H a N d -In- H a N d…

Hand In Hand


Being as busy as I’ve been in the past few weeks, I’ve not really concentrated on anything TOO intense; than getting the Editing done on my First Book to be Published…


            But there’s DEFINITELY something that did catch me,

Not only this, it’s AFFECTING so many people that we do not even Expect it to be an Issue!


            YET again, HERE goes!

SOMEONE I know pretty well, she’s with Someone who I and the rest of those Around me Suspect will NEVER get to the POINT of Getting Married.

            THEN as well,

A woman older than I am also Spoke of Mistakes MADE as the lady I’ve just Mentioned


In the very same Boat…

            Fear of Being Alone Can and WILL drive People of ALL Aspects of Life in doing Something REALLY weird and Strange!

WALKING hand-in-hand with that ONE,

            The Lack of Self-Confidence…


            WHAT do I mean with Self-Confidence?

Well here’s this one,

I know of Someone Else who is Involved with a REAL Ass-Hole;

That being MY opinion-

BUT then, the Idea is this;

NOT believing we’re Worth MORE and that You should Find Someone willing to Love You, Respect You and Care for You as you are…













            But You shouldn’t Hold-OUT on Your life,

Because You HOPE that they’d care more for you


Stay with someone because OTHERS had told you,

They See you together having a Family!


            As Anyone can tell,

Loneliness isn’t the best of Emotions for ANYONE to endure,

That with the Fear of Being Alone and

EATING UP, someone’s Bull just not to be in that Position;

That’s as close to Enslavement as We Possibly can get to it!


            And when You’re Willingly doing this,

Just how bad a Situation should You be in,

For this kind of Action to be NORMAL!

            Even if you Believe they’re in this Relationship With You for YOU,

Listen to your Family,

They MAY sound like Idiots;

But I promise you when ALL of them tell you the same thing,

You just MIGHT side-step something Awful!


            You’re Family as Angry as you can get with Each Other,

Will NEVER want in Actual Pain on you,

BUT even Less that when SOMEONE else,

WHO should Help you reach Your HAPPINESS,

Is willing to Lead You On…

THEY’LL fast, easy and to the Point tell you not to Waste Your time!


            YES, YES…

They could be Wrong,

As well as YOU might be as well,

NOT wanting to believe that with the Lack

Of Your own Confidence or Fear of Being Alone;

            You could so EASILY step in one of Life’s Biggest Traps!

Finding that ONE person not being Honest with you,

Willing to Use you and

WORSE than that,

When they, Whoever this Person is,

            Is being Dragged into the Family situation,

Against THEIR wishes…


            LATER on, After you’d gone your Separate ways;

THOSE in this Boat,

UNWILLING to learn the Lesson,

Will once more Put the REST through the Very same thing…



We can ONLY but Love those





When they ONCE Again fall of the Wagon,

SEEING the WORST wrong Kind of Person coming Into their Lives!


Have Faith!


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