The Freezing Embrace of the Frozen Winter Arrival.


There’s much we can Talk about when it comes the Winter,

To say the LEAST,

About Every possible thing or Every possible Season –

It would All Depend on how much We do not LIKE this Season,


Whichever THING we do not like…


What is there about the Winter You do not like?

We can be REALLY–REALLY Lucky that we do not have Snow Storms!

BUT then, We’ve had Winter Rains as of the Last Few Year though.

THIS, cannot be Nice when You’re at work and NOT Dressed warm enough!

The Winter as with ALL the Other season,

THOSE which we can Actually SEE these days;

Comes at us in Waves…

Now, We can very Seldom see Autumn and Spring so well,

BUT, when you see the Beautiful Change in the Leaves on the Trees,

The Bright Red, Orange and Yellow… I can tell you that is Autumn.

The very same thing with Spring,

The Moment the Blossoms comes out,

ALL of them looking Really Fresh,

That Be Spring… The warmth of Summer will Follow!

The Other thing that I myself Hate about the Coming Winter time,

I’m still active with One Window open where I work on my PC,

Giving me Fresher Air and Just barely Keeping the Temperature Low…

THIS also keeping pretty Wake,

Seeing anyone can get Tired…

BUT, while I was working actively the Other Day,

WITH this Window open only a CRACK,

That horrible Felt Fire SMOKE Reached in and SHOOK me around! ! !

It’s so DAMN interesting that WE believe that Nature cannot Regulate itself? ? ?

SO, I had to close the Window,

OR I’d be Smoked out of the Apartment while I really Needed to Work!

The VERY Next Day I was driving Home,

When I saw that Another Section of the Felt was being Burnt this time.

Although it was Much further from the Building than the possible Fire the Day before…

It’s SO Strange,

As soon as the Winter Passes around,

Everyone believes that they need to Burn the Felt so that it’ll grow better with the Coming Summer… Which the Idea I do Understand,

JUST how Regular it is that After the Fire had been LIT,

Those who actually WANT to burn the Felt,

They MOSTLY do not stay around to make sure it’s Safe for the REST around where the Fire Could and Would be Raging!

Another VERY Interesting THING I’ve picked up on,

I JUST caught this One Morning on my way to work.

Driving Underneath the ONE Bridge,

Knowing that just AFTER I exit it,

The S U N would Blast me with its Ray of Light!

This Isn’t so Interesting;


What I did Pick up on,

With the Sun-Rise,

I would see it at an angle from the Direction I was Driving in.

If a Compass was Aiming NORTH right in front of You,

Then the Sun would be Rising in the POSSIBLE North-West…

For Everyone else,

Looking at the Clock Attached to this Post,

If the Clock’s ( 12 ) is Aimed where You’re Driving to,

Then the Sun would be Rising to your POSSIBLE 10 o’clock Digit.

Meaning, the Compass and Clock keeps still and pointing only in the Direction your driving at One moment.

I’ve NOT Physically Checked on a Clock OR Compass,

This its ONLY a Possible Indicator…


Later Afternoon when I drive the SAME way Home,

The Sun is this time Right in Front of me.

If Looked at the Compass and Clock,

It would RISE at the 10 O’clock or NW direction;

But with that Compass and Clock still standing Still in the Direction of the Morning,

The Sun would be Setting At the 6 O’clock OR

The SOUTH arm of the Compass…

If you Do Understand what I’m getting at,

NOW, Imagine when our Season is past,

With Summer,

To which Direction should the sun be Rising…


From the Day I Saw the Sun’s Position,

IT Had moved from almost Directly In Front of me,

TO the 10 O’clock OR North-West Direction…

NOT Too sure if it will MOVE even More from the last Position I’d seen it…

How much will it move and

How Interesting is it that THIS Movement OR Change in Season have Taken Place like this for Centuries,

A Day at a Time!

What Else is there that Just Happens which we Don’t Even SEE…?


Pains, Strains, Irritations, Nerve-Infliction…

Thee other day I was helping out with an Issue at work,

As Normally I do in helping our Clientele…

The ONLY issue this time,

The Client had a problem with the Key of the Car.

That be good enough, Understandable as well.


As per Usual I had NO idea that there was a Spare Key.

Now here comes the BIG Joke,

They’d broken BOTH the keys for the Car which they’d bought.

NOW then, if You break Your stuff,

You’d better Sort it out Yourself… NOT?


There I was, ASKED to help out as I could to see if there’s Something to be done.

Looking at this I was trying to find the Best solution.

The Cost of Sorting this Key – Issue out was far MORE than what Anyone wanted to be Saddled-Up with…

Eventually I did manage to get a Little Key-holder frame from another Key which worked the very same way this Older one was using…

JUST Then,

When You LEAST expect it,

Things went “Bump”

The Flat-point screwdriver I was working with,

Slipped and with the Client’s INSISTANCE at being in a HURRY,

Didn’t help either…


Me and the Screwdriver had a VERY intimate moment or two there!


Now, I couldn’t STOP with what I was doing

AND so,

Did what I could,

Even handing the Client a set of My Own pliers just to get HIM out of there,

Then ONLY was I able to start looking at this wound,

Of which I could Literarily FEEL the Blood-Poisoning running from my Upper Thumb Flesh towards my Wrist area.

Now then,

The Screwdriver Penetrated deep enough so that some of the Deep tissue was Affected.

The MOMENT the object penetrate your body,

You react so fast if you can,

You Pull the object out as fast as It entered, Wherever that was…

While I was busy with this Client,

With the constant working,

I left the Nerves being Affected by the Rust which was on the Shaft of the Screwdriver.

THAT kind of Interference wasn’t Nice in the least bit!

Then as well,

With the Impact I did feel that my Left hand wasn’t able to Function as well it did as before;


As with the Pain associated with the Actual Wound,

There wasn’t any Real pain there.

Pressing on it wasn’t really nice,

But then, I had to Open it and clean it out as best I could.

The Young Woman at the Chemist told me this,

1ly, – Never pull the Skin away OR from your Body where the Injury occurred.

2ly, – The Skin covers the area and thus, Possibly no More dirt and such can Easily enter.

3ly, – Warm Water to Clean out the wound isn’t the Best you can do.

4th, – If you have Access to Salt, luke-warm water so that the Solvent of this can Better Penetrate

and actually clean the wound.

5th, – It didn’t FEEL that it was working, So I rubbed the Un-dissolved Salt into the wound.

6th, – If you Cannot handle that kind of Burn from the Salt on the Open Nerves – do not do this!

7th, – Even if you Believe You’ve got ALL of it, Medication to work from INSIDE is needed!

There was some Impurities which got Trapped inside my Hand – THUS the Medication

to Treat this was VERY Important!

8th, – If you’ve got some Lotion to help in the Healing, use it and allow for LONG enough so the

Wound closes-up.

9th, – With our Closed blood-circulation, it is IMPERETIVE to make sure to get Medical

attention as well as Medication as soon as possible.

10th, – Severe SHOCK will increase the Heart Beating FASTER and thus the circulation to

become very Dangerous. Thus, even if it’s ONLY a Screwdriver, Make sure to keep as

Calm as possible and Breathe normally.

THUS, I can report that the Tissue feels better over the Past few weeks. Not only this, the Wound had healed Nicely – BUT, any kind of Foreign Substance can Stay for a good Many weeks in Your body.

If any kind of Infection isn’t Dealt with Correctly, I can create all kinds of Secondary Problems for us.

Keep a close eye on Anyone who got an Injury



Accidents Happen SO Fast You cannot Even Try and Predict them!

Be As Safe As You Can Be!

Somewhat close to where I stabbed myself…


Vain… You’re So VAIN!


Yes… yes… Almost that Song of “Carly Simon”

On the “Local” but rather the Provincial Radio Station I heard the other day that

Facebook had launched a New App or You could use it.


You can add a Photo of yourself and it will Determine what Age you actually are…

Now or Then or Whichever… I have no idea,

Seeing I’ve not Used it and will not either!

Thinking of this,

I’ve Seen and Heard SO Many people having the issue about this or With Themselves.

We’re ALL Human and will not want to Parade ourselves in Public,

Looking like a Horses… well, you get the idea?

That is one thing,

Looking Presentable and


You can sell be yourself and dress well,

But there are those times when SOME people just Have to show-up,

Looking like Million Dollars.

There’s Nothing wrong with it,

Wanting to look good,

The ONLY issue is when you do, LOOKING down on someone that Dressed other than You…

Believing You’re BETTER than the rest…

Well this I Suspect everyone had seen before as well.

But Dressing isn’t the Only Issue there.


I’m not Looking or either Saying that there’s MORE Women doing this,

In the Past few Years the Term had been Coined as well,

Metro Sexual Male…

Looking After themselves more than Most Women would do.

SO, if the Shoe fits!

This idea comes from the General thought though,

SOME people worry about their Physical Appearance.

Worried about their Age,

What they Look like,

How they’re Dressing for their Age,

How OTHERS sees them,

If they do or ARE looking what they should…

THIS is also part of Being Human.

THE ONLY thing that Most of the People,

Whomever they may be,

Have forgotten is this.

All of us MAY be Living on this Earth,


There’s ALMOST nothing on this very Earth which ISN’T detrimental to ALL of us;

If you get TOO much of Something,

It could be BAD for you!

If you go to the Hospital,

Receiving 100% clean Oxygen,

TOO much of this, when You’re NOT ILL will become a Poison to you.

From my Little Memory from School,

Biology –

Everyone Knows when You have a Lack of Breathable Air,

That can Kill you…

This SUBSTANCE is used by Your Body to Develop

H²O, the Oxygen is used to Create Water for Your body…

Even this,

Something we NEED to live,

That same Oxygen or the Derivative there of…

In our Air to breathe,

Isn’t a Clear Oxygen…

Also DEGRADE your bodies Cells and that Causes Us to AGE!

It now Doesn’t Really Matter what you believe or DO,

Yes, If you Do enjoy looking Good or Dressing Up;

That’s VERY Good for you;

But Remember – we all age over time…

There’s also a very GOOD reason for that…

You SEE time Passing by on the Changes in Your Face or Your Body.

THIS is like your Life Clock,

MAKING you See that Time Is Passing


You Need to Do what You want to do,

Getting to it and Living the Life as you Wish to do…

Not to Say you’d Get there,

But TRYING is better than to just Staying where You are!

Growing Older and Looking Different is Your Clock,

You may NOT want it,

But without it,

How Can we Gauge Our Lives…

Enjoy it While You have the Time to Enjoy it…

My UNWILLING Interview With SANDY…


Just yesterday AGAIN I was involved with this same situation,

P.S.:     Just to know, SANDY isn’t a Person;

NOW then,

When last did you Run around SO MUCH,

Been SO busy that I couldn’t even Imagine when or where,

You’d STOP and take in a Breathe,

Getting ready to Power-down for whichever reason?

Every now and then,

At work as you’d expect we’re got a Situation almost like this,

You work, Doing what you can, Seeing what you CAN get around to,

But mostly as we get Older OR the work Continue,

We do Find that getting Everything done isn’t as EASY as we suspect!

THEN Comes the moment, time or situation that You’ve got to wait…


Mr. Sand-Man…

When I was retrenched,

I helped out with my Sister’s Kids,

When they needed to get to some place


Had something to do and there was NO Transportation…


I was the Driver AND at times,

Had to WAIT for Whichever Reason,

For them to Finish with their Activities…

The VERY same way in which we Some of the Times WAIT

At work for the Clients to Finish…

AND that’s just where the Tire hits US the Hardest!

Not that the Waiting it the toughest,


When You’ve run around SO Much,

You’re Brain stops and want to Relax;


Now you can ONLY But Idle in Waiting for whichever or whatever Reason!

Time is Relative in this Regard,

You do not WANT to wait for someone else,

But We do not Have a choice in the matter!

Still it’s Very Hard in LITERALLY keep your Eyes OPEN,

While you keep WAITING for something to come to pass!

Either you go Fishing,


You fall on your Bed and take a “Power Nap”,

But if you’re like me,

You STRUGGLE through this Stint while the Batteries are LOW,

Looking, Forcing and Hoping to get through it,

WAITING – Ironically,

For that SECOND gear…

When I’m Driving far,

AND while I’m at Home,

I get Something to keep me busy…

Driving – would Mean to have something to Eat (sweats – candy will do),

Just getting UP from sitting,

When we were TOLD back in the DAY,

As close as you can, Almost every Half-Hour;

Getting UP from where you are Sitting…

But when You’re at Work,

Moving around or doing Something on Your Phone can help only So much,

AND still You’ll have to wait until it’s Time to leave…

That’s the Hardest thing at time to do,

When You’re Really busy and get Home,

After a LONG-LONG Day,

When you’re body and MIND can slow down,

You KNOW you can Chill-lax,

That’s just where You find the Issue…

That Unwilling Interview with Sandy…

Even if there are Others around you,

We do need some Time in Relaxing,

Not that’s a Possibility –

Seeing our Lives are so Hurried;

Getting that Much needed Rest,

Relaxation, becomes a Mission onto itself!

Minute quantities…


Having had the Subject of Biology at school AND

Having seen a few Films on Aspects of this,

I have learned some on this over the Years.

I had been RUDELY assaulted by a Mosquito the other day.

Not only that, but there were TWO spots next to each other…

Suspecting they had a Plan of Action and worked together in Stealing my Blood!

No… it’s not so Horrible,

STILL, can you imagine yourself the Kind of Itch that’s left behind when the spots,

Where they’d bit your,

Are SO Close to one another!

When the First spot gets Irritated,

The second it’s BEHIND at all AND

No matter what you do, there’s Just NO way of getting away from the Itch…

This made me think of someone I’d been at the Correctional Services with,

How, still today, Is allergic to Bee Stings.

Not only this,

But the Volume of the injected Substance from the Mosquito AND the Bee

Isn’t that much.

I had felt a Bee sting Eons before

I can Far BETTER remember the TWO Horse-Fly stings at ALMOST the same Instnace.

Which I can tell,


Now then,

It’s Ironic who such Small, Minute Volumes can Affect us;

Think about the Release of Adrenaline into the Blood as well.

EVEN when you get a Thorn in your skin,

There’s also some of them which have a Chemical on the Tip

AND when you pull the Thorn from your skin,

It’s leaves you Itching as well.

When we get Sick or fall Ill,

That bug originally isn’t such a Big molecule either,

But give it time and it’ll cause Multiple problems for you.


The Human Body can be Adversely affected on

SO MANY levels, but such little volumes–

And Yet the amount of





Chemicals and Such we Continually introduce to our bodies are Shocking!

TOO Much of the Wrong Fats which Leads to Cholesterol…

Even while You’re Breathing now,

The Oxygen is Transported to the Cells,

Which is Used to make the Most Important Element for the Body,

H²O, Water, Which the body Consist of at least

60% of in Grown-ups…


The Oxygen coming into the body,

In the small volumes, is also the very Element which is Making Us look older.

Seeing that our Cells are circulated on Average of 7 to 10 Years – If I’ve got this one Correct…?

It might NOW look like a Little bit of whichever You are taking now,

When Your Body gets Use to it,

Your volumes can increase and it’ll Adjust…

But be really careful of what you Introduces to your Body,

It may not Always be something Good for you,


That Little bit of whatever it is,

Like the Mosquito bit,

Can have SUCH an Effect on our systems…

Just so you’d know, the Red-Blood Cell is the MOST intricate Chemical Composition so far as the Clever People know…

AND that Red-Blood Cell,

Is inside Your Body,

Which in-it-self would be the MOST Complex UNIT – “for a Lack of a better Description”;

That you Own…

Take care of Yourself


Take care of Others…

An ODE to a Friend, My BROTHER, the Family…


I feel it took me far TOO long in viewing the latest Addition of the

Fast & Furious films – Number SEVEN.

I must admit that I suspected with what I’d heard,

The Brilliant Tribute included in the End of the Film was going to be pretty Emotional.

Few of us Personally knew

Paul Walker,

And Yet, with that Fact herein Mentioned – everyone who has a Heart and KNOW how it feels

Having Lost someone;

Can and Would tell you, knowing that Farewell was coming,

Would know that if you had There and Then have to say your Own goodbye;

That would be Pretty Hard to do, no matter HOW tough you may think you are…

As the Final moments of the Film passed by,

I could see with the Cast Filmed as they were,

You could clearly see the Pain, Sorrow and Heartache they’d endured from the Day

Until, even at the Premier – having to stay there and Finish watching the Film with so many others.

In the Cinema at 14:00 on a Saturday Afternoon,

At least 80% of the Cinema was filled.

I was Happy and Shocked at this Film was still Pulling in the Fans to come watch it.

Only After the Film ended,

Getting to the bathroom, I heard three Young boys talking;

Happily about the Film – but even more so, Each of them had seen the Film 3 times already.

It Might be strange for most to have such a Strong connection to those Celebrities which they FOLLOW and Love for what they do,

But in the Case of

Paul Walker

And all the interviews as well as Memories from his Friends,

With what he did for those around him,

You can clearly SEE that there’s just a Distinct Few Human Beings on our Planet,

Which in their Own way,

Impact on Others far more than Most can even Comprehend…


I was really Happy at seeing that the Film Company had Elected to say such a Fitting Farewell to such an Awesome person.

I myself had Never met,

But through what MOST of us had Heard and Knew of Him,

Our Admiration towards a Man such as him isn’t Misplaced.

I truly Hope and Believe to some Extent that the Cast had somewhat of an Input on what they’d as well Feel would be a Fitting Tribute.

AND then came another shocking Realization,

When I was aiming to Watch the Film before,

For the Specific Night’s Viewing it was Totally Sold OUT;

So I’d left and walked back to my car.

Finding out from a Female Car Guard that many a Person since the Film’s Release was themselves as well Unable to buy Tickets…

THUS, I do suspect that the Film would stay with Us for a few weeks still.

The THING that Blew my mind,

Whilst speaking to this Woman was a shocking fact…

As MANY people there are who Enjoy either a

Film Franchise OR even Follow that One Actor/Actress –


There are those Idiots who cannot Comprehend the Connection to those who Deserve You Admiration.

As this woman told me she Couldn’t understand what all the Fuss was about.

Not only THIS, but they’d watched a Stolen version of the Film;

Which Pissed Me Off Right There!

But then, as a Woman having Better Access to her Emotions,

She didn’t GET the Film OR

Either that there was a Tribute to

Paul Walker

Included in the Film as well.

This Can / Would / Could as easily have been a MAN telling me this,

But then,

No matter what You or I believe,

There Could and or Would be Others not Sharing your





Brotherly Love towards Him or Her – for whoever they may be.


While You are watching what

Paul Walker’s

Friends, Family and Fans may feel or Have endured over the past few Months;

Just think back to that Person (s) which YOU may have LOST along the way,

Letting them go,

Continuing on,

Living Our Lives…

That can be the Hardest Journey to Continue with.

BUT one thing I Hope / Believe / Pray for,

Everyone of Them,

Would want All of US to be Better Off Ourselves…

Each Of Us,

LIVING a Free & Happy prosperous, Life each Should be Living…

To BE or Not To BE…

Country Fresh

I have a VERY Important subject to discuss with you.

Although it Might only be My IDEA here,

But then when you do read this, You’d be thinking of this as well!

Every now and then I do have the Fortunate situation of watching a Movie at the Cinema.

When I do this, Mostly weekly,

I also frequented this Ice-cream shop.


I would now and THEN eat this Specific flavor.

They’d run out and I’d not even bother with the Rest-

If that ONE Flavor catches you, it’s All Over!


This Ice-cream there at the shop,

I must Admit that it’s pretty Expensive…

Sometimes I’m giving this ice-cream when it’s Cold and Solid,

Other times on warmer days,

The Ice-cream is a little more soft AND

Then there are those days which it’s SO Runny I have to take a Cup and not a CONE!

The Nestlé – Country Fresh Plus,

I find that whilst I’m Either busy,

Watching a Movie or just take TOO long in eating,

The Ice-cream ALSO gets softer,

BUT, inside the Plastic Bucket, it doesn’t bother me…

NOW comes this Very Important Question…?

When you Eat the Ice-Cream Solid or Running,

Do you Taste it better or even Pick-Up that there’s a Difference in taste Altogether?


If the Ice-Cream MELTS in your Mouth,

You Might pick-up the various Tastes it consists of better,


I have found that,

When it’s Solid and when it’s Runny,

There IS a definite Difference in Taste!

This cannot be,

Seeing that the Rollo and the Country Fresh is made in a Specific way!

HOW in the World can the State differ when it’s Solid and Melted?

It’s ALMOST like the Argument with Coffee,

Adding the MILK before the water


Adding the Milk after the water,

Is there an ACTUAL difference?

Now then,

The Chicken and it’s Damn egg…

Well now,

I Cannot believe this to be True,

YET, I’ve tasted these Two Flavors as giving just this…


Even so,

I cannot believe that it is possible nonetheless…

At least NOW,

I’d not be the ONLY one wondering about this,

ESPECIALLY when You do eat your favorite Ice-Cream,

That said,

When it’s Solid or Runny,

IS there A definite DIFFERENCE in THE taste OR not?


HAPPY Smiles… if you can!

Rolo Ice Cream