Point Of View…

Point Of View


Hi there,


            Here’s a very INTERESTING question. Knowing there’s people from All Over reading some of my Posts; the General Idea and Question will be the very same.


            THUS, here goes.

I’ve now had TWO visits from a Company, Investigating issues with any Transactions.

NOW, in South Africa we’ve got Carte Blance, 3rd Degree as well as, Once Upon A Time;

Fair Deal as well.


            Do not get me WRONG,

I know there’s issues and Unscrupulous PEOPLE and Businesses out there.

BUT then, if and you really DO try to sort out something;

Just how long do you try Getting this issue sorted out?


            I KNOW from reading the Plaques at Some Businesses that IF you do not collect your SAY car or Whatever from their Premises – they’ve got the RIGHT after Three Months, selling your Goods which You’ve NOT paid, dealing with Possible Cost incurred when your Items were at their premises.


            IF and WHEN you cannot get a hold of a Client, then you’ve got this right…

THAT said, we’re all human and would LIKE to help out our Clients, no matter how IRRITATING the possible situation might be.



When we got the First visit the other day from these Guys,

DOING what they Could in getting a reaction;

There were a few Police Officers.

            FIRST there were Three and Before I knew it,

While we did what we could in Defusing this Situation;

The number increased.

HONESTLY, I cannot remember how many there were when I locked up the Floor…


            AND AGAIN,

They returned.

NOT only this, it was Organized with them;

Coming much Earlier in the day – which THOUGHT they didn’t care about,

Arriving when THEY saw it fit!

            THUS, looking at the Issue this time;

I looked and SAW that there were almost ( 15 ) Police Officers there this time!


But I saw Ranking Officers as well!

            The Last time I spoke to the Police Officers who were there;

BUT was Told, they were there WITH the Company coming Onto Our Premises…


            NEEDLESS to say,

AGAIN, these Officers would be there ONLY with the People coming onto the Premises.

THUS, the very Interesting Question comes to mind;

            WHEN do People CROSS that Line where they Abuse their Power?

IF anything was to Happen there,

The POLICE will NOT do a thing to UPHOLD the LAW.

IF they were Asked to Intervene,

WHAT would they do IF these guys coming Onto our Floor was to Break the Law themselves?



The Question needs to be Asked,

IF They Side by the Group coming to Harass YOU,

If those guys doing it to You;

Would the Police Officers just Neglect their Duty in Providing Law in that Situation?


            WHEN you’re on Someone’s Private Property already,

Being asked to Leave and there’s Police there;

IF you were to call the Police from YOUR side,

When they do Arrive,

What would, IF ANY, be the outcome?

Would the Officers You call to come help out with the TRESSPASSERS,

Do a Thing in getting them Off your Property


Are you just Plainly Screwed,

Seeing that they’d Adhere to what their BUDDIES are doing there Already?


            NOW THEN,

If the FIRST Officers on the Scene,

IS there with the Original Trespassers,

AND doing what these Guys want them to do;

JUST what Rights do we have,

Getting someone OFF the Property when you Wish them to Go?


            WHEN does, Looking for the Solution to and Issue;

Become the Right for Another to have to come INTO your Life,

Forcing You to THERE and THEN

Play ball with them,

So that THEY can have a Solution to something which could have been Dealt with Much Easier?


            As the Saying goes from Spiderman;

“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility…”

I can SEE that a GREAT many People do NOT share this,


Point Of View…


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