This must Sound like the strangest of Ideas, Thoughts or Topics to write about.

Well now, not REALLY,

Seeing that if You’re not Confident about

Who You are,

What You do,

Where You’d like to go,

What You’re worth,

AND If You’re Dreams are worth the Effort;

THEN that kind of lack in Your make-up will eventually be a Cause for Concern!

There’s ONE Universal Law or Idea or Thought about this which I suspect very few KNOW but many Do Not get…

This is Actually just my Thought about it…

No matter WHAT you do, Plan, Arrange at any given time – It may NOT work out and / or even BLOW-UP in your Face!

As soon as We, You, Us understand this;

It Could get a little easier.

Saying that isn’t as Clear Cut as it might sound.

But then, I suspect this is the Regular saying –

Murphy’s Law = What can go wrong, Will go wrong…

ONLY; What can go Right, Will go Right as well…

You just need to Understand this,

NOT to be Fearful at TRYING that which You will do,

But understand it MIGHT not work out as YOU wanted it,

THUS, do not be Scared when You need to Change the Plans somewhat,

BUT be sure, If you can Move with the Flow,

Just possibly You could end-up on Top…

It’s is a Journey like everything else in our Lives,

But One worth do Fight all the way AND be Grateful when We Reach Our Set Destination…

As well,

I do not Believe that Confidence is Built easily,

Not only this, But when we Do something we’re NOT Sure of,

You MIGHT burn Your fingers along the way,

You Actually Learn how to do it Better or Correctly when You need be doing it again.

THUS, to some Extend,

We Fail to learn what to do then Next time.

It Might not happen that You’d actually Fail,

But in the Exercise we Learn Valuable lesson in Life all the same.

BE Very Careful that the Fear of Failure Does Not become a Paralyzing Effect in Your Life – STOPPING You from Living… as well as Trying…


That which We RUN from,
Those are in actual Fact the things which Teaches Us the Most.

Those are the things we Fail in the most,

SOMETIMES, those are the ones which makes Us Feel like Idiots,

Because we Neglect to Ask for Help in getting the Scary things Done…

Understandable, NOT every time you DO try it,

There will be Help for You,

But what You LEARN along the way,

NO Class,

NO Course,

NO Person,

NO Wisdom,

NO Knowledge – beforehand will help you All the Time…

That be Called Life’s Experience and

THIS, is the Hard part,

As much HELP we Could be Given at ANY Point along our Paths…

IF You DON’T listen to Any Good Advice from Others,

If You Neglect to Learn the Lessons of Life itself,

THEN you’d Struggle and Suffer for as LONG as it takes,

For You to Learn whichever OR whatever Lessons we ALL have to learn!

Like every other Aspect of life,

You can Read-up on EVERY possible way at Building Your Confidence,

Go to every Possible Seminar which can Help you become this Person You wish,

BUT eventually We All have to see the LIGHT,



Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Life more…

Plan more…


Plan again…

Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Plan another way…

AND no one KNOWS what would be next…

If You DON’T try… You get the idea?

O U C H!

I would have posted another




Or whatever it could or Might end-up being.

The ONLY reason I’m not placing the other here,

SOMETHING a little painful happened during the Morning

For me to do just that.

With the Passing week I’ve been as normally,

Run up and down quit Frantically,


Not sure when or where it took place,


Luckily for me, It appears that I just ever so Slightly,

Stretched one of my Muscles in my upper leg.

NOW then,

As I walk a lot during the day


During the Entire week,

THIS was pretty Painful and without me KNOWING

When exactly it happened,

I know that I have slow down just a little for the Muscle to catch up with me…

THUS, this Morning My sister asked if I could help,

C R A W L I N G into the Roof of her House,

HUNTING down the Geyser,

She asked me to Increase the “little” set screw,

Increasing the Heat of the Water with the Idea of Winder being here.

I brought the LONGER ladder from home and even with THIS one,

I had some trouble at getting into the Ceiling of the house…

Using ONLY the light from my Cellphone,

I VENTURED into this Darkness at locating the Geyser


Helping to Adjust the Heat on it as well.

I was doing what I could,

Getting in there and AVOIDING falling through the Ceiling at ALL Costs,


I was able to Adjust the Temperature…


Getting out of there, with the Ladder a little SHORT as well,

I did Manage it… As Safely as possible.

ALTHOUGH it was ONLY when I was done,

Did I feel there’s a muscle UNDERNEATH my Shoulder-blade,

Which wasn’t TOO happy with me!

Now then,

In ONE week I ended up stretching my Leg Muscle


Getting into the Attack/Ceiling of the House,

Managed to

REALLY Stretch the Muscle in my Back…

SO much so,

Before I took a REALLY Hot Bath,

Soothing the Muscle,

I saw in the Mirror,

Two Strips of Red line on my Skin.

The one at the top was shorter and then a Three times longer one at the bottom,

Seeing that for a certain fact that it wasn’t just Sore,

But there was the indication of me Ripping the specific muscle…

With BOTH of them happening as they did,

I suspect that I have a Possible Iron Deficiency,

Affecting my Muscles and ALSO,

If you get cramps,

That could also be an Indication that You do not Drink

Enough water…

Even if you Believe Yourself to be Fit enough at doing MOST Things

As You’d like to do,

Still be careful at what you do,

Especially when You’re not “Warmed-up” before You start doing that thing,

Injuring Yourself is Very easy and fast;

They do not say, MORE than 50% of Accidents takes place at HOME…

Go Figure!


In The NICK Of Time…

YES, there was a Film Called – “Nick of Time” with Johnny Depp…

Not the same thing here though…

With the Start of the School Holidays;

I saw two possible University Female Students park next to me when I had to take a Client to the Bank.

Now there wasn’t Anything strange about this at First,

STILL I sat in the Car, waiting for the Client and one of our Runners, with the Client inside the Bank, sorting some things out…

I listened to the Radio, watched the Traffic, the People walking by…


My Eye caught the girls NOT getting out of their car.

I looked to my left, seeing FUNNY enough, they were Preparing themselves.

Now there’s NOTHING wrong with it,

Getting Yourself sorted out as best you can,

Looking Your Best for Any potential Date…

But I found it Interesting that they were Going at it So




Getting themselves Finished and ready for Whatever may be.

I didn’t expect them to do this,

Still it was Interesting, as I’ve heard on the Morning Radio a few time,

When “people” in general see Other “people”,

Getting Themselves ready for whatever reason.

At this point,

In the traffic it’ll be Really bad,

As there’s no way of Concentrating on Driving Safely AND doing whatever

Whoever is doing inside the car…

No matter WHO it is and No matter WHAT they’re doing!

I doubt that they Cared in the least bit for me,

Didn’t show that they’d even See me


Just continued doing what they did,

Changed Jackets,

Putting up her Hair,

Making sure their Mascara and Lip-gloss or whichever

Was perfect before they said Hello to whoever they’d see.

Nonetheless, it was Interesting to see the Girls

Getting ready for just walking into the Shopping Centre as they do.

Mostly I’d suspect that MEN would ONLY care this much when they’re Trying to Impress that Woman / Girl.

We would do whatever we can,

BUT I must Admit that women in General

DO Look Better than Most Men can HOPE to get there…

They’d left the car,

Walking away I saw they did Look Younger than any Appropriate Woman I’d date.


It was a very interesting situation at Seeing the two doing this.

None of us want to look Horrible,

Sometimes we do not care that much,

It can become such an Issue AND so much Time wasted,

But inherently,

MOST of the times,

We do want to Put our best foot Forward…

I cannot say that,

Taking that time At Putting your Best Food forward,

Would Change your Life Dramatically,

But then,

NOT doing, Can Refuse you an Opportunity with SOMEONE,

Who could have been the Best Chance in life for you…

DO NOT dismiss taking that time,

But most of all, DO NOT

Dismiss that Person who Might not be as Savvy as you,

They could Just probably Change YOUR Life if you did Give Yourself the Chance…




As a Writer, Author, Novelist–

I look at Life in general; in OTHER ways than most people…

NOT only this,

But We as Creative people can at Times be TOTALLY wrong,

Thinking, Believing OR Wondering if we See, Know so much more,

Of the Different things, of Life which surrounds us, than Everyone else around US?

Well here’s an Interesting Thought, Idea for you…

I do a good deal of Things at Work,

One being, the Safe transportation of Clients AS WELL AS,

The Children – however it may be.

This isn’t any Kind of Issue for me,

As to the Little Wake-up that I received on THIS Specific day!


I drove to Pick-up the Boss’s 6 Year old.

Her Niece +/- 10-12 drove with me, both not have seen each other in a while.

As BUSY as we get,

I do Understand in TODAY’S rat-race who People live Past each other…

THUS, we drove to the House

AND as I stopped there, the Two got her Clothes so They’d have a SLEEPOVER.

Both got into the Backseat of the Car,

WITH the newly Bought Stuffed Animal.

NOT a Teddy-Bear per say,

BUT it was Soft and Fluffy…

Made me THINK of the Movie,

Despicable Me – “It’s so fluffy…”

Well now,

Before I drove off with the TWO young ladies in the Backseat,

There was a Debate ensuing of what the Little Rascals’ NAME should be.

A few popped out, but None the Better than the Previous One…


What did I do – I mentioned the Name George;

Coming from the Movie;

George of the Jungle – Brendan Fraser…

This they Latched on WITH Intensely Sharp Claws…

At least, I’d be driving and NOT worried about the Constant Question;

What should we be Naming him / it… funny actually!

Now here comes the Interesting bit.

While I listened to the Radio,

I did leant out my Ears to the Conversation which they had in the Backseat.

AS you can well Imagine while reading this…

As I’ve Believed for a LONG time already,

Not only Interesting, but the Ideas and Thoughts which Children has;

US as Grown-up’s can learn some from the Children around us.

YES, not Everything,

But if you’d really take a Listen to them, See how it is that they Continue

With whatever they’d be doing – NOT even suspecting You’re actually

Looking at the World through Their eyes,

You just MIGHT be surprised Just How their Minds work


Just how Natural and Flowing their Imaginations create the

Make Believe World they Pretend in Playing in.

So much so that I’m REALLY-REALLY Happy

I’ve only Started with the Young Adult Book to be Published.

When You write for Children,

It’s a Whole Different Level you Think on,

Work at, getting and Keeping the Attention of these little Critters!

The Very Fluffy Stuffed Creature was Seated between them.

They had mostly hold its Hands, Paws or whichever they were,

Seeing George shouldn’t get scared of driving with them in the car.

Then George had some kind of Allergy and Sneezed…

Luckily I was far enough away…

Again, he had left the Car and brought them back something to eat.

There was another Discussion if it should be French Fries OR

Were they in the Mood for something else.

Then as well, they Accidentally forgot the REST of its clothes back home.

George had not left the house frequently,

Thus he was a bit Shy inside the car.

As well, seeing it was the Younger girls toy;

When George had spoken – she was the voice as well…

There was an Entire Adventure in the back of the Car,

A great deal of this I’d forgotten,

But, while they were playing in the back of the car,

I was quite Surprised at just HOW easy their World of Imagination Comes to be.

In the same Breath,

I know that A Great many times I’ve read that there’s MANY Writers who struggle at getting their work to Flow.

Not having ANY idea where they need to go OR what should be Happening next.

As the OLD saying goes, Writer’s BLOCK…

It could Easily as well be Called – Grown-Up’s Block,

Either the Inability to SEE or the Unwillingness to SEE any Possibilities that’s out there!

If we really Look to see how Innocently and without Hesitation Children Play,

We’d see the Aspect of Living like they’re Playing,

Is something that We actually Learn over a Period of time.


I do know that Growing up we also SEE and Experience the Harshness of the Real Life,

BUT, I still do believe that Living as BEST You can,

Dreaming as Hard as You can,

COULD Potentially Lead us to Where You




To one day Reach…


It might be Childish,

BUT think of this for only a Second maybe…

IF that ONE thing you’d LIKE to do or Reach, Accomplish did happen–

With what kind of WONDER would that Fill You


Would it lead you to Live Your Life with the INSIGHT

That Another Dream, Idea or Hope COULD Potentially come True if you did

Believe it’s Possible OR Worked without Fear of Reaching that…

Believing as a Child does,

While they Create that World of Imagination,

While they’re Happily Playing there…

Food For Thought…


Food For Thought,

Quit a few weeks back, I’ve bought a PIZZA from various parlours – shops;
I did my best at buying the same kind of Pizza from all of them.
HENCE, what I was looking for was a Pepperoni Pizza from all of them.

While I was working at a specific Pizza shop, speaking to the Manager on my Shifts,
I learned quit a lot about the various sides of creating a Pizza.
Meaning, if one company use Product A to create a Base and
The OTHER company use Product H for theirs,
I can Promise You that the Taste of the Two would differ.

Not ONLY this,
But there’s a Definite Difference in the various ways which You bake OR
Get the food warmed-up or done for the Clients.

The TIME duration for the Food through the various Ovens,
How HOT this temperature is as well.
NOT even mentioning that the Difference in the Products there are,
Would Eventually leave you Tasting something Different from ONE place to the Other…

I’d not seen every one of the other Shop’s methods in preparing the food,
But I know there are More or Less THREE ways in which the Pizza can be baked.
There’s the Possibly, Mostly use – Convection Ovens.
With this they Use some kind of Liquid within the Oven, which can be heated up by Elements – like the same way your Kettle would be working. The System would probably be closed, seeing if you need to Constantly refill the Kettle, this Oven will COST a great deal. It DOES take time in Heating up and so;
When the Pizza, with all its TOPPINGS as it’s called, pass through the Oven on a Conveyer belt – the same as the Black Rubber Belt at some of the Grocers shop we Buy from,
Then the Metal conveyer belt lets heat through AND the food is warmed-up or Baked in the Oven by VERY VERY HOT AIR.
There’s also the Flame Grilled,
If You’ve ever Frequented Nando’s OR Spur, OR any other Restaurant You may have seen that they use Open Flames in getting the Food done. This would mostly be Meat as well. But I can ONLY suspect that some places use an Open flame griller in getting the food done.
THEN, what I’ve seen, a “Naturally” well, ALMOST built oven.
They use bricks, Heat-resistant or Possibly, Specific Rocks of some kind in building a ROUND oven.
Inside this Oven they use Flames as well, BUT this has ONLY two openings. One for the top which allow any spoke to Exit and then the Doorway through which they’d Place the food inside. They also use a LONG flat Blade plate with which they place the Food to be Baked inside the Oven. AS WELL, they use WOOD to burn with and thus, The need of a Chimney and the Smoke to exit as well.
As its HOT they smoke rise and Mostly don’t Affect the food much.

Within these THREE possibly ways in which Your food is Prepared, EVEN if you take the very Same Pizza or whichever,
There could be a Difference in the possible taste.
The MOST I would say, depend on the Wood they’d Use, seeing that Different elements in
the WOOD burns out and that changes the taste of the Food.
AS WELL, the Heat of all Three will Effect the Food to heat-up to different Degrees and even the Food will react differently.
Still, the BIGGEST factor of this would be the Difference in the Ingredient.
Buying from Different companies AND
Their Different Methods in Creating these base Ingredients.

Between the SIX places I’ve Eaten the same Kind of Pizza,
I’ll put them Up and which were the Least nice to the Best.
This being ONLY my Opinion –
You’ll have to go see what You make of this…

My least Favourite in the Pepperoni Pizza would be;
I MUST say that there Could be Other flavours which would be Nice for me,
But I’d not Sampled any of them at the Various Parlours…

6. Mimo’s

5. Domino’s

4. Xana’s

3. Empire

2. Debonair’s

1. Roman’s

There were TWO companies which had TWO pizza’s in their Boxes,
I know that Roman’s does sell them in this Fashion, but I had no idea that Empire does it as well.
HENCE, the idea that when I ate the Barbeque Chicken from Empire I found that their Chicken was Better than the Pepperoni.
The REASON I mentioned that there COULD easily be other Flavours on the Menu of the Various Pizza Parlours which would be Much better than what I’d tasted.
This is ONLY the List as to the Enjoyment of the Pepperoni which I sampled from the Various shops.

Various Sizes in Pizza,
Various methods in Heating,
Various ingredients in all of them,

Whatever tastes good for you,



A t T r A c T i O n…

I saw something quit Horrible a while ago on my Facebook timeline,

I didn’t read the Article nor did I look any further in regards to the Post.

It wasn’t so nice, what I saw in the title…

This got me thinking about something different;

As the title shows


It’s not as Horrible as what I’d read; AND interesting to say the least.

My LOVE-life isn’t anything to speak about at the Moment…

He… He… He…

What aspects are involved in Mutual Attraction?

This being ONLY from the Top of my Head, (having read a book on Body Language)

It would also Depend on US, if Our bodies know they need be Speaking a Totally Different Language to begin with!

HENCE, I’m quite Sure I’m not the Best Qualified Person to write THIS Current Post…

As well as to the Fact, I can and Probably AM totally wrong…

Now then, I took out a moment or TWO to read-up a little about what they First Few Pages on GOOGLE tells me about this.

After the Third, things they were talking about, just Changed the Order where someone would put it, within the Article and MAYBE add one or two more along the way…

Well here goes what I’m thinking and had picked up along the way:

  1. For me as a man, when You’re probably on the Look-Out for a woman to date, I mostly look at the way the women are dressed. If this outfit works for them, when they’re NOT wearing any Pink – what I find for me, that’s a good start.
  2. I TOTALLY and Utterly HATE when the School’s Holidays are going… The fact, for mostly girls – I have to CONCENTRATE even harder at making sure they’re actually at the Age of interaction. Nowadays – not that KIDS didn’t Before want to Look and Act older than they were… Nowadays with what they May be wearing and Possibly maturing faster; this is a Pretty Big Issue, if you’re Seriously looking at Dating someone within Your Age Group!
  3. Then as well, Mostly men, look at the Development of Women, as to their Chest Size. If men likes big, they’d not Care too much about a Small Chest Woman – NOT To WORRY; there are Enough men who do Like smaller women!

This ALSO, Sometimes helps to really See if You’re looking at a Girl or a Woman…

  1. MOSTLY during the Holidays, I’m not too Curious at looking at the women; Burning your Fingers isn’t that nice.
  2. What I’ve read, Most women would also look at a Man’s Height. Broad shoulders and Everyone looks at the Form of the other Person’s Face.
  3. If someone DOESN’T look me in the eye, I don’t care much. If they’re really Interested in You – they’d look you in the Eye… WITH this, the Pupils would Dilate – Meaning the black in the eyes would Grow Bigger, becoming MORE attractive.
  4. If you Like someone else – DO Not Ever put your Hands in your Pockets! That’s just plainly rude, Even if You don’t think You’re Doing this; As Well – Folding your Arms does the same kind of thing…
  5. MOSTLY, women who Play our Possibly touch their Hair; Playing with their Hair may be Attracted to you.
  6. When and If you can Keep the Attention of a Man, when he looks at you – There’s a Triangle effect you May or May not see – He’d look at your Chest and up to your Mouth. This could Indicate that he’s Interested in You for MORE than just a Platonic friendship. Do not be Offended if you do see him looking down some…
  7. Some times when Women kind of bit their Fingers or even play with their Lips, this could be an indication of theirs that They Might be interested in Kissing. Still not sure about that one.
  8. You may not KNOW him or her that well, but when someone is Interested in you: They’d do what they can in keeping the Conversation going, sometimes it’ll need some help as You don’t KNOW them; but that effort does mean a great deal. DO NOT miss that they might just Trying their luck either…
  9. Both Men and Women would See or Choose to spend time, after the First few Seconds of Interacting; This might be Horrible when they’re NOT interested – but then We cannot ever Force another to find You interesting!
  10. If Your grooming is on Standard, That also said, within Your own standard You’re presentable; that Could show how You’d treat them as well.
  11. There are also None seeing Hormones, Pheromones and Adrenaline which does play part in all of this. Nature does Jump-in and plays around with the Mating ritual… You cannot stop that from being!
  12. If you SMELL someone, if they Smell Nice without even Wearing Any Perfume OR Deodorant – that could be good! If you’re Own body Odour Conflicts with what You’re wearing, this Could Potentially push away someone You really Like… As too, TOO Much use of this, can Totally Blow Your chances as well!
  13. What I’ve read, Women dressed in Red does attack more Attention from Men – that would also be Possible if they’re Dressed in something that Compliments them. Remember, like in a Job Interview, You’ve got Barely seconds to make that Impression… Notwithstanding the SAYING; There are MANY Fish in the Sea…
  14. When a women in Most instances Touch a man, that May also be a little Further down the Line, as well as Playfully slap you, she Might be into you!
  15. For both, sharing their Intimate Space means a Great Deal! You’d not Share such small Spaces with just Anyone – Especially if you DON’T like them!
  16. For the Men, if you like her, Take that Moment – Acting like a Complete Idiot MAYBE, and just Make that First Move… If you’ve got the Chance that is. Most women do find men MORE attractive when the Other makes the First Move… That’s said – in THIS day in age, Any women who Wishes to take that Move as well, Just be REALLY-REALLY Subtle about that. If you do it STILL less Intense, he’d React better to that – IF you Scare him, it would be the SAME when “WE” feel a little OUT of Sorts, trying to Get Your Attention…

It’s NEVER easy, No matter from WHICH side it comes – We’re all Human and NEED to feel that Emotion; Love, Happiness, Friendship, Adoring, Appreciation…

  1. As I mentioned before; Eye-contact is Very Important, As well, That Beautiful Warm Friendly SMILE of yours.
  2. If the Guy You like touches you just that bit; Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Non-sexual on the Side – They’d just trying to see if you’d move off or IF they’ve got a Shot. NOT always to say that they’re JUMPING the gun… Touch from both Sides is Very Important as a Connection between You.
  3. .. Yes that’s what I said, TIME – for both… If you CANNOT spend Quality time together, what is the POINT?

There’s UTTERLY more than this and I CANNOT for the Life of me Remember what I’d read in that Book so many Years ago.

Just Remember this ONE Golden Rule,

THIS is a Definite FACT;

IF you do not Take that Chance at getting to KNOW someone,

The Attraction Could be there,

But if you’re Not Will or Taking that Chance – You’d Forever NOT Have that Date


Start that Relationship…

If you need to work on Yourself, do it, for That Possible issue Would come out in the Possible – Best Relationship of your Life

Come to Ruin it if You’re not willing to Work-out Whatever issue You Might Have…

If You Are Ready,

Just Try It And See…

Change is as Good as a Holiday…


I’m not Truly sure about this one,

But then I cannot Argue with this Mindset – Thought OR Ideology either…

The Question here is this,

HOW long do you need be on a Holiday for that to really have the Effect on you,

Which we in MOST instances need.

Getting your Batteries recharged.

NOT Only from the Past,

But as the People at work also want to have a Breakaway,

I KNOW that there’s a Great Deal to do when you Reach Your Destination.

The BREAK might not be such a relaxing time,

Seeing that You have to run up and down,

Getting Everything ELSE done and sorted out,

Planning what to Eat,

Sleeping arrangements,

Places to Visit while there,

What kind of MONEY to spend on WHAT,

When You’d plan to getting back Home as well…

AND then from the Vacations we’d been on as a Family,

There’s the Children to keep Busy,

BEFORE they drive the Rest insane!

NOW, for the Idea of Change;

As a Writer and the Idea of Fēng shuῐ,

I can tell you that this MAY not be as Far Fetched as ANYONE would believe,

That said, If you think of this idea –

Thinking OUTSIDE the Proverbial “box”

Then I can tell you that, Looking at Every possible Issue, Problem OR Situation

Before you might Help you to come up with a Better Solution.

I have CHANGED around my Place or Work;

THAT said, Creatively;

AND thus, Nothing is the Same as it was Before.

You walk into the ROOM or Study in a Different Paten,

You SEE everything Inside there in Different way,

You are in Actual Fact forcing Yourself to See it Differently,

THE issue OR problem OR plans BEFORE you MAY be THE same,

But it’s YOUR Mind-set which had Changed.

AND YES, the Chinese Philosophy may be 100% Accurate…

I cannot tell you that much.

WHAT I do know, when I do Change things around,

I work at it to Focus,

Either it’s before You’re getting that NEXT Gear,

OR the Change just Helps You getting into the Habit of GOING

For it and Doing what You can in Finishing Whichever OR Whatever

Project You need to…

It doesn’t Really Matter what You’d Prefer or Believe in,

REST or Change,

Those are TWO very Necessary Aspects in getting a Tired Mind

Kicking into a Possible Different Direction…

AS Long as You don’t Expect ( O T H E R S )

To do what You’re Supposed to do;

Then Use any whichever Way to Help You to Relax and

Possibly have a Better Direction to go,

Just sitting and Listening to GOOD Music can do this for you as well;

As LONG as you now there’s Something to do

AND You’d get to it, no matter What it is…

MOVE things around


Go have a LOVELY nice Holiday, Breakaway;

JUST try to Recharge Your batteries…

So that You’d get BACK to whatever it is that

YOU’RE the one,

Who is GOOD at it…