is,

We find or get Shown what we need at the time.


I cannot even say that This Idea of mine is in Any way even Remotely

Sensible OR even Close to the Possible Truth.

What I can say is that Me seeing this Note – gave me the Idea of writing this Post

About what I’d seen or found OR more-over,

What found me!


When you Read the little letter or note on the Bill you’d see that

It looks to be from a Grandmother to her Granddaughter.

It’s meant as a Token of Love and Great Appreciation from the Older Lady to the Child which truly means a great deal to her.


I have Absolutely no idea just how this note came into Circulation,

But then with Life being as Hard and Difficult as it is at this point,

I suspect that “whomever” needed to use the Note in buying whatever they needed.


I myself received the Note when I drew Monies from the ATM,

ONLY when I wanted to pay the Rent did I see the message on the Note

AND suspected,

When the attendant asked the Supervisor / Manager,

They’d not take the Note.


Thus I used one of the Additional notes to finish the Transaction…

I tried to Pay the bill into either one of my Accounts –

Which Ironically didn’t work!


Funny enough the ATM was willing to Issue me the Note,

But neither one of the ATM’s at the two banks I’m banking at,

Neither one of the Machines allowed the Note to be Deposited into My account…

Needless to say, I had to take the Note into the Branch and they’d exchanged it for me.


Since I’m pretty Active on Various Social Media Networks,

I’ve come to Remember taking Pictures of Everything that Intrigues me,

Seeing that I could Eventually use the Images in some of my Posts or such…


Henceforth – here’s the Post that Directly Relate to the Note.

The thing of this note isn’t that by some Small Miracle I got the Note,

Intended for another…

But My question would rather be,

Where did it come from?

Who did it come from?

Who was it intended for?


As I’m steadily Learning the Smaller Integral components of Screenwriting,

One of the things which they’re Really pressing on,

With Characters in-mind,

Would be the Background of the specific Character.


That’s the reason why I’m curious as to where the Note had come from.

Who wrote it and for who is was intended as well.

Not that I’d ever Realize the Answers to these Questions,

But it’s almost as Interesting to Think and Wonder about this,

Than it is to Look at another Aspect thereof…


We’re all Headed somewhere in our Lives,

That’s not to say that We’d even Reach out Destinations,

But that doesn’t take away from the Fact that we’re on our way somewhere.


Reaching where you Wish to reach is almost as Important as to Know

Who you are and Know where you’re coming from as well.

What are you Willing to do to Succeed,

What will you Never do in this Regard and

Will you ever give-up at reaching that Destination?


We can Only know the Path which we had walked,

Left behind in Hopes of walking another Different or Better one,

But we’ll Never know if the Next direction will Lead us where it is that Our

Hearts, desire us to reach, go to…


This is One of the Reasons to know Who you are,

Know and Remember where you’d come from

BUT most importantly of all,

Where you would Eventually Go to and

Do when you do react that Destination…


Only our Choices,

The Good or the Bad will determine who you’d be in time –

Which is Directly linked to where you’d come from


What you’d done since then in your life,

Just like this Note,


Just how many Hands will this Note pass through and would it have any other Impact on anyone else in the meantime…?


What would be Our Impact on the People around us, Wherever it Ends up for Us to Reach and arrive at?





P.S.:     If EVER you find any kind of Money, Notes or issues with them, Wait for the Bank to open and get it Exchanged there and then. Do not wait, for the longer you do wait; the Smaller the chance would be for them to care to help You…

The Infinite Insight into the Windows of the Soul…


When last did you have that Scratchy feeling,

Either when the Wind was blowing badly or

You could have been around a great deal of Sand or Dust?


When you least expect it, and That particle finds its way into your Eye!

That Damn painful feeling when something gets in there

AND whatever it may be, it’s big enough for you to feel every Damn second of it!


There’s very Little you can do about it,

We Only know that the longer it stays in our eye,

You cannot use your eye and the tears forming to get rid of it,

That really doesn’t help that much in using your Eye!


I’ve for a VERY long time wondered just how it was when those bits did blow

Or fall or float into My eye – if they were bigger than I suspected,

How would they even leave my Eye OR if I was able to maneuver them into a better place – where was that place actually?


Well then, it’ll be Really good for you to know; Reading on the Internet about Eye care and Treatments of such issues of the Eye –

A foreign object that lands on the front part of the eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball, but they can cause scratches on the cornea.

This one had me worried for a long time, Especially when the Foreign Object getting in my eye was So big that I wondered if it’ll not press right into the Eye itself!


Wherever you may be, if You’re alone and suspect that Whatever it is in your Eye is only but a Dust Particle or such,

What I have done in the past have helped a Great deal in getting this Object out of there.


You may know this one,

You take your Top Eyelid and pull it over the bottom one.

When you Blink while doing this – discomforting as it is, it will change the Pressure on both the Lids and could potentially release the object and with Tearing up of your eye,

Help to move the eye to your Eye ducts.


I Wouldn’t Recommend this kind of Action with something that You feel Impacted on the Eyeball itself.

When you have to blink and you find that either your Vision or the Pain or the Scratchiness had increased far too much – then Seek Medical Assistance immediately!


When a Medical Doctor examines the Eye they could also use Fluorescein Dye,

which glow under special light.

They apply this to the eye, not only seeing where the Damage is but they can find the Object to see what it is in your eye.


Whenever you’ve got something in your eye, If you’ve tried or Someone with you had done the same and You still feel discomfort – it’s time to see Additional help.

The longer the Object is in your eye, the more Severe your Symptoms become,

The More severe the Object is affecting your Eye and the Longer it will take to Remedy this situation.


Even while we don’t Realize this,

In our Everyday lives there’s A great deal of small Dust particles which Impact on the Eye and although we might not believe this,

Our eyes secrete just enough tears to wipe this from out Eye-balls.

THIS is only my conclusion.


The reason why I suspect this does happen and Found the correlating connection,

Our eyes and Nose are Connected with each other.


Just Think about this one,

When last did you Use some Eye-drops,

AND miraculously You got the Taste of this Medication when there was an

Excess of this from Your eye.


In the Image, You’d see there’s a Tube which drains excess Tears to the Nose.

NOW then, think about this one as well,

Within those Tears, you have dust Particles –

Which means that the More dust which accumulates on the Eye,

The more of these Particles gets to our Noses.


With Sinusitis and Flew and Hay-fever,

Affecting many of us,

The dust which gets into your eye,

Some of that gets to your Nose and this also affects our reaction

To the three I’ve mentioned.


Your Eye needs to be Moist to Function correctly,

Your nose as well,

But then Combine these two and You’d see just how Interesting this becomes

For us, while things go Bonkers for us

Which Affect us throughout the Day, Month, Year…


This ONE-way street helps not only getting the Excess tears from our eyes,

But it’s the Eye’s garbage disposal route,

Meaning – when you sneeze and cannot sometimes understand why that is,

This Could be the excess build-up of Dust particles coming from your Eye-balls…


“Grandma, what Big Eyes you got;”


Keep Em’ Safe To See With!

Fever-Pitched Fear…



Yesterday I got a task to do at the Bosses house.

I took along one of the Other people working with me, having to supervise the work to be done on the Swimming-pool-pump.


Now what would be So Interesting about this situation,

For me to be writing about it?

That’s really Easy – something I’d been Thinking and Probably working with for some time Now.


The man who drove there with me,

He’s afraid of Dogs.

Especially this one is a Particularly Afflicted Pug.

Or they’d call it a Shar Pey… Image with the Post.


Now then, when I got to the Other gate, the man with me had Already reacted incorrectly.

Yes, that’s very easy to say as the Consensus is that Dogs can Smell fear.

Even here Most people have varied Ideas on this and I can tell you that I’m a Dog person as well as Cat person.


If you Know the basics of their Behavior and know their Personality in general,

That can go a Long way for you to get one over them.

Not to trick the Dog, but to make Friends with it!


This is not the First Dog which I’d come across which wasn’t really Me friendly.

The other one, even if they Told me what it was,

I cannot for the Life of me remember.

Not only that, But it was a Hunting Dog and was playing at a Totally different set of Rules as I found out really fast!


So, here is what I’ve learned from other Posts and Articles on the Internet

As well as what I’ve Experience over time…

Just One Thought here, No matter what Anyone says or what they Believes –

Always be Careful around animals which you don’t Know!

Rather be Safe than Sorry…


When I was faced with the Hunting Dog,

There was luckily for me a Smaller Dog as well,

When I walked into the Yard of the Boss of that time,

It Growled at me, showing Her teeth and reacted Really-Really aggressive!


That would be Understandable, seeing that She’d never before Smelled me.

She’d Never before met me and even though I was there with one of the Workers,

The Dog was Protecting her Territory and No One was going to tell her anything else!


What helped me her to make Friends with her,

Firstly, the Smaller dog was Friendly and enjoyed me Patting it.

As well,

Your stance in time should drop to their Level.

This shows the Dog that You’re not a Threat to them or that You’re not Aggressive or Hostile in the Situation.

JUST never make Yourself Venerable when you See the Dog is still behaving Aggressively.

Having someone there who can help you, which the Dog trust will help a Great Deal!


Always Allow the Dog to come to you.

Never run after it, trying to get it to Trust you.

You Must earn the Dog’s trust and that will take Time OR never ever happen!


In this Regard, I got the Dog so Jealous that it had No other Choice to come closer.

As a Matter of fact, when we make friends I was one of the very Few people who would Play her so Tired that she didn’t want to Play with me.

She drank water and just lay on the grass out of Breathe!


Now then,

The PUG isn’t the same kind of Animal.

Here is what I’d copied from the Internet on the Dog’s Character itself;


The Shar Pei is a Chinese dog listed in the «Guinness Book of World Records» as one of the rarest breeds in the world. Dogs of this breed have very independent and dominating nature, love to be a head of the family, so from the childhood, they should be taught who the boss is.

The Chinese Shar Pei successfully took part in the fights, so in it is in the breeds’ genes to show aggression towards other dogs. In the families, these dogs behave pretty well, but they are not always patient with children. The early socialization of the dog can help to minimize its aggression


It will Mostly Follow you. Not allowing you to walk behind it.

This is a sign that it’s being Forced!

It will Growl at you, being Unhappy as You’re excreting Authority and Dominance over the Dog.

As long as it’s walking back in the Direction You need it to go,

Allow the Dog to take it’s time and Get there.

The moment You physically try to Force it, that would be a BIG mistake!

That would be the time the Animal would become Violent.


With this Dog as well, there was another in the Yard.

ONLY, here it doesn’t matter if You try to make it Jealous.

If and When the Owner and Primary Person comes onto the Grounds – You could be perceived as a Threat!

As well with these Dogs,

It will almost Every time Challenge you for Dominance.

Mostly only when it does Perceive You as another Alpha leader.


Like Horses, the PUG would also play with you in time.

It would jump up onto you – Hence do not get Too low as the Dog could bump you

Over and that would be a bit of a Problem if you’re Not Too friendly with the Dog.


As with Horses, they tend to Bite Each other in playing,

When You’ve got a Good Report with the Dog,

I know of the Pug in this Regard,

It would Love to play with you.

AND do not be too shocked – it would Lightly nibble on you as well.

I’ve not stood Still long enough,

To see if the Dog would Bite me – but my Instincts says that it’ll not happen.

I Could easily be Wrong on this one!



One thing that You should know,

The more Often the Dog sees you,

Smell Your own Unique Body Odor,

The More attention you give the Dog,

Gradually the Better it’ll be for you and the Dog to get along.


I suspect that with my ability to pick-up on Small changes,

It’s a little bit Easier for me to Read the Situation.

THUS, If you’re not Sure, do not Overstep your boundaries.



Never Ever turn Your Back on the Dog and Run away!

Show the Dog Your palms and have your Arms reached out fully,

Do Not Move Fast or any Sudden Actions,

Move Backward still Looking in the General Area of the Dog.

Do not Look in its Eyes, this will Make the Dog feel Threatened.

If the Animal is following you Slowly, uncertain if it’s Safe,

Keep on moving out of Sight.

Even if this doesn’t sound Natural – try not to Scream.

Our Higher Pitched Sounds and Big Movement just stresses the Dog out.


The Dog will in Most Instances react on Instinct,

It’s Protecting its Territory and will Perceive You as a Threat.

If and When You’ve got to move into a Yard or such where You come Upon an

Unfamiliar Dog, reacting Aggressive –

Remember You don’t know the Dog and Anything is Possible.


Rather be Safe and get out of there as Cautiously as possible.

It’s Almost like a Child You frightened – Only this one’s got Teeth to Attack You with.

Nothing else Matter in Showing Fear or Such –

Just Vacate Yourself Safely from the Situation if possible!