Your PATH 2 Destiny/Life/Future/Possibilities…

          Like the Fleedwood Mac song;

With that Cool Rendition of Lizzie for the Film; Safe Haven–

Go Your Own Way…

          I’ve in my Life seen so Many people how Either wanted to do, What Other’s require of them AND then there’s those who are Fearful of walking their OWN Path, toward their OWN


          For the LONGEST time in our Lives, no matter when or where or how you’re Born;
Want to Live or Exist or Enjoy life More or Better than you’d done Before.
Aiming at something more…

          This isn’t to say that You should be Looking only to Untold RICHES,
It could be just be Following the Career which Lies the CLOSEST to your Heart!
It could even be a Once in a Life-Time Opportunity to Experience…

          That said,
If you’re NOT willing to Step out into the Oncoming Traffic of Life,
You’d NEVER know just how Hard it could be in Reaching there…

          AS well,
We’re all our own Worst Enemies or Critiques,
Seeing that WHO Else out there Gauge their Lives against their Dreams…

          You still need be Reaching there,
You can Still be Walking the very same Path until you’re OLD and Grey;
The only Difference MIGHT be, did you Do Everything 100%, Reaching there…

          If you look at OTHERS,
Having either MORE luck or the Opportunity,
You’d Easily and FAST; fall of Your own Band-wagon in Reaching Your Dreams…

          There’s ONLY one of YOU;
There MAY be a few more People wanting and willing to Do the very same thing as you Dream of doing; BUT, you are the ONLY one who can accomplish your Goals in YOUR way.

          In reaching your Dreams;
Walking Your path, you may find Resistance through Life, People, Turning Events & Such;
THUS, it will Only now be, when You’re walking the Path – if this Is Really for you!

          No one said it would be easy,
So, working through Those various Issues and Dealing with what my come Across your way while You’re Reaching for that Dream, May build You stronger for what Lies Ahead…

          We’ve ALL got a Purpose,
YES, few find what that is, Even Fewer are willing to Go all out in getting there,
Just ask Yourself, if you do not do this; Will you be Happy living the Life you are.

          Seeing that not Reaching there,
That’s not the worst thing that Can happen – You’ve TRIED at least;
The worst is, Being Far Too Scared To Even Try… Failure just make us Plan Differently!


          There’s a thought out there;
If you’ve been BLESSED with some Better, Greater Need to Fulfill in Your life…
What gives You the RIGHT to Shy away from it, Showing OTHER the Possibility…?


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