The Reality of PRIVACY.


I can Honestly not Remember when this Thought had Crossed my Mind,

BUT I do know that once more I got up out of Bed,

Just writing the Title down, suspecting that I’d get to what I was thinking when I’d read the Title once more…


The Weird,


Odd and

Totally an Unorthodox way in which

SOME writer’s Minds work… OR it could be Just Me.


Now then,

You’d suspect this is ONLY for any person who in their Lives had Reached that Plato on which they’d be Famous or in the Public Eye or in that Spotlight…


But I’m here to ask you Yet another question,

How safe are you with Information that You allow on the Internet.

You don’t have to be Famous to allow Too much of yourself out there.


Those in the KNOW would tell you,

I’m NOT the most Open person,

NEVER enjoying that Other’s know TOO much of what I’m thinking,

POSSIBLY the After Effects of being an Eccentric Writer!


But this is a Very Important Idea,

I’d REALLY like it if I could have only ONE avenue where Others could see what I’m Posting on the Web.


YES, this being part of the Social Media Reach which is Almost to say;

Is a Necessary Evil…

For TOO much of yourself is left Out there for Anyone to see.


In Most regard, that’s not such a Big Issue or a Problem,

But let’s see…

KNOW of any Woman or Man for that Matter who had UNWANTED advances from the Opposite Sex Same Sex? ? ?


Someone who just didn’t Get the Message

OR Anyone who kept on Bugging you with their Internet Scam

OR Got TOO much information on You from the Info you allowed on the Net…


You SERIOUSLY don’t have to be Famous to have an Issue with the Information which You’d allow on the Internet.

As well as the problem, Stealing your Identity OR getting into your Bank Account from the Linked Profiles or such.


THUS, one of the Reasons I thought this Prudent to share this thought with anyone reading my Ideas, Thoughts, and Posts.

In OUR time where Most of Everything ends up on the Net,

For Us, You, Me to be as safe as Possible;

Make Sure you don’t let yourself be Trapped by the Norm.


If you don’t Mind,

That wouldn’t Matter much,

BUT – if you’re more like me and More Private,

DO make sure that You don’t Share UNNECESSARY information on the Net and thus,

Keep Yourself as Safe as well as Possible!


As I’ve Heard on either the Radio or Possibly here and there on the TV,

People Share more info on the Net than in person,

Which could bring me back to this Idea as well;

HOW much of the Information on the Net is true?


I’d like to Meet and See and Speak to people in Person,

THUS, my little bit Trained Spider Sense goes on Overdrive

Seeing the Signs which People give off in Person,

When I KNOW that I don’t trust a word OR Little what they’re saying.


If that may be the case,

Do not worry too much – except for this,

REMEMBER on the Internet, most of Everything is Linked and so,

YOU believe you’re okay… Remember, from one Account to the next,

Someone Far Better at Finding Information on You,

Can use the Smallest bit of Info on You to get to Everything You’d place out there.


A little goes a Long way,

Thus, just think about what You allow out there,

Seeing that if the Wrong Person Sees you – like myself,

Having received some Unwanted Scams coming my way a Few times Over…


That, without leaving TOO much out there myself!


The Safest you can be is the Safest you can think, about sharing anything, beforehand.

Optimistically SAVVY…


I’d helped my One sister with her Phone, to say the least, she Moved from a Smaller Phone in the very same series to something More Advanced.

That said, it’s Far easier to Use and NOW more Functions as well.


IRONICALLY, I got a Call this Morning from another Sister,

We’re ( 6 ) Children.

Three Girls and Three Boys…


And again, I was asked what background Knowledge I have on the Phones which are on the Market at the Moment.


NOW here comes the Rub on the Speed of Technology in today’s Day in Age!

It’s going So Fast that no matter how Tech Savvy You believe yourself to be,

There’s just NO Way you can Keep up to Date with everything that’s going on around with the Technology of today…


There’s SUCH Functionality that You cannot believe what you can Link to your Phone – which is Sometimes NOT such a good Idea.


YET in our lives, we’re Accustomed to having Everything at our Fingertips

AND if that doesn’t work for us,

We make DAMN sure to find out what is going on and Why things aren’t working as we Know they should or Had before!


Then as well,

When you start using the Newer Technology,

There are parts thereof which we Might not have Used in the Past,

THUS – how can you Learn these if you don’t Use them and Learn how they work.


That’ll be all Good and Well,

BUT – as fast as you need to be with Your work OR assisting the Next Person,

ALSO expecting You to be as Fast as the Technology THEY are use to,

You don’t have the time to Learn the very Basics of Your own Newer Tech Yourself!


This becomes a Compounded Issue,

You need TIME to Learn what you Don’t Know at the time

AND They – whoever this may be, Expect you to Run with it,

When you didn’t have the time in Learning the Newer version or Technology which you can Use to Possibly make life easier for You or at least assist the Next Person…


THEN after all of that,

Comes the Arrogance of the Human Race…

The Idea of;

The Client is Always Right…


We NEED to do so much Business that we Need to Bend over backward

Making sure that the Sale goes through AND we have the Monies and the Funds in the Bank so that we can Pay whatever Accounts need be paid!


THUS, if ever You Believed that None of what You do have an Impact on the Rest of Your life,

You’d better THINK again!


Our Lives have Sped-UP with Our Need for MORE,

Our Technology has Increase NOT having the Time to Learn it,

Have made use Rush with the Little Time we did have,

Needing to get Ahead and do More when there’s NO Catching Up…


The very Things we Created to make our Lives easier,

Have become the very things which Push us to do things Faster,

Seeing that we Refuse to Slow down and reaching for that, that Much Needed Breathe!


Rather KNOW what you need to do and

Know your Technology as best as you can,

Because you could also run the Risk of

Exposing Yourself and Your livelihood to Those who use Their Knowledge and

Wisdom over their Technology Taking what isn’t theirs,

Leaving you in a Pretty Pickle!



ALBERT EINSTEIN – Everything is Relative,

As well as the FACT – we’re the Ones who Cannot get Enough,

THUS pushing ourselves and our Lives to keep up with the Pace…


Be careful what kind of Technology you use,

If you Don’t know it well enough,

Take the TIME to do so and Use it as Safe as possible –

For Your own Safety AND those around You…

The USABLE Samaritan.



On Most Saturdays, I usually go to the Store and buy what either I’d need for the Week to come OR hopefully what I’d be using for the rest of the Month.


I suspect that Many of Us do this either Weekly and / or if you do Buy your Groceries for the Month then you spend ONE day or Session spending inside one of the Many Supermarkets.


Why this Post or Idea got Glued in my Mind,

I was once again walking up and down a Different shop on this Saturday and before I knew it,

Walking around to see NOT to miss what I want to buy – I was Approached by someone…


THIS wasn’t that Kind of Trouble,

BUT as you might suspect,

This wasn’t that NICE either!


This man, like so many Others,

The way they Approach you, you can See them Coming with an Idea,

Which at this Moment, was to help this man.


I was pretty Relaxed and didn’t mind what was Really going on around me – LOOKING for the items which I needed…

THUS, when He approached me, the first thing that I saw was the Things in his hands.


Firstly he told me he wasn’t looking for a Hand-out,

Rather – he was Starting work soon and needed some help in Buying these things.

One Loaf of White Bread, One bottle of Two Liter Milk and 18 Eggs.


I must say that this IF he wasn’t Lying through his Teeth was a little better to do for me, Knowing that Very few people if they are Honest,

Would do TOO much with the Items he had there with him.


Beyond that,

If he was just Using me and Buying this for someone else,

Getting the Monies from them – That would be His issue and problem,

If and when he was doing this…


Unfortunately as is my Nature,

I’m REALLY-really curious and Sum-up people pretty fast,

So, I saw a 50-50 Percent chance for him to Play me a Fool.


He was clothed normally – not sure what that would be his Attire,

I could SEE that there were Tattoos hidden under the sleeve of his T-Shirt,

But mostly he did look clean – someone who could be telling the Truth.


I had Nothing to Lose and was Willing to accept that he Genuinely needed the help AND would use it as Intended by him.

I did FORGET with this to Buy Milk for myself;

Seeing that after ONE of my Operations, I’d become Allergic to some Extent to Coffee Creamer and had to change back to Milk.

Not that I drink THAT much in my Coffee… Yet, I did forget to buy it!


On the Sunday after this Episode above,

When I stopped by my Sister,

I did buy Milk and something else – Cannot remember what it was.


When I did Exit the Parking area of the Shopping Centre,

I AGAIN saw another Person at the T-Junction before Turning into another Street,

AND here again, this Poor Lady also wanted some Help and or Donations for herself and her Children…


I must say that MANY a Times I’ve come across people

WHOM needed or wanted Help or Monies –

Never knowing what they Really need or want.


We’ve Seen all over, some of these People NOT using the handouts for something Good and doesn’t care what they Look like and how they Present themselves to the people Wanting to help them.

THUS, We’ve become REALLY weary to Some of the People asking for the Hand-outs.


THIS to such an Extent, You cannot Know which of the People really needs this Help if AND when you can do so.

BUT most of all, You don’t want to keep on feeling at the end of the day as if So Many of the People asks for something – also is willing to Use you…


Another Problem exists here,

I cannot say it’s so Immediate – but if you were to Hand out what They’d like to receive,

Just how long would it take for You to have to ask someone else for help in the very same way?


I’m NOT Arguing the Fact that there are Some People who really Need that help,

I’ve got this from First Hand Knowledge;

Having Driven with my Second Oldest Sister;

Dropping off an Older Man at a House for Helping Homeless People,

If I can remember correctly – Within a Week after dropping the Man there, he was out and Once more back from where we’d picked him up, so Others could help him further.


IF you Don’t want the Help,

No matter Who you are or What Help you need,

If you don’t want to Help or Change your Own life –

There’s Absolutely Nothing anyone can do for you…


All we can do if our best, Making sure You do what you can for Your own Family and those around you who Also may need the help,

Beyond that – when you can, Do what you can for That person you May be able to help…

Stuck on SURVIVE…



How many times did You hear about someone, Possibly, not that Extraordinary;

But you did Hear about that Person who Could easily have been You…

That Person making the Change in their lives and Making their Dreams come true.



Yet another reminder of getting Up and Doing it for yourself,

BUT not entirely the same as some of the others either.


No matter who you are,

No matter what you’re reaching or aiming for,

All of US are in the Very Same boat at One Point or another…


All of us need someone to HELP us getting past the Proverbial DOOR.

You need that Helping Hand to Help you when You need that Extra support,

Getting where the Right people can See what You can do.


The IRONY here is this,

With our Lives being so Fast and Having become so

PROFIT driven; there’s Almost no way that Most people,

Could I say as much – Those who Deserve it,

Have or Accumulate the FUNDS in getting their Dream off the ground!


Your Dream could ONLY be to Own your Home,

Have no Debt and Possibly drive a New Car once in your Lifetime.

You don’t have to Save the World OR even Concur it with Ideas and such.


I’m speaking here in Utter Basic Terms,

When last did you have to Save-Up to do something,

PLAN well ahead of time, Making sure that things would work out?


It really doesn’t matter what You’re looking at,

If and When you don’t have the Funds available,

That’s a very clear Indication of just how much Life had brought us back to Reality,

We’re not Living… as the song states;

We’re stuck on Survive…


It’s not to say that You, Me or Possibly THEY would be Bleed Dry… like that

Good Samaritan…

It’s only to say that with the Current trend of the World,

Money is the Resource why Life goes Around the World these days.


No matter what you do,

If you ask help from someone,

If that help is in any which way Specialized,

That person can ask you that Sum of Monies to do Whatever you need be done,

No matter how much we Hate this idea – but that’s Life at the Moment for Us…


It doesn’t matter How well you Prepare for this,

The day You need to put down the Money,

Where Your mouth is or doing whatever comes to Mind,

That’s the Moment to see if you’d go Further or if You’d shoot Yourself in the

Foot – not having Planned well enough ahead.


There Could be a Person willing to Help you in Whichever way,

There could be a Wealthy Relative able to Foot the Bill,

Which You’re looking at…


What if there’s Neither?


If you’ve got Something to Dream off,

Being Stuck on SURVIVE,

That’s not going to change where You want to go.


I’m not Say it’ll really Help,

But I’m talking from Experience,

When I tell you,

You might not have the Money in doing what You’d like to Reach for,

BUT there’s ONE thing more Important to wrap Yourself around;

If you’re NOT in the correct Mind-Set,

How could you Work toward the Monies that You’ll need?


If you cannot See Yourself moving out of Survival Mode,

ESPECIALLY now, when things are Very Hard,

What will happen the Day when you do Make it,

Whatever that may be,

BUT once more for whatever Reason You’re once more Stuck

In Survival Mode and THUS,

You cannot see your way Clear of getting that Next Better position…


As I said,

For you, it Might not sound like good advice,


Do yourself a Favor – Get your Mind-Set clear and on Track,

Clearly Seeing where You’d like to be,

How the Easiest you can get out of Survival Mode


Then, just then you might See that Chance You might have been

TOO Afraid of taking!


Your Mind is a Very Powerful thing,

DO not Waste Yours!

Slowing the TIME Passing by…



Each morning before I start working, I stop at the Normal or Regular

Parking spot and sit there, waiting for the Right Time to open up the Offices.


This I do every morning and while I’m sitting there,

Listening to the Radio, I look at the constant procession of People,

Passing me by in whichever Fashion they’re busy with.


I know very well for myself,

Sitting there in the Mornings, doing almost nothing,

It’s one of the Best ways for me to Relax, waiting for the Manic of the Day to come.


I have a look at the rest of the People around me,

Seeing them in the same way as Others might be seeing those around them,

Especially when those people as well have the Time to Relax,

Not needing to run around, doing whatever the others around them are…


While I’m sitting there, I see and know that Life had sped up so much,

Leaving for us Too much to do, in the same amount of time we had Yesterday,

ONLY, now there’s almost twice as much to do within the same time.


We’re running SO constantly that when you actually have time to Stop and Relax, Our brains are running as much as we are; Physically,

That there’s very Little chance for Most People to let go and ENJOY the moments we might have to blow off some steam…


I know when I’m trying to get to sleep, My mind just cannot for the Life of me shut down and allow the rest of me to Relax and Rest.

This is almost the same with US under normal circumstances.


The Lucky part of this for me,

When I’m writing – even here Post right now,

I’m listening to the Radio or Music on the Computer.

BUT – the big Difference is this, I’m sitting Still with ONLY my fingers Dancing over the Keyboard.


In this regard, Myself like many other Writers,

We KNOW by now what is the Best way of getting the Most work done.

Relaxing and letting, anything and everything flow – that’s a really good way of working while We’re being creative.



When I do listen to the Radio and do what I can to Relax before work,

I draw on my Writings and use that Method in becoming STILL,

Using it to do what I can in Stopping what I can control.


The reason I’m mentioning this,

Every one of us does Something that we Enjoy and if you’re doing it Right,

You might as well stop and Relax enough to do this specific Activity.


If you do it Regularly and you Enjoy what you’re doing,

Then you can help yourself in Relaxing as much as Possible,

Before Work or Something, you could find Pretty Stressful!


We’ll ALWAYS have too much to do in a day.

We’ll Always have a Rushed life,

We’ll Always feel like we’re Constantly Running,

We’ll Always feel like our Brain’s cannot shut down,

We’ll Always find it hard to Relax…


That would be part of life and we cannot get away from that,

BUT when and where you can,

If you can start training your Mind to slow down;

It would be the First step in slowing Yourself down when you need it.


This is also a Chore if I can call it that,

Like Me and possibly so many Other Writers,

If you don’t Sit down and Write – how would the Work get done?


Those Early Morning Relaxations has helped me more that I’d suspect,

BUT – if you do not work at Relaxing, Practice it over and over again;

HOW would you Eventually get Yourself into that Relaxing Frame of Mind?


YES… Yes… it is a Paradox,

HOW can you want to Work to Relax…

And yet, NO ONE ever just walks into a Place or Something You’ve never done

And just do whatever it might be?


Life will be what Life will be,

Without much we can Do about it,

You can do something For Yourself, though,

I had not Suspected what this Idea would really be;

That is Until I started with this Post…


Taking Care of Oneself is as Important

Than Taking Care of Your Loved Ones,


You’ll Really need to Learn in Taking Care of yourself!

Relaxing, Unplugging and Enjoying what You have in Life,

It could go So much Further for Our Health than Anyone would Imagine!


Relaxation I think is Really Important,

The LESS Stress we have to deal with,

The BETTER for our Life and Positivity…

The FEARFUL Success…



I suspect that I’ve written Quite a bit about Our




And for Us who have them,

Needing to Work as Hard as we can in reaching them.


At times I suspect that I’ve even Sounded like a Pompous A…..

while I sit here before the Screen,

Jotting down all the Ideas and Thoughts running around in my Head.


Well here’s another Aspect on those Thoughts,

I cannot remember within all the Posts I’d accumulated over the Years,

YES – Years, whether if I’ve written something about this before.


The fact is, It is really Important to know and Understand this idea,

Seeing that I’ve come Across this far TOO many times in the past,

Having in some way Experienced it Myself as well.


The First time I heard anything like this,

If I can remember this Correctly,

Was on the Oprah Show when Dr. Phil spoke to someone about it.


You see,

It’s not Enough to have this Hope, Dream or Aspiration for us to Reach it;

You need to KNOW that You’ve been given a Desire which is only Yours to Succeed.


LIKE so many Ideas I’ve had over the years,

Very FEW I missed,

Because when I do have something that Sound Really Cool in my Mind,

I will stand up in the Middle of the Night or Wherever I am,

And I will put it down on Paper.


That Should be Our Passion with which We, YOU, I should be Chasing Our Dreams and Successes!


Now then,

Getting back to the Human side of things,

Looking at the Various People around you, who told you over the Years

That you CANNOT do what You’re dreaming of!



Not even talking about your own Self-Doubt,

But just thosePeople that you have met,

BLOWING them out of the Water with what You’re attempting!


A little reminder in this regard;

One of the girls from Primary School bumped into me


And we spoke a little.


I Thought that she would be Open-Minded,

OR that’s what I suspected or what I might have Remembered from School…

YOU cannot Imagine how fast she made herself Scares when I told her that I was Almost finished with my Way-Back-Then First Book…


Now comes the Question many might ask,

What Gives me the Right to believe that My Ideas are worth any kind of Mention to the World at large?


So that brings me back to the Idea I got from the Oprah show with Phil,

Asking the Artist or Whomever it was that day,

WHO gives Us the Right NOT to do whatever We have to,

To Reach that Star – Aiming for whatever or whoever we should be,

Allowing Ourselves not to take the World in a negative way,

Doing what may be Burning in Our SOULS Year on Year!


I’ve been working on My Screenplay course for the past few Months,

Struggling and Working to not ONLY get the Hang of it,

But Aiming to Rewrite the Screenplay a 6th Time!


This I mention because I Just began yet again,

Noting the Story Line for the 6th Book of the World of Imagination Series

AND, seeing just how Interesting my Ideas and Thoughts were from Day to Day,

Made me Realize that when You IGNORE Your Passion,

You could Eventually Lose it altogether!


AND that is the Danger, Amongst OTHERS,

In Not Finishing whatever it is that You Know that You were Blessed with.

NOT ONLY this, but Showing and Helping and just Getting there is Also Part of Our mission to let the rest KNOW it’s possible!


To say the least,

Over the past few Months, I felt my Fingers talking to me,

Very Subtly… ALMOST as if to say,

You NEED to Tap or Pound that Keyboard,

KNOWING that it is my Finger exercises, my creation release

Each and Every Day!


If you’ve got that Unshakable Blessing in Reaching something,


For Fear of Change can Stop us from Doing something



AND Yet,

How Do you even Know if someone out there isn’t in need of Following

The Brave,

The Free,

The Strong,

The Passionate,

The DREAMERS (P.S.: Tomorrowland… A Very Cool Movie!),

Even if You Never reach there, Trying is as Important as it is in Getting there!


The Journey to Save and Free Your Soul is the Most Important Journey I believe,

For ONLY then to do Know what Your are made off.


My Fear,

Letting Life slip by,

Not at least Trying – blowing up maybe sometimes,

And I’m NOT sitting on the Sidelines!



Typing enough makes my Fingers Smile as well,

IRONIC this kind of Therapy!

PAYING the Piper.


While I can Understand the concept of social media and what Some People and Authors have to say about Facebook’s idea of Advertising,

I also Understand that in Today’s Life you NEVER get anything for Nothing!


NONE of us want to Pay unnecessarily for anything,

Yet when You’re doing something for Yourself,

How can that Ever be Unnecessary?


I started with a few Social Media Platforms,

Doing what I could within my power and knowledge,

Spreading my Reach as they call it – as far as I possibly could.


I used a Twitter Add-on App / Program and with this,

Over a WHILE I increased my Followers on my Account;

AND, I still paid Every Month, using this App to my Advantage.


As the SMARTER people say,

Somewhere down the Line Someone will pick-up the tab…


My Idea was that after I Reached a good Target on Twitter,

I could focus on Facebook,

I thought I could get More Likes,

VIA Advertising on the Facebook Site.


This wasn’t done on a Whim and I looked for the Best Possible Action Plan to achieve this.


The same as SO many Major Companies over the World,

They’d like to sell their Products and they’ve got Marketing and Advertising Teams within the Company to Plan all of this!


Getting Your Name out there and

Getting enough Exposure as well as making a Name,

Getting out there is One of the Many ways in which You, Me, Everyone are Selling either a Product or Themselves…


I’d say the ONLY times when we’d be Really Irritated,

Is when Our said, planned Strategies don’t work in the Manner which we plan for it to work.


We will ALL be really happy to PAY when things work out Brilliantly!

It’s only when things don’t work out in the least bit…

That is when We’re not in the least bit happy with what is happening or if our Idea didn’t Materialize in the way that we Hoped…


Paying the Piper isn’t just Directed at Paying for the Marketing or Advertising

or even paying the Company in doing this.

That can be Paying Year in and year out if you Don’t have the Best Plan laid out before you.


It doesn’t matter in the least bit,

No matter Who you are,

No matter What you’d like to do,

If you do not follow a Plan in Creating the Opportunity for yourself,

No matter what You’re trying,

You’d waste either Time or Money at the end of the day!


When we make Peace with what we Might have to do,

Reaching where we’re Aiming at,

Then at least when You’ve got to Pay for something along the line,

Getting there – wouldn’t be that BAD!


Let me ask you this,

You’re possibly Driving a Car,

On your car and possibly your House Content,

Do you have Insurance?


If you NEVER Ever Claim for a Thing,

Would paying this be a Waste of your time and money as well?

YET – the moment You don’t have it anymore,

If something happened and You’re not Covered,

What then?


The same could be said of the Various things we have to do,

Increasing our Social Media Reach,

UNDERSTANDING this: You will Never know when THAT Specific person might See You or the Possible Add or whatever it might be,


They could be the Difference between Your Plans working out or Not!


Make peace with what You’ve got to do,

Especially if it’s for Yourself…


You may Never know!


All the Best.