Client Services

Client Services


            THAT Ironic SAYING goes;

APARENTLY the Client is always right…


            This fact we’ll all got wrong.

Not to MISTAKE it with the idea that when you’ve bought Something and IF NEW,

There’s an issue or mal-function,

You’re more than Rightful to get help in this regard.


            BUT then, with the Turn of the Industrial Age;

INSTANT gratification and the speed at which things needs be done––

The speed at which we’d like things to happen has become Ridiculous as well!


            WHAT, Didn’t the clever people realize,

The faster you force things to go, the BIGGER the chances are that there could be come-backs on the item which has been created?

            Take this idea for an instant,

If you were to spin around constantly, going faster and faster if you can;

Not ONLY would you either Fall on your butt; BUTT as well––the chances that You’d also SPEAK loudly to George (getting sick) is ALMOST a certainty.


            Now then, those POOR souls selling the Items to all of us, they’re ALSO working for a Larger company,

Doing business and helping the Economy Turn,

When they sell the Items in-store.


            LIKE all of us, the People who are selling on the Front-Line;

Are like you and me.

Earning a salary while they MIGHT be selling a busted Item.

They do not know this and will have to go through the Procedures as well.

            MIND You, I do admit to the fact that the Procedures are sometimes a Massively Big Pain in the Rear…

BUT even this,

HOW Many people come to the Shops, Stores or Wherever;

Trying to shell Bull….

TRYING to get you OR another to believe they’re NOT responsible for the problem.


            THIS can be the case, but then as many Items there are which had been returned because of MASS Production,

So Many people had tried to play another the FOOL!


            IF and WHEN we do buy a Second-Hand Item,

That goes even further.

If no Promise had been made to you,

HOW can we Suspect that we’ve got the very SAME warranty on the Exact Item that was there

when it was bought A-New?


            Coming to the Person who had helped in the First Place,

Lashing out at them,

Believing that our Behavior––Being a Pompous Assssssssssssss

That is Good and Gets the Job at hand done;

THINK again.


            YOU might be in the right that the PRODUCT is in fact not Functioning correctly,

JUST think how you’re treating Someone who has ALMOST no control over the Product OR the ability at Changing the Policies which are in place,

KEEPING fraud to a Minimum…

Treating someone who is Willing to Help you,

LIKE dirt,

That’s only a way in MAKING the process at Being the Right Client;

Take So much LONGER!


            WE might be Right that the Product is Horrible, Mal-functioning OR just not Good;

But that doesn’t give you the Right to treat another Person the way You feel the Product has been Treating you…

The LESS addition irritations there are,


The faster this can be dealt with.

NOT saying that it would happen,

But just think of how You’d feel when another Person comes along and Does to you what You believe is OKAY in doing to another.


            You May Be Right That The Product Isn’t Worth Your Time & Money,

BUT you’re also right in Seeing another Human Being POSSIBLY trying to help.

You’re Also RIGHT when you do Your Best at Treating them as Fairly as they’re Treating you.

            THAT said, if they’re Willing to help you,

Do what you can to speed-up the Situation as Best Possible.


            BUT, when you’re Nice and they SIMPLY do not care for this;

We’ll then Even MY top could pop…


            IT’S only a Matter of Perspective,

The SHORTEST distance between the Issue & Getting it Sorted out…


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