Holding Sway Over You…


For those who Do not know what this means,

It’s really simple.

That situation,

That person,

That event,

That part of life which hasn’t yet materialized so far…


In MOST instances what Holds the most Sway over US,

Would be the Monies which we need to Live our lives with.

The Monies we need to use to change our lives or Use to Reach our Dreams with.


While each of us live each moment – second of our lives,

You are the only one who chooses what you’d be doing with that Life You’ve been granted with.

BUT it’s a fact that there are Other aspects or parts of Life which do not share Your ideals that You should have the Right to do as you wish.

AND it’s herein that we have our Little Dilemma…

Now you’d ask yourself,

What kind of Sway would be Held over you.

Just think of that thing which is bearing down on You like a Stone weight.


It could have been Your choice at some point,

This could easily have been a Honourable choice at doing what You’re doing,

BUT, You do not have to LET this Choice Govern the rest of Your life.

Monies, Life itself or even People;

It’s NEVER to say that we will Not be facing issue,

But You can make plans at getting around Most of the Issues and or Problems which Might plague Your path.


The Fact is this,

If you would Still believe there’s Nothing in Your life which cannot be Improved,

Then You’d be ONE of the Very Lucky Few…

I do not believe Everyone is that Lucky,

Which comes down the This,

If you cannot even Accept and Admit, to what it could be,

Which is Draining the Energy or Dreams from Your life,

HOW would you even Begin to Change what You wish,

When you Cannot even accept there’s Something to be Changed.


Taking the First Step at getting Past this,

Would be to Accept that there’s Something WE Need to Change.

This CANNOT ever be Easy.

ALTHOUGH, it’s Entirely Possible to Chance Your life,

If you are Willing to Work at it,

Know what You need to Change,

So the “SWAY” or that Governing Force can be Shattered…

This could be that Person standing in your way for that Promotion,

That BONUS which You do not Plan well ahead of time for,

OR even when there’s Choices on our Path and you Do Not listen to the Friends and Family in making the Best Choices at the time…

YOU can as well be the Problem at times in Your Own life…


There’s Very few of us who do not have Something which Could feel as if it’s

Suffocating us,

Within this as well – Knowledge of this problem is the Power for us to Move Out from Under it and Change,

Start Living the Lives which We Hope could be possible


Once there’s Nothing that Damning to Stand Against You,

You take the Time in teaching Others how they’d Live better Lives,

Having Nothing over their Heads or Hearts…


The Most Difficult Step in such a Journey,

Would be that First Lonely Step,

Seeing that MOST of us would walk into a Direction of Uncertainty…


As LONG as You at least Try it!

Hoops & MORE…


I seriously didn’t know what would be MORE interesting, to have a say about, this week.

That was UNTIL I’d opened up the Package and looked inside,

What I’d BOUGHT today.

I had wrote about My ideas or thoughts to Aspects of Client Services…


What does Happen when that proverbial SHOE is on Your foot?

That’s a Pretty different situation.

ALTHOUGH this, it’s a Horrible situation to be in at TIMES!

I bought a Vacuum cleaner. Each time Either I forget where I’d put the SLIP,

For the Guarantee OR with my Luck some days,

The Damn thing seizes just after the Warranty had run out…

Needless to say,

I’d bought one Yesterday.

THIS time I choose to go with a Brand name,

Believing that I was buying something Good and worth the Price.

THIS I have to tell you as well,

NO Matter if you do by a Brand Product,

The MOMENT that the Product is Run through the Production-Line;


Are at fault with the idea of Mass Production…

When you Do find a Defect, Remember there are Others as well who want the Product Faster and in Our hands as soon as possible.

THIS, THIS isn’t the best Policy to have the BEST Product available out there…

Just Some Times this Policy CANNOT Ever be Side-Stepped and we do Tend to have

Brilliant Products and Good Quality.

Now this Purchase of Mine wasn’t Anything like a Factory Fault,

I had not even switched it on,

BUT as in the Picture if you Look at it,

You’d see that there’s actually Dust inside the Box.

NOW THEN, if there’s Dust inside the Box, what could the Chances be that ANYTHING else could not go Astray…?

It MIGHT not even, I do know and Understand that.

BUT, what Exactly do the guys of Quality Control LOOK at when a box passes them by,

WHICH might have been Used in Vacuuming…

FAT Chance, but I’d rather NOT take that one.

I will however Exchange the Unit and HOPE that the Next one will be better.

NOT to say it would be;

So here Comes the Kicker!

When you DO have a Legitimate claim why they Need to help you,

Can you Remember the Last time you did hand something Back to them.

I GET that they need to see if there’s something Wrong


Knowing that there are THOSE out there,

Who would Lie and Cheat the System,

BUT there are More out there, Genuine Clients who are Honest…

AND even So,

At the end of the day,

This doesn’t Matter to the System, Seeing that ONLY after the Product had been Tested and it’s been at least Six Weeks or so,

Would “THEY” tell you what they’d found…

The WORST part of this,

They’d TRY and fix it,

Which I get as well;

ONLY, you’ll have to Return it at least Twice more,

The LAST time Kick up a Fuss for them to Really believe you Don’t care anymore.

The Idea is this,

Not Everyone wants the Products so Fast to the Hand.

Rather take the time In making it better


Learn the Wisdom at having Patience,

Valuing it more when You do eventually Receive it…

The Best advice,

When You do have to hand something Back-In,

Those people who are out there,

Trying to help you,

They’re just trying to help,

If you help them, being just Polite enough,

They MAY shock you,

When they’re actually Willing to Help you deal with this Issue…

Very Hard I know,

Seeing that I’ve not YET so far have Exchanged the Unit I had bought Yesterday,

While I finished this sentence…

Good Luck To Me As Well!

Trails and Tribulations…


There are a few Ideas running around my Mind at the moment,

BUT – the one that’s a Little Painful to talk about,

Would be the ONE which had for the Last Week played

Crazy Havoc with me…

Think back, when last did You have SOME kind of Pain,

Waking You in the middle of the night?

THIS kind of Pain that I’m talking about,

Something which You cannot Just take a Pill for

OR use Medicine to get away.

I am NOT sure if this is the fact of My Love of Coffee or the Caffeine

Inside the Coffee I’m consuming SO much when I’m not at Work,

BUT there could be a Correlation between the two…

THAT said,

The PAIN I mentioned just above isn’t something as I told you,

As far as I know, You can Use Medication with,

What I’m talking about here is this…

When last was Your System so Uprooted,

Either by something You ate – OR, when Last did You endure

Food Poisoning.

THIS for me Isn’t Food Poisoning,

BUT for You this COULD very Easily be Food Poisoning…

This is the PAIN I wasn’t dealing with Just ONE Night,

Waking me Somewhere During the Night,

BUT this was Something that Started,

Waking me at that Time when Sleep was SO Needed,

BUT then it Continued for Absurdly LONG and

When I’d eventually Woke the Next morning,

I was so OUT of it…

Still carrying the Remembrance with me,

The Feeling that the Irritation OR the Pain would come back,

ESPECIALLY when I’m at work,

That I didn’t Really have a Hope for the Day!

I have HAD this Pain in my Intestines,

Which could ALSO be Stress Related and I get that,

BUT when they Do twist as Much as they do,

There’s VERY Little that I can do,

Getting the Intensity to Release and Leave Me Be…

There’s Absolutely Nothing You can Really do when You’re Woken in the Middle of the Night, with THIS pain you feel in your Body.

You need to Endure this and HOPE for all HOPE that it’ll come out fast enough,

Because, the Longer You have to Endure the Constant Intense Intestine Cramp OR Irritation Continuing, the LESS rest You can have AND the More Continuously it Will Continue.

It is like a Snowball Effect,

NOT only this effect,

But I’ve endured this Many-A-Times before…

The Reason its Stands out to me this time,

Being Woken-Up isn’t the Issue,

Feeling this Irritation in my Body isn’t the Issue either,

THIS time It was Running for ( 7 ) Days Continuously.

I walked at work and when I suspected it the Least,

I would feel the Irritation in my Intestines,

THIS time when the Pain gripped me,

I was awake faster than I’d thought Possible!

THIS time, The feeling of this Interval Grinding had NO End in sight…

This can be Directly Linked to Everything in Our Lives.

You may feel the Pain, Irritation and the Constant Situation NEVER willing to Let go,

Changing for Something Else,

But, if You DO Weather the Storm,

You could Come out on the Other Side Looking and Feeling

Much better than Having gone IN.

P.S.:     I might have such a Light Shining after Weathering my Own Storm.

I’ll keep all of You up to Speed to My Possible Coming Adventure…

Always Keep The Passion Through All Shades Of LIFE…

Two minutes AND Definitely NOT done!


Like my LITTLE adventure, tasty I must say when I wrote about My Pizza experiment;

Here’s another one that just Hit me the Other day…

Some time ago, THIS would be more than a Month before,

My Oldest sister and Kids were at the Apartment.

There was a power outage and they Shared in the Geyser’s HOT water,

Each of us having a bath AND then I made the Two Kids each their own Bowl of Noodles.

NOW this is ME blowing my Own Horn,

I most of the Times find a way in Doing things a little bit Better


In a manner which work out Better for me… If I may say so…

Hence, I found a Specific Brand of Noodles which Tasted and

Worked out much better than Most!

There’s a bit You need to Consider before we Venture forward;

I’m saying in my Opinion,

Listening to the Original Creators MIGHT give you the Noodles in Two minutes–

BUT, there’s NO Way it will taste the way Mine would if you had a Little more time!

So here it is,

I bought Six packets and Prepared all of them in the Very Same way;

That said, to see if the Noodles in the CUP would turn out better – I did use their Instructions and found it WASN’T in the Least promising!

I cannot say HOW or WHEN I came to the Idea of doing it this way,

But it could be that the Noodles weren’t all that Well Done and so,

This is How I prepare each packet when I do prepare myself some… these days…


Do Not OVER fill the container in which the Noodles are placed in. It should be in Width and Length, as close to the Size of the Noodles when still Dry.

THE more Liquid in the container the MORE time it will take to Evaporate.


JUST barely fill the water JUST above the Noodles. The Contents of the Packet shouldn’t even Lift from the Bottom. THIS takes Practice… STILL training myself!


After the Spice is Added, when inserted into the Microwave, Place the timer on Five minutes.

YES, Five and NOT just Two.

With this First run, You’re allowing the Noodles to become drenched with water, somewhat Separated and the Beginning of the Process.


Take out the Container, WHICH should be OPEN at all times – No LID on top. Taking the container out, Remember it’s Really HOT. Taking a Fork, Gently almost Stab the Noodle – separating them from each strand. THIS allows even More saturation to take place with the NEXT Five minutes interval. YES, Ten by now. AND, remember not to Splash the liquid; that water is still Really Hot.


When taking out the Container You’d see the Noodles should have Saturated even more Liquid by now. They’d take on the Characteristic of Rice or even Pasta.

THIS time you can Gently stir the Noodles. This time it’ll become a real Mix and then ONE last cycle of Five Minutes. Fifteen by now.


You can take out the Container and see how Much WATER, Liquid is still there. This will Possibly need you to take Another Three to Five minutes – TOLD you I’m still Teaching myself, NOT to add Too Much water or Liquid.

Take the Noodles out and leave them to cool down a bit. You can stir them here as well.

Leave open the Microwave. There would be water droplets inside. You can take out the Glass tray and the Support frame with the little Wheels. Take a small square cloth and just place it inside, absorbing the water from the bottom.

If not, that water COULD potentially affect the Microwave AND it can cause it to Rust on the Inside.

After the Noodles had cooled down,

I can suspect they’d be Well done and they Might taste Different or even Better than just with the Two minutes.

THAT is, if Your Stomach will Allow you to do this…

The kids will drive you a Little Nuts, I might add…

My Sister’s kids LIKED the taste, So much so, I had to do it the same way for BOTH of them.

Even she told me the Noodles did taste better than what She’s tasted beforehand.

Interesting… BIG Grin…

Here are the (6) standing Reluctantly against each other…

  1. FANTASTIC: at R13.99 – $1.01; 70g – is the MOST expensive AND it comes in a Styrofoam cup. NOT only this, Preparation is, adding the Flavouring to the top and then Adding Boiling water. From there, just “Close” the lid and wait Up-to Three minutes!

This isn’t even Halfway working for ME, but if you’d like this process, all the better for you.

My rating is 1/10 AND then as well, it doesn’t Taste that Great – I took it out and placed the contents in the same small Container AND as mentioned above; Put the contents through the Cycle AND only then tasting it… Still, not Swaying my Thoughts!

  1. INDOMIC: at R4.49 – $0.35; 80g – is at a better price. Still it’s just barely above the lowest of the products out there and didn’t rate that much better than a measly 3/10.
  1. MEWO: at R4.49 – $0.35; 60g – is the smallest volume you can get AND with it’s price, it doesn’t deliver. It’s halfway in the chain of products. I cannot say that I’d buy it again, but at least it’s somewhat better than the two above. 5/10 doesn’t mean that much after all.
  1. MAGGIES: at R4.49 – $0.35; 73g – Almost Never get to the point of really tasting that Well, IF you did run the Microwave even More, you still do not find that the Saturation is possible. The Taste hereof isn’t that brilliant either and mostly always taste as if it’s UNDER prepared. I try my best at avoiding it, but looking at the rest, not THAT horrible after all… My rating is 7/10 because of the Volume and price.
  1. PICK `n PAY – Sweet Thai Chilly: at R3.79 – $0.28 or there about; 75g – isn’t a bad by. IF however I was in this Shop again, I would definitely buy this brand. It did taste well enough and the Burn wasn’t Anything you Should write home about to complain.

With the little bite it did manage to leave an Impression. It gets a deserved 7/10 with the volume of the Contents and price is much better than Expected.

  1. ROKA: at R3.79 – $0.28; 85g – this being the biggest Volume of Noodles I’ve seen on the market. Then as well, this was the First brand I’d learnt to Prepare in the same Process as mentioned above. I must admit that Even if you Miss the Water/Liquid level, this brand of Noodles can Saturate a great amount of the Water/Liquid AND then as well, taste More times than not much better at the end.

As you can Imagine, this product is My Favourite at 10/10 and You sure can have a Taste of this one… If you enjoy this taste.

Everyone of Us enjoy different things in life, this is just what I found within the SIX various brands of Noodles.

Hope You Enjoy which one You’d like to eat most.

Ebenezer Scrooge,


As of recent I had to fix a thing or two on my Car;

IRONICALLY, there are a few things I still need be looking at!

Starting with a Service of the vehicle

Then I heard that I had to replace the Two Fan-belts…

The ISSUE here is, I had to buy them from the Dealer alone!

THIS meant it would be A Very costly experience…

WHICH I found that it was.

STILL I waited to get the Money and went about in buying the Parts.

LUCKILY the Electric Window winding Machine I was able to get away with,

With a much lower price.

NOT Sure just How Long it would last,

With the Sound of the Mechanism Not sounding too Happy most of the time…


Coming back to the last Operation I undertook on the Car,

I was told there’s NO tensioner on the belts and THUS,

I should Probably take the Car to a Mechanic who KNOWS how to fit this…

Meaning, Not Only did I pay quit a bit for the Two belts,

Now I’ll have to PAY the Mechanics, Seeing the Manufactures

FORCES you to either Use THEIR mechanics OR others…

I looked at ALL my Options and waited, After I got the Parts,

Getting DOWN to it and worked on the Car myself.

If You’re NOT Sure, ask many People about that which You need Info on;

THERE could be People willing to help out – Without You knowing it!

I waited to Early in the Morning,

Got all the TOOLS out and looked at the Problem before me.

VERY Luckily for me,

I saw what I needed to Remove from the Car and got Busy.

IRONICALLY it was Much easier to get the Belts ON than OFF!

BUT here Comes the Kicker!

When I was busy stripping the One or More parts,

I had fixed the Water-Bottle for the Radiator just a few weeks before;


Being Cheap and Forgetting to buy Anti-Freeze for the Car,

I wanted to save the Liquid from the Water-bottle before I continued with the Rest of the work…

So, I moved the Bottle as best I could, draining as much of the Water as I could.

There was Some spilling but not that much…

In All of this, I’d Bent the Hardened water Pipe,

Which is Smaller than your Pinky,

WHICH then decided to Give-way and BROKE!

I heard the Sound of something, but had no idea just what I was…

ONLY when I removed the Bottle from the Car did I SEE that when I clipped OFF the pipe from the bottle, THERE was now Two pieces!

Rather than Buying the Lowly Costing Anti-Freeze from the Spares Shop;


I wanted to catch up the water with the Anti-Freeze inside it!

NOW I had to worry about the Small Little Pipe,

WHICH with all probability I’d not fix and HAD once more have to Go to the Agents and Buy it at Cost from the Dealer!

ONLY After I replaced the Belts,

Working out much Easier,

I got working on the Pipe!

It took me LONGER to Fix the Pipe,

Using the very same GLUE which I’d used on the Water-bottle,

BUT which I wasn’t entirely Sure that would work on the Pipe.

ALSO, seeing another car the Next week at work,

I saw that they’d used another Rubber Pipe as a Replacement for the one which Had broken on my Car…

There’s HOPE if needs be.

STILL, I worked at it, formulating my Plan and doing what I could,

Making sure that it did Work out,

TESTING it and looking to see that it DID seal after all!

The Good thing is,

I was Really Lucky in fixing it and I’m Constantly Checking on the Temperature of the Car, KEEPING an Eye on the Heat.

You can Never know if something MIGHT go wrong…

The MORAL of this Post,

If YOU can Fix something,

Do NOT break something Else if you’re Unwilling to Spend a bit,

Making sure, Whatever You’re Fixing will be Done Correctly!

For a Few Bucks more, I could ALWAYS have bought OTHER anti-freeze for the Car the Next day…

BUT NO, I was clever and COULD have bought the Pipe from the Agents at a Price.


I still do not know just how much they’d have asked for it…

Don’t be Stingy all the time,

It COULD cost You more in the Long-run!



Reading or even Pronouncing this word is horrible if you were to Think of it.

What does it mean,

I’m quite sure that I had mentioned something about Wasting Time OR

Not getting on with what you should be doing.

Well then, this is just a part of that, I would say…

Here is the Funny part,

In the picture you’d see with this Post,

There’s a Sail or Net tied to the Security door at the Front door of the Apartment.

It’s not been SO warm so far,

But I can Promise you,

When SUMMER arrives and the Heat comes to visit,

Leaving some kind of Draft through the Apartment is REALLY cool!

That said,

I’d bought the One Meter wide piece of Sail – Net more than a Month ago.

YES… I know…

Some days You’re just TOO tired or Your mind is just elsewhere.

This is NORMAL in our lives, in this Busy life we’re living.

STILL, if I was to keep the Door open,

Anyone walking by, would Very Easily look into the Apartment


If they were Bothersome,

Easily they’d know I was there, if Called and I arrived at the door,

Anyone would Clearly see me…

When I did Finally got going with this,

It took me at least an HOUR in getting the Net up onto the Security frame.

IRONICALLY, I’d cut it a little small – Even After I’d added just a bit more,

Even measuring the Security Frame itself…

You can NEVER know when things could go wrong!

STILL, it’s up and when You’re not in the Mood to get something done;

Which You’d KNOW will be an Irritation,

IT being Needful to Complete – You’re Pretty happy when You’re actually done with the Task at hand.

This same can almost be Said for the Fifth Book in the Last Series I’m working on.

RUNNING as I do at work shouldn’t be SUCH an Issue,

Yet, Coming home I some days feel SO Flat, it’s not even Funny!


I Choose to get Cracking again…

As they say, SOME things are the Same as like Riding a Bicycle after some time;

THE Biggest Difference is this,

You NEED to WANT to get going with whatever it is,

You NEED to be WILLING to put in the Effort in getting that done,

AS WELL, like when You’ve started Training from Zero…

Almost Everything in our lives Need Some Kind Of Training!

If You’ve not been in the Routine,

If you Believe You can just Jump in and DO whatever You’ve left be for such a LONG time,

It will ONLY Inspire you NOT to get on that Horse and get whatever it is Done;

ESPECIALLY when You just JUMP in without Training Your Mind or

Systematically getting Back in the Routine, Completing it…

I’ve started with at Least a Paragraph.

LUCKILY for me,

I’d sat down and worked out the Story-Line,

SEEING that there was a Break beforehand as well.

THUS I knew that when I got to work again,

I would ONLY need to add what Isn’t there…

I had done a Good Deal of the Hard work before.

The SAME goes for Everything



Everyone Else is getting up to.

Do the Hardest Work First,

Some TIMES you Need to relax and

Let Life or Circumstance Dictate When and Where You’d be WORKING again.

Forcing what Isn’t there for the Time being,

That’ll ONLY waste more of your time.

Like the Song of Paula Abdul;

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

When We STEP Back and Look where we want to go,

YOU May see a Better Plan or even a Different Place to End-up at.

Just make sure,

When You get Working again,

You’re going in the Right Direction…

A Little Break could work Wonders,

But NOT going on with the Work,

That COULD easily leave a HOLE where Something

AWESOME must have a place of Its Own to Live and Thrive…

Just remember Your Awesomeness when You’re Ready to Visit it again…

All The Best To You!