Life’s Ironic Grape-vine…

Life's Ironic Grape-Vine


            In this past week, I was tasked to make some arrangements. Getting the INFO as it does happen most time; I’ve got a knack of getting things in Motion which the Boss needs be done…


            The boss got the INFO about the woman she’d like to Help form her Hairdresser and from there we started planning how to do what we’d need be doing, Helping this Lady who was on Her part also a Very Good Samaritan!


            This Lady got hit from behind by someone else.

HORRIBLE as it may seem, WHILE she helps so much;

Someone crashed into her and left her just there;

Unable to do much of anything, HELPING herself Out in getting the Kids she’s Looking after,

Getting around and to School…

            The DAMN asshole, not even having the Decency in doing what they SHOULD do when they’re responsible for such Damage!



Just then Life or Destiny or God or whichever you may feel might have had a Hand in this…

            We found the RIGHT tools and WITHOUT knowing it,

When our Mechanic came WITH, providing some of the Tools-

He KNEW this Lady and KNEW 4 us getting there!


            AS well,

Without US now knowing that this GOOD Hearted Lady needed Help;

There wouldn’t EVER been any Need in getting there.

Finding out what we could and HELPING as far as we could…


            This Lady TOOK it Upon herself in Helping Child which had been

THROWN away,

ABUSED or Neglected.

            Still with all of this,

She was bumped in the back of her car


Now she Had no way in Helping herself.


            Just when You’d think

HO Brother,

How will you do something or How would you deal with an Issue;

            All of us can Receive any Kind of help.

Sometimes it’s LESS than what you Expect to come


It’s far more with what we Took with for them.

            Picking Up her Car to help Fix the Car


Help for her to keep on doing All she could for the Various Children which Cannot help themselves…


            IN today’s Life,

There are those who can DO something


Other, who do not care…

            NO one will think of this Right now, MOST of the times;

BUT, at some Point in time or Life-

Everyone Grows Old,

Either Our Children would Look after Us;


You could be dropped off at the Old-Age-HOME…


            You can never KNOW,

What Life will bring your way,

There’s no way of KNOWING if what You DO 4 Other will have any Effect,


On the Lives You do touch;

I promise you,

In those people/children’s/adults Lives You’d make an Amazing difference…


            We can ONLY but HOPE

There would be someone OUT there,

Willing 2 HELP when we NEED it most,


When we’re Lived out of our TIME


Someone choose to Throw even US away…


            FOUR all of those People,

Willing to GO the Extra Mile,

Their WILDEST dreams would be to

Provide for those they CARE for…


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