End of an Era.

End Of An ERA            There’s SO many things in our Lives which comes to and End.

There’s some many Different directions we go in and so Much we can actually Try,

It’s REALLY shocking as to the Fact how many People keep Holding on to that which,

Will Not anymore Be…

I must say that if you Invest,



Your Life

OR in cases,

Your Heart…

That could be why Such change May not be TOO brilliant!

The Saying doesn’t Go for No Reason…





A Window opens and gives you Other Opportunities.

Fear will Always be the ISSUE which Everyone of us will have to Deal with.

The Fear of Getting Hurt in another Relationship.

The Fear of NOT knowing if this is better than Where you’d been before.

The Fear of what OTHERS might say, Even if they MAY do worse than You! ! !

BUT most of all;

The FEAR because THIS time it Truly MIGHT work if you do Work at it…

No Relationship is EVER easy.

No other Person is Ever easy to get to know.

Even if you’ve got SO MUCH in common,

Putting TWO different People together and NEITHER is willing to Put in the Effort;

Then you’re Wasting Your time once again!

ALMOST no one Was Created to be Alone.

There’s SO Many times where we Cannot Change our Situation,


Even here this Idea is WRONG,

YOU can change whatever there is You’d Need be Changing;

As Long As You’re Just Ready For That Change!

This Idea with the Fear of Getting Your Heart and Soul Broken again,

That could be the Reason why a

GREAT many of People out there,

Never will
REALLY be Ready for Life, Luck, Destiny OR Whichever it Might be;

Brings that Opportunity into Your Life!

That Opportunity can be ANYTHING,

A Relationship,

A New Job,

A Dream You’ve Have Forever,

Meeting the Hero of Your Dreams…

The Actual situation doesn’t Matter,


Being Ready to take that Opportunity with Both hands


KNOWING that thing Will and Can get better in time.

Life isn’t just Full of the Heartaches,

BUT those are the ONES

We most of the times Change our Lives…


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