Scraping Along…

I went so see the Movie,

Minions on the Silver Screen – with one of my Free Tickets.

As with EVERYONE of us,

I know that Everyone is finding it Really hard at Keeping themselves

AND their Families above the Bread-Line.

While I saw there,

Speaking to a few people around there,

I saw to my UTTER surprise that the Shelves of the Cinema Complex

Were VISIBLY Empty of Goods they’d be Selling.

I know that for the Past few Weeks – MONTHS

Everyone had been seeing that Things had not gone Well,

BUT when I saw this,

Such a Massive Company not having Stock as You’d Suspect them to have,

It was a Shocking Surprise at just HOW Bad or ECONOMY

Is Suffering and Where It MIHGT lead to!

ALTHOUGH our Fuel price had Decreased in the Past,

EVERYONE Knows that the various Shopping Outlets had not Decreased

Their Product Prices so that the Customers

WHO in fact, Help the Companies Reaching SO High,

Weren’t AT ALL, Accommodated with this Decrease in the Price…

Just Leaves You to WONDER,

How many People and Companies out there have TAKEN

Over the Years so far,

While the Economy is Visibly Dying of this Cancer,


Although these Companies OR Single Individuals has TAKEN

So much, They do not CARE For the General Public…

THE ONLY issue beyond this is,

If you were to look at INTERNATIONAL Level,

Looking for the Sake Of Argument at


There’s also Problems and Issues with the Euro;

It DOES NOT matter who You are,

The MORE Greedy People become,

The BIGGER the Issue would Become in the End…

IF They Cannot See Beyond Their Nature,

There’s NO WAY they could Generate even More Funds,



Provincial – State




Economies to GROW, Helping to Sustain it AND

HELPING the Normal Man in the Street,

Getting By, Living OR Reaching a Little further,

Than where WE’RE right now…

Currently HERE,

Everyone is Affected,

Even if they Do Not Know It


Realize this is Happening…

I’ll FOREVER and MORE do my Best at Living


One single Sent of Debt –

It’s NOT to say that You cannot Manage it well enough,


Myself, if you CAN Save up for what You’d Need…

That Leaves You with MORE Monies to Move where You need it.

It’s STILL Hard,

Difficult and Without


Willing and Able to Help,

We can ONLY do the Best we can…


How to Jump-Start a Car…


Lights, Cables, Start…

I got a Call this morning, from One of my sisters…

Interesting to say the least–

I was going to Add another thought here, BUT now;

This is the ONE that I’d be sharing with you.

It Might not be as LONG as normal, But then the ONE I’m going to Share next weeks is QUIT a bit Longer with the amount of Information included therein.

As I’m working with Cars as a 9 TO 5,

I know quiet a bit about it…

If EVER you need to Jump Start a Diesel Vehicle,

You need to know a few things;


Diesel Vehicles Need a Great Deal of Power – Energy from a STRONG Battery.

Either with a Starting Battery inside the Car/Bakkie/Pick-Up

The POWER You’ll need to Start a Diesel Engine,

That STILL needs a Great Deal of Power;

As the Diesel Starts with COMPRESSION and Not Spark.

THUS, the Compression in the Engine is Pressure Against the Starter as well.

USING some Jumper Cables here;

YOU need to make Sure that RED cable goes on RED of the Battery


Black Goes on Black.

Making sure Not to Short out the Battery OR the System of the Other Vehicle.

VERY Important to Note, if the Cable You’re using is of LESS than Strong Quality,

It will Become VERY Hot,

To the Point it could Easily burn Your Hands,

Seeing the Power Drain that is affected and LACK of power Transferred.

In the Direct Opposite is the Petrol Engine,

This Engine Needs Spark to Start,

Burning the Fuel and Air Combination in the Cylinder Chamber.

When You do

Jump-Start the Diesel Vehicle,

MOST of them – New Cars and Bakkies as well as Pick-Up’s – Trucks,

Have got Computers Included within the Auto-Electrical System for the Vehicle.


You need to Keep the Lights on while Jump-Starting the Diesel Vehicle.

IF you were Jumping from a Petrol Car,

WHICH have got Fuel-Injection,

Meaning a COMPUTER;

You’d best Keep the Head-Lights and the BRIGHTS on as well.

This Goes for ALL Petrol Cars which have Computers and Fuel Injection.

In doing so,

WITH the lights on,

IF there’s a Spark,

The LIGHTS would Draw the Spark AND

MOST likely Keep the Computer from Receiving a Surge…

There’s NO Guarantee that Anything Cannot Happen;

But this Lowers the Risk Considerably.

Always be Very Careful when Jump-Starting any Vehicle;

FOR the Computer linking All the Systems together is



Expensive to replace…



It’s been QUIT a LONG-LONG time ago that I spoke to someone,

About issue, in regards to someone We BOTH knew.

As to EVERYONE out there,

Having either Family OR Friends who has got



Personal Issue,

Everyone of us KNOWS someone who Behaves either



Creating Problems for Others in the way they Conduct themselves.

I am NO Profiler,

But then I do tend to THINK far too much,

Seeing that I’m an INTROVERT when I’m working on my Books,


Even when I do write these Little Thoughts of mine…


While the Issue of Personal Traits,

Personality ties AND Actions of these people were Discussed;

There was NO Clear way for Understanding


Coming to a Solution, helping ANYONE who does as they do.

NO Said that Everyone NEEDS Help,

But there are THOSE who do Need our Help…

ESPECIALLY when they Affect You


Their Loved Ones around them!

The MOMENT when another Person’s Actions or their Behaviour

NEGATIVELY Affect those around them, then they Purposefully act like


Then You, I or Anybody Else has the Right to start asking Questions–

Especially when their Actions or Behaviour doesn’t make ANY kind of sense…

Before I continue with a little bit of Background of the Various Personality traits,

It would be ONLY Fair to add SOME of myself,

As You CANNOT point any Fingers at Others without Examining Who and What You are Yourself…

If that is, Anyone have Read a variety of my Thoughts,

I’d have NO Idea what most would think of my Thoughts, Ideas OR even Possibly Ranting…

STILL, here goes…

I am a Border-Line Person in Regards to Star-Signs–

YES, just hold on…

This Means that I’m right in the Middle between

Aquarius AND Pieces;

Which means that I’m LUCKILY, Driven in getting my Work done.

BOTH of them are as well Creative, Passionate and Also Daydream…

That’s also Part of being a Writer.

THIS was Also helped out with the Fact of the Divorce.

So, I spend Quit a LOT of time delving in my Own Mind and

Imaginative world…

WHEN I’m at Work I’ve got to be an Extrovert,

Running around and getting DONE what I need to do,

BUT, when I’ve got MY-Time, I have the Time Recharge my Batteries for the

NEXT day’s Craziness…

We just NEED to Unplug at Some point and I Suspect that Everyone

Needs getting to that.

THEN as well,

Not in a Relationship right now,

Seeing that I’m STILL getting that Publishing Contract Done…

BUT, I’ve not Met Her so far…

Which would be NICE at some point…

I am Eccentric, Weird and Strange;

Which I KNOW for myself – KNOWING that we’re All Strange to someone.

WHAT is the THING,

Not Negatively affecting those around You at being You…

Just a bit of myself.

There are ( 3 ) clusters of some Personality Disorders.

Within these there are Sub-categories which can be Looked at,

Understanding whoever Person we’d like to Know more about Their actions.

A – Odd or Eccentric Behaviour

B – Dramatic, Emotional OR Erratic Behaviour

C – Anxious Fearful Behaviour

Under Cluster A there are additional sub-categories:

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder:

Some are Introverted, Withdrawn, Solitary, Emotionally Cold and Distant.

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder:

They could be Untrusting, Unforgiving, prone to Angry or Aggressive outburst without Reason – fearing other People’s actions or intentions.

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder:

These people could be Strange, Outlandish or Paranoid beliefs and Thoughts. Have difficulties with Relationships, Experiencing Extreme Anxiety in Social Situations.

Under Cluster B there are additional sub-categories:

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder:

They Characteristically Act out their Conflicts and Ignore Normal rules and Social Behaviour – they’re Impulsive, Irresponsible and Callous.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder:

They’re Unstable in Several areas; Interpersonal Relationship, Behaviour, Mood and Self-image. They have Extreme Mood changes, Stormy Interpersonal Relationships, an Unstable and Fluctuating Self-image – Unpredictable and Self-destructive traits.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

They have an Exaggerated sense of Self-Importance, Absorbed by Fantasies of Unlimited Success and Seeking Constant Attention.

Under Cluster C there are additional sub-categories:

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder:

They’re often Hypersensitive to Rejection and Unwilling becoming Involved unless they’re Sure of being Liked.

  • Dependent Personality Disorder:

They may have a Pattern of Dependent and Submissive Behaviour, Relying on Other’s making Decisions for them. Needing Excessive Reassurance and Advice, easily Hurt by Criticism or Disapproval.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder:

They’re Conscientious and have High Levels of Aspiration. Striving for Perfection. Never Satisfied with Achievements, taking on More and More Responsibilities.

These are ONLY but a Few,

That said––I am at NO means an Expert at ANY which way whatsoever in Examining, Understanding or Diagnosing People OR Issues related to them.

If you did SEE something that Might explain a little why SOMEONE You may know,

Have some kind of Destructive OR Negative behaviour towards You or Others around you,

Especially WHEN their Actions Affect those around You,

Then Seek the help of SOMEONE Trained in helping with such Issues or Problems,

Helping those in Need of this.


The First step for ANYONE

Is accepting we’re Fowl-able AND that there’s Something Wrong…

That’s also VERY Hard to do,

No matter HOW Small that Issue might look as well…

Try to stay strong.


This WORD alone is something that I suspect that Everyone

Cringe about, IF that is, You know of someone who had been there,


If it’s Yourself who is on the Road to Recovery.

As I’ve read up on some Aspects of this,

I first want to mention this…

Addiction – Definition; There could be Far Better ones, but this is Mine.

It’s not only the Need OR the Drive for ANYONE getting a hold of the Item which You’re Driven to; BUT it’s the actual Negative way in which It affects You AND every other Person around you.

This is Especially true when we start Seeing the Changes in People we know and that they’re Behaving totally different to what we’ve Known them to do in the past.

The Addictive Substance Forces the Brain to release almost 10 TIMES more Endorphins throughout the Brain’s receptors.

MOST Addictive substances – Drugs for that matter,

Create this at Such a Level that the Brain cannot manage the HIGH this person feels.

A Natural High is something we can Live with and IF it comes around again,

We can Experience it and move on.

YES, Like Adrenaline Junkies – that can be a Drug as well,

But for Most people, the Release of a Natural High is just something like an Adventure.

As been Researched,

To some Extent, The Speed at which Endorphins are generated and Released in the Brain

Could be an Indication of someone’s Chance at getting Hooked on Something.


As we’ve all heard and KNOW,

When that Un-Natural High subsides,

We Crave for the very SAME feeling and the Very SAME release of the Endorphins in the Brain – making WHOEVER it is, Happy again…

The Brain Learns and Remembers not ONLY the Feeling,

But then it Learns Obviously just how to Get it again.

They call it the Pleasure Principle.

THUS, whoever it is, KNOWS how to get there and

Herein lies the Danger.

Over-Dose as the Same High cannot Easily be Obtained again.

Over a Period of use the Brain dials back the Release of Endorphins and THUS,

When the Set level of Use cannot Reach the Same levels of Happiness,

The USER needs to UP the intensity of the Preferred Drug used.

When the Brain again becomes Tolerant to the NEXT Level,

Most of the time, ANOTHER Stronger Drug is being used.

At this Point, WHOEVER it is, that person becomes Really Dangerously Hocked on Whichever substance they’re into.

They CHANCE after the Next High…

Which in MANY circumstances leads to an Over-Dose as they want to Force in getting there.

Adrenaline Junkies may make an Error in their Drive in getting there as well,

Causing and Accident or even their Death.

As the Brain Learns and Remembers,

Even After someone has Successfully returned to their Previous lives,

Even After they’re Clean for how long,

With their Active Brain,

The Person can see Anything that Can remind them of the HIGH

They’re use to and,

With this Feeling and Memory hitting them That Hard,

A Relapse is an ALMOST Definite.

There’s also the OTHER problem,

Many People who Were or ARE caught in Addictions,

With the Use or Whichever manner in doing it,

MOST addictive Stints causes the Brain to be Altered in some way.

Even without the Use of any External Drugs,

If there’s TOO much Chemicals dumped into the Brain,

It can Impede a Person’s normal Insight to a Dangerous situation.

THUS, those kind of People,

Clean as they may be,

Do not have that Filter present in keeping them from Harm’s way.

They’re ALWAYS the Most Vulnerable in their Everyday Lives…

As ANYTHING at all can Trigger their Memories

AND thus, they’d fall Right Back into the Pit they’d barely survived from!

Accepting we’re all Human and CAN make Mistakes,

BUT, admitting You’ve got a Problem


You cannot do it on Your Own…

That is REALLY Hard to do…

No wonder SO Many people have SUCH a Hard time in beating it…


Keeping That Passion…

800 (6)

The other day I Opened ONE of the (148) e-mails which had Accumulated;

After I had a FEW Very busy days,

THUS, I wasn’t in the least bit willing to Look, Read or Wasting My Time

With Some e-mails which I’d NOT want to look at…

There are quite a Few I do look for,

But then, when I did end-up looking at the Account

Struggling with THOSE many,

I found a Very Interesting Mail from Auto Trader…

This ISN’T the Post I wanted to Post today,

But then when Inspiration hit,

I TRY my Best at NOT asking Too many Questions and

Just go with the Flow…

When I Opened the Mail from Auto Trader,

I saw that Ferrari had Launched their Latest Newest Car,

The Ferrari F488 GTB,

Which comes in the Spider – meaning that it’s a Topless Roof, If you’d not known…


The Image I saw of this New Release Car was in Blue–

The Very Colour of the Image you see attached to this Post.

I still have a Massive Affection for the

Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta – which I must say I’d like in WHITE.


I wouldn’t MIND in the least bit at Driving with the NEWBY

On the block either.

BUT, I’m not in the Least bit worried about the




Massive Performance–

NOT that I can talk TOO much about it,

Never Actually having Driven in a Ferrari or ANY such Cars which

Have such massive Performance.

Hence, it comes down to

Keeping The Passion…

(Sasha Martinengo)

Back in the Day at 5FM (Radio Station) if you’re Unclear,

Gave US the Info on the Formula One races and Competition…

The ONLY issue,

With ALL those rules and such,

It became a Bore for me and I lost INTEREST in a BIG way,

So, Seeing Ferrari’s baby’s Picture,

I remembered THOSE days when I did LOVE Formula One…

I remembered the Man,

Sasha Martinengo – Keeping The Passion…

Still with Super Sport as I gather…

But then,

The IRONY of this is,

Either by Means of LIFE


Our Own Plans,


Horrible things Happening along the way,

HOW Many of Us,

Eventually Loose that Passion…

It’s NEVER to say You’ll reach there,


If You Leave it be,


Fighting for those Pleasures in Life;


Just what Kind of Passion will WE hand Down to those who


Need to share in them with Us?

Always Keep That Passion Burning For What You Love,

Loving Them Enough,

Sharing That Passion With Them As Well…



This must Sound like the strangest of Ideas, Thoughts or Topics to write about.

Well now, not REALLY,

Seeing that if You’re not Confident about

Who You are,

What You do,

Where You’d like to go,

What You’re worth,

AND If You’re Dreams are worth the Effort;

THEN that kind of lack in Your make-up will eventually be a Cause for Concern!

There’s ONE Universal Law or Idea or Thought about this which I suspect very few KNOW but many Do Not get…

This is Actually just my Thought about it…

No matter WHAT you do, Plan, Arrange at any given time – It may NOT work out and / or even BLOW-UP in your Face!

As soon as We, You, Us understand this;

It Could get a little easier.

Saying that isn’t as Clear Cut as it might sound.

But then, I suspect this is the Regular saying –

Murphy’s Law = What can go wrong, Will go wrong…

ONLY; What can go Right, Will go Right as well…

You just need to Understand this,

NOT to be Fearful at TRYING that which You will do,

But understand it MIGHT not work out as YOU wanted it,

THUS, do not be Scared when You need to Change the Plans somewhat,

BUT be sure, If you can Move with the Flow,

Just possibly You could end-up on Top…

It’s is a Journey like everything else in our Lives,

But One worth do Fight all the way AND be Grateful when We Reach Our Set Destination…

As well,

I do not Believe that Confidence is Built easily,

Not only this, But when we Do something we’re NOT Sure of,

You MIGHT burn Your fingers along the way,

You Actually Learn how to do it Better or Correctly when You need be doing it again.

THUS, to some Extend,

We Fail to learn what to do then Next time.

It Might not happen that You’d actually Fail,

But in the Exercise we Learn Valuable lesson in Life all the same.

BE Very Careful that the Fear of Failure Does Not become a Paralyzing Effect in Your Life – STOPPING You from Living… as well as Trying…


That which We RUN from,
Those are in actual Fact the things which Teaches Us the Most.

Those are the things we Fail in the most,

SOMETIMES, those are the ones which makes Us Feel like Idiots,

Because we Neglect to Ask for Help in getting the Scary things Done…

Understandable, NOT every time you DO try it,

There will be Help for You,

But what You LEARN along the way,

NO Class,

NO Course,

NO Person,

NO Wisdom,

NO Knowledge – beforehand will help you All the Time…

That be Called Life’s Experience and

THIS, is the Hard part,

As much HELP we Could be Given at ANY Point along our Paths…

IF You DON’T listen to Any Good Advice from Others,

If You Neglect to Learn the Lessons of Life itself,

THEN you’d Struggle and Suffer for as LONG as it takes,

For You to Learn whichever OR whatever Lessons we ALL have to learn!

Like every other Aspect of life,

You can Read-up on EVERY possible way at Building Your Confidence,

Go to every Possible Seminar which can Help you become this Person You wish,

BUT eventually We All have to see the LIGHT,



Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Life more…

Plan more…


Plan again…

Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Plan another way…

AND no one KNOWS what would be next…

If You DON’T try… You get the idea?

O U C H!

I would have posted another




Or whatever it could or Might end-up being.

The ONLY reason I’m not placing the other here,

SOMETHING a little painful happened during the Morning

For me to do just that.

With the Passing week I’ve been as normally,

Run up and down quit Frantically,


Not sure when or where it took place,


Luckily for me, It appears that I just ever so Slightly,

Stretched one of my Muscles in my upper leg.

NOW then,

As I walk a lot during the day


During the Entire week,

THIS was pretty Painful and without me KNOWING

When exactly it happened,

I know that I have slow down just a little for the Muscle to catch up with me…

THUS, this Morning My sister asked if I could help,

C R A W L I N G into the Roof of her House,

HUNTING down the Geyser,

She asked me to Increase the “little” set screw,

Increasing the Heat of the Water with the Idea of Winder being here.

I brought the LONGER ladder from home and even with THIS one,

I had some trouble at getting into the Ceiling of the house…

Using ONLY the light from my Cellphone,

I VENTURED into this Darkness at locating the Geyser


Helping to Adjust the Heat on it as well.

I was doing what I could,

Getting in there and AVOIDING falling through the Ceiling at ALL Costs,


I was able to Adjust the Temperature…


Getting out of there, with the Ladder a little SHORT as well,

I did Manage it… As Safely as possible.

ALTHOUGH it was ONLY when I was done,

Did I feel there’s a muscle UNDERNEATH my Shoulder-blade,

Which wasn’t TOO happy with me!

Now then,

In ONE week I ended up stretching my Leg Muscle


Getting into the Attack/Ceiling of the House,

Managed to

REALLY Stretch the Muscle in my Back…

SO much so,

Before I took a REALLY Hot Bath,

Soothing the Muscle,

I saw in the Mirror,

Two Strips of Red line on my Skin.

The one at the top was shorter and then a Three times longer one at the bottom,

Seeing that for a certain fact that it wasn’t just Sore,

But there was the indication of me Ripping the specific muscle…

With BOTH of them happening as they did,

I suspect that I have a Possible Iron Deficiency,

Affecting my Muscles and ALSO,

If you get cramps,

That could also be an Indication that You do not Drink

Enough water…

Even if you Believe Yourself to be Fit enough at doing MOST Things

As You’d like to do,

Still be careful at what you do,

Especially when You’re not “Warmed-up” before You start doing that thing,

Injuring Yourself is Very easy and fast;

They do not say, MORE than 50% of Accidents takes place at HOME…

Go Figure!