That Sparkle…

At my RIPE old age of 39, I tend NOT to think, landing a Date would be as Easy as many a Person around me might find it for them.
Not Married,
No Children and
Currently single as You’d suspect.

I’m NOT on the prowl to find that Woman/Younger Lady – but then I’d not forever either want to be on my own either…

Thus, the other day I walked into one of the SHOPS to buy a few DVD’s.
When you LEAST expect it, You meet someone that make you Believe or Hope things will turn around in Short Due Time.

Chatting with the Young Lady, I found that there’s a Great many movies and Ideas, Thoughts and Interests which we Share.
From the very Moment I didn’t believe she’d be Single, but the Chat was nice.

Going on and talking about a few Movies and Books which been Turned into Film,
As well what kind of Music was Nice for her To listen to was really nice.

She had this KIND of Goth vibe.
It wasn’t REALLY to have the Look, but then She did Catch my Eye!

Now the Ironic Situation,
She looked a LITTLE Young and I was FAR too afraid of
If she was… being a Saturday, a 16 Year Old can work…

Buying a DVD for much Less than I suspected,
It wasn’t in the LEAST what I’d expected from the Cover and what I read on the Rear…
Still I struggled through the Movie.

Going around there the next week, seeing if she worked and Found when I’d chat with her.
NOW Then, I wasn’t in the least Interested;
As My Instincts weren’t FAR Off…
HENCE the next day,
A normal working Day I saw her.

Telling her about the Movie and that it was Somewhat of a Struggle to Finish.
I Immediately picked up that she didn’t react the Same;
Cool chick I’d met the days before.

When I’d met her the FIRST time, I found that she Stood really Close to me and Each time she had something to do,
Made her way Back to me fast…
Shockingly so – But then I do know that at WORK you’ll have to make sure the Clients are taken care of…
So I was under NO misconception, it was her Work.

THIS Time the Cold Shoulder was Extremely Evident.
Not that this Worried me so much,
THAT feeling when you See the Possibility within the Sparkle was really Nice to ENJOY,
Even though it was only But a few Moments…

I found that she’s the Youngest and that she’s 22,
WHICH, at my Age and what I Know and would Like in a Woman;
She may not be…
But then, Just once more Seeing the Possibility &
Knowing that when the Time is there;
Anything is Possible!

Helping out on the OTHER floor, at MY work later,
Yet again,
A Young Lady walked onto the Floor,
Looking for a Car and I helped her out as Much as I could.
Here and there I saw that she Felt a Little Self-Conscious about Her Upper-Lip.
Not happy with the Mole-like growth there or something,
Again we Chatted and I suspect she didn’t Expect me to help her out,
Not that ANYTHING materialized there,
But I found out She’s a Nurse,
So, At least she’s Older than what I thought,
Also Nice on the Eye;
But then – as with the One other Younger Lady, not so LONG time ago,
Where we work,
It Ain’t such a BEST place to Pick-Up the Possibility for a Date…

IF ever you cannot See the Chances,
Possibilities or
Sparkling Moments of LIFE,
Then You’d NEVER react to them!

It was really Cool seeing these two Different Women Crossing my Way.
It’s not to say The Later Younger Woman would again fall into the Picture;
I cannot see that the Nurse would be Single either.

The 22 Year Old,
Saw her later in the week with her Boyfriend,
Happy in the Thought that I didn’t react STUPID and
Made her Feel Uncomfortable…
SEEING it myself as well;

I cannot Imagine myself how Most Single Women might feel
Even see the Men around them.
How hard would it be,
When you’re Separated & See if you can get a Date with a Man when there’s Children from a Previous Relationship
Even a Marriage.
To say the least, what of Just having had a Relationship…

I can Imagine myself that More Women than Men are Fearful of Getting Hurt,
But then,
There’s an Unspoken Truth which I suspect Few KNOW;
None of Us are Immune to Pain – No matter what Kind it is.
Everyone have Uncertainties in getting to Know an Next Significant Other…

We ALL should be Really Careful of THOSE hidden Messages which we Send with our Body-Language; they MIGHT drop You in Hot water…

Game of Love
& Affection,
WHEN you Take the Chance at Playing it… :- )


2 thoughts on “Sparkle…

  1. All well said, Cobus! I’m so grateful to be in a happy and stable relationship. Not only do I really like AND love my husband, it’s a relief to not have to negotiate that relationship minefield of trying to read others’ minds!

    • Brilliant 4 you on that one.
      Not only that,
      2 of the Six siblings are Married,
      The rest is almost incognito. . .

      I believe I’m the most sane in this regard as well. . .

      Time will tell!

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