Lost In The ECHO…

Lost In The ECHO

I’ve met quite a few people in my Life so far.

I’ve seen them doing what they HAD to and or working in the Direction they found themselves in.

Life Happens While We’re Making Plans…

This is so true.

As in so many a Film, some of the Characters NEVER sets out at being Horrible, Bad or Worse than what they intended to be.

This is as true for the rest of us as well;

The many a person I’ve Seen working in the One or Other direction,

They’re not doing what they LOVE to do,

SEEING that some of the Times your Passion doesn’t Pay!

This is also a Part of Life as all of us Knows very well…

We’ve ALL got bills to pay and there’s no getting around this one.


OUR Dreams and Passions are Lost in the Echoes of life…

You’d Always dream of them,

IF they’re really as Strong as you Think them to be.

ONLY seeing if this is true,

When you can Earn a Greater Salary in the Current position you’re in now.

This is the Reason it’s so CURIOUS,

Those people around You,

Who do not Compromise in what they Reach out for,

They may NEVER reach there,

But if they’re Willing to constantly WORK at reaching their Own dreams,

Why it’s so easy for SO many to ask questions of them.

When it’s SO Many who do not Follow their own Dreams and Desires,

Understandable why that is,

BUT – it’s always SO Easy to do this,

Not supporting, but Thinking another’s life/plans/ideas/work

Is Vain and CANNOT bear any fruit.

One thing,

OUR Success and Goals all Differ.


O T H E R S may Never reach there.

But it’s the Journey and the Goal at Reaching there that’s still in the

Mind’s Eye…

The Dreams, Possibilities and Hope that’s still in the Heart…


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