In Time & Out of Money…

In Time           

             I’ve watched a Cool Movie some time ago.

The Premise of it was Pretty Cool as well.

At some point in the Future we work and do what we have to,

Earning TIME itself.

            Everyone has an Clock on their arm and it runs down from the Age of 25.

THUS, some people live very long – seeing they’re Rich &

Others Clock-Out when their Clocks runs out to ZERO…


            That was a Pretty Cool idea how Money had changed to Time and if you’d have enough,

You could be Living for as LONG as you had Time on your Clock.


            Then this Thought hit me;

While I’ve paid for the Various aspects of Editing and such on my Book,

I’ve also looked at Various ways in which to Advertise and Reach more People.


Thinking about the Cost and Money needed to do what I want,

I also Thought about the Idea of this,

How easy it would be for US to go THAT way,

If You’re life-span was Calculated Directly against what kind of Money You had.


            This is as well, an ISSUE for Many People,

Looking at the Various things Many of us have to do,

Need or even Want to do for the Kids or Your Significant Other…

What you Need to do, keeping the Car running &

So much more…


            Then comes the Situation,

You’ve got a Household,

You’ve got accounts and there’s two cars maybe;

Not to even MENTION that there’s different Medical Aid additions to be paid…

            The cost of Living,

Eating and as we’re ALL running Far too hard and much,


JUST so THAT we’d DO it ALL again!


            With ALL of this that’s need to be Paid,

What IF your Life was really Calculated within the Money You’ve got in you Pocket,

AND so, Your Bank Account…

            That Feeling of Dread,

When you KNOW you’ve got things to do,

But there’s just NO Money in getting through to that…

            That Fearful Feeling of NOT KNOWING,

Where or When You’d get the Money to Pay for what You’d need…

When that Fear Grips Your Heart,

That’s NOT one of the Best Feelings in the world.


            There Had been so Many people not able to continue,

Without having the Money to Pay…


            BUT Then,

The day it comes; MAYBE,

The same as in the Movie – In Time,

When that Day does Arrive, we’ll be Really looking at your Money,

Seeing who would be Living Longer or NOT,

By then I hope I’d have Died of OLD Age…


            As much as THINGS change,

Some Aspects of the Past just Swings around,

Being used in a Different Manner or Form.



2 thoughts on “In Time & Out of Money…

    • Hi there, I am truly sorry for this irritation. The only thing is this, I don’t know WordPress that well and I’d even make things WORSE when I did try and do something about this. To say the least, I’ve got Absolutely no idea, where I’d even start in helping you out with this.
      I know this doesn’t help much, but maybe if it’s TOO much, then you should probably un-check that box.
      Beyond that, isn’t there someone that You know who might give you more info on this…?


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