Pace of Life…

Pace of Life


            As I’ve not Lived so long, I’ve been told that our Currency Value was much better

WAY back IN the DAY when WE still BARTERED with THE pound…

            As in years later, I’ve also heard that things were better in the Older Days.

HONSTELY, to SOME extent I would agree on this.

            If you were to THINK back to the days You were still at School.

The ONLY things we had to worry about, Doing our Homework and Study for those Tests!

            That’s not the Case right now.

That’s speaking for KIDS as well as Us the Grown-ups!

            The very thing,

Back in THOSE Days there wasn’t such a Race in getting things Finished.

            You still had the TIME in getting done, Whatever needed to be Done and In a Proper way

Making SURE that it stayed done, fixed or worked on correctly!

            Then I must Admit that Back in Those DAYS,

The WORLD at Large;

            Meaning US–

Wasn’t so Intent on making the MONEY or Getting Ahead in life!

            THUS, like our Current situation,

Where our RAND-Dollar isn’t very Flattering;

            ONLY maybe when You receive Money coming INTO the Country,

Which very Few of Us have that Luck in receiving.

            Now things goes Really fast,

WHICH once again, a Twenty-Four Hour day back in the Day &

            Our days NOW is still the Same.

IF like so Many People; You’ve Over-extended Your Financial Reach-

            THEN, You’ll probably Feel like You NEED to get ahead of the Race…

A Race which I suspect all of US started with, To begin;

            As OUR money, the RAND didn’t Reach that Far and We weren’t Paid what we Needed,

OUR lives got STUCK on survive; “Cheryl Crow” if I’m not mistaken…

            NOW then, We have to work Twice as Hard in getting through the day,

WHAT cannot wait for the Next…

            THIS ironic fact is this,

Everyone KNOWS they need to run as Fast as the Rest and do Whatever they Can;

            Getting the JOB done so that You’d not go to the NEXT guys in-line!

THAT Idea, just so You’d KNOW applies to Everyone as well.

            THUS, Our Client Service has to Get-Up and Be On Standard;

YOU Need to be Efficient and Do the same Job of the SAME or even Better Quality

            As Probably the Same guy who just OUT-Bid you,

Giving the Client what they Need at the same Brilliant Quality;

            ONLY here’s the Kicker – at a Rate Less than what You can Actually Survive at!

So Yes, Possibly life was Better as there wasn’t so much Competition;

            As Well, our Economy was Stronger as it’s NOW and thus,

WHEN the Companies did a Job for you,

            They had Sufficient Time, Expertise AND the People to do the JOB for you

At the Level of Quality You needed it at…

            THUS, Realizing this wasn’t Going to CUT it in your FASTER lives;

SOMETHING had to change and that’s where Change came into the Picture!

            The Method or Technology had to Change,

Doing the very SAME thing, Faster and Less Costly…

            I WOULD surmise, THIS is the time as well that a FEW Bright-Sparks came into the

PICTURE, not just Keeping UP with the Pace of Life;

            BUT then as well, Making Parts Last JUST long enough to last PAST it’s Warranty!

H E N C E, what is the Best Business you can HOPE for;

            Repeat Business!!!

So, AS our Twenty-Four Hour Days are still the Same;

            LIKE in a Population Boost/Growth,

OUR Lives had Changed as well,

            To the POINT where NO ONE can slow it down–

Which IRONICALLY what a Great Many Crave for;

            BUT then, Life Continues and Time Waits for NO ONE!

Our Economy is Horrible and Everyone almost Has to keep HEADS above water,

            Seeing that We Also got HOOKED on the Instant Gratification!

SO, in the END, all of this we did OURSELVES;

            When we looked Forward at P R O G R E S S…

Which can also be Called GREED,

            Especially when You ONLY enrich Yourself and the Rest gets Left by the Wayside.

UNDERSTANDABLE, when you work for your little Spot in the SUN;

            If others’ Just Want that part and don’t Work at it–


            BUT, all of this Ended Up showing US we CANNOT have It ALL!

A N D so,

            What I think the People in General really Mean,

MORE so in the Olden Days,

            MOST of the People still HELPED each other AND

They didn’t just run AFTER the Money and Power which Came with it…

            THUS, in those days,

We were still Heading to where we’re now…


            The Big Scary QUESTION is this; When the Next Generation says it was BETTER in the

Olden Days–

            Which Days are they Talking about, the ONES here and now;

AND if so,

            JUST how much will our Lives change into the Future,

For this to be True?


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