Glued to the Technology!

I’ve changed some time ago, the Day in the Week I’d enjoy Movies at the Cinema.

This has worked out BRILLIANTLY for me.

To say the least, the COST is a little bit more – but then there’s SO few people in General that this isn’t TOO much of a bother to me…

The POINT system they’ve got, doubles as well;

But then, MOSTLY I do not use the Free Tickets I get with the accumulation of this…

After Finishing one of the Movies the other Night,

I cannot remember what Time I drove home after the Conclusion of the Film;

But what I could clearly remember was that it was Already Dark outside.

Driving Home, truning off at one of the INTERSECTIONS,

I saw two people by the Side of the Road, waiting for some Transportation.

That wasn’t anything weird and NOT after Dark as well…

BUT, what I did see and what we MIGHT regularly see;

Both the man and woman had their Cellphones in-hand,

Waiting there to see IF a taxi would Pop around to their Location coming to Pick them up.

That’s the thing,

We’ve HEARD and seen a few times… over and over…

A Greater amount of People are Glued to their TECHNOLOGY!


Glued to their Cellphones,

Their Tablets,

Or whichever other Handle-held Device which Connect them to the NET.

The reason I thought this was a LITTLE worrying,

They cared more to SEE what they might miss


What was happening;

While they stood there, waiting for the Ride, getting them back Home…

Safety has TOTALLY blown out of the window!

People are SO involved in their Devices,

There’s so MUCH they’re Missing along the way!

It can be a good thing to have the INFO at hand,

It can be a Really Good Platform from which to Engage with Others,

Which would have been IMPOSSIBLE a few years before…

I GET that.

BUT then it’s become an unnecessary item as SO Many people use them when it’s not

really That safe for them to do so…

Talking on the Phone in the car,

The WORST, texting in the car!

When and Where it’s safe,

By all mean do what you will…

But then,

When the S… hits the fan, You Might Not be HERE anymore;

Then it’s TOO Late in doing it safer.


I know for a Fact,

Most people would do what they will,

No matter the Situation.

We can BUT only Hope they’d learn,

Sooner than Later,

Before something horrible happens to them…

Technology can Always help us,

But there’s ALWAYS the other side of the Equation.


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