GPS, Maps, Direction, Distance;



            The other day I was so Lucky in dropping off a Clients car.

With my Trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I used it’s GPS function.

Originally I had to go to the Clients house, but then even before I did leave; the drop-off was changed and thus––had to change my Final Destination…


            When I did finally get under way from the Filling Station,

I knew that I’d be arriving there only after Sunset.

This wasn’t the ISSUE,

What was the issue, I knew of the Destination & Had heard on the Radio a few times that this place does exist.

ONLY, I’d not consciously driven there in FOREVER!


            Thus, with the ON-Route change of destination, I was able to concentrate on getting to this place and getting our Car the client was driving, back as well.

            It was NOW and a Great many time that I’ve either Driven with the Phone-GPS or just a Stand-alone GPS that something (as per usual) hit me.

            If MOST of us were give Direction to any location;

We do use Land-Marks which are good in itself…


            BUT, just for the Sake of this Idea;

How MANY of you can actually ALSO include in your Directions to where Another have do Drive to––the Correct distances between turn-off’s and the like.

STREET Names are one thing, they as well as Distance do not Change.

But the Street Names you can find in any Regular Map-Book.

BUT, even in that Map-Book there’s no distances between one Turn-Off to the next one!


            IF You or I didn’t have that GPS, there’s NO WAY easily;

That we’d direct ANYONE to get Anywhere they need be going,

With ONLY your ability of Judging the Distance between Turn-Off’s and the next Section where they Should turn.

IF you do Miss it,

That little Gem (When It’s Working Correctly)

RECALCULATE just how you should be driving in getting to your Actual Destination!


            With the Voice giving you the Heads-Up in your Journey,

All and All that helps so much;

BUT the Idea here…

How many Variables can we actually Gauge in our Lives?

The Distance between the Turn-Off’s;

Knowing that the next one is the Correct Distance from you (Especially on a Road you DON’T Know)

As well, Can you judge the Temperature of the Day,

That of your Car & When you’d need to Switch on the Fan in keeping it with in Operating Levels?


            There’s SO much we cannot see or even Gauge at what they should be…

But then the Actual Irony with the GPS’s is this,

While I was working for a Company, Dropping our Accounts and searching for Clients––

I drove a Great Deal and used the GPS so extensively it’s not even Funny!

            BUT one thing I did do,

Taking the MAPBOOK and correlated the addresses between all my Destination and Made sure that they’re correct…


            We cannot Easily gauge the correct distance,

You cannot always See your way through a Map and can get LOST easily,

But then,

Don’t always Scream and Shout at the GPS,

IT’S running on Mathematical Algorithms (Preset Calculations)

AND we’re the ones that cannot even BELIEVE

The next turn-off is as far away as the GPS states…


            It’s ONLY a Mindset if you’d like to Learn or would you like to be

Comfortably Lazy when you can LEARN,

Getting yourself out of it,

IF and WHEN you might be lost and the GPS’s power falls…

            If ever you’d like to learn something,

You’ll learn––by choice or BY FORCE the day.


Still I’m ALWAYS amazed that I cannot believe the Distance to travel to the next Turn is in fact more ACCURATE with the GPS than what I would have guessed!


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