That POMPOUS Irritation!

angry boy

A guy too angry with green shirts

I’ve been Writing for Far Longer than I can Believe some days. Not only this,

I do hope that my Thoughts and Ideas and Possibly,

Ranting do NOT leave a Foul taste in Most People’s Mouths…


Ironic to say this,

As you Might suspect,

This would be what I’ve seen again on my Twitter Account.


Usually when I get a Strange Reaction from Someone else,

There’s a NOT so Interesting Tweet which got Circulated via my

Automated App / Program I’m using on my Account…

It’s called:


The ONE Tweet which Most do not read Carefully OR

At least come back to ask me what is going on –

Which SOME of the Good People do ask me when in Doubt… is this one:


{users} (4=Twitterverse) We’re ONLY Human, but that’s not EXCUSE 4 Anyone acting like a Pompous ASS at Times!


It’s so Easy to make up Our OWN minds and believe we Know what another Person is Thinking,

We rarely take the time in Most Situation to Grasp the Idea that even when we Speak,

Do we STILL confuse People around us.


Our Communication is MORE than just words.

ME working in the General Arena of Words can tell you that Even though you Might believe you Know or You heard what was said,

Reading words, NOT knowing the Actual Intention behind them,

That can Cause you Such a Blunder!


Our Body-Language consist of at Least 50-80% of our Communication.

That is, If all the Powers that Be will Stand by this Standard…


NOW then,

If you do not See the Picture of what Someone is Writing you clearly,

Do not Hear and Notice what they’re Saying to you Clearly,

HOW on Earth can We believe to Understand what was Meant?


Not only this,

Our Minds run in a different Way from Others and See things in a Different Light as well.

We Register information in a Different Manner and Come to a Conclusion in a Different way from People around us.


There are SO many Variables which We could be Missing,

In our Fast Lives we take in so much –

Making and Honest Mistake is so easy to do…

Accepting it,

That’s a little Harder AND Worse than that,

Admitting to it,

That’s almost Impossible!


Like Myself,

I read a Message on my Notifications Tab on Twitter,

Rather than seeing the word;


I read it as Pleasure!


Now take it in this Light;

It’s no pleasure…

WHICH doesn’t Sound or Look to be that Nice!

Rather than;


So even I had to re-read the same little Sentence myself,

Very Easy of Us to make a Mistake within Our Communications!


The LAST thing within all of this that’s Almost a Bigger issue;

When our Fragile EGO’S get in the way…

Yes I’ve Said it;

When we feel Wronged,

You just Might Lash-out, When and Where You shouldn’t be.

Always TRY and take a Deep Breath,

Look at what you’re Facing and run it through Your Mind at least Twice.

NOT only to get you More Upset,

Look at the Message from a Different Angle.


IF and When you do react,

If and When you Might be wrong,

Changing things Around will NOT be that Easy!



Others have Feelings as well,

It’s NOT to say what them Meant and what You heard,

Was Meant to Insult You…


AND no,

I got the Idea of their Message – Asking for a FB Like,

Which I Gladly gave them…

As well as Coming up with Our Blunders in Communications…


WONDER if Ever the Animals had such Issues


Would those ONLY be their Natural Instincts?

BattleField – Creativity…


I was thinking about my NEXT Mission,

Which after all would NOT be so Easy, as I’ve NOT started with it Yet…


I am NOT aware of How much Everyone who reads these Thoughts and Posts of Mine know about the Creative side of all This?


To make it Easy I thought of Letting Everyone in on a Few Additional Aspects of what I myself Encounter, Maybe others as well – Not entirely sure on that one.


I am after all Referring to Re-Writing my First Screenplay and not only that,

But having to Add additional information on it AS WELL, having read this Book a few Years ago – I was told to read ONLY the First Three Chapters.


SO, Being Myself, I read Through the Entire thing AND

I suspect that it was the Idea of the Lady who is helping me,

Doing just that… WHICH I might Add, the Second Time around, It does HELP so much more than I thought!


The Book is Called;

Save The Cat


Blake Snyder


This is what they Call a Log-line – something we’re ALL too Familiar with,

Even though You might not really think so,

But here in My Revised one for this specific Screenplay…



A young man changes his job and so his life; then he faces incredible odds, putting his life on the line for the chance to survive and find love.


NOW, here’s the Kicker –

I need Everyone who Read that Log-line, to Tell me what you Think of this short Description.

It would be Interesting to see if ANY of you would like to go see a Movie with this Log-line Very Briefly telling You Something about what You may see…


YES, I really WANT Your feedback on the Log-line.


NOW then, I’d say that within the Creative Spectrum, if you got THAT one Thought,

Idea or Blast of Inspiration,

It’s REALLY Hard to get from that to the Finished Product.


Be it Either just that Thought, Idea or an Image which ANY Creative Person sees as a Snippet of the WHOLE;

THEY, I or Anyone for that Matter has to work toward…

You see,

ONE page of blank A4 piece of Paper – when Filled with whatever Information,

It Accounts to One Minute on the Screen.


HENCE, any Screenwriter would work in a Section of 60 pages for ONE Hour.

Anything over 60 means the Film is Longer than an Hour.

That’s REALLY – REALLY Difficult to do; Especially when it’s a ONCE off Movie.


You could look at an Average of 275 words on a Sheet of Paper.

NOW then, Just how hard would it be in SEEING what others would, on the Screen and

Doing this so well that the Film / Movie comes to a Full-Filling Conclusion…


NOT only that,

But you need to ALMOST attack your Story or the Idea,

Making sure that You’ve got the Mechanisms in Place to Draw the Audience in and

MAKE them willing to Spend that much time IN Watching the Movie…



With my First Attempt even After reading the Same Book,

I didn’t use what I’d seen this time AND

Suspect if you did have to Concentrate HARD enough,

I could do without Much of the Aspects of what is Mentioned in the Book.


That said,

It’s Much easier to USE what Others had found over time & Experience.

THUS, This time I’ll use as Much of the Information I got from the Book.

SEEING the Image you’ve got –

Let it NOT confuse you TOO much!


The Idea is that It’s working like a Board on which the Entire Movie would be Plotted – each aspect thereof will Help with the Flow of the Movie and

It also Serves as a Roadmap for the Writer NOT to get Lost OR off-track Too much.


There are Various Characters,

NONE so More Important that the Main Character

AS Well as His or Her Love Interest OR Opposite they Play with.

BUT do not Forget that without their “Bad Guy / Girl” in the Mix,

This will NOT work!


Now the Writer Need to Build-Up to the various Sections in the Script.

He or She much work with not ONLY the Story line,

There’s the Sub-plot as well – which Draw-in Additional Characters AND

With all of this, make sure the Flow of the Movie is Up to speed.


Everyone Except for the Bad-Guy/Girl has to Grow or Learn or Move from one Emotional place to their Final EUREKA point.

THIS, while keeping the original Story-line intact.


Let’s NOT forget that They want you on the Edge of Your Seat at places,

Making you KNOW there’ll be More and keep you Wanting it as well!


“they” say, “they” want it the SAME, But “they” want it DIFFERENT as well,


NOT only this but – Don’t TELL me, SHOW me…


This is Really Hard for Anyone to get Around to, YET if you’re in the Business of things – a Writer OR Creative Person, that’s Part of the Issues – Problems – Hard Work to struggle through…


Within all of this,

ANY Creative Person will TOTALLY loose their Minds in TRYING to do this,

Knowing that Every Creative Process is Different than the OTHERS out there –

But ONE thing they’ve got in Common…


No matter how GOOD you are,

If You’re NOT doing the Hard Work,

Just WHO in the Entire World would do that For You?


It doesn’t Matter how hard it Might look now,

But as soon as we’ve Done what We have to,

Normal work or Creative,

ONLY after You’ve Done can you Move forward to the Next Step…



Different People have Different Talents and Abilities –

But that wouldn’t MATTER in the Least,

UNLESS – You get Done what needs be Done and

Improve on Your Finished Product when You get






One Step at a time is Better,

Than letting Everyone walk You BY and You See where it is where You’d like to be,

But, Not Starting or Finishing – Doesn’t allow You to Reach that Place…


NOTHING in the World is Easy,

If it was, Everyone Else would be Doing the Same thing;

Even though it Looks Easier than MOST would say,

Everything Takes it’s TIME to Master and not a Moment Less…


Master Your Passion!

Reflexology – Feet (Hands)


I’ve been Running up and down between two Stands at work, having to divide my Time as effectively between the two as I possibly can.

That said; I’ve for almost three Years worked with Safety Boots.

This helped in the past very well, seeing they were Strong, Water Resistant and I could walk anywhere or anyway with them I needed to.


The distance between the two Floors would be more or less 350-400 meters.

Not only this, getting there fast and going up and down a few times a day,

That turns out to be a much bigger calculable distance…

That over a Week, over a Month would be even MORE!


Since I thought of this,

I’ve also looked at the Therapy of Reflexology –

Which I researched on the Net and found many a Professional Practician and

Medical institution had not found it to be a Real benefit to our Bodies.


This isn’t an Issue for me.

Anyone who had work or been on their Feet for any excessive time would know for a Fact, when You’re tired or Swore – it doesn’t take a Genius to know it’s Painful at times and REALLY Irritating!


Now then, Coming back to the Safety Boots;

I ran to one of the floors more than once over a Period of time.

HENCE I can tell you,

Shoes, Sneakers or Cross-Trainers; MADE for running should be Used for Regular Running and NOT Safety Boots –

UNLESS there’s an Emergency; then Run Your Ass Off!


With the Constant Exertion on my Feet,

I once more Choose to buy a Set of Inners to place inside the Boots.

They were somewhat Comfortable,

Yet I still had the Discomfort from walking with the Hard Boots.


I didn’t really want to use the Almost Hiking Boots I own,

But the Situation required me to make Radical Changes,

For me to Work as I had for the Past Three Years.


I placed the Inners in the Softer High Ankle Boots,

Which made the Impact on my Feet far More Bearable.

STILL I had to Make the Conscious Effort NOT to run even in These Boots-like Shoes and give My Feet enough time to Relax… and recuperate.


I Do Not easily ware any shoes at Home, allowing my Feet to relax;

Unless it’s Cold and I need to keep warm.

BUT, even with this – I’ve felt that taking Care of my Feet over the past few Weeks have helped me working as Normal.


I’ve studied in Swedish Massage Therapy,

That said, It’s NOT easy to Massage Your OWN Feet!


The Idea isn’t the Massage or even the Reflexology, as a Therapy;

The IDEA here is this,

It doesn’t Matter what kind of work you do,

What parts of your Body you use,

As long as you take Care of Yourself,

BEYOND Medical Air or even Hospitalization,

WE need to be Cautious how we do what we do!


There’s in My point of View – Subliminal Stress which inhabit each moment of our Work Lives.

Even if it’s Running around as I do,

OR Someone who work with their Brain more Often,

STILL within a Stressful Environment,

Everyone picks up Stress in Today’s Day in Age.


Stimulating the Body in Releasing that Stress,

May it be through Message,

Going to the Gym,

OR If you use a Reflexologist

OR which Other method You use,

EVERYONE needs to get the Relieve from that Stress!


There are Always External Factors we cannot Change

OR Do a thing about,

BUT when you Need to Relax

OR Allow that Loved One to know You’re Really Stressed;

WITHOUT Giving IT to them when They’re Concerned,

THAT Might even help You to relax far Better and More

THAN what You could have Imagined!


I have come to Understand what with my Feet,

Having Overworked them,

It will take time for them to Heal if I can say that,

While I’m still Working and

Still busy as I am,

The OLDER we get the MORE we have to take Care of Ourselves as well!


Relaxing and Sleeping and possibly Detoxing and

Switching OFF from work,

Is as Important as it is for us to


Spending Time with Loved Ones…


With TIME passing so Fast

AND Us; running as we do,

WE should be as much a Priority to US

As our Family and Friends, Loved Ones and Children are to US!


If you don’t take Care of Yourself,

The MOMENT when Your Children OR Spouse

Have to Start doing that,

You’ve Already Failed at Taking Care of them
AND Yourself,

So you can Do Your Job at

Taking Care of them…


YOUR Health is More Important to You

Than what You can Think Possible!

ME and a Few MINIONS…


Saturday I helped out my Oldest sister with her Oldest child, her Daughter.

There are Three Children in the Family who are Older as well and had Finished High School already.

Yet, I had to help Move some Furniture (goodies) from on City to another,

Getting the girl Sorted out so she could Start her Studies on Monday.

With all of us being SO busy, helping to get Everything done as BEST possible wasn’t the Easiest of Accomplishments I must say!


Firstly, the Trailer we hired, I had to pick that up on Friday,

I wasn’t in the least bit Willing to fetch it on Saturday Morning…

Good that I did it this way as well!

I made arrangements at work, Having the Saturday OFF

AND left work just After four on Friday – picking up the Trailer.

As soon as I stopped at the House, having Picked it up,

I had to look at Some of the Wiring between the BMW and the Trailer itself.


The Brake Lights were working well,

But I had an Issue with the Indicators not working Continuously while they HAD to.

This irritated me to some Extent and NOT being so Brilliant with

AUTO Electrical, I had to see what was going on there.

Even on Saturday Morning I kept on looking here and got it as best as I could,

Before we loaded.

IRONICALLY, I had NO idea how much we’d load,

BUT it turned out that we Could have use a 3 Meter trailer

RATHER than the 5 Meter one that we Hired!


Most of the Items were easy enough,

But then we Also moved the Double Door Fridge.

THIS one let me Sweating like there had been a Tap opened up on the Top of my Head!

Working to Move this massive Fridge,

I had to work even Harder than the Three Boys who helped out moving there.

It was much harder to move than what THEY suspected it might be – still we got Everything on the Trailer and tied them down…

Might I add with the piece of Nylon Rope which had seen Better days!


BEFORE we loaded the Next stuff,

We had to Drive to THREE places looking for More NYLON Rope so we’d Tie everything down Better and Safer.

WITH the Long trailer behind me and the Goods packed already,

It’s not so Easy to maneuver in Small spaces!


Loaded, Tied Down and Ready – the ONLY other thing we needed was to get Some

DIESEL into the SUV.

At the Big Shop I found the Nylon Rope, there was a Fuel Station, but at the time it’s was Full and I suspected loading and filling on the Road was a better Idea.

Even at the (Blockhouse One Stop) it was quit a Feat getting the Vehicle and Trailer out of the Fueling point.

Not only was the Machine to one side, BUT next to me was a Vehicle parked by the time I

had to get out of there.

The Maneuverability wasn’t easy at all, YET I Luckily managed to get it out!

I had to Manually Disengage the Hand-brake on the Trailer – as well as getting us up to Speed from round about 80 to 100 Kilometers per hour…

THIS with some Weight behind us and Drive as safely as possible as well!


Concentrating on the Road and Driving as Carefully as possible,

That takes a GREAT Deal from you.

People Driving for a Living do NOT have the Best Jobs as the best of time…

Just a thought.


Directions came as a Possible Issue, but I had a good Idea what She meant;

That doesn’t Really help – if you drive Wrong and have to make some kind of

U-Turn in getting back from where you came…

It wasn’t Necessary so I was very Happy with this one!

We got the Key from the Main Campus Office and were ready to Head to the Apartment where Little Miss Sunshine was to Live for the Next few Months.


We signed in and found that the Entrance Road was barely Wide enough for us to get in there.

Still, I was able to turn around WITHOUT having to back the Trailer up…

Which wouldn’t be such an Issue, BUT it is a bit MORE time Consuming!

We had to get to the Second Floor and saw the Apartment.

The Room Mate’s family was there while they Unpacked as well.

THEN we stared with OUR small Final round of Moving…


With the Elevator things would go Fast enough…

That was UNTIL it Choose to stop working and we were Stuck having to Move

EVERYTHING up the Stairs… TWO Floors Up!

VERY, Very Lucky for us, the Stair Cases were Wide.

NOT only this, there weren’t SO much we had to move and

Like bees, we got bust Unpacking and Loading Off, getting Everything UP to the Apartment!


I once more Moved the SUV and Trailer closer to the Doors which we use,

Getting the Fridge Off the Trailer was one thing,

BUT – there was Absolutely NO way we’d Get the Massive Weight Up the Stairs!


Only After my Oldest Sister arrived there from Work, were we able to Borrow not ONLY the moving trolley – But luckily the Man-power from three Additional men to help us out in getting the Fridge up the Stairs.

Using the Trolley’s wheels,

We lived it as well as the Fridge up ONE Step at a time,

Literarily, Rolling the Unit up One Step each!

We Placed the Fridge in the Apartment, then I had to Balance it out and eventually the Desk she’d be working at while working on her Studies.


All and All when we were done,

The SUV ran home a little bit Better, being Off-loaded and not Feeling that Much wind-resistance.

STILL, the Drive home was somewhat Plagued with Rain…

Driving UP and Down as I mentioned do take it out of you.

I dropped the Trailer at my Sister’s Home

AND then dropped the Two Minions in the Picture with my Younger Brother…

THEN only did I return Home.


The LAST in the List of things to do,

This Morning I have to drop the trailer, THAT so we’d not be Billed for another Day’s of use;

WHICH we’d not Move a single THING to say the least!


Through all of this,

Moving a Short Distance OR far,

It does take it out of you…

BUT, when You do not have a Choice in the Matter,

Then we do what we Have to do, helping as far as we can…

Muscle Memory – (Retention Memory)


I searched on the NET as well as Microsoft Encarta for this Specific topic.

One thing that I did see was the Explanation for Body Building.

Why it is when a person Training stop for a while and then Continue at SOME point later on – then sees that their body and muscle Respond faster and better.

As Scientific Research shows, the Cell develop more Nuclei in the Cells and add protein to sustain the Cells and thus, the Muscle is developed bigger.

When the Athlete stop training, the Nuclei stay in the Cell and Later on when Training resumes, the Proteins produced just Reinvigorate the Cell and the Nuclei again – leaving the Athlete to SEE results faster and better…


As you May suspect this isn’t what I’d like to discuss.

This is interesting though, seeing I had trained hard at some point, which could see me Looking better, faster when I do have the time to get there again…


HERE is my thought,

Most of us Drive cars. We have learned to Walk and do SO many other things along the way as well.

This Repetitive action is also called Muscle Memory.

Like Boxers and people involved in Martial Arts –

That Repetitive Action is what make this Athlete that good as well,

They react to the Action before them OR what they’re in,

Thus they move much faster and React Almost on Instinct.

But this is the Same for ALL of us, as I mentioned that We Learn a great deal of things while we REPEAT them.

And so in this case, when we Physically repeat something over Time we get it down so much that it becomes a Motor-neuron action.

We do this without having to THINK of doing it.

One of the MOST common ideas here would be,

As I mentioned while You may be driving a Car.

It can be Automatic or Manual (Stick) and how we go through the Motions of doing just this; without even Really concentrating on it…


Getting to the POINT of automatically doing whatever it is that You’ve been training over time is the REAL memory action we’re looking for.


The SAME with me, I’m using a Natural Keyboard.

When I started with the Type Writer, I used two fingers and had to Steadily Learn the Keyboard.

When I moved over to the PC and Laptop as well as Now with the Natural Keyboard,

I was forcing myself in Learning where the Keys are and that I had Specific Fingers to use in Typing the Specific Keys with them.

JUST so you’d know, when I loose my Concentration and the Flow isn’t Natural,

I do tend to make mistakes.

SO, that Memory is as well connected to you Relaxing and being Willing to allow your Natural Instincts to govern what You KNOW and what You THINK should be…

Trust Your Instincts a bit more, ESPECIALLY when You’ve been going at it for some

time already.


Now here’s ANOTHER nifty Idea for you.

My thought on this, Memory and Repetition (Routine)

I suspect could easily be the same thing.

Why would I say this,

Very easily, how often do you WAKE every day at the same time.

I do, not that It’s REALLY such a shock…

The Shock is this almost,

I mostly would wake Before the Alarm can sound and would Silence the Alarm before it could really wake me.

There are THOSE days when You’d REALLY like to sleep and do NOT wake before the Alarm.

But those aren’t Everyday either.

ONE other thing I’ve come to Realize,

Like Last Night, when I got into bed,

I told myself NOT to wake earlier – but wake ONLY when the Alarm would sound.

I told this to Myself repetitively and to the point.

(It doesn’t Always work, but I still tried it)

SO, I got in a Night’s sleep to the moment when the Alarm did wake me…

This had WORKED a few times in the Past,

THUS, when we talk about Routine, Muscle Memory and Repetitive actions;

There are a few things which work in Conjunction with each other.


The ONLY question I have,

How much influence does the Subconscious have on our Memory and

When you need to Change OR Alter a specific outcome,

How much can we steer ourselves in that direction?


It’s NOT the easiest of things to do,

Getting into Training, but then,

Doing a Great Many things out of your Norm isn’t easy either,

BUT, Firmly telling yourself to get that done OR

Being WILLING to try, that could make the Difference from Wanting to do it

AND learning whatever it may or may not be,

Into having this as a Memory Action in time…


Training yourself to better yourself,

In whichever, whatever Positive Direction or Action!

A Year A-New…


Obviously this isn’t a Mystery, it is a fact that Everyone around the World knows very well.

During this Festive Season, with Christmas and the Holidays,

We have the Dropping of the Ball at Time Square…

Not that it’s the ONLY reference to the New Year which Makes the Most sense;

It’s ONLY the Idea that what is Past will Mostly stay there.


The Idea here is to Acknowledge that ANOTHER Year had passed.

The Idea and Reality is, there’s Things Everyone of Us wanted to get to,

Yet, if You and or I did Not get those done


Had that Time in getting to those,

BE Happy to KNOW,

We are here – 2016

There is a WHOLE New Year in which to Reach

Wherever or to

Whatever You want,

Taking that Chance at doing SOMETHING

Extra-ordinary for Yourself.


The ONLY Person in Our Lives who is Our Worse Enemy is


It’s Understandable that some Things are a LITTLE Scary.

Taking that Chance, Whichever Whatever it May be;

That is a Really Scary Undertaking…


Do You know what IS worse,

NOT taking that Chance!


Make the PLAN,

Find the Support which IS there,

All You need be doing is ASK…

Everyone CAN change and do what they Want / Need,

THUS, take that Opportunity in Reaching Your Dreams.

Taking that First Scary Step is the Biggest Obstacle…


I LIKE the saying;

Rome wasn’t built in a Day,

(But this people Usually do not Add)

But You can Bet Your ASS they were Working on it Every day…


Work on it Every day,

Everything takes Time and Hard work…

If NOT, would We have Cared for it

OR Respected the Result when we did Reach our Goals?

A Christmas Merry…

Christmas Card Vector

Over the past few weeks and days coming to the END of the Year,

I’ve wondered what I’d Post this week.

There’ve been a few Ideas and I’ve passed on ALL of them.

The fact of the matter is this,

Everyone of US had been Running, Working and Struggling to Reach where we

ALL like to reach.

There had been Hard, Difficult and Painful time;

MOST of which I cannot Even Discern.


There would be SO MANY People out there having their Own Ideas

On this Season of Giving and the Possible Happiness between those who want to be

Grateful for their Blessings.

They could be Right and or Wrong,

But I can tell you,

As long as You are willing to



Share Your time with Your Loved ones,

Even if You do not Celebrate Christmas or Not,

Sharking this time with Your Family and Friends,

Feeling and Sharing Goodwill Toward Everyone Around You,

Then that this the Idea of having a Better World at the End of this Day…


There’s so much for Everyone to do,

There’s so much Everyone SHOULD get to do,

But as long as we Cannot See the Possibilities,

We waste a Great Deal of Our Lives,

Not even seeing this for Ourselves.


Spend this Time Together where You can,

Share the Lives You have Lived and

Support Everyone around You in Living Their Dreams with them,

For we do not Know when Our Time would come…


Be Blessed in whichever Manner or Way

You Live in or

Believe to be Correct to you.


One other Thought,

We can ALWAYS be Right and be Alone in this,


We can Make things work,

In being Happy with Each Other,

Being there to Share in the Spoils of






Truly Hope You can See the Positives where they Exist.