The Passion;

The Passion


            It’s so IRONIC that when I’ve been really busy with my next Book, I’ve also been waiting for the Edits of the finished one to come back to me.

I’m not TOO sure what I’d see I’ve missed there and WHAT I have to look at getting right.

The fact of the matter is this, if you do not put something OUT there;

You’d never learn or work to improve it.


            That said,

I suppose it might ONLY be me, but then I think that it could be the same for many of us.

Never knowing if I’ve got a Full story to make the Adventure worth the Time and Effort

Anyone would take in seeing the END or the Conclusion of the Story or the Book.


            Like a Sculptor or even a Painter,

A singer/songwriter…

Whichever person who Creates…

Even if you just Start that Own Business…

Still Creating.


            BUT then I also find the ISSUE,

If I have TOO much going on.

Easily Reaching 50,000 words and KNOWING where it will still be going…

AGAIN, I start to worry that I’d reach far beyond and that the POWERS

That be, will tell me that I’ve wasted TOO much space and NO One in their Minds,

Will take that TIME to see the end.


            This my be very True or Not;

But then, while I do have the Breath,

Getting this Idea, Thought, Story or Book out of my Head––

Seeing it grow,

That makes me DO what I know I have to,

Taking Journey now, Never knowing if Ever the day comes;


May More Than I Can Imagine,

Will take this journey with me…


As they say, all Good things comes to those who Work and Wait for the Opportunity…


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