The 112 Phenomenon.

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Oh Hell… what is coming, this time, Around?

He’s gone and Lost his Mind once again!


I cannot believe that most of you have heard about this Idea, NOT too sure where it comes from, BUT if you do look at it, there COULD be some kind of Truth to it… I have Absolutely NO idea to this fact.


On Facebook, I’ve looked at some of the Most Popular Authors over the past few Years. Researching their Names on this Site and Ironically I stumbled upon this Link to this Idea… Page 112.


This Link I saw Ironically on J K Rowling’s Facebook page.

As the Link States that when You OPEN a Book to page 112,

You read this Page and it’s a Good Indication of how good the Book really is…


Just another Issue we Writers have to deal with,

SO, I am quit sure that this Rendition of my Page 112 and that of the Image I’ve put up with this Post might very well differ to some extent.


THEN As Well,

With this Knowledge that I’ve got to Re-Edit the Entire book, THIS page could very well NOT be in the same position as it is right now…

BUT, this is my page 112, NOT too sure what anyone else would make of it.


I just know, there’s more to a Book than just a Page–

VERY Lucky for me,

I write for Myself and getting the Idea, Thought and Story out of my Mind…

IF Not… I’d struggle to see Reality around me.


See for yourself…

There’re about 315 words on the page, so You’d get through it pretty fast!



None of them knew exactly, not that they’d the time to figure it out either. By now the fatigue and hunger were starting to get to all of them.

They’d better be following me,’ Timmy thought to himself, stopping and seeing that it was only Herbert behind him at the moment; ‘Great! What now?’ Timmy thought, waiting for the two to get to them.

Before Donald even had the idea to walk over to her, they heard there were a few splashes. They stood far enough away from the river, not getting splashed on. They saw and heard there was something falling into the water. The moment there were more splashes, they heard the most bone-crunching squeal which should never exist.

The two of them wanted to move closer to the water, when one of the red ants fell right through the web and landed on the riverbank they stood on. It had bright blue eyes and only when it turned around, looking at them, did they see it didn’t care about the heat. They were coming after their meal.

The moment it saw them, it set off its sent, calling the rest coming down. It opened its jaws and was coming at them slowly. The two were stunned and just couldn’t believe that there was something that wanted to eat them so badly.

Timmy aimed, not really played baseball or even partook in any physical fitness––unable to hit about anything with a ball or anything like that, throwing the rock at the ant which was coming at them.

Ironically, even here Timmy didn’t hit the ant––in fact, he didn’t even hit any of them as the rock whirled by, distracting the ant for only one moment. Just then a single strand of the web dropped and touch the ant’s body. That was the last that they saw of the highly aggressive ant.




Not too sure what Anyone can see from this,

But then IT might be an interesting Concept…


Keep the Passion,

Whichever it might be!

Reaching The Boundary.


There are a great many boundaries which Exist in the World we live in,

The IRONIC fact of this is,

There’s JUST as many People YOU know who would Overuse them, as well as Use You to get what they want.


ONE of the Most Common ones would be where You’re Working.

I can vaguely remember writing a Post SOME Time ago about this,


Seeing I’ve been through something the same,

Just a few Thoughts on this…


Those people who do NOT really know You,

Wouldn’t under Normal circumstances Use you as Those who DO Know you,

Would do, seeing it would be SO much easier for US to react to that

UNKNOWN person who is a Stranger.


BUT, Our Friends, Colleagues, AND Family aren’t in the Same BOAT…

That’s a Pity to say the least!

The Fact of the Matter is this,

When you do Decided that You’re Putting Your Foot down,

Have a Very Conscious look at their REACTION.


From this, You can see IF and possibly WHY they might be Using you,

Even within the Idea that You want to Help them with Something,

JUST look to see if they’re Unset that they Cannot Control the Situation more.


This would give you a Clear Indication if they’re Squeezing out MORE of the Juices of Your Willingness to Help.

Especially when they Come with the Idea;

“If You’re not doing something on That day,

“What are Your plans for then,

“Are You doing something Important…”


It is OKAY to help someone In need,

BUT there’s Nothing in the Manual that Says,

When You feel they’re Overstepping this,

You HAVE to take it on the Chin!


It doesn’t Matter who or why or what Happened for them to Need Your Assistance in Whatever is going on,

You Politely help them, KNOWING there’s Little else You can do…

BUT, beyond that – Help whomever you have said to help,

BUT, that doesn’t mean that Your Own plans and Needs shouldn’t be met either!


If and As Long as this Person,

Whomever, THEY may be,

Are willing to Accept that and PLAN their Needs around Yours as well;


THEN Only would Your time be Well spend, helping Whomever it is

As You’d get around to Your own Plans and Needs…



Divergent Series

Here we go Again, what is he going on about?

Well here’s my Thoughts, Ideas or Believes…

I’ve of Recently, this being Yesterday – watched Again

The Hunger Games – Mocking-Jay Part. 2


This next bit might as well be Sacrilegious or not,

But I suspect I’d mentioned beforehand that I do not Read any Books these days,

Research Yes, but since I’ve been Writing SO MUCH,

I do not read that much…


This is NOT to say there AREN’T Good, Brilliant or Worthwhile pieces of work out in the World,

I just Want, Need to get My pieces of Work finished as well.


Getting back on POINT,

I do LOVE many of the Pieces which had been Developed into Film,

BUT what have become the NORM would be for the LAST of the Films to be SPLIT into to TWO Parts…

WHICH for Most parts are Okay-ish BUT also VERY Irritating!


As far as I could SEE on the Internet,

Harry Potter started this whole Phenomenon.

Where the LAST Film was Split into TWO Parts.

There could Obviously be OTHER places this had Happened, But for all Intents I’m not going there.


Twilight was the Other Film Series which did the same.

THEN there was The Hunger Games


Here are Two more which I have to wait for SOME Time to come to Film!


The Maze-Runner

And Obviously,


which Both have shown us the First Episode of the Last Film as far as I know in their Series.


I do not have ANY issue with what they’re doing,

The ONLY question I have on this is,

WHY oh WHY would it take them So Long to get the Films Made?


Yes, I should know a Little Better and UNDERSTAND more,

Seeing that I’ve got a Better than Average Knowledge of Film;

BUT: You, We, I can HOPE they’d actually work a Little Faster on those to come!


THEN, that Other Dreaded question I suspect MANY had asked and wondered


WHY is it that the Film of the Last Book had to be SPLIT in two?


There’s the Obvious Idea of Creating more Revenue on the Second of the Last Films and getting the Fans to watch BOTH of them,

Which would be understanding under ANY normal Circumstances.


If You’ve got a GOOD thing going, Why would you NOT cash in on this and DO whatever you can in Generating MORE Revenue while you can.

Life’s Fickle no matter what Anyone says;

Before you know, that Burning Light fades and Possibly NEVER comes back again!


That’s also Understandable,

But then, there would be THOSE clever Idiots,

Who would Let us Believe that the Last Book in the Series is TOO long, TOO thick, TOO much for only One Movie…

THIS can be, BUT in Most instances I suspect NOT!


No matter what we Believe,

Those People who chooses to do this,

They’re the ones Doing as they believe and Probably Paying for that as well,

IF the Film or the Series BOMBS,

Then it’s THEM who are the Ones who Loose out…


It’s just a Pity that when THEY Know that the Fan-Base is Big,

WHY does it always have to be,

SUCH a Damn Long Time before we either Receive that Film


As I’m Currently Doomed in Waiting,

For the

Castle Series    – Season 8 to come to DVD…

NCIS                   – Season 12

Grimm               – Next Season

Suits                  – Also the same

Arrow                – there as well,

Bones                – AND we can go on…

That’ll NOT be the Last Series I’d be Waiting for either!


WE enjoy the Pieces so much,

But then the DEMAND Most of the Time OUTREACH the Supply and THUS,

We have to WAIT Until they can get Through the Production…


Until then,

If you’ve got SOMETHING better or Else to Enjoy,


ALL we can do is WAIT!


ALL the Best to You in this…

TWENTY Questions…


Hi again,


Today I’ve got a Totally different thought that I’d like to Share with you.

In a manner of Speaking, it’s a Guest Post – but then not entirely.

I picked this up from a Twitter Follower who Liked my Page and I liked their page in return; when I Visited the Page this link caught my Eye…


I have to physically Re-Write the entire Post, seeing that I cannot get the Background changed and NOT sure how it would look elsewhere…

SO here goes!

This Post was originally Written by Jolene Louise Via






WORDS With Writers – 20 Fantastic (& Crazy) Interview Questions for Authors…

Hi, all!


Normally I’m here every other Saturday interviewing authors. Today I wanted to share with you some interview questions that you may ask authors if you’re looking to interview them but you can’t think of any good ones. Then after, I’m going to list a few wacky and crazy interview questions. Use them if you dare!


GREAT Interview Questions:

  1. What does your writing process look like?
  2. Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?
  3. What book do you wish you could have written?
  4. Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write?
  5. If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?
  6. How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?
  7. What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  9. Were you already a great writer? Have you always liked to write?
  10. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?
  11. If you didn’t like writing books, what would you do for a living?
  12. Are you a plotter or a pantster?
  13. Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?
  14. What is your best marketing tip?
  15. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing process?
  16. If there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?
  17. Do you have a favorite conference to attend? What is it?
  18. Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?
  19. Is this your first book? How many books have you written prior (if any)?
  20. What are you working on now? What is your next project?


CRAZY Questions That No One Ever Asks Authors


  1. Do you write naked?
  2. What is your biggest failure?
  3. What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  4. Have you ever been in trouble with the police?
  5. Have you ever gotten into a bar fight?
  6. Characters often find themselves in situations they aren’t sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?
  7. Do you drink? Smoke?
  8. What is your biggest fear?
  9. What do you want your tombstone to say?
  10. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  11. If you were a superhero, what would your name be? What costume would you wear?
  12. What literary character is most like you?
  13. What secret talents do you have?
  14. Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?
  15. If you were an animal in a zoo, what would you be?
  16. What is something you want to accomplish before you die?
  17. If you could have any accent from anywhere in the world, what would you choose?
  18. Do you have any scars? What are they from?
  19. What were you like as a child? You favorite toy?
  20. Do you dream? Do you have any recurring dreams / nightmares?

What do you think? Would you answer any of these crazy questions? What other interview questions have you found that authors love?



I had Thought this would be interesting. Not too sure When any of these would Really become relevant to me, Seeing that I’m still in the Struggle to stand Tall on the Published Success of my own works…


This Post or Blog whichever You wish to Tag it, just Happened to fall in my Lap and I suspected that it’ll be somewhat Funny and Partly Interesting to some of you.

Hope you can take a SMILE away from these Questions…


What are the Questions You’d ask that One Person You’re Fanatic about


What is there that you’d like to know from them?


Have a Ball Enjoying to think about it,

You’ll Never Know if Ever there was a Chance at Asking them the Very Same Question which might be Popping into your Head…


Happily Smiling!

All The Best To All Of You’s…

In the Heart of the Beholder…


THIS post today is Really Funny or just Totally Ironic!

Seeing it’s Friday Evening at 22:10…

Busy watching Season 5 Disk 2 Episode 5 – 8 of CASTLE.


TOMORROW we’re going out of Town and Driving to Pretoria,

When you Read this it’ll have been Yesterday AND the Wedding had taken Place already.

TOLD you this is a Funny One today!


The Thing of it is this,

My Oldest Brother, which isn’t the Oldest Sibling between Us,

His Daughter just got Married and as far as I know, She’s 21.


It’s NOT a Shotgun wedding, but I KNOW from my Own Life’s Experience,

Going on a DATE and Making it work out – that’s NOT the Easiest of things to Accomplish.

Myself and Possibly More readers than I’d suspect would Think They’re TOO Young to get Married – but I cannot Really say that either.


I have no Idea what their Relationship is Like and what they’d Experienced themselves so far.

I had a FRIENDSHIP for at least 10 Years and Even though I wanted more,

We had ONLY One Date in all of that time… understandable why things didn’t progress?


Therefore, I cannot be a Reliable source of why THEY should be waiting.

Not only this,

There’s a Massively Big Difference between Just Dating and Planning to make a Relationship work.


There’s SO Much which is Standing against Us; Just Living.

What about Finding Love and THAT One Person, willing to do All of that With YOU?

What not to say, Wanting and Willing to Spend all of that Time with You!


I’m NOT worried at this Moment,

Seeing that You’d land a Date Easy enough,

BUT for Us to Find that One Person willing to Stand and Walk down this Path of Life,

FULL OR even Empty, with what we Want and a Lack of what we Need,

That is the Very Difficult thing to find… That ONE Person!


I am 41 AND Not Found that ONE Woman to Spend so much time with.

Not ONLY this,

But Again there’s Another Function I am going to Alone…

That’s Life – ONLY this time I have as far as I’ve Heard,

A Blind Date!



I’m 100% up for that,

The Good, The Bad and The Unknown!

The Fact is this – If you’re NOT willing to take that Leap then there’s Something wrong!


That said,

Leading Up to this Wedding and NOW over this Long Weekend,

I’ve been House Sitting and Like some Many times before,

Had a Realization!


There are Three Dogs here at the house I’m Watching.

STRANGE you might Think, but then Just consider this…

The ONE dog is so Old it Cannot keep up with the rest and Do not care who is here.


Then there’s the Little one and the Older, bigger, Puck.

The Little Dog craves MORE attention than I most times have to give,

Although it’s Easy to handle and Deal with – It also becomes Really Irritating, Spending Such time with the little Demanding dog.


On the Other hand,

For the First day I “met” the Puck,

He didn’t LIKE me in the least bit.

Knowing the Breed and NOT worried in the least!


As You MAY suspect,

I’ve Extended a greater Deal of Attention to the Puck over the Months,

THUS, I’ve come to make Friends and with the Characteristics of the Dog,

That’s NOT anything Easy to do!

These Dogs have only ONE Master… the Rest stay outside…


This I mention,

Seeing that YOU May fall Deeply and Desperately In Love with that ONE Person,


If You’re “Basics” Do not Correspond with Each Other,

The Relationship MIGHT look possible to Work,


That might just be YOUR Stubbornness which WANT it to work!


Even if You Cannot Help for whom you Fall In Love with,

There are just Those Variables in Life which will NOT change for None of US,

It’s NOT the Easiest of things to find Someone…


But WORSE than that,

When You want to Tell Yourself that there’s ONLY One Person,

Missing Out on the Sea of Possibilities out there is a Definite FACT!



As the Saying goes;

How Many Frogs Must A Girl Kiss Before She Finds Her PRINCE…?

Very True at that,

The Fact is ONLY this,

When we Refuse to See that Person OR the Relationship – isn’t for Us,

How much Time are you Willing to Loose OR Waste before You see the LIGHT?


Just the Last Thought here,

If you’re Concentrating SO Hard on that ONE Person or Relationship to WORK,


How many Easy or Correct or Possible OTHERS are you Missing Out on when You’re

ONLY Focusing on the One that’s NOT working?


Admitting that It’s NOT Working is sometimes Harder than what We can See or are Willing to Accept that it is happening…


When You let go and Find something Better;

You’d be Happier and Live Better and Go possibly Further than where You are

Wasting Your Time…?

Ice, ICEBERGS, Ice-sheets…


Ice, ICEBERGS, ice-sheets…


You’ve got that party which more than a few People would attend.

You’ve got that Barbecue (Braai) next to the pool.

You’ve got the Final of that Sports Event you’re Absolutely Hooked on…


In all of these, we need ICE for the Cool drinks OR Mixes for various Alcoholic Beverages which most of Everyone enjoy.

It doesn’t really Matter which it would be, we Need ICE to cool all of it down,

ESPECIALLY on that Warm Weekend Afternoon!


So Either you make your Own ICE with a Machine – meaning You have a Specific machine which Makes ICE or you could always go BUY the Ice in bags from either the Filling Station OR there could be Shops which Supply it…


The Fact is, You make a Plan at getting the ICE,

Knowing that the Cool Drinks and Such would be Cold if they’re not placed into

Cooler bags which Your Guests would probably bring along.


H²O have Three Stages.

Namely, Water as a liquid, then Water as a Vapor (burning HOT) and lastly Water in a Crystal form,

Which is ICE – which we ONLY happen at 0º ( C ) Celsius OR 32º ( F ) Fahrenheit.


As your Freezer is Possibly set to a – (Minus) Temperature and thus it’s good to Know, Water freezes at 0º C at normal pressure.

That said if the Water itself isn’t Disturbed OR if there are ANY Impurities in the water itself…


There’s a Great Debate on Just how Long it would be for Water at Room Temperature to Freeze into it’s Crystal Form.

So here’s some kind of Estimate – Depending on the Volume of the liquid, Seeing that we’re using Water then you can Look between 15 minutes UP TO 3 hours.


Be SURE not to Freeze any Water in ANYTHING Glass.

Seeing that when Water Freezes, it Expands and thus,

When You use any kind of Glass, the Expanding Water will Crack or even Cause the Glass to Burst!


My Late Father knew how to Freeze a Glass Bottle of Coca-Cola 1.25 Liter…

He’d Obviously timed it and Knew just when to take it OUT of the Freezer when the Carbonated Soda ALMOST became Crystallized.

I can tell you, Drinking that Soda with the Bits of Ice inside it;

VERY-VERY Cool and it was Really Awesome when he did it… Not Breaking the Bottle I might add!


Another aspect of ICE and Water,

At the Polar Icecaps, you find not only the Water but as you might Imagine,

There’s a Great Deal of ICE.


You may know this,

But at Antarctica (South Pole) – the Ice we See above the Waterline is only 10% of what the Image looks like below the waterline.

There’s a MASSIVE amount of Ice out there!


The Arctic Ocean (North Pole) – Freezes over and then parts thereof breaks away. But then I can promise you, it’s as bitterly cold as the Arctic can be.

Without the Proper protective wear, you’d have a Problem!


Another interesting thing I didn’t know,

Mostly the water in Winter Months freezes Mostly from the Bottom of the Stream,

But then the Ice do form on top, it mostly Drops below the waterline and there the rest of the Ice accumulate and steadily the Stream freezes over.


Since after the Maritime Disaster of the Titanic,

16 Nations have been patrolling the North Atlantic and send out information to ships of Icebergs drifting away from the North Pole and the Ice-sheets from Greenland.


These Icebergs have been observed over 2000 miles or (3200 kilometers) away from their Origins.

Water when becoming Frozen, sets out so much that in the right Circumstance, it can actually break metal because it expands…

NO WONDER water is also such a Big Part of Erosion…



A luck-warm or Ambient Temperature Soda CANNOT ever taste Good in the least bit,


Add a bit of ICE to the Mix and You’ve got something to Really Stem that THIRST!


Irritable DAMN Bowel Syndrome!


Pain, Irritation, Intense Discomfort!

Anyone and Everyone who had been in some pain which They couldn’t Escape from,

Would definitely KNOW what it’s like when your Intestines decide to have an

Argument with your own Body!


The LAST time I had to Endure this,

It woke me up at Probably TWO o’clock in the Morning!

There’s no Real cure for this Syndrome, but I have found there’s possible ways in which to Decrease the Intensity which Anyone could be feeling…


As per Normal,

There are a few things which WE can do,

Those of US who have had those kinds of Cramps,

You CANNOT hide from!


Not only this, the Specialist tells that there isn’t any REAL understanding of what

REALLY causes it and THUS like Science – I suspect Everything I’d read would be

Everyone’s best Guess at this point…

STILL no one Could have Any idea on the Matter – which would be BAD!


It’s not Really a Disease and LUCKILY for those of US

Who had felt this more than ONCE would tell you,

WHEN it does come around, It REALLY-really doesn’t Feel all that Great!


Worse than that,

My Mother and One Sister had endured this,

I’m Younger than Both and thus Suspect Only that I’ve endured this Syndrome

Action Probably more than them… NOT sure either!


It could be that it’s a Genetic Disposition,

Seeing out of the SEVEN original Family Members,

Only Three as far as I know have this Syndrome rearing it’s PAINFUL head!

I might add, I’d not spoken to the rest, but Mom and Sis didn’t Mention any others who had

Struggled with it either…


NOW then,

The Experts say that there’s Foods which we should Avoid –

THIS would be some Vegetables… Hard to Imagine that one!

  1. Cauliflower
  2. Horseradish
  3. Watercress
  4. Wasabi
  5. Wasabi
  6. Kale AND
  7. Broccoli…

That said, THEY also say that You’ve got to keep a Food Diary.

Seeing that EVERYONE is different and Thus,

We ALL react differently to Every External Stimuli affecting US…


There are some Legumes – no idea what this means (Checking Google though…);

Which can Trigger symptoms as well…

  1. Black beans
  2. Chickpeas (garbonzo beans)
  3. Edamame
  4. Fava beans AND
  5. Soy Nuts

There are OTHER things to Avoid if you can,

THEY might not be SO easy to avoid…

  1. Caffeine
  2. Alcohol
  3. Dairy Products
  4. Fatty Foods
  5. Foods high in Sugar
  6. Artificial Sweetners (sorbitol and xylitol)

I DID say not All of them were Easy!


There’s NO Guarantee that ANY of our Best plans would Working in

Stemming the Reaction to Anything WE, YOU or I even eat…

It’s LIKE the current Problem with my Car, There’s a SOUND and I can for the LIFE of me NOT figure out what’s wrong to Fix that Problem!


Every SINGLE time the I B S had HIT me,

I cannot tell WHY it’s happening and I suspect it’s ALMOST Impossible that this Problem could be So Easily Pinpointed either!


In the PHOTO I’ve gotten, I have it on GOOD authority, this Product could help,

Which I cannot say for sure – Not been there since 4th March 2016.

BUT I’ll get some of it and SEE if this will help.

Something Else you should try to help would be the Following:

  1. Adding more Fiber to your Diet
  2. Drinking Plenty of Water
  3. Avoiding Soda drinks
  4. Eating smaller Meals
  5. Eating Low Fat and High Carbohydrate foods


Not ENTIRELY sure this will help, but You’re more than Free to see to this.


As to the rest of this Problem,

There could be something Your Local Pharmacist can Recommend for you.

The OTHER thing You should Consider, if the Regularity of this PAINFUL Syndrome Occur MORE often; You’ll best go visit Your Local MEDICAL Doctor!

It’s NOT Cool to have this Pain at ANY time of the Day or Night,

What is MORE Un-Cool,

If there’s Something to be Done about it,

Leaving it Be and Suffering because of that Choice…


ALWAYS take Care of Yourself,

THEN, take Care of those Around You!