Taking One For The Team…

When last did you do this.

Not to say that you’d have to do Something for the Team itself, Sports or something like that.

But the Team – meaning at Work, a Friend or even within Your Family

OR even more Important than that;

You’re Relationship.

There’s some times when you find an Issue


That problem which You can see there’s no Clear solution to.

SOMETHING that will Not break the Bank if you leave it be.


If and when you’re willing to step OFF or Away,

That it will Inadvertently make the situation work out so much better.

Even at times we Believe that we’re Right and we do not have a Need in letting it go,

But as well, in the very same Moment you Do Know that if you keep on with this Direction,

The END in sight May never come.

Another word for this would also be,


And this isn’t Saying the Other person(s) in this situation,

Would EVER consider doing the same at all!

HENCE, the idea taking the High Road;

Allowing the other person to FEEL as if they made Their point

Accepting the Responsibility and getting the Issue out of the way.

KNOWING very well indeed,

At Some point down the Line,

The way LIFE works,

You just might be Rewarded with what Positives you put out there.

In Today’s Day in Age,

This cannot ever be an Easy choice in making,

Especially when you KNOW or See or Suspect

That No matter HOW much you’d like to Help the Situation along,

Things May or May not change…

There’s only one or MAYBE two thoughts of comfort here;

Either you’re a Leader and have to take that Responsibility


As soon as you can get this Issue or Problem dealt with,

Work, Life or Your Own Plans

Can steadily get Back on track…

I have seen this,

The HARDER we may Fight this Problem or Issue,


Without even Being Responsible for it to Begin with––

The BIGGER the Issue or Problem tend to become…

Taking On A Life Of It’s Own,

Creating even MORE trouble while it grows and Ending Up,

Costing you so Much more…

NOT saying You should do this,

But just Consider the


AND if there’s a better way of getting things Sorted out…?

Taking One For The Team


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