Goodness Of The Samaritan…

Goodness Of The Samaritan


            I was ONCE again, a Reluctant Adventurer!

Yes I can hear it, HO Brother Here We Go Again…


            This time I was Luckily just Riding shotgun.

Still this after thought did take a hold of me and I am now Wondering just how did we Ever get up to this point?


            I wouldn’t say that Easily anyone of us comes across this issue;

Having to Choose to H E L P someone, being a Good Samaritan––

But what I can tell you is this,

THERE’S just so many situations you end-up in which Needs your Help.


            Then as well, If you were to hand-out Money to everyone on the Road,

Literarily; you’d at the end of the day ask for some money yourself as well.


            Do not confuse this with Someone that’s REALLY in trouble or Need Your Help.

There are those few and in-between which ready do NEED our help at times.

            In this LAST adventure I was riding Shotgun,

I can say that I suspect that the Damsel was FULLY responsible for Her own Problem;

BUT then as I said, I was just along for the Ride…


            That said, EVERYONE has come across Someone that truly needed your help.

Sometimes we can Help and other times, when you’re NOT in that position;

No matter how Trivial––You still feel Really Horrible for Not being able to Help that person.


            There’s no PILLS for helping people make Better Choices in their Lives––

If there were those, THEY’D be SO Expensive that Very Few in any case could buy them.

Whomever invented that, would be Filthy even if the Pills were Cheap…

            STILL, there’s an Idiot born every day.

THIS excludes when Someone want to use you OR make you look the Fool…

That’s really easy to act unscrupulous, WANTING to do another IN…


            This isn’t what I’m referring to.

I WONDER where the strange Ideas comes from with People who Chooses Against the Mainstream.

This isn’t showing their Independence;

Said, when Another usually has to pull their Butt out of the Fire.

            Most of these People who have this Ability to just create Chaos wherever they go;

Not PLANNING ahead,

I just wonder how it’s really that they Come Up with the various plans they do.

WHEN so many times before, THE OTHER plans didn’t work out…?


            The Fact is, with 2Day day in age,

Weather You want to Help or Not,

LIFE sometimes do not Care what You’ve got to do…

HELPING or Riding Shotgun for someone that Just Cannot for the Life of them Keep things Straight…


            It’s HARD 1st of ALL to walk past someone who you can SEE can be So Much MORE!

It’s really HARD to KNOW that you cannot stop and Help;

Even HARDER still when You have helped AND now have to Choose to cut that Short as well.

            For it’s VERY easy to fall In into the Trap of LIFE and Invest so much Time and Energy into Helping someone who Clearly do not share the Idea of Helping themselves.


            EVERYONE would like to argue this ISSUE,

They cannot care much for the next Bum or person they see on the Street;

But that would be a LIE…

            Never knowing who Another’s Heart is Crumbling when you DO see this Suffering,

But with what Everyone is Facing 2Day;

WHEN you have a Family,

Giving TOO Much of yourself can Adversely Affect your Family TOO…


            Where is the Line that You’d be Drawing;


Being a Good Samaritan


Being Just Human, Unable To Help?


I Promise you, As many of these Situations I’ve seen,

There’s ABSOLUTELY, No Easy Answer 2 This Question!



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