The Sweet Smell of SENSES.


With Us having a Drought over the last few Months,

The difference with the RAIN we’ve been Having the last few weeks,

Was FAR Better than most People would have thought before all of this!


While I was either on my way Home or at Home already,

I cannot tell you right now…

ALL I can Really Remember WELL – was that Smell!



I caught the Smell of the Coming Rain for the Night.

It felt Toxic in a Good way!

Especially when it was Gone for such a LONG-Long time!


HERE again, another Thought hit me;

When I was a Little One,

First You’d smell the Rain – that Freshness to come, in the Air.


BUT then, after that had happened;

HOW many other times did you Smell something interesting,

Good, Clean, Healthy?


What I can Remember as a Child,

When the Rains had subsided –

I’d also LOVE the Smell that I got from the Soil or Ground,

Especially when it had just stopped Raining…


When that Clean water had just Soaked the ground,

Just after it had just dropped below the surface and the Ground itself smelling Fresh!


IN this way as well,

I can remember at times when you Smell the Aroma of Freshly cut Grass,

Something which had grown naturally or was Healthy as well.

The Grass just got some different kind of Smell,

NOT even talking about the Smell you get from it After it had Rained.


Yet, that would also be a Different smell altogether…

The Just cut Grass had got a different smell to it again.


THIS led me to the Thought,

Many times over we See or Hear a Character speak on the Telly

OR in a Movie about the Correlation between what we Sense and our Memories.


This might be a FUNNY one,

When you had just Eaten and THEN smell the aroma of a JUST baked Bread,

Warm and Fresh… Makes you Crave it even though You weren’t Hungry!


Whenever we See, Hear or Smell – Touch doesn’t play that much a Great part,

But it does…

Yet again, is and when these Senses Trigger together;

Imagine the Multitude of Memories which are Connected with Our Senses and Just where they may take us at Any given moment.


Enjoy Your Senses,

Make the Most of the Memories which comes with them,


Enjoying sharing all of this with Everyone You may come across!

The I N F I N A T E possibilities of E=MC²


No… No… I’m not going to give you a Physics or ANY other lesson, in the equation

of Relativity to this Mathematical equation…



Yes and Yes – there is some Relevance to this Equation, though… (GO Albert Einstein)!


Firstly, If you Do like Movies,

If you want to Still go Watch;

The ARRIVAL – do not Read this Post TOO intensely!

Hope that’s a Fair enough warning.


Well; as you can Well imagine, I did go watch the Movie,

As I’m a Really Big Fan of Sci-Fi,

AN Even BIGGER Fan of FILM that is!!!

I did see ANOTHER film Preview which I’d NOT Miss as well!


YET, while we Reached the End of the film,

The Arrival – I sat next to a Man and Wife Combination;

I suspected that Neither of them Understood the Repeated Flashbacks in the Film.


YES, I must say that while I read a Few Books on either Filmmaking

OR Screenwriting, there’s was Mention made of Flashbacks,

Where and When to use them…

IN this film’s Regard I suspect it was A Bit Over the Top!

BUT then as well, Done for a Reason that is…


So much so that I got the Punchline for the Film before it was Laid-Out for the Audience,

THIS as well, Writing as I do – I cannot say that My Mind well Greased Reading Into the Story of Most Films and Such before it happens!


I REALLY Love it when I’m surprised at what happens and

Try to figure out Where and When I’d missed the Plot.

I don’t care much to find it, I suspect it Rather Fuels me, to be Better at what I do myself!


Watching the ARRIVALS,

There’s a Very Interesting and Relevant Question being asked,

IF it was Possible – if you Could see Further than Your life,

What would you change or do Differently?


Here’s ANOTHER one,

If you can foresee Certain things Happening,

Do you OR Would you tell whomever it might Impact on,

What it Is or Was that you foresee which may be coming?


If you DID know more,

Would that Ultimately Change what Could happen

OR would this just Happen in a Different manner altogether?


So here’s another Rub,

If EVER it was so Possible for US to See beyond ourselves,

Really See what could Happen AND what You could do in Changing,

Every single One of us would Probably go Really Insane!


Having Such Knowledge and Differences in Your or Others’ Lives,

What THEY might do with this New Knowledge,

OR not, do with what You’d told them?


Like in the Television Series,

Fringe – Which I Absolutely LOVE,

Their idea of Multiple Universes,

They say that when you Choose One – the other Choice will Lead off to its own Conclusion.

THUS, in the various Multitude of Universes there are things which will happen to

US, Them the Other People – which we’d know Nothing about.


Thus, for each Choice, you do Not take,

There’s a “spin-off” for what could have Happened to you,

When you don’t take it… HENCE – another Version of what Your life could be.


NOW then,

If you were able to See something,

Telling someone or Not telling them,

Able to see how it Could Affect another Person when they Take your Advice


When they Dismiss Your impute – taking their Chance,

Knowing and Seeing what Might happen…


If this was Possible,

Just how Long would we be Going without Cracking UP?


MORE Women than Men have this kind of Intuition,

Able to see More Clearly what Others OR Most Men can see,

BUT, what it This was to Reach further beyond just that;

What would MOST People be doing with such Knowledge?


It’s almost the Same Premise of the Film,

NEXT – with Nicolas Cage.

He saw what Could be Possible in his own Life with Other’s Interacting with him.


What would You do and HOW would you Handle it,

If you saw somewhat More of Other People’s Lives and in Your pursuit in Helping them,

What kind of Rabbit Hole (Alice in Wonderland) would you have to go down?


I’ve Heard a few times on the Radio,

If you were able to Have ONE Superpower,

Using it or doing with it What You’d like…

What would it be?


Imagine Knowing THIS much of those Immediately around You,

HOW would any Normal Person deal with it or handle it?


SOME days,

Being Blissfully Normal… is Bliss…



There are Others out there Knowing more than most of Us,

Hope you can Deal better with Your Gifts;

than Other people who got something They cannot Handle…

FOUR Points For Change.


Some time ago I joined one of my Sisters,

Attending a Church Sermon.

What I took away from there, is what I’d like to share here.


The invited Speaker that night, having spent some time in the Vicinity;

Dr. Gustav du Toit


The Ironic fact is, most of what he told the Congregation were things (Points) which I’d been working either toward or using as stepping stones in reaching further than where I’m at this very moment.


Thus, this is my little part in helping or supporting or sharing this Insight which I’ve been living; without having put it into Words – STRANGE at that,

Seeing that I’m a writer after all…


To make a Change in Your life, if and when you’d like to do so;

YOU need to be the Person working at it, doing what you can in making this Happen.

There’s no easy fix to this and like Most of the worthwhile things in Life – require hard work!


Within this, there are Four points or steps you can use as Guidelines to make Your plans or Change, work out better for you.

I may not remember them in the Correct sequence, but you need to do more than just Remember them – You need to use these Ideas, if they Can work for you…


Try Something New in Your Life:

This one would walk Hand-in-Hand with fear. As doing something new in your life also constitute taking that Risk of doing something other than what you’re used to OR getting out of your Comfort Zone and doing the hard work at doing something New – as well as dealing with the Positive and Negative Consequences.

Positive consequences – very much so, If and when you do Reach that milestone or whichever plan comes to term; you Could lose yourself and forget where you’d come from.

Anyone can fall prey to such a situation.

But NOT trying is Much Worse!


Never be Fearful at taking a Chance:

No matter what you’d like to do, if You don’t put on the Pants and dress of that Success, No matter what you’re aiming at;

Just who would do that for you?

I cannot Ever promise you that if you do take the Chance, doing something New – that it would work out and You’d have Everything You’d wished for.

That, no one can say. Not even sure if that’s where Your path would lead. But, at least you’re doing something More with your life than just the Normal Mundane Existence…



Never be Fearful of making Mistakes:

Every single Person around you, in your life and who you’d Ever met so far, have all made Mistakes. Got fired, lost a Client or so many other things had happened.

The Question isn’t IF you’d make them, but what would you Learn from your Own Mistakes?

Even MORE so, if you know of Someone who had Reached where they’d Aimed to go to,

What can you Learn from them in Reaching Your new path or dream, laid out for you?

Only when you get up, get Going would you Know and See where this Path of yours would lead to. Then as well, You’d Never Ever know who it is out there, who would One day be Looking at Your Journey and learn from how you did it…

It’s all Relative.


Never Back-Down under Pressure:

This one is also part of the Fearful situation. AND yes, I cannot even Imagine what the next person Might be going through.

Nor would they know what You’d experience and what Trials You’d be going through.

But, if you Do give-up under that Pressure and allow Your fears to dictate what You’d be willing to do, Giving-Up will never allow you to reach your Full Potential.

Pressure, Suffering, Hard Work, being Tested – that’s all the things which happen to Prepare you for what will come After this Test, you may be enduring, going through…

We’re Always confronted with something we can Deal with AND if it does get the Better of you, Learning to Ask for help from those you Can lean on – that’s a Test in humility in itself.


There they are,

The ONLY thing that can help with all of this,

If you are Willing and Ready to help yourself.

Looking to Others for Help can be a Possibility –

The ONLY issue here, if they do Help you and You’re Unwilling to put the Effort in for Your own Life…


Change is Scary,

BUT for me, Not taking that Chance If and When it does arise for you,

THAT the Worse kind of Fear a Person can live with.


Use Your life and talents to do something more,

NOT saying You’d Change the World,

But show the Others, Rest of the People around you –

LIVING is far More Important that just Surviving…

staying there, because of Your Indifference to your own life…


It’s a struggle for each and Every one of us.

Never Ever give up on what is Worth to You!

The NEW in the OLD Resolution!


And alas, here we are Yet Again…

This is the Last Post to be Written for 2016 – seeing that it’s still Saturday Afternoon for me here AND Tomorrow when this Post is Uploaded,

It would be the First one for 2017…

Oh so Funny, Interesting, Weird and Strange!


We MAY say that Time’s passing us by… Faster;

Yet, if you really THINK about this Absurd statement,

Like Day and Night; the Sun, Moon and Stars –

All of them are Constants in our Lives.


I’d rather say that the Older we get,

The Faster Life whiz by and the MORE we need to do,

The Less Time we have to really Enjoy Life!


At THIS point We know this one All Too Well…


New Year’s Resolutions!


In this regard, It’s Totally Ironically Damn FUNNY!

Now then, ask that Question bubbling in your mind…

Why would I say this?


Firstly, It’s just My Opinion – not saying that it carries ANY kind of Weight and as Such, ANYONE for that Matter can have their Own Opinions as well!


So… here it is,

I’d say, MOST people who make New Year’s Resolutions,

They do it at the Drop of a Hat.


It Could Easily be something that they’d Desired for a LONG-LONG time,

OR they’ve only Now got the Time or Opportunity to Reach further in their Lives.

Not that it Matters in either way – the FACT is,

When MOST people make these New Year’s Resolutions,

It’s something that Disappears as soon as it had been Uttered!


Either they Don’t have the Means, Time or the Willingness to pick-up the Fight to reach their plans

OR Believing they’d Never Reach there –

THUS, why would they Actually go at it, to begin with? ? ?


BUT here’s another Idea as well,

Let say that within the Group of You,

Enjoying the New Year –

Someone came up with the Idea that ALL of you stand together to Name Your own

New Year’s Resolutions…


This could be Nice,

Everyone there and then has a few Ideas.

THE ONLY problem here is – IF this was done a Few Years ago;

Just HOW can it be Possible that Everyone around you is Making New Ones every Year since then;

When they’ve NOT even Reached their Original ones they’d Made… Way back when?


If this makes ANY Kind of Sense,

Just think of this as well,

AS soon AS anyone You know makes Another set of new resolutions,

NEVER having either Tried or Worked at the First or Original ones –

They’re Lying to themselves.


This now becomes a Trend,

Being VERY happy at Making those Resolutions


Never actually reaching them


Worried that they’d not get there OR Fail trying!


How can You, They or Them want to Reach something a-new,

When You’ve never OR half-tried, reaching the Original ones…


Here I believe… You SHOULD rather say;

You’ll do whatever you can,

For as LONG as you have to,

Reaching where and what You’d Resolve to do.


The People who Plan ahead,

Work toward their Goals Year in AND out,

Those are the ones who would Far more Easier Reach theirs,

If you do it in the Moment – it would easily become something to Give-up when You need to do so.


Working every day at this,

Improving on Yourself and Planning well ahead in time,

I’d rather say this could or would be a much better way of doing what you need to Start and Finish.


THINGS which aren’t Well Planned and

Thought through – they stand the Chance at falling apart.

So, be Mindful of what You’d like to Proclaim to the World at Large,

Not giving Yourself a real Chance in reaching them,


Rather Plan well ahead, taking it One Step at a time,

Seeing where you can get to and work Steadily at it,

Reaching Your Resolution…

Not just in the Moment, but Reaching it Somewhere down the Line in Your own Life.

JINGLE all the Way!


Here we are Once agian;

It’s Christmas and IRONICALLY,

It’s only here Now this time in the Morning I’ve got a Different Thought, Idea which I’d be posting today.



So many people all over are Still working OR have something More to Sort out OR Deal with, for Themselves OR Work.


This isn’t Work for me,

As I’m not being Paid to do this,

AND I do enjoy getting the Various Ideas, Thoughts or Ramblings out of my Mind…


Now in Question,

At this time,

“The Silly Season” – Christmas Season,

Over THIS time of the Year, you See and Hear of So many indifferences…


That’s Unfortunately – US being who we are!

So much we want to do,

So much we Try and arrange, Spending the Time with each other
AND then,

Some of the Times;

Those Unnecessary ARGUMENTS!


I’m not getting in on ANY of them,

As there’s so Many it’s not even Funny…

Especially over this time of the Year!


All of this ONLY stops after New Years,

Seeing that it’s As well a BIG deal for Most people

AND so, only After all of it’s Over and Done;

Do most People – Families move on…


So here it is then,

We’ve got SO Little time,

We cannot even Grasp when it’ll be Done,

YET – when we do have Time spending it with Family


Friends which are Family after all this time –

We Waste it on Frivolous senseless things!


This time of the Year is there for ALL to enjoy the time,

The Blessing and the Joy – however, you can see it.

Take this time and Use it to the Best of Your ability!


MERRY Christmas!


That SILVER Lining…



For those Readers of mine, not Living in South Africa;

Speaking from my Own understanding and knowledge of how things do work –

If it’s Not breaking International News… none of Us would know!


So, we’ve been having a Drought over the past few Months in South Africa.

We’ve been Praying, Hoping, Dreaming and Every other thing we can Do – for any kind of Rain and relieve for this Drought.


Some weeks ago, while I was at the Apartment,

Over the Weekend – the Curtains were slightly drawn.

When I thought I heard someone at the door I walked, to go see.


We I turned, going back to my work-room; wouldn’t Easily call it my Study…

But you get the idea – I saw once again the Brilliance of Nature.

I saw a set of clouds, having the Sun’s Rays reflected off the side – shining Brilliantly into the Apartment windows.


I can Promise you that the IMAGE, Photo thereof will Never be able to do the Moment Justice in what I’d seen and Experienced in that second of seeing this.

AND as per usual, My mind was on a Completely different track!


The Question came to Mind,

How is it that Clouds like the one(s) I saw can reflect light like this?

Coming to the Answer I suspected that it could be Water vapor in the clouds itself.

THUS, I read up on this, online…


As I suspected, it was Indeed water particles trapped inside the Clouds,

Which at the end of the day Do form the Water Droplets which we Know as Rain,

When they become TOO heavy or possibly blown out of the Clouds because of

Excessive Winds… (not read up on this…)


Thus, having a Look at the Clouds and the Brilliant Light which ONLY Nature can generate at such a Moment without Needing US doing something Artificially,

Made another connection in my Mind…


That Perfect Moment,

That Perfect Situation,

What else have to fall in Perfect Place to give Us such a Memory?


At the Height which the Clouds are formed,

There’s not ONLY atmospheric pressures to content with,

But there’s wind circulation, the Continuous Rotation of the Earth,

There’s a differentiation of Temperature,

There’s also the Possible impact the Ozone layer has on all of these AND

The Percentage of Solar Radiation which could easily seep through,

Affecting the Combination of all of these.

THEN as well, where We are on Earth to See this Impossibly Beautiful Sight.


As I told you,

What we SEE so Clearly with our Own Eyes,

NO Camera or Video We can use Shooting this,

Could EVER come anywhere Close to that Moment You see this Brilliance…



After you May be Thinking of what I’ve just mentioned to you,

Ask Yourself this – How many more Times have You seen or Experienced such a Moment.


Remember this, those Droplets or Water-vapor in the clouds is standing NEXT to each other;

Forming the Perfect Mirror to deflect the Light which is hitting it,

Reflecting it at You, Me or those who could or would see it…

It’s a Perfect Moment which I suspect NO Supercomputer in the Life of Us could ever Easily calculate, re-creating such a Perfect Moment in time!


Now you wonder which Other interesting Moments I’m talking about here as well?

Here’s the rub. . .

How many more time did you Need to latch a door as the wind blown it close?


I’m NOT talking about a Solid door,

More like a Safety Gate – having bars and big open spaces between them…

When the Wind blow from the Perfect direction and catches the Bars in the Perfect angle,

It forms an Almost solid surface.


You can do your Best at Calculating the continuous wind blowing,

Feeling it blowing against you and then Aiming whichever piece of Man-made construction,

Catching the force of the wind or such,

Affecting the Sum-result which We’d like to see…


BUT, the Odds that this can Happen Naturally…

The Chance that We’d be at the Correct place at the Correct time to Witness something like this,

That’s WAY far out of my League to even Try to Comprehend or Explain.


These are only Two things which I’ve seen,

There’s so much more to Leave us in Awe still,

The ONLY thing we need be doing,

Just believe in the Impossible to become Possible,

What you do with your Possible…

That’ll be Up to you…


Truly hope Many a Person sees things which will make them Believe in the Possible!

The Timing within the TIMING.


I’ve seen this a Few times and ONCE again the other day,

I’ve picked up on this.


The Next time you’re in Your car, waiting to Turn either Left or Right,

Have a little Look at the Indicators on the cars ahead of you.

Not sure it will work with More than Two Cars at a time, but You’d never know!


The Indicator like the Intermediate of the Wipers when it Rains,

Have a rhythm at which the Lights blink when You’re turning.

If there are two cars ahead of you, look at the Rhythm of the sets of lights blinking.



The Two cars had Possibly stopped there at different moments and the Driver had Activated the turning signals at different times as well.


YET, when you do sit there behind the Two cars ahead of you,

Looking at the Lights – you’d see that for a Blink or Two the lights would flash like this at the very same time.


After those TWO possible synchronized blinks, they would once more Fallout of sync.

NOT only this, if you do stay stuck there Long enough, this will happen Again and Again until they Indicators are canceled!


This to Me feels just a Little bit Freaky, to say the least,

As the Saying goes as well –

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

“Even a Broken clock has the chance at being right at least Twice a day…”

Thus, even within the Rhythm of Everything, there are more than One Item or manufactured Piece which can at some time Run Rhythmically with each other at some time while they’re used together…

YES… Yes… a Big mouthful!


Okay, so just Maybe some of You will see this or Pick-up on something else which Rhythms comes together and then falls out of sync…


BUT here’s another one of those.

Having Two phones,

At the time their Watch-Time weren’t in-sync as well…

YET, the Alarm clock was set for the same time.


I’m Mostly awake before the Alarms start sounding,

THUS – when they do start Sounding, I can Hear the one ahead of the Other.

So, sometime after the Indicator Lights which I’d seen,

I saw and heard one Morning that even the Phones’ alarms,

Sounding as they were and being out of Sync,

It turned out that even they fell into this same Paten,

Where they were out of Sync and then eventually did sound at the same time.


Now I wonder if this is part of Our World or even of Our Technology,

Where everything we do Make and Produce,

Eventually would Run In-Sync with each other – no matter what they are.


ONLY when I looked Online at the Various Images which I’d like to ADD to this post,

I remembered that ONE Episode of the Television Series;


Where they’d shown TWO Piano Timer running at Opposite rhythms,

AND what do you KNOW – before you knew it,

These two also had a Few Moments when they Moved In-Sync…


If this may be the case,

Then there could be Another reason to believe that Life isn’t such a Random

Series of Events AND when something does happen for you,

When you cannot See why it did manage to happen for you,

REMEMBER – when Your life falls into Sync with that Part of Life itself

And you’re ready for that Change – whichever it might be,

Magical, Awesome and Inexplicable things Could Always be Possible!


A little Magic,

A little Excitement,

A little Wonder,

A LOT of Life and

Every Possibility attached to that,

That Could be what the Doc ordered for you…


There’s Far MORE Rhythm and Sync in Life,

We’re Sometimes just Too BUSY to even Notice it,

Especially when it’s Happing to Help you out on An Adventure of Your life!


Always be open to Every Possible Opportunity in Your Life,

Especially, those which are POSITIVE for You!