Not so long ago I spoke to a woman somewhat older than I am.

The interesting idea that I got from that conversation, that she was Lonely AND the thought that this Feeling which she experienced;

Can lead many a Person to doing something STUPID!

            Hence, I know that more than ONE person I’ve known had made a few Stupid choices and I’ve been in a Kind-Of Relationship;

Not as Intense as I’ve known others around me – But the Hind-sight I know that it wouldn’t have been really Positive for me.

            The LACK of Relationship, didn’t give me ANY indication of just how Good or Bad it could have been.

THUS, severing the Connection and moving wasn’t so easy…


            So, I’ve got First-Hand experience of something that Doesn’t LOOK to be so good.

Yet, as we weren’t Created/Born/Made or whichever you feel Comfortable with;

To be ALONE.

            That specific Desperation at Feeling WHOLE;

Is Probably the single most Powerful Drive that we’d feel at some point in our lives.

FINDING that other person, Whoever they may be;

WHO would fit with you.


            I wouldn’t say that they should Complete you,

They should be the Single Person would Cannot live without!

            AND Yet, there are those who would take this position and USE it and You to their own Advantage when you Feel & Look so Vulnerable…

            AND Still, we all Crave someone who would WANT to spend their Time with you.

We’ve done how many things,

            Finding, Reaching and Probably HOLDING-ON to that person.


            The IRNOY here is this,

If you’re not Happy with Yourself to begin with.

Understanding that there’s a Definite Chance of NOT having someone;

Will you be willing to Live yourself in a Possible Loneliness?

AS there’s NO Guarantee that You’d even FIND that Person,

There COULD be someone who would be WILLING to do all THEY could in being that ONE person for you.

IF you Search so Hard, You could MISS that Person willing to do Whatever.


            THEN as well,

Even when WE do find Someone Worth the Risk,

Someone willing to Put in the Effort,

LIKE I said, the Guarantee –

They may not Forever Stay with you and in Today’s Day in Age;

Could Easily go their Own way!


            You COULD find that even if you’re with Someone,

IF they’re the WRONG kind of Person to you,

Still, You’d sit with Loneliness being a Constant in your life.


            We CANNOT sit on the Side-lines and Comment on LIFE or this Game of Love,

When you’re UNWILLING to step off the Line and put your Heart where Your need is.

There’s no way of KNOWING if you’d get Hurt,

But I promise you;

Staying out of the GAME,

NOT looking or Trying to look for that ONE –

You’d feel a Constant Loneliness… Every Single Day!


            Take the Leap of Faith,

Take that Chance,

Look at the Possibility,

Accept we’ve got almost NO Control of Life &

THEN take that Plunge in LIVING!


All the Best 2 You!


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