This Condition isn’t Season related, But I do tend to find that MY Issues with SINUSITUS does tend to become Aggravated over the Winter months!

Within the Realm of this Affliction, there are a few Causes why Most or possible ALL people around the Globe suffer from this Medical Problem –


  • There’s a Possibility of Infection


  • Some People may have an Allergic reaction


  • Some Chemicals may have an Influence on us


  • OR the Sinuses could just become Irritated

While all of this is possible, with the Sinuses reacting as they do, we have some Symptoms which Contribute to Our Discomfort –


  • We suffer from Sinus Headaches – Which I can attest to, Mine most of the time become Migraines!


  • When You’ve got a bad case of Sinusitis, it can Affect Your Face, feeling far Too tender as the Muscles are affected in your Face.


  • With our Head and I’d say, Facial features in such Close Proximity – it stands to Reason that those Features can become Irritated – HENCE You can feel Your Ears feeling Inflamed as well.


  • If the Sinusitis is as Aggressive as I’ve mentioned so far, It can also Affect the rest of the Body – Especially when this is Cause by an Infection or Allergic Reaction which could cause a Fever too.


  • Within the Intensity of the Sinusitis, You could More often than Not feeling there’s a Sinus Drip at the back Palate – feeling as if You need to Swallow more Regularly as the Sinuses becomes more Active.


  • I have Myself found that Either one of My Nasal Passages becomes So Irritated that Not only do I feel a Stuffiness, but I can almost feel that the Sinuses expand to make the Passage feel blocked in this way.


  • The SORE Throat might be because of an Infection or an Allergic Reaction – but I’ve found this one Quit Regularly; with me the Issue here is, with the Nasal DRIP, my UVULA becomes So Irritated that It actually become Limp and it also can Touch the Tongue. THUS, every time I swallow with the Uvula irritated as it is, it’s Also Pulled Via the Swallowing and this is Directly related to the Sinus Drip!


  • While the Throat is Swore, one thing the Body does try and do, Expel the Virus or Remedy the Problem and thus – the body Cough and this as well Irritated the body as much as it’s trying to get Rid of the Problem…


  • It all depends on just HOW intense the Irritation or Allergic Reaction or Chemical Effect or such would be if it’s Too much for the Body to Deal with, Some of the Facial Muscles could become Swollen with this Attack on the body.

There had been reports where Patients had to be Hospitalized because of the Severity of their Reaction to Whichever cause which brought on the Symptoms of the Sinusitis.

THUS, be Very careful not to Believe it cannot be Detrimental to Your Health, ANY kind of Unnatural Stimuli on Our bodies Could Potentially have Ill effects on it AND cause More Harm when Unchecked!

If NEED Be, Go see Your House Doctor, Seeing that he with the Pharmacist will look at Your Medical History to see what would be the Best Course of Action to use when You suffer from this.

There’s Various External Factors, ONE of which I suspect we’ve got a Great Deal to suffer from here in my Hometown, Air Pollution AND Never forget what Stress can cause onto Your Health and Your Body as well!

If You’re NOT Sure, go ASK someone, ANYONE who works in the Medical Field to HELP You out OR direct You to someone who can Help.

The MORE Information We have one what Could be Happening;

The BETTER Prepared we can be to Help Ourselves!




If you do NOT know who this man is, well then You’re not the ONLY one who is wondering just what Kind of Ideas is running Rampant in my mind this time!

I MUST say that the Next few Words would POSSIBLY make the World of Difference in what Hit me a day or so Ago…


Give me a place outside the Earth on which to rest my Lever, and I will move the World – Lever of Archimedes.


ARCHIMEDES of Syracuse (Greek: Ἀρχιμήδης; c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) was an ancient Greek Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, and Astronomer.


In the Picture you’ll see accompanying this Post, You’d see the Crane which I have NO idea what they were doing with – it had been moved from the One side of the Street to INSIDE the premises of the Company which was Using its Ability to do Something…


The THOUGHT here,

If you’ve got the Right Tool for the Right Job,

The Work would be SO Much Easier…


Then another Thought had Occurred to me as well,

When I was working at the Correctional Services,

We’d have a Patrolling unit in a Vehicle.

It was a Bakkie – Pick-up and it was 4X4;

Hence, I got to understand some of the Functions of the Vehicle.


Having Seen and Watched a few Videos and Programs on 4X4’s;

I also saw what the People would use to get these kinds of Vehicles out of Trouble,

Being stuck when someone goes Off-Roading…


Like the Crane, the WINCH of the Vehicle also Had a Cable which could potentially Pull it from its Stuck Position…

But when I looked at the Massively Huge Crane,

I also remembered that one Thread of Cable may be strong,

BUT when you Weave more than ONE together,

The Strength changes Dramatically!


What do Archimedes have to do with all of this,

WELL – From My point of view,

Using the Correct kind of Leverage,

You can move and lift almost Anything!


Another Brilliant and Interesting Example of this,

When our Very Quirky and Strange Pirate Captain JACK Sparrow was Freed from Prison and when he got OUT of there on his Own,

He used the Correct Leverage to do so…


In THIS regard as well, with the Crane,

If you do need to move Something – Pulling it Closer or Hoisting is,

If you Don’t have a Crane but you’ve got Enough Rope and a Few PULLIES,

The very same Idea can be Used in Accomplishing this task.


There’s ALWAYS the risk to having TOO much Weight,

That is the Idea with the 4 X 4 Bakkie – Pick-up Truck,

When the Winch Cable is used, there’s Always a Chance it can snap.

That would be Really-REALLY bad – as it would be like a Giant Elastic Bank and would act like a whip!


The Massive Crane have the Same trouble as the Winch Cable,

As do ALMOST everything else in our World,

Everything can Break.

But, with the Crane, it falls down – IF you’re Unlucky to have this happen.


Even when you use the PULLIES and Rope,

It can break as well.


Now then coming to the Idea from Archimedes,

If you have the Correct Leverage with ANY heavy Object,

The way to hold it or move it – if you do it correctly, You’d be able to move it.


When you have Chance at looking at the HOOK of one of these HUGE Machines.

You’d see the Cable Running through the Massive Hook Unit and you’d Probably see there’s more than one Wheel OR Pulley which the Cable is rolling over and this As well helps with Spreading the Weight evenly so it can handle MORE Weight without causing TOO much stress on the Whole system.



With the Right kind of Lever, you can move OR lift almost Anything you can Put your mind to…


We might not Always have such a Huge Crane or even a Winch,

Well then,

If You’ve got the Correct set of Hands…

Be HAPPY to help out those who are Willing to help you out…

Many Hands make lighter the work…

Hiems est frigus (Latin) – Winter’s Cold.

Huge Dogue De Borgeaux dressed with hat, scarf and sweater sitting on a snow attentivly looking fat into the distance

Huge 4 years old Dogue De Borgeaux dressed with pink hat and grey scarf and sweater sitting on a snow attentivly looking fat into the distance

We’re Fast approaching the Cold of Winter here in South Africa.

Some places in the World there might Still be the Cold of Winter or You might have recently Passed through it.


I KNOW from my Colleagues in the Past Three Years I’ve been working at the Second Hand Car Stand,

Most of them Believe there’s Something WRONG with me during the Winter Months.


That said,

The Day I do dress Warmly,

You can KNOW it’s Freezing Cold!


Here are a few of my Personal Tips if and when You’d like to Train Yourself at Handling the Cold a little better.

Just KNOW this isn’t to say that It’ll WORK for you.


ONE thing if You’d not known this about me, I was working at the Correctional Services for 12 years.

MOST of the time there I worked during the Night.

HENCE, most of the time at Some Point it was a little OR a Lot Chilly!


So here goes…

  1. If you CAN walk around during the Coming Colder Months for as long as you

can, Without dressing up TOO warmly – this will help your Body to some extent to Adjust to the cold and toughen up a bit more against the Cold.


  1. If you do Dress in a Jacket, Pull-over, Vest, Jersey or such; Make sure that your Arms are kept well Warm. Your hands will release the Heat from your body and IF you work a lot with your hands, this Can help with maintaining their Heat for as long as possible.


  1. You can in time Obviously dress in a Second T-Shirt of such under your Shirt or whichever you may dress in. Keeping Your Chest warm and keeping the Cold out AND off your Lungs is a very good idea.


  1. If you can get a Hold of Wool socks that’s a good thing as well. Dressing in time with Two pairs, the Second do not even need be Wool. The second will help in Insulating Your feet so heat doesn’t Dissipate that way either.


  1. One thing which is AS Important than anything I can tell you, The More Busy you keep, the More Active You are during the Day, You MIGHT burn more Energy, but this will also Generate Heat for the body as well. Making you Hungry as well, so keep up the Food or Drinks.


  1. The Pants You usually Ware, if they’re a bit Thicker in the Winter, not just Insulating Your Legs better, but with ANY wind blowing, Breaking the Wind

not allowing it to Affect Your body – that’s the key…


  1. You can Eventually wear Another set of Pants under your Top ones. Ski-pants or Long-John’s would help with Insulating. But you can also Dress in a pair of Slacks, Sweatpants. When doing this, you can pull your Socks OVER the Slacks or Sweats – this will keep them from Pulling Up. Also good to Insolate your Feet and Legs.


  1. THIS one will Not be as easy. If you wear Shoes or Boots, whichever You can Find which will work with Your Wardrobe… If they’re Water-resistant or Waterproof – it will mean that Little or No heat escapes from your feet.


There are various Places on our Bodies where Heat disappear, if you can Do All

You can to Prevent this, Your body will keep much warmer.

Your FEET is a big place where Your body Looses Heat from and thus, TWO pairs of Socks and Possibly the Boots – Shoes which will keep the Heat in.


Doing this ONLY almost will keep You much warmer than You might Imagine.

Our Heads, there’s a great deal of Heat disappearing from our Heads.

If you’re NOT able to do much here, then Concentrate on the rest of your Clothes – compensate for what You can do.


The MORE motion You’ve got in Your Arms,

This Also help with Generating Heat, it will get your Chest muscles working and

Make Your body burn more Energy.


You also need to keep Your Vitamins Intake up to date.

Even if You’re keeping Yourself warm and so,

Keeping Healthy is also a Big Must during the Winter.


Eating the Orange Fruit,

Not just getting the Juice is as Important as getting the Vitamin-C.


Then as well,

The Dryer You can keep Yourself,

The better that’ll Turn out for you.


As much as You’d like to Insolate Your Feet,

If they do get Wet or Cold,

You’d easily feel this Effect on the REST of Your Body…


When You’ve Dressed Yourself warmly and get TOO Active,

Be careful NOT to take Off too much Clothes.

If you’ve got a Jacket On, Just unzip it and Allow Your Body to Cool down on its Own.

If You change the Temperature difference Too fast,

This can lead You to become Ill – Sick.


The MOMENT You feel that MOSTLY Your Lower back become Damp,

That’s a Sign for You do slow-down and Relax some,

This is a Very Good Indication that Your TOO warm and if You now Chance something TOO fast,

Well, You know…


Any Sweating, Anywhere over Your body is a Very Good indication of Over-Heating and as I mentioned,

In most Instances this isn’t THAT good.

You will Become Irritated and Undress.

It’ll Cause You to Cool down TOO fast and You’d feel a

WET-Cold which is the Actual Beginning of Trouble for you.


Thus, You should Understand,

Regulating Your Temperature is as Important as it is for You

NOT to be TOO Cold as well.


There could be Other things which Cold work for You.

Take a Moment and Consider them.

You might come up with Better Ideas than I have.


Keep Yourself Safe, WARM and Healthy…

Budding Tastes…


I’ve been having a GREAT irritation with my Sinuses. In this regard, I thought about HOW much our Noses we use for Smelling EVERYTHING around us.

This in Conjunction with our Tongue AND Your eyes as well,

HELPS us to Taste Everything we Eat, Make and See to be Had…


Now then, MOSTLY our Tongues are very Important in this Situation;

Seeing we’ve got Actually ( 5 ) Different Tastes our Tongues can Differentiate!

  1. Salty
  2. Sweet
  3. Sour
  4. Bitter AND
  5. Umami (it’s a Japanese term, Meaning a soft smooth kind of taste which

is mostly generated by acids in the food.)

Within this, you need to Know that if you do not have Your Nose in on the Action, The tastes of Various Foods and Everything you Eat and Drink will NOT Taste the same as when Your Nose in involved.


High UP in the Nose there are Olfactory receptors which run with Your nervous system to the Brain.

Combined, the Tongue and Nose, work in Union to send the Correct information to the Brian to report on what you are eating, drinking or tasting.

THUS, when we Eat the food, Chemicals in the Food itself is set free and Picked up by the Nose to help us with Identifying the Taste thereof…


            Even sometimes you can ALMOST taste that which is in the Air.

Here as well, Your receptors pick up in the air which might flow into your Mouth

AND with your Nose working together you can Taste something in the Air – Whichever it’s good OR bad at that…


When you Do this Little Experiment,

Being Blindfolded to have a Taste of something,

You should Pinch your Nose as well.

Cutting off the other Two Sensory Organs.

At this moment, you’d Taste and See just how good your Taste Buds are working…


The Taste Receptors Cells are replaced roundabout every 10 Days.

We have on Average between 2,000 to 10,000 Taste buds over our Tongues,

But with Age, some of them Aren’t Replaced anymore and THUS,

Foods which didn’t Bother Us before will Taste more Intense now.

Eating Rich, Spicy and Strong flavored foods Might not be so Nice for Older People.


It is Said that there’s AREAS on the Tongue which we Taste the Various Tastes.

Apparently this isn’t Really that TRUE as the Receptors are Found all over the Tongue.

What I’d say, We MIGHT have Receptors more Sensitive to the Tastes in the Specific

areas which in General would Make sense that there’re Various tastes sections on the Tongue in our Mouths.


This ORGAN is in Fact Not ONE but a Number of Various Muscles in our Mouth.

With the Various directions, it can Move in and it’s Job as a Taste Receptor, THERE’S more to this Muscle in our Mouths…


Without our Tongue in our Mouths,

There wouldn’t be Speech and Singing either.

In this regard, Even if we Chewed as Much as Possible,

Our Tongue is also Responsible for Moving our Food to the Back of our Mouths,

To swallow the food in itself…


BUT then,

Before we can do that,

There’s Spit, Saliva which not ONLY coats the Food but also helps with the Taste receptors, allowing the Chemicals release to the receptors.

WATER or that kind of Element helps to Convey the various bits of Elements to your Tongue, making it easier for the Receptor to pick-up on the Taste of the Food.


When then Food is nicely Covered,

Swallowing is SO Much easier…

The Saliva also helps with the Digestion of the Food and makes it even Softer than what it was like when you Bite a Dry Chip for instance…


Your body Produces between 1 to 2 Liters of Saliva a day.

Some People Produce less and Might need some Medical Assistance with this.

Then, there are People Producing TOO much and when they speak… Well, you get the Idea.

On this side, DO you Know of Anyone Not needing to drink something when they swallow Pills – that’s having more than Enough Saliva.


Now then Eyes.

Even though this might not Seem possible,

When the Chemical Release of the Food takes place and You taste is and Smell it,

You had to have Seen it, to eat.


So Your Eyes are as Important for you to KNOW what you are Eating.

At Some point when you eat Spicy or Hot food,

Your Eyes tend to Water OR they could Start Burning,

That’s possible when some of the Released Chemicals comes into Contact with your eyes and burn them.


So, when you Eat something the Next time,

See it, Smell it and then Taste it in Your mouth…

Remember these Parts of Yourself which are working Together in Creating that

Sensation for you.


Hope it’s an Enjoyable Experience for you!

The X in the Ray.


Some Time Ago, I found that my Right Arm started getting sore.

I visited the Chemist and got some Medication.

The combination of Voltaren (SA only I think) and a Muscle Relaxant didn’t really work for me.


While I kept on working on the Computer, I found that using the Mouses’ button too much, my Arm got even more Irritated.

Later as well, I could feel that there were Needles and Pins in my Left Hand…

THIS would probably be an Issue with Some part of my Nervous-system.

It’s a Major Nerve connecting both Arms with the Nervous System.


I was told to get X-Rays taken from my Neck as this would possibly be the Area where the Nerve could be Irritated OR

Because of the Proximity of Our Arms to your Spinal Column and Our Arms being so Close to our Necks…


And YES, I looked into X-Rays to see just what there was to Learn of Interest!


So here goes–

X-Rays were Discovered by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895.

This discovery was Coincidental, as he was studying cathode rays in a high-voltage gaseous-discharge tube…


Like I have ANY idea what this really means!

But then, What makes the X-Rays so useful – at their Specific Strength,

The Rays – Waves, travels through our Bodies and on the Negative Film there’s an Image left.

The reason why Radiologist can Use the Image – seeing that some of the Energy passing through the Body get imprinted on the Negative.


OUR soft tissue does not absorb the Energy and thus, doesn’t look that Clear on the Negative Film as our Bone structure does.

As well, the Bones and possibly Cancerous tumors as well as Other foreign Objects are MORE Dense and shows much clearer on the Negative film.


Although the soft tissue doesn’t absorb much of the Energy,

A good Radiologist would Surmise aspects of our Biologic Issues or Problems which we might have.

Even though the Tissue in question didn’t materialize That clear with the X-Rays…


Incidentally as well,

The STRONGER wave powered X-Rays are used to treat Cancerous Tumors as well.

This to the Extent that when you go have X-Rays again,

The Attending Personal who help you, they cannot Continuously work with the Equipment, as it’s can become an Issue over time to Exposure to the Rays produced.


With my Arm and the Idea that the Nervous system wouldn’t Easily pick up the

Rays OR show on the Negative Film – there is a Chemical (dangerous) which can be used to Pin-Point Nerves and Blood-veins or Arteries.

ONLY People with Specialized Knowledge should be Using Barium sulphate.

Like bones and such – this Chemical in the body also Absorbs the Rays much better than the Rest of the Soft Tissue and can be Viewed on the Negative Film…

Of this, I do not know that much…


As I read further I saw that within the Realm of X-Rays, I saw that a CT or CAT

scan also uses Pin-Pointed Rays to Scan the body.

In the very same Tube, you lie,

The Rays are Directed through the Body and at the 180º around the body,

The rays are collected in crystals on the opposite side from where the Rays enter the body,

THUS, the computer calculate the differences in the Energy which is scanning the body.

More complicated than that, but in this fashion an Image, is formed.


From here a Rendering is done on a Computer so that the Technician, Doctor or Specialist can see, read and Diagnose what they see in the image of the Patient.

This process is Invariably Expensive, but it’s also FAR more Accurate than the normal X-Ray process.


Now then,

In very Short Due Time I’ll be having my Own X-Rays to determine what is Wrong with my Arm, Shoulder or even my Neck and why I’m getting and Irritation with my Muscles and Nerves, giving me the Issue while I do my Everyday tasks.

Not TOO sure what is coming,

But then I know that I’ve got to deal with the Problem and Possibly they’ll help me find a Lasting Solution to my Somewhat Discomfort…


Take care of Yourself,

Then those Around you…

The 112 Phenomenon.

unnamed (1)


Oh Hell… what is coming, this time, Around?

He’s gone and Lost his Mind once again!


I cannot believe that most of you have heard about this Idea, NOT too sure where it comes from, BUT if you do look at it, there COULD be some kind of Truth to it… I have Absolutely NO idea to this fact.


On Facebook, I’ve looked at some of the Most Popular Authors over the past few Years. Researching their Names on this Site and Ironically I stumbled upon this Link to this Idea… Page 112.


This Link I saw Ironically on J K Rowling’s Facebook page.

As the Link States that when You OPEN a Book to page 112,

You read this Page and it’s a Good Indication of how good the Book really is…


Just another Issue we Writers have to deal with,

SO, I am quit sure that this Rendition of my Page 112 and that of the Image I’ve put up with this Post might very well differ to some extent.


THEN As Well,

With this Knowledge that I’ve got to Re-Edit the Entire book, THIS page could very well NOT be in the same position as it is right now…

BUT, this is my page 112, NOT too sure what anyone else would make of it.


I just know, there’s more to a Book than just a Page–

VERY Lucky for me,

I write for Myself and getting the Idea, Thought and Story out of my Mind…

IF Not… I’d struggle to see Reality around me.


See for yourself…

There’re about 315 words on the page, so You’d get through it pretty fast!



None of them knew exactly, not that they’d the time to figure it out either. By now the fatigue and hunger were starting to get to all of them.

They’d better be following me,’ Timmy thought to himself, stopping and seeing that it was only Herbert behind him at the moment; ‘Great! What now?’ Timmy thought, waiting for the two to get to them.

Before Donald even had the idea to walk over to her, they heard there were a few splashes. They stood far enough away from the river, not getting splashed on. They saw and heard there was something falling into the water. The moment there were more splashes, they heard the most bone-crunching squeal which should never exist.

The two of them wanted to move closer to the water, when one of the red ants fell right through the web and landed on the riverbank they stood on. It had bright blue eyes and only when it turned around, looking at them, did they see it didn’t care about the heat. They were coming after their meal.

The moment it saw them, it set off its sent, calling the rest coming down. It opened its jaws and was coming at them slowly. The two were stunned and just couldn’t believe that there was something that wanted to eat them so badly.

Timmy aimed, not really played baseball or even partook in any physical fitness––unable to hit about anything with a ball or anything like that, throwing the rock at the ant which was coming at them.

Ironically, even here Timmy didn’t hit the ant––in fact, he didn’t even hit any of them as the rock whirled by, distracting the ant for only one moment. Just then a single strand of the web dropped and touch the ant’s body. That was the last that they saw of the highly aggressive ant.




Not too sure what Anyone can see from this,

But then IT might be an interesting Concept…


Keep the Passion,

Whichever it might be!

Reaching The Boundary.


There are a great many boundaries which Exist in the World we live in,

The IRONIC fact of this is,

There’s JUST as many People YOU know who would Overuse them, as well as Use You to get what they want.


ONE of the Most Common ones would be where You’re Working.

I can vaguely remember writing a Post SOME Time ago about this,


Seeing I’ve been through something the same,

Just a few Thoughts on this…


Those people who do NOT really know You,

Wouldn’t under Normal circumstances Use you as Those who DO Know you,

Would do, seeing it would be SO much easier for US to react to that

UNKNOWN person who is a Stranger.


BUT, Our Friends, Colleagues, AND Family aren’t in the Same BOAT…

That’s a Pity to say the least!

The Fact of the Matter is this,

When you do Decided that You’re Putting Your Foot down,

Have a Very Conscious look at their REACTION.


From this, You can see IF and possibly WHY they might be Using you,

Even within the Idea that You want to Help them with Something,

JUST look to see if they’re Unset that they Cannot Control the Situation more.


This would give you a Clear Indication if they’re Squeezing out MORE of the Juices of Your Willingness to Help.

Especially when they Come with the Idea;

“If You’re not doing something on That day,

“What are Your plans for then,

“Are You doing something Important…”


It is OKAY to help someone In need,

BUT there’s Nothing in the Manual that Says,

When You feel they’re Overstepping this,

You HAVE to take it on the Chin!


It doesn’t Matter who or why or what Happened for them to Need Your Assistance in Whatever is going on,

You Politely help them, KNOWING there’s Little else You can do…

BUT, beyond that – Help whomever you have said to help,

BUT, that doesn’t mean that Your Own plans and Needs shouldn’t be met either!


If and As Long as this Person,

Whomever, THEY may be,

Are willing to Accept that and PLAN their Needs around Yours as well;


THEN Only would Your time be Well spend, helping Whomever it is

As You’d get around to Your own Plans and Needs…