Your Weight In GOLD…


Anyone who had Seen the Movie – UP,

Would know that at Some point along their Journey to Cherry Falls,

Walking Mister Fredricksen’s House through the “Forest” or trees…

Russell tells Mister Fredricksen that he sat on a Curb, next to the Road;

Eating Ice-Cream, talking about much of Nothing… with his Dad;

That was, when his Father did have the time of day for him.

Those “Chats” didn’t really mean much,

AND Yet, those were the Times Russell enjoyed the most…

That TIME that You’re willing


Unwilling to share with another Person,

That’s the MOST Precious Commodity which we Cannot Save-Up.

Not only this, which Everyone knows,

We can BUT only look as it passes…

Yet, Either you Choose not to Spend that with Someone

Who really want to Share that with you,


We’ve got Something Better to do along the way…

I can still Remember Once when my Parents Divorced,

Waiting along the Street, sitting on the Curb –

It could have been a Birthday or Him just being in the Area…

As You can Imagine, he didn’t Pitch-Up.

Years later, People live apart and Parents and Children do not

See each other as much as the Other might want…

Life turns out funny FOR Us like that…

The POINT isn’t the Waiting,

BUT, if you’ve got the Time to Spend with Those,






Best Friend…

Take that Opportunity to do just that.

IF You Do not want to do that,

Have the GUTS to at least tell them So…

BUT then,

We’re Also SO Scared of burning that Bridge –

There’s no Telling if You’d need help from there again.

Yet, You’re UNWILLING to spend that time with that person.


This commodity is as Important in Spending Wisely,

As it is IN Spending it with those We need to…


When Their or Your time is UP,

We cannot Buy it back.

So, even if Your Heart tells you not too worry about this too much,

Remember that Others have the same RIGHT,

They can Choose to Spend any time with You,

Or not at all…

You can Pay for more of it,

With Your Weight In Gold…

Yet it could cost you Much less…

The Truth,


BUT again, depend on what We do;

In the Long run it might be a LOT more…

Happiness… Life’s Passion… Desire…

These combined could almost sound like an Episode of that ONE book Series,

50 Shades of Grey…

Wouldn’t know, didn’t read the Books NOR did I watch the Movie so far…

But then,

Within ANYONE’S deepest Imagination;

These can Look, Seem, Sound OR Bring something Strange to the Fore.

I can BET that I’ve mentioned something about Each of them,


What I found the other day, MAKES me believe this Current




FEELING toward this post is Very Important!

While I was Once again, Watching a DVD on the bigger Screen of the

PC at home,

TWO Literary Ideas hit me.

The ONE would be an Independent Story OR Book.

The OTHER one I had, would Consist of Two books OR If I’m EVER that Lucky,

They’d become Film as well…

The OTHER idea I had the Sequel Idea at the Very same Moment as well.


I stopped the Movie and wrote down that which I Must in Remembering them,

The Day I get back to These Ideas.

This makes me Think back to the ONE Singer which was on

94.7 Highveld Stereo, Breakfast Express;

Stating that HE had a Brilliant Song one night,

Didn’t Get up and write down the Lyrics OR Whichever he would have done.

THUS, the next Morning he Realized that it was Lost…

This isn’t Idea or Thought,

Just mentioned how FAST it is that WE can Loose the Moment of Inspiration.

AND STILL, getting to my Current Point;

At the Time I was busy with these TWO ideas,

I would Always Write with Music,

ONLY, while I was busy with these I’d forgotten to PLAY the Radio

OR Anything from the Computer, playing it through the Radio…

While I was ALMOST done I realized that the

KEYBOARD was sounding a little Different now.

I have had the Keyboard for at least FIVE or More years.

It’s and Natural Microsoft Keyboard.

It’s Contoured to Fit better with Your hands while, IF you’re working longer and more Intense on the Computer.

I also Picked up AGAIN that the Top-Coating of the Keyboard had been worked Off –

Seeing just how Much I had been working on it…


AS Well, I saw that the ( E ) and the ( Backspace ) buttons had halfway lost their Coatings, stating what they’re used for.

THUS, you can Imagine just how much it takes to get all of this happening.

The Very moment when I’d finished writing the Ideas down,

I realized that I’d not REALLY worked that Hard on the Computer with the Last Book OR Story OR Idea to get it done OR finished.

THIS is the Point of the Post;

Understandable that We’re Busy and Life it going by at Speed,

THAT shouldn’t Allow for us to Stall in getting to Your Heart’s Desire.

So much so,

I felt my Fingers were Feeling Stiff,

From NOT doing what they were Trained to do over So Many Years.

I may be working at it,

Finding a Publishing Agent


Now I’m Also Looking to find SOMEONE or Company to Possibly take a Serious Look at My Finished Screenplay as well…

WITH my Normal WORK,

And then Everything Else that’s passing me by each Day and Week;

It’s SO easy to Loose that FOCUS and Drive which Many of us had been

Born – Blessed with,

Getting to that very Real Point where You ABSOLUTELY

Have to Work, Breathe, Live to reach your REAL Goal…

IT’S also a Really Fearful Thought,

It DOESN’T matter HOW long it May take in Reaching this,


Allowing Life, Work OR Anything else in the Meantime;

For YOU not to Concentrate or Work at Your Desire,

Almost Feeling like You’ve

Divorced this Passion, working toward Your Own HAPPINESS…

As HARD as it may be,

We can Get Everything Back,

LIKE when anyone Starts Training,

It MAY take some time and be a Struggle…

That “muscles” we Train becomes Stronger and

Used Regularly, Becomes SO Active that it will once more Become

AUTOMATIC… which we REALLY need for that to be…

All The Best To You,

In All Your Passion!


DIGGING em’ Holes…


I popped around to the ONE mechanic which we’re working with.

I had to go fetch some of the vehicles we’ve to there,

BUT while I got myself ready in doing all of this,

I knew that the ONE car I could easily get away from there,

The other would Prove to be a bit of an Issue – HOW Little Did I Know!

I did my Best at remembering to take along the Towing-Hock,

Which I did forget and THUS,

Had to drive back there,

Going to Fetch it, before we even Got to the Car again…

I saw that we had to Inflate the one Wheel before we’d get moving,

This wasn’t an ISSUE, as the Mechanic helped with that.

STILL I could feel the weight of the Car,

While we moved it with our Bakkie – Pick-Up,

Happy I didn’t use the Smaller car in towing it;

THAT would have taken Half the Day…

Still we got going and I took it REALLY easy,

Especially with the Assistant I had with me.

Also, I took the Back-Roads, avoiding as much traffic as possible.

This helped to a Great Extent.

THEN Again, one of those Other Holes again came into play…

The Very Same tyre – wheel we Had Inflated,

It Totally gave-way…

The Tyre when to Tatters,

Not ONLY on the Outside,

But as I would see, On the Inside as well.

It was A Total Failure of the Tyre structure.


We stopped and looked at what had Happened.

It didn’t happen when we TOOK it to the Mechanic the day,

ONLY on our way back…

Looking to Move the Various Spares of the Car itself,

In the back, I looked to see if there was a Jack,

OR a Wheel-spanner

AND later one, Looking at the Wheel further,

Seeing if I could Find the Lock-Nut as well…

There was a Spare and it was Inflated,

But there wasn’t any Jack for us to use.


My assistant mentioned for us to TOW the car to the Floor,

Which he Mentioned was Close enough…

VERY, VERY Bad Idea –

The Mag-Wheel-Rim will NEVER survive such an Assault,

WITHOUT the protection of the Wheel against the TAR-Road!

I sent Him to fetch us the Strong Jack,

Then set-out to find the Lock-Nut


Find the Wheel-spanner as well.



VERY Lucky I found BOTH!

By the time My Assistant arrived back,

The Nuts were just Loosened and I was about to Insert the Jack Underneath the car,

WHEN My Brilliant Assistant Switched OFF the Bakkie – Pick-Up;

THE one which I was Using to Charge the Battery which I’d Put into the Vehicle…

LOVELY when Others do not Think


Want to Listen when They’re Told something to keep In-Mind…

NOW I had to figure out how get the Bakkie – Pick-Up going as well.

Seeing it’s Diesel, thus May cause an Issue…

Starting with a Great Deal of Power and Energy.

Rarely, But Some of the Times You can Tow it…

I was well done AND

Packed up with the Wheel Change,

When the Other two guys arrived and we started to Struggled in getting the

Bakkie – Pick-UP started now.

Firstly we Used the LESS than Brilliant Jumper-Cables,

Which I subsequently found had a Break in them,

THUS, they weren’t any Use at all!

Option TWO,

We used the Second Car to Tow the Bakkie – Pick-Up with and get it started.

This didn’t work out as well,

SEEING my Second Assistant didn’t Concentrate on this either…

AFTER I had to drive the Tow-Car we got it Started at LONG-Last…

Only then did we get the Entire Show on the Road again…


The More of the Story is this,

When We LEAST expect it,

Things can Go REALLY Astray for us,

No matter what we do…

YOU may Act in Anger or the Believe that You’re Correct,

BUT lives’ little CURVE-Balls can be Really Troublesome!

P.S.:     Nothing MORE happened on the Way to Work, Except for Arriving there WELL past

closing Time…

Even if You’re HUMAN, do what You CAN, not Putting Unnecessary Negative Energy – Thoughts – Ideas OR Feelings towards Others; out there…

Not that it’s so easy…

p E r S o N a L i T y…

personality building, tower cranes constructing 3d word


At least THIS One is on the Comic side…

He… He… He…

Some time ago I had to change the Microwave’s rotating motor so that the Glass Plate would turn around.

I had Thought that this was the end of it…

That wasn’t to be – HENCE the Personality OR rather the Characteristics of the

Microwave came to the Fore!

Just what the Hell does he mean by that,

It’s really simple to say the least,

I suspect that Everyone of us




Something which is working at One Point and then the VERY next moment,

Without Us getting it,

Plays the Fool with us…


The Very same Microwave I’d put a Post on there,

SOME time AGO,

Developed this Action,

When I’m about to Heat something UP,

The TIMER button I have to turn,

Doesn’t Particularly KICK the Microwave into action…

Really Funny the First MOMENT when I wanted to HEAT-up my food!

Luckily the Idea FLASHED in my Mind,

Switch it on BEFORE I’d close the Door.


WHEN it absolutely Refuse to Play with me,

I just Turn the Knob, Button, Timer

And as soon as I close the Door,

The Micky jumps into Life, Heating up the food…

THIS made me think of the Various other Technological ITEMS we might

Own which have their Own Kinks


Their Strange Personalities comes to the Fore before You expect it…

LIKE the Phone I have now,

SOME days I cannot Access the Contacts list,

Then I have to Restart he Phone;

JUST then, Wolaa…

The Phone once more Behaves itself and I can Access the List!

The SAME thing with ONE of the Car we’re using at Work for a Company Car.

I’ve gone a Few rounds with the car already.

I’ve Changed to a BIGGER battery.

STILL, One morning the Car Starts without ANY issue.

Then the VERY Next day I have to Jump-start the car.

NOT only THIS,

It is within the Very SAME Week as well.

Two days out of the SIX the Car just doesn’t Play ball!

There had been a WEEK I can remember,

It didn’t start one day out of the very same week…

The Following Monday,

I got to work and Expected there to be and Issue,

Just there and then, the Car Started without so much as a Hick-up…

NOW I ask you,

Just HOW is it Possible for this to be,

Not only this – I suspect Everyone has got SOME kind of Story to tell…


Then I’m FAR Weirder than I’d thought…

These Items OR Objects Obviously do not REALLY

Have Personalities,

But it’s Still Really Interesting to see Just what happens…

Whoever, EVER said that Life is Boring and Dull…

They DO NOT have Any Idea!

Letter To No One…



(My Mother unpacked One of her Old boxes, found this Letter… Totally had to Translate it for you, NOT too sure it is as Funny as you’d Understand it in Afrikaans… Thought You’d like to read it…)


P.K. Awfully-ill-Ville.

Dear Budd,

I’m writing this letter slowly, seeing that you cannot read that fast. You’d not remember the house, when you come home.

Seeing that we’ve moved.

I’m sending you, your jacket you asked for. Because I didn’t want it to be so heavy, I cut off the buttons.

(If you’d like to know, they buttons are in the top pocket.)

You’re Father landed himself a nice job.

He’s got 500 people below him. He’s mowing the lawn at the graveyard.

Uncle Marty has every Thursday off nowadays. He works at the Domino’s factory and on every Thursday they make blanks.

Uncle Dave has passed away.

He drowned while he was brewing Moonshine Whiskey in a massive kettle. Two of his buddies dove in to rescue him. Yet, he kept out of their reach until the very end of it.

The Funeral Director had to work for three hours, getting the smile off his face. We choose to cremate him, but after two days the fire was still burning.

Our new house is full of surprises. There’s three basins in the bathroom.

There’s one for washing your hands and face, another to wash your entire body, then one to use for only your feet.

Still, you need to be fast when washing your feet, seeing that the water would run down very fast.

There’s two things about the feet-basin we do not understand, thus we’re using the basin for the cutting-board and we framed Grandma’s Portrait, placing above the other.

On Tuesday your Father and I visited the Doctor.

The Doctor gave me a little glass thing I had to keep in my mouth for 10 Minutes.

Now suddenly your Father wants to buy the thing from the Doctor.

Uncle Neil and Aunt Janet had a small accident at home. Their gas-stove exploded and launched both of them out of the Kitchen.

Aunt Janet didn’t care that much, seeing that it was the first time in twenty years, for her and Uncle Neil going out together.

Your sister Susanna had a baby this morning.

I’ve not heard what she had, thus I don’t know if you’re an Uncle or Aunt yet…

It rained twice in last week.

First it rained for 4 days and then for 3 days.

On Monday the wind blew so badly, one of the Hens laid the same egg three times over.

We received a letter from the Old Undertaker, who buried your Grandfather.

If we don’t make the last payment within Seven days, he’s going to dig-up Grandpa…

Your Nephew Carlos, on the front-lines, received a Telegram from his girlfriend:

“I couldn’t wait any longer, so had I to marry your Father. Love Mom…”

Uncle William had bought another car.

It was a holy one, they’d drive the Hell out of it.

He cannot believe the bargain he’d landed with the purchase, Yet he’s still lying underneath it while fixing it.

He says the wipers do not wipe, the tappets do not tap as well as the pistons do not just move up and down, but they rattling around in the engine as well.

All my Love,

Your Mother.

P.S.: I wanted to add the $10 you asked for, but then the letter has been sealed already.


(Het die Getikte brief by my Ma gekry, met die wat sy Een van haar OU Bokse uitgepak het… Ek het so `n KLEIN Bietjie hier verander… Gedink jul as wil lees…)


P.K. Brandsiekspruit.

Liewe Boet,

Ek skryf maar stadig want ek weet jy kan nie vinnig lees nie. Jy sal nie die huis ken as jy huis toe kom nie.

Ons het getrek.

Ek stuur jou baadjie wat jy gevra het met die pos. Sodat die pakkie nie te swaar moet wees nie het ek die knope afgesny.

(As jy wil weet waar die knope is, kyk in die liner boonste sak.)

Jou pa het nou `n lekker werk.

Hy het 500 mense onder hom. Hy sny die gras by die begrafplaas.

Oom Sors het deesdae elke Donderdag af. Hy verf die wit kolletjies op die blokkies by die Dominoufabriek en elke Donderdag maak hulle net blenks.

Jou Oom Sarel is dood.

Hy het verdrink in `n tenk Mampoer bo in die berg by die ketel. Twee van sy maats het ingeduik om hom te red, maar hy het hulle van hom af weggehou tot die laaste.

Dit het die ondernemer amper drie uur gekos om die glimlag van sy gesig af te kry. Ons het hom versa, maar twee dae later het die vuur nog gebrand.

Die nuwe huis is vol verrarssings. In die badkamer is glad drie wasbakke. Een om jou hande en gesig in te was, een om jou hele lyf in te was en een net vir jou voete. Maar jou voete moet jy baie vinnig was anders loop al die water weg. Twee goed by die voetwasbak wis ons nie waarvoor die was nie, nou gebruik ons maar die een vir `n broodbord en ons het Ouma te potret geraam in die ander.

Ek en jou Pa is Dinsdag Dokter toe.

Die Dokter het so `n klein glas ding in my mond gesit en ek moes my mond vir 10 Minute toe hou. Nou wil jou Pa die ding by die Dokter koop.

Oom Soois en Tant San se gas-stoof het ontplof en skiet hulle toe altwee deur die Kombuis dak.

Tant San het nie omgegee nie, sy sê dit was die eerste keer dat hulle saam uit was in twintig jaar.

Jou suster Susanna het `n baba gehad vanoggend.

Ek het nog nie gehoor wat dit was nie, so ek weet nog nie of jy `n Oom of `n Tante is nie.

Dit het net twee keer gereën verlede week.

Eers 4 dae en toe vir 3 dae.

Maandag het die wind so gewaai dat een van die Henne dieselfde eier drie keer gelê het.

Ons het `n brief van die Ondernermer gekry wat jou Oupa begrawe het.

Hy sê as ons nie die laaste paaiement binne Sewe dae betaal nie, kom grawe hy Oupa weer uit.

Jou neef Karools, op die grens, het `n telegram van sy nooi gekry:

“Kon nie langer vir jou wag nie, trou toe met jou Pa. Liefde Moeder.”

Oom Willie het toe `n ander kar gekoop.

`n Heilige een, want die duiwel is uit hom uitgery.

Hy kan nog nie oor die bargain kom nie, want hy lê nog al die tyd onder die ding.

Hy sê die wipers wil nie wipe nie, die tappets wil nie tap nie en die pistons gaan nie op en af, sonder on teen die kante te slat nie.


Jou Ma.

Ns. Ek wou nog die R10 insluit wat jy gevra het, maar nou is die brief al klaar toegeplak.

Scraping Along…

I went so see the Movie,

Minions on the Silver Screen – with one of my Free Tickets.

As with EVERYONE of us,

I know that Everyone is finding it Really hard at Keeping themselves

AND their Families above the Bread-Line.

While I saw there,

Speaking to a few people around there,

I saw to my UTTER surprise that the Shelves of the Cinema Complex

Were VISIBLY Empty of Goods they’d be Selling.

I know that for the Past few Weeks – MONTHS

Everyone had been seeing that Things had not gone Well,

BUT when I saw this,

Such a Massive Company not having Stock as You’d Suspect them to have,

It was a Shocking Surprise at just HOW Bad or ECONOMY

Is Suffering and Where It MIHGT lead to!

ALTHOUGH our Fuel price had Decreased in the Past,

EVERYONE Knows that the various Shopping Outlets had not Decreased

Their Product Prices so that the Customers

WHO in fact, Help the Companies Reaching SO High,

Weren’t AT ALL, Accommodated with this Decrease in the Price…

Just Leaves You to WONDER,

How many People and Companies out there have TAKEN

Over the Years so far,

While the Economy is Visibly Dying of this Cancer,


Although these Companies OR Single Individuals has TAKEN

So much, They do not CARE For the General Public…

THE ONLY issue beyond this is,

If you were to look at INTERNATIONAL Level,

Looking for the Sake Of Argument at


There’s also Problems and Issues with the Euro;

It DOES NOT matter who You are,

The MORE Greedy People become,

The BIGGER the Issue would Become in the End…

IF They Cannot See Beyond Their Nature,

There’s NO WAY they could Generate even More Funds,



Provincial – State




Economies to GROW, Helping to Sustain it AND

HELPING the Normal Man in the Street,

Getting By, Living OR Reaching a Little further,

Than where WE’RE right now…

Currently HERE,

Everyone is Affected,

Even if they Do Not Know It


Realize this is Happening…

I’ll FOREVER and MORE do my Best at Living


One single Sent of Debt –

It’s NOT to say that You cannot Manage it well enough,


Myself, if you CAN Save up for what You’d Need…

That Leaves You with MORE Monies to Move where You need it.

It’s STILL Hard,

Difficult and Without


Willing and Able to Help,

We can ONLY do the Best we can…


How to Jump-Start a Car…


Lights, Cables, Start…

I got a Call this morning, from One of my sisters…

Interesting to say the least–

I was going to Add another thought here, BUT now;

This is the ONE that I’d be sharing with you.

It Might not be as LONG as normal, But then the ONE I’m going to Share next weeks is QUIT a bit Longer with the amount of Information included therein.

As I’m working with Cars as a 9 TO 5,

I know quiet a bit about it…

If EVER you need to Jump Start a Diesel Vehicle,

You need to know a few things;


Diesel Vehicles Need a Great Deal of Power – Energy from a STRONG Battery.

Either with a Starting Battery inside the Car/Bakkie/Pick-Up

The POWER You’ll need to Start a Diesel Engine,

That STILL needs a Great Deal of Power;

As the Diesel Starts with COMPRESSION and Not Spark.

THUS, the Compression in the Engine is Pressure Against the Starter as well.

USING some Jumper Cables here;

YOU need to make Sure that RED cable goes on RED of the Battery


Black Goes on Black.

Making sure Not to Short out the Battery OR the System of the Other Vehicle.

VERY Important to Note, if the Cable You’re using is of LESS than Strong Quality,

It will Become VERY Hot,

To the Point it could Easily burn Your Hands,

Seeing the Power Drain that is affected and LACK of power Transferred.

In the Direct Opposite is the Petrol Engine,

This Engine Needs Spark to Start,

Burning the Fuel and Air Combination in the Cylinder Chamber.

When You do

Jump-Start the Diesel Vehicle,

MOST of them – New Cars and Bakkies as well as Pick-Up’s – Trucks,

Have got Computers Included within the Auto-Electrical System for the Vehicle.


You need to Keep the Lights on while Jump-Starting the Diesel Vehicle.

IF you were Jumping from a Petrol Car,

WHICH have got Fuel-Injection,

Meaning a COMPUTER;

You’d best Keep the Head-Lights and the BRIGHTS on as well.

This Goes for ALL Petrol Cars which have Computers and Fuel Injection.

In doing so,

WITH the lights on,

IF there’s a Spark,

The LIGHTS would Draw the Spark AND

MOST likely Keep the Computer from Receiving a Surge…

There’s NO Guarantee that Anything Cannot Happen;

But this Lowers the Risk Considerably.

Always be Very Careful when Jump-Starting any Vehicle;

FOR the Computer linking All the Systems together is



Expensive to replace…