The Light…

The Light


            I suspect a great many of us are working toward a certain plan for our lives.

NO ONE ever told us that this plan-A would actually work out…

As a matter of face, after that comes each Letter of the Alphabet,

That said UNTIL you find a plan that really works,

Helping you to reach that dream or ideal or thought that You Had for your life…


            NOW THEN,

Every so often, as it should happen;

When You Least Expect It,

Someone comes along and just shine a Possible

BRIGHT Light at the End of that very Dark Tunnel of your life!


            It’s not really the Person or even the Opportunity that you get OR even what kind of help they may be giving you;

THE Thing about this is – If YOU’RE Ready to do whatever You should in taking a Hold of this!

Yes, if They’re not so A W E S O M E,

Coming to help you or at least Brilliantly Giving of Themselves––

That’s Really cool of them, but that doesn’t Matter in the least if You’re not in the least bit willing to STILL work your (6) off in making something of Your plans so that THEIR idea can in fact help you!


            Relying on that HELP is really Nice,

But then even MORE than that––

You seriously need to do whatever You can in getting this done!

Taking hold of the Moment and the Opportunity within that Moment and DOING the best you can.

It’s NEVER to say that it’ll work out the way You’d like,

But then, not taking the Help from this Great Person, HANDING you the Opportunity––

That would be an Insult to Them as much as it would be to your Ability in doing something MORE than most People around you…


            HENCE, I was truly astounded when I did receive a BRILLIANT Light at the End of my Uncertain Tunnel and know that there’s something a Little More on the Horizon.

So, I’m working at it, Saving Up for the Editor;

Hoping that before end of June I’d gotten my work back…

THEN comes the even Harder work,

Seeing who would help me even Further…

For the Time being, This Brilliant Chance is on my Doorstep and I’m Fully intending taking a Hold of it as best I can!


            IF Ever you’re so lucky to have someone Extending such Help, no matter HOW small it may be––BE the Best You can and do ALL you can in making SURE it will be worth for them to Help you in any which way they can!



            IRONICALLY in the very same week this was so Positive for me,

I just once again saw the Other side of the Coin as well…


            There was another Person who Called Me Out,

Using the current Social Networking,

Doing what I can in Building my own Network of Sorts…


            It’s so Funny,

If there’s something you can Use to your advantage in helping Your Plans/Dreams to Fruition;

Will you NOT use them,

Seeing that Everyone can use these.


            It’s a matter of taking Charge of what you KNOW you have to do,

Getting that Done and Using what you’ve got to your disposal.

NOT “shooting” Anyone in the process,

But doing what you can see,

Can help you at the End of the Day…


            I cannot say where you’d End-Up at,

But I know that if there’s some Program/Platform out there,

Designed for you to help yourself & You DO NOT USE IT,

Who would, and just Where would it lead them?


            If you have to STOP along side, every time someone is UPSET with you and that you’d Possibly be doing better than they are,

Either they can look at how you’re working toward your Dreams OR they’re not willing to work at their Lives as hard…

I’m not sure, but there’s ENDLESS more reasons,


THE ONLY ONE, more relevant is this,

WHY are YOU not Doing what YOU can with what You’ve got,

Reaching further––

Knowing that it’s Just Waiting for You to Reach out there…?


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