Food For Thought…


Food For Thought,

Quit a few weeks back, I’ve bought a PIZZA from various parlours – shops;
I did my best at buying the same kind of Pizza from all of them.
HENCE, what I was looking for was a Pepperoni Pizza from all of them.

While I was working at a specific Pizza shop, speaking to the Manager on my Shifts,
I learned quit a lot about the various sides of creating a Pizza.
Meaning, if one company use Product A to create a Base and
The OTHER company use Product H for theirs,
I can Promise You that the Taste of the Two would differ.

Not ONLY this,
But there’s a Definite Difference in the various ways which You bake OR
Get the food warmed-up or done for the Clients.

The TIME duration for the Food through the various Ovens,
How HOT this temperature is as well.
NOT even mentioning that the Difference in the Products there are,
Would Eventually leave you Tasting something Different from ONE place to the Other…

I’d not seen every one of the other Shop’s methods in preparing the food,
But I know there are More or Less THREE ways in which the Pizza can be baked.
There’s the Possibly, Mostly use – Convection Ovens.
With this they Use some kind of Liquid within the Oven, which can be heated up by Elements – like the same way your Kettle would be working. The System would probably be closed, seeing if you need to Constantly refill the Kettle, this Oven will COST a great deal. It DOES take time in Heating up and so;
When the Pizza, with all its TOPPINGS as it’s called, pass through the Oven on a Conveyer belt – the same as the Black Rubber Belt at some of the Grocers shop we Buy from,
Then the Metal conveyer belt lets heat through AND the food is warmed-up or Baked in the Oven by VERY VERY HOT AIR.
There’s also the Flame Grilled,
If You’ve ever Frequented Nando’s OR Spur, OR any other Restaurant You may have seen that they use Open Flames in getting the Food done. This would mostly be Meat as well. But I can ONLY suspect that some places use an Open flame griller in getting the food done.
THEN, what I’ve seen, a “Naturally” well, ALMOST built oven.
They use bricks, Heat-resistant or Possibly, Specific Rocks of some kind in building a ROUND oven.
Inside this Oven they use Flames as well, BUT this has ONLY two openings. One for the top which allow any spoke to Exit and then the Doorway through which they’d Place the food inside. They also use a LONG flat Blade plate with which they place the Food to be Baked inside the Oven. AS WELL, they use WOOD to burn with and thus, The need of a Chimney and the Smoke to exit as well.
As its HOT they smoke rise and Mostly don’t Affect the food much.

Within these THREE possibly ways in which Your food is Prepared, EVEN if you take the very Same Pizza or whichever,
There could be a Difference in the possible taste.
The MOST I would say, depend on the Wood they’d Use, seeing that Different elements in
the WOOD burns out and that changes the taste of the Food.
AS WELL, the Heat of all Three will Effect the Food to heat-up to different Degrees and even the Food will react differently.
Still, the BIGGEST factor of this would be the Difference in the Ingredient.
Buying from Different companies AND
Their Different Methods in Creating these base Ingredients.

Between the SIX places I’ve Eaten the same Kind of Pizza,
I’ll put them Up and which were the Least nice to the Best.
This being ONLY my Opinion –
You’ll have to go see what You make of this…

My least Favourite in the Pepperoni Pizza would be;
I MUST say that there Could be Other flavours which would be Nice for me,
But I’d not Sampled any of them at the Various Parlours…

6. Mimo’s

5. Domino’s

4. Xana’s

3. Empire

2. Debonair’s

1. Roman’s

There were TWO companies which had TWO pizza’s in their Boxes,
I know that Roman’s does sell them in this Fashion, but I had no idea that Empire does it as well.
HENCE, the idea that when I ate the Barbeque Chicken from Empire I found that their Chicken was Better than the Pepperoni.
The REASON I mentioned that there COULD easily be other Flavours on the Menu of the Various Pizza Parlours which would be Much better than what I’d tasted.
This is ONLY the List as to the Enjoyment of the Pepperoni which I sampled from the Various shops.

Various Sizes in Pizza,
Various methods in Heating,
Various ingredients in all of them,

Whatever tastes good for you,



A t T r A c T i O n…

I saw something quit Horrible a while ago on my Facebook timeline,

I didn’t read the Article nor did I look any further in regards to the Post.

It wasn’t so nice, what I saw in the title…

This got me thinking about something different;

As the title shows


It’s not as Horrible as what I’d read; AND interesting to say the least.

My LOVE-life isn’t anything to speak about at the Moment…

He… He… He…

What aspects are involved in Mutual Attraction?

This being ONLY from the Top of my Head, (having read a book on Body Language)

It would also Depend on US, if Our bodies know they need be Speaking a Totally Different Language to begin with!

HENCE, I’m quite Sure I’m not the Best Qualified Person to write THIS Current Post…

As well as to the Fact, I can and Probably AM totally wrong…

Now then, I took out a moment or TWO to read-up a little about what they First Few Pages on GOOGLE tells me about this.

After the Third, things they were talking about, just Changed the Order where someone would put it, within the Article and MAYBE add one or two more along the way…

Well here goes what I’m thinking and had picked up along the way:

  1. For me as a man, when You’re probably on the Look-Out for a woman to date, I mostly look at the way the women are dressed. If this outfit works for them, when they’re NOT wearing any Pink – what I find for me, that’s a good start.
  2. I TOTALLY and Utterly HATE when the School’s Holidays are going… The fact, for mostly girls – I have to CONCENTRATE even harder at making sure they’re actually at the Age of interaction. Nowadays – not that KIDS didn’t Before want to Look and Act older than they were… Nowadays with what they May be wearing and Possibly maturing faster; this is a Pretty Big Issue, if you’re Seriously looking at Dating someone within Your Age Group!
  3. Then as well, Mostly men, look at the Development of Women, as to their Chest Size. If men likes big, they’d not Care too much about a Small Chest Woman – NOT To WORRY; there are Enough men who do Like smaller women!

This ALSO, Sometimes helps to really See if You’re looking at a Girl or a Woman…

  1. MOSTLY during the Holidays, I’m not too Curious at looking at the women; Burning your Fingers isn’t that nice.
  2. What I’ve read, Most women would also look at a Man’s Height. Broad shoulders and Everyone looks at the Form of the other Person’s Face.
  3. If someone DOESN’T look me in the eye, I don’t care much. If they’re really Interested in You – they’d look you in the Eye… WITH this, the Pupils would Dilate – Meaning the black in the eyes would Grow Bigger, becoming MORE attractive.
  4. If you Like someone else – DO Not Ever put your Hands in your Pockets! That’s just plainly rude, Even if You don’t think You’re Doing this; As Well – Folding your Arms does the same kind of thing…
  5. MOSTLY, women who Play our Possibly touch their Hair; Playing with their Hair may be Attracted to you.
  6. When and If you can Keep the Attention of a Man, when he looks at you – There’s a Triangle effect you May or May not see – He’d look at your Chest and up to your Mouth. This could Indicate that he’s Interested in You for MORE than just a Platonic friendship. Do not be Offended if you do see him looking down some…
  7. Some times when Women kind of bit their Fingers or even play with their Lips, this could be an indication of theirs that They Might be interested in Kissing. Still not sure about that one.
  8. You may not KNOW him or her that well, but when someone is Interested in you: They’d do what they can in keeping the Conversation going, sometimes it’ll need some help as You don’t KNOW them; but that effort does mean a great deal. DO NOT miss that they might just Trying their luck either…
  9. Both Men and Women would See or Choose to spend time, after the First few Seconds of Interacting; This might be Horrible when they’re NOT interested – but then We cannot ever Force another to find You interesting!
  10. If Your grooming is on Standard, That also said, within Your own standard You’re presentable; that Could show how You’d treat them as well.
  11. There are also None seeing Hormones, Pheromones and Adrenaline which does play part in all of this. Nature does Jump-in and plays around with the Mating ritual… You cannot stop that from being!
  12. If you SMELL someone, if they Smell Nice without even Wearing Any Perfume OR Deodorant – that could be good! If you’re Own body Odour Conflicts with what You’re wearing, this Could Potentially push away someone You really Like… As too, TOO Much use of this, can Totally Blow Your chances as well!
  13. What I’ve read, Women dressed in Red does attack more Attention from Men – that would also be Possible if they’re Dressed in something that Compliments them. Remember, like in a Job Interview, You’ve got Barely seconds to make that Impression… Notwithstanding the SAYING; There are MANY Fish in the Sea…
  14. When a women in Most instances Touch a man, that May also be a little Further down the Line, as well as Playfully slap you, she Might be into you!
  15. For both, sharing their Intimate Space means a Great Deal! You’d not Share such small Spaces with just Anyone – Especially if you DON’T like them!
  16. For the Men, if you like her, Take that Moment – Acting like a Complete Idiot MAYBE, and just Make that First Move… If you’ve got the Chance that is. Most women do find men MORE attractive when the Other makes the First Move… That’s said – in THIS day in age, Any women who Wishes to take that Move as well, Just be REALLY-REALLY Subtle about that. If you do it STILL less Intense, he’d React better to that – IF you Scare him, it would be the SAME when “WE” feel a little OUT of Sorts, trying to Get Your Attention…

It’s NEVER easy, No matter from WHICH side it comes – We’re all Human and NEED to feel that Emotion; Love, Happiness, Friendship, Adoring, Appreciation…

  1. As I mentioned before; Eye-contact is Very Important, As well, That Beautiful Warm Friendly SMILE of yours.
  2. If the Guy You like touches you just that bit; Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Non-sexual on the Side – They’d just trying to see if you’d move off or IF they’ve got a Shot. NOT always to say that they’re JUMPING the gun… Touch from both Sides is Very Important as a Connection between You.
  3. .. Yes that’s what I said, TIME – for both… If you CANNOT spend Quality time together, what is the POINT?

There’s UTTERLY more than this and I CANNOT for the Life of me Remember what I’d read in that Book so many Years ago.

Just Remember this ONE Golden Rule,

THIS is a Definite FACT;

IF you do not Take that Chance at getting to KNOW someone,

The Attraction Could be there,

But if you’re Not Will or Taking that Chance – You’d Forever NOT Have that Date


Start that Relationship…

If you need to work on Yourself, do it, for That Possible issue Would come out in the Possible – Best Relationship of your Life

Come to Ruin it if You’re not willing to Work-out Whatever issue You Might Have…

If You Are Ready,

Just Try It And See…

Change is as Good as a Holiday…


I’m not Truly sure about this one,

But then I cannot Argue with this Mindset – Thought OR Ideology either…

The Question here is this,

HOW long do you need be on a Holiday for that to really have the Effect on you,

Which we in MOST instances need.

Getting your Batteries recharged.

NOT Only from the Past,

But as the People at work also want to have a Breakaway,

I KNOW that there’s a Great Deal to do when you Reach Your Destination.

The BREAK might not be such a relaxing time,

Seeing that You have to run up and down,

Getting Everything ELSE done and sorted out,

Planning what to Eat,

Sleeping arrangements,

Places to Visit while there,

What kind of MONEY to spend on WHAT,

When You’d plan to getting back Home as well…

AND then from the Vacations we’d been on as a Family,

There’s the Children to keep Busy,

BEFORE they drive the Rest insane!

NOW, for the Idea of Change;

As a Writer and the Idea of Fēng shuῐ,

I can tell you that this MAY not be as Far Fetched as ANYONE would believe,

That said, If you think of this idea –

Thinking OUTSIDE the Proverbial “box”

Then I can tell you that, Looking at Every possible Issue, Problem OR Situation

Before you might Help you to come up with a Better Solution.

I have CHANGED around my Place or Work;

THAT said, Creatively;

AND thus, Nothing is the Same as it was Before.

You walk into the ROOM or Study in a Different Paten,

You SEE everything Inside there in Different way,

You are in Actual Fact forcing Yourself to See it Differently,

THE issue OR problem OR plans BEFORE you MAY be THE same,

But it’s YOUR Mind-set which had Changed.

AND YES, the Chinese Philosophy may be 100% Accurate…

I cannot tell you that much.

WHAT I do know, when I do Change things around,

I work at it to Focus,

Either it’s before You’re getting that NEXT Gear,

OR the Change just Helps You getting into the Habit of GOING

For it and Doing what You can in Finishing Whichever OR Whatever

Project You need to…

It doesn’t Really Matter what You’d Prefer or Believe in,

REST or Change,

Those are TWO very Necessary Aspects in getting a Tired Mind

Kicking into a Possible Different Direction…

AS Long as You don’t Expect ( O T H E R S )

To do what You’re Supposed to do;

Then Use any whichever Way to Help You to Relax and

Possibly have a Better Direction to go,

Just sitting and Listening to GOOD Music can do this for you as well;

As LONG as you now there’s Something to do

AND You’d get to it, no matter What it is…

MOVE things around


Go have a LOVELY nice Holiday, Breakaway;

JUST try to Recharge Your batteries…

So that You’d get BACK to whatever it is that

YOU’RE the one,

Who is GOOD at it…




WHAT in the Name of All SANITY is he chit-chat-ing about NOW?

That’s SO interesting, how this Idea and Thought came into being.

Well… it all came about with my old Sunglasses being in the Situation, needing to be Replaced.

Refraction is Actually an Official Scientific Term – just so You’d know.

Well now,

I’d bought a few specs a long time ago.

Of which ONE pair I used myself.

Then some time later we were on a Road-trip, the TWO extra sunglasses I had;

They weren’t mine anymore… Lend out for the trip…

The ONE pair I had left, the One lens got scratched;

Thus I was in the Market in getting a next set of Sunglasses.

I arrived back at the same Shop and started looking at the various Sunglasses they had this time.

I looked around and saw there were more than a few.

I found what I was looking for, BUT I had no idea just what I would find either.

I’d picked a normal Dark Lens AS well to my Surprise an Orange Paired Lens… too.

WHAT I had no idea, the Colour of the Orange Changed the Refraction of the Light.

NOW, when I drive, I feel the Impact of the Sun light on my Eyes aren’t as Intense.

As well, Funny enough, when I stop at an Intersection – the Green Light of the Robot;

The light that I now drive ON had become BLUE, with the Colour Change of the Sunglasses.

I suspect that STRANGELY, the Orange MIGHT even change the reaction


The behaviour of my Eye.

I know that people with Blue Eyes, have some difficulty with TOO Much light.

I know that I do.

THUS, with the Lenses I suspect that my Eyes now behave like Green eyes.

Not affected by the Sun Light as much as it would be without this particular set.

Almost like Bono of the Band – U2,

Paul David Hewson,

How has an Issue with his eyes as well,

Wearing the blue sunglasses, helping him to see better.

I can remember he gave Oprah the pair he had.

THUS, with the curvature of the lens


Your reading or Seeing lenses of your Spectacles,

It helps for you to see and Read with.

Not only that,

But your Cornea is also curved,

Helping to focus the Images on the rear of the Eyeball,

Turned Upside Down;

While the Brain in turn, changes the Image around so You’d Understand what You’re actually looking at.


It’s when LIGHT is changed after Hitting or Moving through Another medium.


With your spectacles lens,

This helps US, anyone to see with.

The Colour of the lens also changes in Intensity of the light hitting your eyes.

So that, with the Orange colour of the Lens I now have,

The Intense Sun Light doesn’t affect my eyes that much anymore.

As within Science,

Using a Prism,

If it hits the Prism at 90°, you have the change in the light from “White”

To the various colours which white light really consists of.

While looking at Diamonds,

When light Hits a Diamond which had been Cut correctly,

That would mean the light hits the Diamond at 24°,

AND if it’s cut correctly at that,

The light becomes trapped inside the Diamond and takes so much longer in getting out of it.

That is why Diamonds, cut correctly,

Sparkle so much…

In this same manner with Light’s inability of escaping,

That’s the manner in which Fibre Optics works as well.

The light has to travel along the tube,

Moving from one section of the Optic tube to the other side,

Transporting information along the way…

Strange how things we use now,


May change the way we use or Do things tomorrow…


I followed this Account,


Then I got this message from the person:

Oh that’s great do you mind if we can give you a task?
We can choose a topic for you to write in LESS that ( 52 ) words.

If we get impressed with your writing we can sign you.

I was quit interested and got this after my reply:

Choose any ONE of the following (a) Life (b) Africa (c) 2015 (d) Food (e)


As I’m some kind of Over-achier in Writing, this is what I sent them, After I got an e-mail
to send my (pieces) to…

Having NO Idea what this writing piece should really have been…

There had been so many before, trying to capture the essence of life.                                                           Understanding the need to define it and thus in a way capturing its description, what it means to                 live your life.

The easiest, of this, is in fact;… just use it as best you can.

This is a large, diverse continent in the world. So many a peoples live here                                                  together, with such potential, but then the nature of humans; dictates a totally different manner in                seeing ownership of its treasures.

Thus, each day leaves us with more uncertainty than actual progress.

The film 2012 gave us once again, a film, idea, story of Armageddon. Now then, what would the                possible future hold for most, in 2015.

Seeing past your problems, reaching out and fighting – we just might teach or pull others with:                    reaching our possible goals!

I’ve heard of many, reality television shows. But then, it was inevitable that even food, would                     become part of this line of entertainment.

Actually interesting at that, seeing, just how much time we take; making it, choosing it, debating it               and eating it… very strange.

As of late, culture had been brought into view, at its most extreme.
With the problem of xenophobia. I cannot believe it’s ever been concentrated to one area or                       country.
Still, if humans cannot at least respect other people’s cultures, were annihilating ourselves from                 Earth, in due time.
Now then, I received a e-mail, stating that they looked for ONLY One of those AND then I found that it should be an Idea for a TV Show of some sort.
If I had known this, I would have done it Totally Different at that…
Shows you, Never just IN too fast, you Still might do it wrong. THEN as well, when Whomever asks you to do it Over again;
Do it and see if it’ll not work out better…?

By now this Idea of Mine had been running around in my Mind for at least TWO
It wasn’t HARD at all, BUT I did mention to them that some of the Topics they gave me would Feature in this Idea they wanted…
This I mentioned to them after they gave me an Additional chance in doing this.

MY Second Shot At This:
Black Death (oil).

The Earth is sick and in 2015 everyone sees this, just off the Eastern coast of Africa.
At 0º – latitude and 0º – longitude, becomes a life-threatening disaster for all the people.
Only greed, becomes a bigger problem, than the threat itself.
NOW then, this is what I would have giving them IF I had the time and didn’t Have to Worry about
the Topics Merging in creating this Idea…

Black Death (oil)

Shockingly in 2015, just off the Coast of East Africa, on the intersecting lines of the Equator and               the Prime Meridian at 0º – latitude and 0º – longitude; Life for all Cultures of the world would                         become privy to Earth’s Cancer.
This global disaster would threaten everyone; destroying Life on earth as we know it.
If all the nations cannot come together and deal with the problem as a whole, then the natural                     disaster would kill all the animal, food and humans on Earth.
Not TOO sure about this one,
Being Well over ( 52 ) words and Using all the words supplied in the Topics – I doubt if
they’d be very happy with this one…

STILL, above all,
Never Thought this could be;
THUS, if you get the Opportunity, working OUT or Not –
Take the Leap and see what might happen!

Obviously I’m Really interested in seeing what may be.
They did ask my Phone Number and Age as well.
Not to say they’d call me, but like the Lotto and Everything else in Life;

Participation is needed for you to see what Could come to Fruition…

The Freezing Embrace of the Frozen Winter Arrival.


There’s much we can Talk about when it comes the Winter,

To say the LEAST,

About Every possible thing or Every possible Season –

It would All Depend on how much We do not LIKE this Season,


Whichever THING we do not like…


What is there about the Winter You do not like?

We can be REALLY–REALLY Lucky that we do not have Snow Storms!

BUT then, We’ve had Winter Rains as of the Last Few Year though.

THIS, cannot be Nice when You’re at work and NOT Dressed warm enough!

The Winter as with ALL the Other season,

THOSE which we can Actually SEE these days;

Comes at us in Waves…

Now, We can very Seldom see Autumn and Spring so well,

BUT, when you see the Beautiful Change in the Leaves on the Trees,

The Bright Red, Orange and Yellow… I can tell you that is Autumn.

The very same thing with Spring,

The Moment the Blossoms comes out,

ALL of them looking Really Fresh,

That Be Spring… The warmth of Summer will Follow!

The Other thing that I myself Hate about the Coming Winter time,

I’m still active with One Window open where I work on my PC,

Giving me Fresher Air and Just barely Keeping the Temperature Low…

THIS also keeping pretty Wake,

Seeing anyone can get Tired…

BUT, while I was working actively the Other Day,

WITH this Window open only a CRACK,

That horrible Felt Fire SMOKE Reached in and SHOOK me around! ! !

It’s so DAMN interesting that WE believe that Nature cannot Regulate itself? ? ?

SO, I had to close the Window,

OR I’d be Smoked out of the Apartment while I really Needed to Work!

The VERY Next Day I was driving Home,

When I saw that Another Section of the Felt was being Burnt this time.

Although it was Much further from the Building than the possible Fire the Day before…

It’s SO Strange,

As soon as the Winter Passes around,

Everyone believes that they need to Burn the Felt so that it’ll grow better with the Coming Summer… Which the Idea I do Understand,

JUST how Regular it is that After the Fire had been LIT,

Those who actually WANT to burn the Felt,

They MOSTLY do not stay around to make sure it’s Safe for the REST around where the Fire Could and Would be Raging!

Another VERY Interesting THING I’ve picked up on,

I JUST caught this One Morning on my way to work.

Driving Underneath the ONE Bridge,

Knowing that just AFTER I exit it,

The S U N would Blast me with its Ray of Light!

This Isn’t so Interesting;


What I did Pick up on,

With the Sun-Rise,

I would see it at an angle from the Direction I was Driving in.

If a Compass was Aiming NORTH right in front of You,

Then the Sun would be Rising in the POSSIBLE North-West…

For Everyone else,

Looking at the Clock Attached to this Post,

If the Clock’s ( 12 ) is Aimed where You’re Driving to,

Then the Sun would be Rising to your POSSIBLE 10 o’clock Digit.

Meaning, the Compass and Clock keeps still and pointing only in the Direction your driving at One moment.

I’ve NOT Physically Checked on a Clock OR Compass,

This its ONLY a Possible Indicator…


Later Afternoon when I drive the SAME way Home,

The Sun is this time Right in Front of me.

If Looked at the Compass and Clock,

It would RISE at the 10 O’clock or NW direction;

But with that Compass and Clock still standing Still in the Direction of the Morning,

The Sun would be Setting At the 6 O’clock OR

The SOUTH arm of the Compass…

If you Do Understand what I’m getting at,

NOW, Imagine when our Season is past,

With Summer,

To which Direction should the sun be Rising…


From the Day I Saw the Sun’s Position,

IT Had moved from almost Directly In Front of me,

TO the 10 O’clock OR North-West Direction…

NOT Too sure if it will MOVE even More from the last Position I’d seen it…

How much will it move and

How Interesting is it that THIS Movement OR Change in Season have Taken Place like this for Centuries,

A Day at a Time!

What Else is there that Just Happens which we Don’t Even SEE…?


Pains, Strains, Irritations, Nerve-Infliction…

Thee other day I was helping out with an Issue at work,

As Normally I do in helping our Clientele…

The ONLY issue this time,

The Client had a problem with the Key of the Car.

That be good enough, Understandable as well.


As per Usual I had NO idea that there was a Spare Key.

Now here comes the BIG Joke,

They’d broken BOTH the keys for the Car which they’d bought.

NOW then, if You break Your stuff,

You’d better Sort it out Yourself… NOT?


There I was, ASKED to help out as I could to see if there’s Something to be done.

Looking at this I was trying to find the Best solution.

The Cost of Sorting this Key – Issue out was far MORE than what Anyone wanted to be Saddled-Up with…

Eventually I did manage to get a Little Key-holder frame from another Key which worked the very same way this Older one was using…

JUST Then,

When You LEAST expect it,

Things went “Bump”

The Flat-point screwdriver I was working with,

Slipped and with the Client’s INSISTANCE at being in a HURRY,

Didn’t help either…


Me and the Screwdriver had a VERY intimate moment or two there!


Now, I couldn’t STOP with what I was doing

AND so,

Did what I could,

Even handing the Client a set of My Own pliers just to get HIM out of there,

Then ONLY was I able to start looking at this wound,

Of which I could Literarily FEEL the Blood-Poisoning running from my Upper Thumb Flesh towards my Wrist area.

Now then,

The Screwdriver Penetrated deep enough so that some of the Deep tissue was Affected.

The MOMENT the object penetrate your body,

You react so fast if you can,

You Pull the object out as fast as It entered, Wherever that was…

While I was busy with this Client,

With the constant working,

I left the Nerves being Affected by the Rust which was on the Shaft of the Screwdriver.

THAT kind of Interference wasn’t Nice in the least bit!

Then as well,

With the Impact I did feel that my Left hand wasn’t able to Function as well it did as before;


As with the Pain associated with the Actual Wound,

There wasn’t any Real pain there.

Pressing on it wasn’t really nice,

But then, I had to Open it and clean it out as best I could.

The Young Woman at the Chemist told me this,

1ly, – Never pull the Skin away OR from your Body where the Injury occurred.

2ly, – The Skin covers the area and thus, Possibly no More dirt and such can Easily enter.

3ly, – Warm Water to Clean out the wound isn’t the Best you can do.

4th, – If you have Access to Salt, luke-warm water so that the Solvent of this can Better Penetrate

and actually clean the wound.

5th, – It didn’t FEEL that it was working, So I rubbed the Un-dissolved Salt into the wound.

6th, – If you Cannot handle that kind of Burn from the Salt on the Open Nerves – do not do this!

7th, – Even if you Believe You’ve got ALL of it, Medication to work from INSIDE is needed!

There was some Impurities which got Trapped inside my Hand – THUS the Medication

to Treat this was VERY Important!

8th, – If you’ve got some Lotion to help in the Healing, use it and allow for LONG enough so the

Wound closes-up.

9th, – With our Closed blood-circulation, it is IMPERETIVE to make sure to get Medical

attention as well as Medication as soon as possible.

10th, – Severe SHOCK will increase the Heart Beating FASTER and thus the circulation to

become very Dangerous. Thus, even if it’s ONLY a Screwdriver, Make sure to keep as

Calm as possible and Breathe normally.

THUS, I can report that the Tissue feels better over the Past few weeks. Not only this, the Wound had healed Nicely – BUT, any kind of Foreign Substance can Stay for a good Many weeks in Your body.

If any kind of Infection isn’t Dealt with Correctly, I can create all kinds of Secondary Problems for us.

Keep a close eye on Anyone who got an Injury



Accidents Happen SO Fast You cannot Even Try and Predict them!

Be As Safe As You Can Be!

Somewhat close to where I stabbed myself…