An ODE to a Friend, My BROTHER, the Family…


I feel it took me far TOO long in viewing the latest Addition of the

Fast & Furious films – Number SEVEN.

I must admit that I suspected with what I’d heard,

The Brilliant Tribute included in the End of the Film was going to be pretty Emotional.

Few of us Personally knew

Paul Walker,

And Yet, with that Fact herein Mentioned – everyone who has a Heart and KNOW how it feels

Having Lost someone;

Can and Would tell you, knowing that Farewell was coming,

Would know that if you had There and Then have to say your Own goodbye;

That would be Pretty Hard to do, no matter HOW tough you may think you are…

As the Final moments of the Film passed by,

I could see with the Cast Filmed as they were,

You could clearly see the Pain, Sorrow and Heartache they’d endured from the Day

Until, even at the Premier – having to stay there and Finish watching the Film with so many others.

In the Cinema at 14:00 on a Saturday Afternoon,

At least 80% of the Cinema was filled.

I was Happy and Shocked at this Film was still Pulling in the Fans to come watch it.

Only After the Film ended,

Getting to the bathroom, I heard three Young boys talking;

Happily about the Film – but even more so, Each of them had seen the Film 3 times already.

It Might be strange for most to have such a Strong connection to those Celebrities which they FOLLOW and Love for what they do,

But in the Case of

Paul Walker

And all the interviews as well as Memories from his Friends,

With what he did for those around him,

You can clearly SEE that there’s just a Distinct Few Human Beings on our Planet,

Which in their Own way,

Impact on Others far more than Most can even Comprehend…


I was really Happy at seeing that the Film Company had Elected to say such a Fitting Farewell to such an Awesome person.

I myself had Never met,

But through what MOST of us had Heard and Knew of Him,

Our Admiration towards a Man such as him isn’t Misplaced.

I truly Hope and Believe to some Extent that the Cast had somewhat of an Input on what they’d as well Feel would be a Fitting Tribute.

AND then came another shocking Realization,

When I was aiming to Watch the Film before,

For the Specific Night’s Viewing it was Totally Sold OUT;

So I’d left and walked back to my car.

Finding out from a Female Car Guard that many a Person since the Film’s Release was themselves as well Unable to buy Tickets…

THUS, I do suspect that the Film would stay with Us for a few weeks still.

The THING that Blew my mind,

Whilst speaking to this Woman was a shocking fact…

As MANY people there are who Enjoy either a

Film Franchise OR even Follow that One Actor/Actress –


There are those Idiots who cannot Comprehend the Connection to those who Deserve You Admiration.

As this woman told me she Couldn’t understand what all the Fuss was about.

Not only THIS, but they’d watched a Stolen version of the Film;

Which Pissed Me Off Right There!

But then, as a Woman having Better Access to her Emotions,

She didn’t GET the Film OR

Either that there was a Tribute to

Paul Walker

Included in the Film as well.

This Can / Would / Could as easily have been a MAN telling me this,

But then,

No matter what You or I believe,

There Could and or Would be Others not Sharing your





Brotherly Love towards Him or Her – for whoever they may be.


While You are watching what

Paul Walker’s

Friends, Family and Fans may feel or Have endured over the past few Months;

Just think back to that Person (s) which YOU may have LOST along the way,

Letting them go,

Continuing on,

Living Our Lives…

That can be the Hardest Journey to Continue with.

BUT one thing I Hope / Believe / Pray for,

Everyone of Them,

Would want All of US to be Better Off Ourselves…

Each Of Us,

LIVING a Free & Happy prosperous, Life each Should be Living…

To BE or Not To BE…

Country Fresh

I have a VERY Important subject to discuss with you.

Although it Might only be My IDEA here,

But then when you do read this, You’d be thinking of this as well!

Every now and then I do have the Fortunate situation of watching a Movie at the Cinema.

When I do this, Mostly weekly,

I also frequented this Ice-cream shop.


I would now and THEN eat this Specific flavor.

They’d run out and I’d not even bother with the Rest-

If that ONE Flavor catches you, it’s All Over!


This Ice-cream there at the shop,

I must Admit that it’s pretty Expensive…

Sometimes I’m giving this ice-cream when it’s Cold and Solid,

Other times on warmer days,

The Ice-cream is a little more soft AND

Then there are those days which it’s SO Runny I have to take a Cup and not a CONE!

The Nestlé – Country Fresh Plus,

I find that whilst I’m Either busy,

Watching a Movie or just take TOO long in eating,

The Ice-cream ALSO gets softer,

BUT, inside the Plastic Bucket, it doesn’t bother me…

NOW comes this Very Important Question…?

When you Eat the Ice-Cream Solid or Running,

Do you Taste it better or even Pick-Up that there’s a Difference in taste Altogether?


If the Ice-Cream MELTS in your Mouth,

You Might pick-up the various Tastes it consists of better,


I have found that,

When it’s Solid and when it’s Runny,

There IS a definite Difference in Taste!

This cannot be,

Seeing that the Rollo and the Country Fresh is made in a Specific way!

HOW in the World can the State differ when it’s Solid and Melted?

It’s ALMOST like the Argument with Coffee,

Adding the MILK before the water


Adding the Milk after the water,

Is there an ACTUAL difference?

Now then,

The Chicken and it’s Damn egg…

Well now,

I Cannot believe this to be True,

YET, I’ve tasted these Two Flavors as giving just this…


Even so,

I cannot believe that it is possible nonetheless…

At least NOW,

I’d not be the ONLY one wondering about this,

ESPECIALLY when You do eat your favorite Ice-Cream,

That said,

When it’s Solid or Runny,

IS there A definite DIFFERENCE in THE taste OR not?


HAPPY Smiles… if you can!

Rolo Ice Cream

Taking That Leap…

The OTHER day I walked into a shop,

Looking around me and the Happy Realization or Inspiration HIT me,

I’ll not say this was of my Infinite WISDOM, seeing I’m still LOOKING for that one…

Still this being said,

I had this Thought hitting me and Immediately asked the Curious Question,

Which I know that I’d so Ever Regularly Able to come up with.

From there I was Directed to the Shop Owner and After talking with him,

I made an Appointment to go meet him in the Following Week.

There was No way I’d know if My plan would work and IF they’d be interested

In helping me in this Endower in the least!

This wouldn’t be the Issue- What will be OR regularly IS the Issue;

We’re NOT born with that Drive to Reach for our Dreams and Desires!

It does NOT matter what they Will or May be,

Taking that Uncertain Leap of Faith – Hoping that when you Do this thing,

You’d be landing on your Feet OR would you go Down in Flames!

The Ironic Fact is this,

YOU may NOT be Willing to put Your Everything out there –

But then we Want to be Peeved at Those who DO Risk it all and

Possibly find the End worth the Effort they’d put IN, in the Beginning…

TAKING that Leap is a Frightening Fearful Idea;

BUT what I’ve Learned over the Years,

NOT taking that Chance will Haunt you even Longer!

YES, YEs AND yes…

I’ve Felt that Fear a few times in my Life –

AS my (1) Sister would Atone to this,

There’s was a Public Figure I approached on a Very Specific Day,

Asking for SOME kind of Assistance or Insight to my Predicament;

Which didn’t Materialized in the least bit,

NOT that I suspected More, but then I did do my best In getting SOME kind of Feedback.

Thus, the Door Closed in my Face and NOW I’ve got a SHOT at a Network of At Least

+ / – 200 Networked Shops,

This isn’t for certain either,

BUT, when I spoke to the specific Owner he did Sound far more Enticing in this Idea…

NOW be it only the CEO.

BUT, the Thought and Idea here is this;

No Matter if the ONE idea doesn’t come to Fruition,

That isn’t to say that if You knock at the Window,

Someone Might NOT give you the Time of Day.

Asking For some kind of Help isn’t horrible, bad or even Unheard of;

This ONE person you do Ask



Thirdly… AND so ON;

They May need You as much as You need Them,

IF You do NOT take that Leap of Faith,

THE person a Block away,

In the Other Neighborhood,

On the Opposite Side of Your City


That Different City Altogether

WILL take Their Leap and JUST might be the ONES who would get the

OPPORTINITY You should have Landed,

Because they’re Willing to get Up again and do it all over again!

No one Will Ever tell you Reaching this Dream, Plan OR Idea will Ever be Easy,

But it’s Far More Easy to

Stand Back from what We Fear…







Taking That Leap

LIKE/unlike – FOLLOW/unfollow…

It’s been some time since I’ve read the Article, Post, Blog or just Information online;

Stating that like Myself as well as Any other person within the Bracket of Entertainment-

Having to Look at the aspect of Social Media…

It stated for ME; if you do not have Enough Social Media reach,

As with ANY other Writer,

That the Publishing Houses – Companies require their Authors to do As Much as they’d do Themselves in reaching possible Fans or Potential customers in Buying the Published Book…

That said,

How many possible Avenues are there which We, You or I can reach other’s via Social Media


Which of those would be the best at doing this?

YET again I state this,

Everyone who is out there, within the Entertainment Arena HAVE to look at this,

Reaching as many possible Fans, Potential Customers and THUS;

In the end this is a really Integral part of the Social Media Reach – Selling Yourself out there!

Within this piece I’d read such a long time ago,

I found that the Person combining the Information,

That if you’ve got a Good reach;

Almost Half of the work was done.

Seeing that you have enough people Following your Ideas, Blogs, Thoughts and Music or Whichever it is that you’re Putting out there for Anyone to see and HOPEFULLY, Enjoy to Come back to and visit again…

There would be,










And SO MANY more!

It’s a JOB at getting to all of them,

It’s not the Easiest of things in Keeping them Up To Date AND

Worse of all – SOMEHOW, getting Others out of the BLUE to follow you as well!

I can equate this Problem to that of…

How do I get HER to fall in Love with me?

How do you get TOTAL strangers to give You of all People their Time?

How do you get THEM coming back for More?

How do you Make Them believe OR see that You’ve got something?

No matter who the Person is,

You are ALWAYS in Competition with OTHERS…

IRONCIALLY, with Social Media out there;

There’s SO many more who can Showcase their





Or Passion…

SO, this Exercise, Plan or Action is getting Really hard in getting THEM to see YOU.

SEEING there are So many who are Aiming for the SPOTLIGHT themselves,

Not that ANYONE do not have the Right at reaching there,

B U T,

The question is this, within the Mired of Wanna-Bee’s…

How many of them Actually have the Talent,

Taking the Moment, Second or Choice for the Possible Fans,

Away from those How do Have the Sparkle –

FOCUSSING it on someone who should Look at their Second Dream maybe…

Coming back to another Idea,

Within the Bracket of





If you really Look at this,

Remember back in the Day when You were at School


That Young?

I’m your Friend…

We’re not Friends Anymore…

Come over on Friday to play at my house…

Never Call me again…

We’re not Dating anymore…

I don’t like to be your Friend anymore…

I’ve fallen out of Love with you…

Life will happen,

But then, in the Aspect of Social Media,

This Normal, Basic Human trait has spilled over onto the Net…

Especially when You/They Un-friend someone on


When You/They Un-follow OR Block someone on


At the Point when You/They refuse to further partake in that Person’s life.

The Fact of the Matter is this,

You’re going to Irritate someone at some Point,

No matter what you do,

Getting Upset about this,

That will NOT change…

People in General will do what they will,

There’s NOTHING we can do about that,

The ONLY thing You can do, when ALL of this strangeness over the NET happens to you –

Is Controlling how YOU react to it…

There are Infinitely WORSE things that can Happen


Each day, DOES happen all around us!


Caged Words/Lives;

Thinking Inside the Box, Launching Into Space

As the saying goes;

Thinking Outside The Box…

Seeing that Many-An-Idea which had been construed inside THAT box,

Before the Saying was Coined –

“Thinking Outside The Box”

Were good enough, BUT as times goes by, Life changes and with Progress running it’s Ass off in Leaving us behind;

Something New had to come…


Thinking Outside The Box!

Yet, this idea is ONLY used when Everyone else who created Good Enough Ideas INSIDE that Box are doing a better job than the rest…


What about living Life in Safety or even a life within that BOX!

Life itself is taking chances and living beyond the Means we’d been given,

No one was Ever Born to live a Life in fear OR that Damn box,

Which would Tell you what you Can or Shouldn’t even Venture to Try!

There’s SO MUCH which want to Stop you, me AND everyone,

Reaching Your life’s Potential,

So just why Should you Listen to the Limitations of those who are TOO scared

Taking that Chance at Living the way they Should?

Inside the Box,

Outside that Box –

It really doesn’t Matter,

The Real Question that needs be Asked,

Which is the way that WORKS the Best for You?

As EVERYONE who’d been Following my Thoughts and Ideas would Attest to…

AS long as you Don’t Influence someone NEGATIVE in the way you live,

It really Doesn’t Matter if you Live inside OR outside that Box!

As Long As You Live The Very Best Life You Can Live For Yourself AND

Helping Where You Can, For Those Around You!

It WILL happen that We’ve got Great Ideas,

No one Might help US in getting Further with that.

We MIGHT even live;




Common lives…

Which In itself isn’t as Horrendous as the Experts Might tell US –

If you do the Best with what You’ve got and Love those Around You,

Living the life you can,

Enjoying what You’ve got,

Then this Standard kind of Life is even BETTER,

Than not Living anything in the least bit!

The Treasure isn’t that which you’ve got to Chase down,

It’s that which is Willing to Wait for you,

It’s that which is Waking up next to you,

It’s that which is Happy to see you,

It’s that which is Sharing your Life with you,

Inside or Outside the BOX…

Ideas and Life,

Just do the Best you can for YOU and those Around You,

Murphy will Always come Along and Try BITE you in the Rear,

Doing what You can,

That’ll be the Awesome Idea,

Especially when You BEAT-down that Adversity in Your Own Life.

As well, ENJOY the moments you’ve got with those Around you;

What Could Be Better Than WORRYING About The DAMN Box,

No one really cares about in any case?

Between a ROCK and a HARD place…

Lets Party

It’s been a few times, places where I worked and where I partook in the Year End function.

Whenever the Employees Expect or Suspect there should be such a thing as a Function at the End of the Year – You kind of have a potential issue coming your way…

Not only this idea of having such,

But then there’s something else which you’d have to worry about OR which can rear its Ugly Head within this situation as well.

The Powers that Be will want to throw this Party or Function to show the Employee their gratitude with the Year’s work,

But at ONE of the companies I’d been working,

Not that long –

This time and Function at the Year’s End always led to massive issues;

THUS, each Year the Location of this Function was changed to a new place,

Seeing there were Troubles and Issues at the previous place,

The Venue Operators made sure that Management KNEW they weren’t welcome again!

ONE company I was with,

THE Grinch in charge of the Company was such a Stingy Ass that I cannot even remember that they’d have something for the People working for them…

BUT then,

As with Many a times when You hear about this Year End Function OR a Christmas Party as it’s been changed to,

If You’re in Management,

Just how much to you partake in this and WHERE do you draw the line?

With the use of Alcohol in Various of these Parties OR Functions,

There’s ALWAYS the issue of the ONE, TWO or more of the Employees,

How goes well beyond what they Normally go or DO…

But then,

When you’re in charge of these Function,

Just how WILD as I can put it,

Should you get or NOT AT ALL,

When the rest of the Employees Dances on the Tables,

Two at a time find a Secret, Safe place where they get to know each other better,


Where they go SO Crazy that the Company isn’t Accepted back the Next Year…

In the Past I’ve heard Everything most of the Rest had heard from the Places where they might have worked,

BUT then,

The simple TRUTH of the Matter is this,

When the Alcohol is Talking and You do not have the Resistance,

Not to Indulge in Your Wildest Fantasies,

That is the Moment you Throw away all the Respect You’ve built over time.

It’s better to LOOK at what they’re doing,

Just Checking they do not Burn the place down…

Keeping WELL clear of making an ASS of yourself,

That may be the best “High Road” to travel,

Seeing that at the End of the Day,

ANYONE’s Stupid Actions could Lead to their Dismissal!

If you’re NOT really comfortable with what the Rest are doing,

No matter what they May get Up to,

Rather keep Your Cool,

Dealing as best You can,

While t

Technologically Savvy…


I very recently bought myself a new Laptop. I was running around almost a Month in advance, while I was researching what was out there.

I found that not only could I get a Second-hand Laptop from Cash Crusaders, but then found there was a Cash Converters also quit close to me.

The NICE thing about them was, no matter which Second-hand Laptop I’d buy – it would still be running Windows 7.

I do have a MASSIVE issue when buying anything of Value, spending any considerable amount of Money – not taking something NEW and NOT having that Warranty that comes with the new Item…

Ironically with this, while I was doing some Backing Up work on my older PC;

I found that the Writer wasn’t functioning correctly all the time anymore.

THUS, I was forced to use the Laptop’s Writer

AND can you imagine that there’s a Warranty on this system!

Still, I still work on Windows 7 on my PC and now, work on Windows 8.1 on my Laptop.

I have taking some time and learned what I have to know about the Operating system…

YET, even though SOME may say that it’s Easier than Windows 7 –

If those Users were to look for the Various things within the System,

Their location isn’t as easy to access no matter what you do!

YES and Yes,

I suspect the TILES and such can be Modified in doing a better Job for me to Access the program or even Accomplish what I want to do;

But then that wouldn’t be Pertinent to the Way the System is running.

I cannot even Begin to wonder what the Real change would be,

Between Windows 8 and 8.1 –

Hence, this makes me think of Cars as well.

The Manufacturers brings out a Specific car.

They see that it MAY sell well and do not allow ANYONE to tweak the final Product.

While they still see what the Market is doing,

The PEOPLE who does the Tweaking,

They get the time in doing even more of it.

Giving them more and more time in getting to the Point where they could submit all their Ideas and Findings,

TO the POWERS that BE!

In this regard we have a possible,

Facelift version of a Car which may sell pretty well.

There could Always have been such an idea,

NONE of us would Ever know if this is true or not.

The idea is to sell more of the Product and keep it in the People’s eyes, Mind and Mostly

their Hearts!

With this comes a new Thought as well,

I opened a Mail which Invited me to WIN a new Samsung S6 and it’s Brother,

Samsung S6 Edge (if I can remember correctly)…

With the Latest i-Phone 6 release,

I can see that Samsung is really Taking the Battle of the Phones to Apple.

But then, like the updated version between Windows 8 AND 8.1,

The idea of a Facelift version of a Car which is selling well AND now,

The latest Release of the Samsung S6 – which is following closely on the S5,

Are just one of the things which MOST companies do in generating VOLUMES of Sales and

Generate Potential Clients…

With the Windows Operating System I still cannot ARGUE that it’s Easier to use than I’d now use a Apple Laptop or PC.

Having Struggled with an i-Pad,

But not having other Apple Components to work with it…

There’s not ALWAYS such a big change or DIFFERENCE in the Products.

Yet, while we SPEND it’s okay for the Companies to bring out MORE technology or at SUCH a steady pace,

Who could keep up with Everything happening around You?

I just wonder, when it Happened that Technology didn’t HELP us so much,

BUT because of the Ideas behind the Technology,

It turned on the rest and Became part of the Problem –

SEEING you JUST needed TO have THAT item…

Where-to would this kind of Mind-set, Sped-up life be taking us?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge