WEIRD, even 4 Me…



            I’ve been walking around with this STRANGE thought and Idea in my mind;

Not entirely sure where THIS one has come from––

But then it’s an Interesting Concept to me as well…


            So here goes.

As MOST of the people who would read this Post,

All should know how having Children works.

As well the FACT that Brothers and Sisters––Half Brothers and Sisters may work…


            All of them, depend just how Far Removed shares a Unique Genetic Bond.

NOT like in Nature at MOST;

Humans help each other Far More than what MOST People actually get around helping their OWN Families…

To this face I’ve bore witness myself.

Painful to say the least as well!


            Coming back to the Actual Thought and Idea which had been Whirling around in My Mind for such a LONG––LONG time;

I wasn’t even sure if I should actually mention it,

Seeing that Everyone would know…




I am within my writing––Possibly everything to say the least…


            But then,

As with Blood Family,

ALTHOUGH you do not always want to Help them when They’ve Yet AGAIN screwed-up;

BUT then, inevitably with FAMILY and the Genetic Blood Bond––

We do tend to help even though we Know or Suspect that they’d just Screw-Up again…


            This would have been SO Much Different,

FOR, when those Brothers/Sisters weren’t Genetically Bounded to you…


            THEN, turning this Idea Thought even more on its BUTT;

What if,

Seeing it’s really Hard for this to Actually be––

People’s Marriage was as Strong a Bond as your Brother/Sister’s Genetic Bond was.


            HOW many more People would have Worked, Fought for the Survival of that Marriage when it was imbedded into their DNA so much more.

WHICH isn’t to say,

Marrying Your Family––

If Your LOVE and Emotions were as Deeply Involved in the Promise we make.

Being Friends, Loved Ones, Partners, Supporters of that ONE Person.


            I cannot speak TOO much about Relationship as I’ve not had my Fair Share of them to EVEN dream of being close to understanding Aspects there of.


            BUT I’ve heard the words of an OLD Couple,

Having Married for MANY––MANY Years.

Saying that they were Married in a time when People Fixed what thaws Broken and WORKED at making it Work…


            IN Our lives where there’s NOTHING wrong with getting Everything you want,

WHEN you want it and

The WAY you want it…

That instant gratification has led us ALL down a very Dangerous path…


            THUS, not only in Marriage, but our Lives;

IF your Desire to have that work,

It being part of your Genetic Make-UP;

How much harder would WE work at it,

Making something WORK which is worth THAT much to you?


            EVEN better than that,

HOW hard would WE be working,

Making sure that That OTHER person in your Life,

That THEIR Happiness is worth As much to you,

As BREATHING is Needed for us to Live?


            IT’S so strange if you really Look at this,

MAN & WOMAN come together and the ONLY thing that Keeps them in this Bond is,

Their choice to keep going at it.

Which is Really Strong no matter how You Look at it!

BUT, Their Children are Irrevocably Genetically Bounded to each other;

No matter what may Come,

Life I would suspect need for US to help One Another…


            Divorce is very possible,

BUT, Just imagine if we Worked at Marriage in keeping it.

Relationships at having them &

Mutual Happiness at Creating it,

If it REALLY was as much a part of US


As Siblings’ DNA bounded them together…


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