M I R A C L E… in Hind-sight…



            IT was many-a-moon ago, when I was working at the Correctional Services.

At that time in LIFE, “Moonbags” were very popular and as You can well Imagine;

I had myself one of them.

            THUS, I was walking in a little Dangerous place in Town and just before I walked around the one corner;

Two men jumped me.

THEY were Far too over zealous and ended up Giving me just enough time in getting to my feet;

One of them had a Knife in hand,

But neither one of them were able to keep on their FEET or

Even keep a hold of the strap of this “Moonbag”.

            Safe to say, that was the very LAST time that I wore the “Moonbag”

& It was also the Last time I would be walking in that part of Town for no apparent reason.




            They say when it Rains, it Pours…

This is Ironic, seeing that when it does rain, the water drops do pour down.

ALTHOUGH, that isn’t what I’m getting at.


            There had been a state of regular and constant Criminal activities going around us.

THUS, when I walked into the Bank; exchanging monies I had no idea that I’d become the next Victim within this Sad State of Affairs!


            When I walked into the gate,

I saw three men sitting separately and THOUHGT, they’re not doing a thing and I wonder if they’re not looking to get an easy score…

HOW Little did I know about this!


            THUS, not being Long in the Bank, I walked out of there and headed back to work.

We’re only Two and A Half blocks from the Bank itself.

            So, I wasn’t Running or doing a Thing in Drawing any kind of Unnecessary ATTENTION to myself.

Little did I know, having spotted the Men outside the Bank––that was ALL that was Needed!


            BEING Professional T H I E V E S;

WHICH none of us really GET; THIS is what they do for a Living and LIKE most of us––

THEY’RE really Good at this and Continue in doing so!


            They made SURE to keep on the OTHER side of the road on the SIDEWALK,

So far out of view, Not even in my Blind-Spot was I able to see they were Following me!

NONE of the Hairs on my Neck jumped up as do when you Feel someone is Following you…


            They bided their time;

Looking at what I do and what the Situation around THEM as well as Me was.

            At the very MOMENT I reached the Corner,

Either crossing the street OR turning to walk down the smaller pathway;

THEY saw that they had the Opportunity they wanted.

            Seeing that my Path, crossing the Street was blocked by a Massive Double Level truck transporting Cars.

There were enough vehicles behind it that I knew very well that I wasn’t going to Cross the road very soon!


            HENSE, it was NOW that they choose to make short of the Distance between Me and THEM!

            While I stood there, realizing what was just before me;

NOW out of the corner of my Eye did I see their Movement on me…

At this point I suspected something to come and Had no idea just how RIGHT I was.


            The Moment they were by my side,

Both the Men grabbed me away from the Actual corner.

            Pushing me against the part of the fence from the building right Across from us.

At this point there was a Calm coming over me that I couldn’t Generate myself.

Just then, while I understood just what was going on;

Instinct Jumped in and as they were Fiddling with my Pockets,

I stopped them.

            I cannot say that the gun in my side was there before;

But at this point they clawed at my one hand,

Peeling some skin from the side of my hand while I tried to stop them from stealing;

            Just then I DID feel the gun being Pressed even Harder in my side and looking at it;

I could see that it did look real.

Loaded or not, the Chances that they could shoot me At Point-Blank range would have been pretty bad for me.


            As they say,

The calmer to the Point you can stay,

The better it would be for you.

            There’s just THOSE instances which You know that no matter what you do;

You’ll not End in a good place.

THUS, “calmlyness” at this point;

Might not help you no matter what you do…


            THROUGH all of this,

Suddenly there stopped their Getaway car and, Working in Cars I immediately caught the info;

JUST because it was going on SO Fast,

I forgot to catch the Plates, but knew they’re from my Province!

            Just when the car pulled up AND

If there were only ONE other in the car,

I cannot say even now.

            But they moved off when they took not ONLY my wallet,

But made sure to get BOTH cellphones.

They wanted to make sure that I’d not immediately call the Police or get the Better of them…


            It was so Fast and Disbelieving;

Them doing it in Broad-Daylight and there;

On the corner of such a Busy Street as well…


            That COULD be the thing,

They could catch, You, Me; Everyone when You Least Expect it!

Doing when you BELIEVE it would be Impossible and they’d not Dare…

If they’re calculating everything around Them and You,

There’s NOTHING to say that they’d not try their Luck!


            In the Days past,

I must Admit,

IF I’m Correct,

They’d WANT to get me,

They’d have Crossed the Road after me.

            Right there,

One of the guys that I’ve worked with doing something on a Car for us,

There would easily be ( 5 ) People who MIGHT have been able to help;

BUT then, With me Included––There could easily have been ( 6 ) or MORE victims.

            It would ONLY depend on HOW brave they were in GETTING as much as they could!


            THEN as well,

IF I had moved and gotten OVER the road once again;

Closer to work,

Reaching work as well––

Who is to say that they’d have stopped there?

            They could EASILY have ran after me and

HELD-UP the Entire work…

To say the Least,

They could have Stolen a CAR and Could have Cost a GREATER deal of Damage!


            No matter how many Ways I’d like to Replay this Robbery,

Where and When it was the Least Dangerous place to be Robbed.

SEEING the Potential Chances of OTHERS being involved and Losing as much OR

Even More…

It’s Quite HORRIBLE to say this,


I’m still ALIVE and what had been Taken can Always be Replaced in Due Time…



The WORSE our Finances look to become,

The MORE this kind of thing is Possible…

SO, Rather DRIVE To the Bank and Back;

Not to say this will help… but it would be a little safer…


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