E N E R G Y . . .


I have as of recently helped out to House-sit and Dog-sit for my Mother and her Boyfriend while they’re on a Vacation down by the sea.

As I’m not too use to the house,

The sounds there does catch me,

Not allowing me to sleep as deeply as I would in my own bed.

BUT THEN, that’s part of the package when you help someone out.

The idea isn’t so much the Lack of peaceful sleep…

At the house there’s TWO dogs.

The Mother and her off-spring.

She’s a LITTLE koo-koo.

Playing fetch… which isn’t strange,

THIS dog Loves to play Fetch with Only ROCKS!

She would bring them to you and drop it when She’s ready.

Still, she’s NOT take a thing other than rocks and at least 75% of the time,

She’s go find the rock where she’s left it last…

The thing is this,

The dog is Almost Border-line HYPER-Active.

Going up and down to the Point that YOU get tired.

Still, playing Fetch is Brilliant to her.

Her son,

As small as the Dog is,

Not knowing it’s Name…

It’s as Fast and Even MORE HYPER-Active.

It must have been Born with an Fully Charged Energizer Battery in it!

It really Love to get under your Feet and a few time I’d almost Stepped on the poor Little Dog.

It would run a few steps, MY steps, then stop, wait a little bit and when You don’t come along at all OR to slow,

It would run back, just Having to turn around and go back the Direction it had come!

Looking at the Energizer Dog running around like it is,

I wondered just how Much Unnecessary ENERGY we as People waste of what Isn’t Necessary?

Like the Little DOG,

We go back and forth,

We make plans and SOMETIMES those don’t come to Fruition!

We run around like Everyone else,

Doing what we can In getting Ahead of the Game…

There’s SO MUCH we’re thinking of and Considering,

Thing which may not even EVER come into being at all.

Still, not only do we waste TIME, but our Precious Energy!

When You reach Home OR get to that Meeting,

We’re So drained that we cannot even Help ourselves.

No matter how many times We say,

There’s always Tomorrow,

None of us KNOWS for sure what will Happen Tomorrow;

There’s ABSOLUTELY no way to Know for a Fact,

What we’d have Time and Energy for,

Getting Done what you Hope for, Wish for, Plan for, Live for…

The More Energy we waste,

The More Time we let slip as well;

Which is only a HAND-FUL of things which you Cannot Save Up!

What you Need be Doing, Work at it 100% or Getting there.

What There’s no Time for to Waste, do NOT let it get the Better of you.

As Your Life is ONLY Important to You,

WHILE the rest lives There’s, HOPEFULLY doing the Best they Can…

Use Your ENERGY Wisely, Making Your Time Count!


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