Social Media;

Social Media


I just wonder how many would remember when they were dropped off at School or when Mom or Dad picked up that very special girl/boy for the very 1st Date…

BACK in the day,

THERE was a very Few who cared if they were Cool OR what kind of Ride their parents had.


There was a V E R Y Cute little Red-Head which I’d run after…


But the ONE thing that’s Repeated itself over and over through the Years is this;


Within this SPECTRUM of life,

Who was the Richest,

Who drove what,

Who was the Cool-Cat,

Who got all the Attention,

Who Had It…


NOW, forward to our lives right now and I can almost BET everyone that this had not changed.

Still there’s this Inherent Competition as to WHERE in the Spectrum of life you end-up…


The MOST interesting thing that the Kids as well as the OLDER Kids would look at;

Which SMART-phone do you have and what kind of APPS can it run.

Inclusive of this,

What kind of Status do you have in life and for those Very Select Few;

Where along the Lines of Social Media do you rate?


If this is Anything that you should worry about,

BUSINESS wise, then that’s a whole Different story.

Your Company may be involved in Marketing, Advertising OR doing Business on Global markets and THIS is just one of the Avenues for You or the Company to WORK at in getting even MORE Business…


BUT mostly,

In respects of Entertainment I would suspect this as a TOOL would be Most Important.

The very SAME idea exist here as well;

Seeing a G8T many of my Twitter Followers have Popped around to my Fan Page and

Every now & then, Everyone whose LIKE my page will either See or Read something that I’ve POSTED here.








AND how many more there are;

They’re all there so that we can See just HOW far we can Expand our reach.


This can be a Competition against Other OR you just Might want to show the rest what you Can do.

Like to make Your Mark at some Point OR

It just Might sound like Ranting after all…


But then,

Either at Seeing who is best,



Genis Book of Records,


And so we go on.


THUS at the end I suspect that the Better we do on the Social Media Spectrum, the BETTER some people may feel.

Just a strange THOUGHT amongst MANY I have,

No matter HOW brilliant people Wanna’ believe themselves to be;

The Older you get, the MORE you try to relive Those Glory Days…

The MORE Fleeting they become…


As the saying goes,

The Wheel turns and IF you’re Not Brilliant in what You dream of doing;

MANY People in the World will NOT waste their time in Spending their Time––

Especially when they can See that OTHERS just looking for Attention as in the Various

Social Media Markets…


That Wheel of Live does Turn and Just sometimes,

Those who really Are



In their passions,

THANK God for the Various Platforms,

Having Seen and Heard such Talent out there;


If NOT be for the Various Social Media Platforms,

Then ALL of us would have Missed a few Brilliant People out there…

Still the Irony is this,

It can be USED in such a way that It could Turn to Irritate,

Seeing that it’s OPEN to be Used by many People who Shouldn’t have Caught that PART of the Spot-light which caught onto them.



The ONLY thing that Most of us can do,

Choose on Who you spend your Time;

If they’re any Good then Support them––

Seeing that it’s NOT the Easiest of Jobs at Getting the RIGHT people to s…e…e…

IF not, Wish them all the best and HOPE there’s better talent out there,

Coming to save Which part of Your Passion, You’d like something New or More of…


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