Book/Movie Series,

Book-Movie Series


            Very Funny, I’ve had a conversation with someone on Twitter who very STRANGELY mentioned that as of Late there’s not been ANY real interesting Series of book that’s Seen the light of day.

I’ve asked her what about waiting for the LAST Episode of the Trilogy from the Hunger Games.

Then as well, Veronica Roth – Writer of the book Divergent has got as Far as I know ONE or more extra Novels attached to this idea…


            BUT then,

I get what she mentioned, there’s a HUNGER which had been awakened with the Series of Harry Potter;

Then came the Twilight Series and

Now the last Film of the Hunger Games.

            To say the least, AS FAR AS I KNOW;

Jennifer Lawrence wanted the HUNGER Games to continue.

Which I can believe that if it does Kick-Start such a Possible Franchise;

ANYONE in their right mind would want it to continue…


            That would be the ONLY issue and problem––

IF and when something is Written from a Geneon Brilliant Idea,

You cannot just Copy this and IMAGE whatever will come to Mind will be As good OR that Anyone would even Care for that!


            A Very good Example of this would be,

Bloodsport––Jaen Claude Van Damme

That said, the Movie itself was really Cool back in the day.

Not only this, it was Showing on the Telly the other day and the Fighting looked good still.




That was when things were Left in the Hands of the Money Hungry Moguls!

            They devised a plan in Creating/Hitshing Another Film from the Original…

WHICH from my tone, you’d be right in believing that It WASN’T good in the least bit!


            THEN again, from Concept to the Finished Product,

A Film or Book could take up to TWO years.

So, with Life getting in the way and Everything else which WE rarely know will come––

Producing that NEXT brilliant Film or Book isn’t the easiest of thing to do…


            I’M not saying that there’s Authors and Possibly Film Bosses who allow for the Project to take longer OR that there’s OTHER exterior issues to deal with;

But I cannot believe that ALL the people in the Entertainment Industry want this Process to take as long as it does…

Sometimes you just Cannot Force the Creative process and if you look at some of the People;

Just HOW Long had it taken for them to Reach their Own goals?

Have you gotten to yours yet?


            In line with this,

I’ve ALMOST by accident seen a, somewhat funny, Youtube clip;

I cannot even remember who made it, but that it was about Authors themselves is a Fact.

            Knowing that this guy isn’t an Author,

He did make a fair point OR two;

But I cannot say YES to all he’d done.


            Writing an E-MAIL for work, asking some questions or even REPLYING to one via the Work’s Network to your supplier isn’t really Seeing Creative,

UNLESS you need something OR you might try to get OUT of something…

            Written a Letter of ANY kind lately,

THEN as well,

What had you read in the past few weeks. Had any TIME in doing so or Don’t like to read?


            The simple Truth, FROM MY PERSPECTIVE,

If and When an Author becomes Famous for a Word done;

EITHER they Have to do the same thing Again,

MAKING money for the Right people in the Right places OR

Whatever comes next,

They want to be Judged on the Merit of their work––

Possibly not the Fame of their Previous work.


            THEY could be in the Group of Authors which are LAZY,

Yes I said it;

Having Chatted with a FEW Aspiring Authors––

Finding that it’s




Hard in getting that Project, Book, Novel or Manuscript Finished!


            There MIGHT not be an Idea for the Next OR

They just don’t care…

ALMOST like your boss feels NOT giving you that Deserved Raise!


            But the Fact of the Matter, In my point of view;

If this isn’t a Passion to them,

AFTER the first Book, Project or Whichever/Whatever Direction anyone is in––

Isn’t what you’d like to Really do;

THEN your Next try would be Very Hard indeed!



There’s been ONE HIT WONDERS in Music all over,

That I suspect goes the Same with Everyone in the World…

SO, the NEXT time you wonder HOW long you’ll have to Wait for the Next Delivery for this TV Series, Films, Music Album or Book Series––

They still Might have to Figure out what to do next,

Never Expecting to Take Off as it did OR

At this Point they just Don’t Care, having the MONEY and willing to sit back;

Reaping the Rewards…



Waiting for the next Series of the

Original NCIS,

SO, I do know how it Feels to see what Happens Next…

Just not TOO worried about many of the others…


Best Of Luck 2 YOU!


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