Great Power Great Responsibility.


As of recent I became aware of something that Transpired in the Workplace,

Making me Think back to an Incident which I only then Remembered about.

When I was working at the Correctional Services,

There was an Issue with a great many of the Day-Shift workers who arrived at Work

Later than what they should arrive for their Shift to start.

This situation was getting out of Hand and as far as I can remember,

The Head of the Prison was ordered to take Note of those who didn’t Arrive on time.

THIS was in face a really Funny, Yet also Disturbing situation.

As the Head of the Prison arrived at work with a Government Bus and,

As soon as He walked through the Gate,

He would Just THERE, turn around and Start writing down names of the Officials

Who in His mind was late at work.

NOT to forget out of the Sight that he had JUST gotten off the Bus with them,

Arriving at Work with them,

Literarily, Walking through the Gate JUST seconds before the others would.

THUS, the Powers that He wield and used as being the HEAD of the Prison,

Wasn’t Done in the Best of Ways.

Over the Years I’ve seen, Various ways and Aspects of…

Miss-Use or Blatantly Abuse of Powers.

Sometimes I suspect that,

THE Powers that Be,

Do not clearly understand just what they’re doing

OR they may know, in such a Subtle way Trying to move those from their Employee

Without Needing to do more OR Hoping those who they Look at Get the Picture.

With life having changed as much as it has,

It’s not as Easy as most would come to believe,

Bullying or Effecting those Employees to leave,

When Firing or Retrenching will Effect this choice From the Employer;

Seeing that for Every Action there’s an OPPOSITE and Equal Reaction.

THUS, If you do have Power over Others,

It not being a Perfect World,

That doesn’t Give anyone the Right to Abuse or Miss-Use that Power over you;

Seeing that So Many a times things had gone Astray,

When such Actions has come to the Fore.

THUS, be forewarned, even in Today’s Day in Age,
















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