Within The Bewilderment.

Within The Bewilderment


I’ve just recently started to work Actively on Twitter, seeing like Facebook it’s as with so many other Sites and other Social Media tools;

Used by so many people to advance whatever need they have to take forth…


Not only Am I saving up in Editing my Book,

But has of late once more started a Book which has been shearing my Soul for the past few months––even while I was busy Editing the manuscript before presented to the Editor.


With our lives so FAST,

I’ve been concentrating on a Great many things and knew that I had to release the Creative Flood in getting the TWO books done…


While on Twitter I’ve found many an Artist and Many more WOULD BE ones as well.

The actual IRONY is this,

As Long As You Believe You’re JUST an Amateur;

THEN you allow yourself that Safety–Net, allowing you to Dream the Dream but some of the time not to Act on your Desires.

Some people are Scared that their Ability within their Dreams aren’t that Great.

As being Human, there’s always that Kind of Possibility that We’re NOT as Good as we Hope we are.

THUS, doing something on a Private Scale means that You’ll NOT find someone that Do not LIKE what you’re doing.

The OPPOSITE side of this is that NO ONE would Know what you are about.

How would they See what You MIGHT have to share with All around you?

Fear as I’ve once more Seen through the Eyes of a Twitter Friend can be SUCH an Paralyzing Entity in OUR minds;

It can Cause you not to Reach further towards your Dreams…


Then there’s those who Really Does Need just that bit of Support to take that Leap of Faith and SHOW others what is Blossoming inside their Souls.

Of THIS I’ve seen a great Much on the Twitterverse as well.


But then,

Without US knowing it,

There’s things,




Seconds which you just Live through to reach that moment to see the,

Clarity of what you Should be doing.


VERY Lucky for me,

I’ve have the Drive and the Creativity––

WHICH Both I work at As Hard as the Gifts that they are;

Seeing when they say,

SUCCESS is 10% Ability and 90% REALLY, Really Hard work…

They did not tell a Falseness!


I myself LOVE the Marvel X-Men Series…

Have JUST seen their Next Installment of this;

THUS as you Can Imagine Yourself,

The Bewilderment of what I’d enjoyed while viewing the Movie…


I just hope


At SOME point sees such a Vision no matter what their



Desires are,

For, Believing and Dreaming Like children MIGHT just Make such things ONCE Again;


For Most of us who are just Mere Mortals to our Craft…


If You’re That Lucky,

When your Dreams Burn like a Fire in Your soul;

NOT only do you Need to Reach out toward them––



You’ve got a responsibility to USE this Knowledge you’ve got,

Helping those you still Getting there;

Knowing how best to do it for themselves.


The ONLY heartful tear there is,

Those who Sees the Bewilderment,

Shaking up their Creativity, Dreams, Desires and Drive in reaching them;

AND not Reacting on it––

They’ve got something,

For whichever Direction they Wish to go;

But do not use this,

MAKE those who Dream of this…

Almost cry when there are those Who would Never reach this level…



I pray that Everyone who… Need Be Seeing such bewilderment,

Will As Well, React upon it and DO more than what they believe they can,

Teaching OTHERS how to Dream and Reach,

BY just Merely Dreaming and Reaching themselves…


Believing like a Child many make Others see you in a Different Light,

WHICH isn’t that Bad,

FOR they’d see YOUR like which Just Might lead them on THEIR way,

Shining Their light,

When another see their Bewilderment of their Dreams


Then would Follow them in Doing the very same thing…


No one’s Future is set,

You can ALWAYS change and doing Something

Within that Bewilderment of LIFE…


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