Watching over you…

Watching Over You


No matter what we do.

No matter what we think.

We’re all being watched.

We’re all being scrutinized.


No matter how well you believe yourself to be careful, as two guys in Prison found, anything can come back at you and bite you when you least expect it to happen.


Can you think of one place, or for those, a few places where you believed no one could see you or hear you.

Where was this that things just ABSOLUTELY when Haywire for you?

When you believe there’s no Traffic Officer and you take that chance, then it ends up you getting a ticket; just because you couldn’t see well and far ahead.


Not even to mention, children are like Radio-signal receivers.

What you in the least want them to pick-up on, they latch on & there’s no way of getting them to forget that ONE thing…


Ideas you have,

Thoughts of what should be,

That person you dislike so much,


What is worse, they do not know when to keep tactical about the most sensitive of issues.

This is understandable, seeing they’ve got FAR less time in life than WE have.

Saying it as they see it, that is the Truth gauge all Parents must face…

Not that I’m a parent – but I’ve seen and heard this fairy regular AND experienced when their Honestly isn’t allowed.


But coming back to this fact.

No matter who you are, if you believe that LIFE will not bite you in the butt;

Well then, good on you!


For the rest of us,

You’ll try your luck so far and then when you like it the most…


Ripley’s Believe It or NOT,

Murphy’s gone and Screwed You Again –

As the Wheel of LIFE turns and

Steps on you;

When you least expected it to Happen!

Or If At ALL!


P.S.:     There’s no pills for reacting stupid!


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