McGyver Operation Theather

          APPARENTLY, when I was much Younger;

= Something that I CANNOT remember;
I was quit the Destructive but Inquisitive little boy;

          It’s SAID, that when I was THIS young;
I wasn’t as THICK as thieves with my little Dinky-toys;
I was SO interested in seeing their WORKINGS that I used a Hammer getting on the Inside of these little toy-cars;

          SO MUCH SO;
At the END of the Day I’d even Kidnapped my TWO brothers’ cars;
ALL of them ended up FLAT and a Little Worse For Wear;

          THUS, with age arriving and My understanding growing a bit more;
I learned how to SEE how things worked;
Taking them apart and then putting them Back together;

          SOME of the times they Actually DID work afterward;
But then again, As anyone FIXING something would tell you;
There are THOSE things and DAYS when you just Cannot get them working again;

          FEELING, using a Hammer on them;
That might Make you Feel a Little Better;
UNTIL you see what the Price would be, Replacing whatever it is;

          AND SO;
I replaced the worn-out Microwave which had seen more than a Year’s work;
With a Brand-Spanking New ONE;

          That was only but SIX months ago;
That New… Microwave smell… (new car smell) Okay not so… Funny;
Still, as far as I KNOW it’s still Under Warranty;

The Micro decided it’s not going to play BALL or the Glass-plate;
REFUSED to turn around!

           Looking at this ISSUE;
I wasn’t in the Least bit inclined in looking at the Micro;
THE SAME, the ONE we use at Work doesn’t turn either;

           When you Eventually decide to warm-up… Say Coffee;
You get SECTIONS of the Coffee heated up;
As well, SECTIONS which didn’t even get a Little Heat… WEIRD when you dink!

          NOW I looked at this Miserable Microwave;
KNOWING full-well that ( IF ) I handed it in;
It’ll easily take SIX Weeks for them to see how they’d be fixing it!

          I made Myself a Cup of Coffee and left my Mind to race;
THOSE Friday Nights when we were GLUED to the TV-set;
When Ole’ Richard Dean Anderson AKA – McGyver came on;

          Made My MIND race even more now!
I’d kept the OLD Microwave and Placed both next to each other;
THEY looked almost Exactly the same… T W I N S;

          OKAY, so I’d Open Number ONE;
See and Learn for the MAIN event-Fixing the New One;
WHICH I very fast found out, both of them were TWINS!

          Easily and pretty FAST I was able to strip Number One;
SEEING just how easy it would be for Number TWO;
Looking at the insides and constantly saw the TWINS before me;

          This was so interesting;
I looked both over and FOUND the fault;
Feeling pretty GOOD about the Quest and Possibly Succeeding;

          I once more Re-engineered the Two Microwaves;
BUT I was a bit skeptical;
Only after I carried the New Microwave to the Kitchen, could I test it;

          The MOMENT when I saw the Glass-plate turn;
I could really enjoy my LITTLE McGyver Moment;
It was working and I could Heat-Up my Dinner!

          BUT now, as lucky as I was in fixing this LITTLE problem;
Which Incidentally was the little Motor which turns the Glass-plate;
I can IMAGINE myself that there’s MANY of us who are Caught-out;

          WHEN that supposed Specialist does something;
Which turns out not being such a BIG issue;
So, I’m really HAPPY that I didn’t blow-up the Microwave;

          BUT know that someplace OR somewhere;
Someone will come along;
Looking at something of Mine which I cannot sort out Myself;

          At that time;
I’d really Miss my McGyver Moment;
Having to dig Into my Poor Wallet-Fixing whatever I cannot myself!

McGyver-Microwave Motor


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