Younger the Spirit… Younger the Heart…

Young Spirited

I’ve been a Good Samaritan in the Last week again.


Not only this, here at this house there are Two dogs as well.

The Mother and her Off-spring.

The Mother is much bigger and we Suspect the Off-spring will not grow much bigger.

That said,

The Mother just L-O-V-E-S playing Fetch… with a Rock in-mouth of all things.

Thus, when I get here, I throw the rock so much so;

She doesn’t drop it by me so I can once more throw it…

Getting to the water placed there for them.

Her son,

With her being so fleet on her “feet” as well,

He is even more so.

Enjoying the Company and being ALMOST on the Point of Hyper-Active…

Still as I now look back on this,

I see and Realize something interesting.

As with our Dogs and Pets and the lot–

I can see why its Beneficial not only for a Great Many People to have Pets

But then, as I can well Imagine,

How Children in the End of the Day would Influence not only their Parents

But as well, Their Grandparents.

With those Creatures… Meant in the Best of ways…

With their Young Spirits,

They have the Power to lift the Hearts and Spirits of those,

Who by Today’s Society;

Aren’t that Young anymore–

APARENTLY, unable to Positively contribute to Society anymore!

I’ve seen more than once,

Even those who do not WANT the little Spirited Critters around them,

It’s often These ones who actually Benefit most from the Situation

They may find themselves in.

Having the Younger Spirited Pets or even Children/Grandchildren around them!

Many a Parent will NEVER

Give up their Children,

Which is Clearly Understandable,

But the Positive Influences which those Younger Spirits have on Everyone,

Very few would stand back,

Looking at this and Understand, Get or Realize

Just how many of Us there are,

Who under MOST circumstances Cannot or

Aren’t Built to be Recluse or On their Own…

Just then,

Either one of them does something Naughty…

Then this idea also blows OUT the Window…

Remember the Smiling Happiness,

Enjoy the time They still Need Your Time…


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