The LOUDNESS of Enthusiasm!


Once again I’ve been Privy to the fact at how many Different People are always out of their Skin… enthusiastic about various aspects of their Lives.

Our National Rugby Team played an International Game yesterday, THUS while I also watched to see what would be happening, I Clearly Heard what the TEAM had to do.

That said, I can imagine myself that sometimes the Coaches’ game-plan might not Always be so well Thought-out.

This being said, when You are going on so Rowdy – there’s ABSOLUTE no way anyone on the Other side of the Screen would be hearing them…

THEN another Interesting Thought, those People we know so well; Going on as they do – want to turn and Silence the REST when they’re done at Giving advice…?

BUT while They’re going on as they are; there’s Absolutely nothing wrong and They’re not getting so Excited!

As is with my One sister, when she Finally Emerge Herself into a Film – it wouldn’t matter by then Which one it would be,

She would tell the Characters/Actors what they Should be doing; TRYING all she can for them to Avoid that Required event for the FILM to work.

Getting rowdy OR plainly Fearful as she lives Herself into the Film OR as I’ve mentioned, Something People Invest their Emotions into…

It’s so Brilliant that Some have such Passion and Cannot Contain it…

The ONLY other Ironic fact is this,

Everyone of Us has got that Enthusiasm,

BUT, we don’t ALL wake the Neighborhood in Showing just how we feel in this regard.

ADMITTING, with the Last Rugby World Cup that South Africa won,

I raced from Work and Finished watching the Game in Real-Time at Home…

A few of the Neighbors around me in the Apartment Building would have suspected

Me at being right on the Side-lines.

That Passion is Good in all,

But still, Do consider those around you,

Not Letting it become a Bigger Issue than what It’s Worth in Living it OUT…


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