Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Book 1 of 6)

Herbert's HAT Small

Herbert’s HAT

(World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6)

Section 1

Chapter 1



          Timmy walked into yet another door…He never listened to those around him and reading books while walking is dangerous to do. He stood stunned for a second. Herbert didn’t tell him there was a door in front of him. “Herbert did you open the door? This is your idea of funny isn’t it?”

Of course, no one else could hear the conversation and his parents didn’t really pay attention to it anymore.

“It’s a phase, in time it will pass,” Doctor Owens told his parents once.

Victoria and Donald, Timmy’s parents became very worried as Timmy’s injuries intensified over the last two months. Despite this, they couldn’t get Timmy to stop playing with Herbert.

Why he suddenly needed an imaginary friend seemed to be something beyond most of the specialists who spoke to Timmy and his parents. “It’s understandable for an only child like him to react this way. He might just be crying out for help or attention. He’s lonely and he is possibly unable to tell you how he feels. Because most of the time, children do not know how to express their feelings,” another Psychologist told them.

Donald and Victoria struggled even more to come to terms and understand what their son struggled with. Suspecting there might be something seriously wrong with him. Not that Timmy looked worried in the least. Their problem really was that Herbert didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Timmy got up from the floor and walked with his book under his arm heading to his room. He needed to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. At twelve years old, he seemed to be an easy going boy. He loved reading. With his imagination in overdrive––he would sometimes sleep with the light on.

Herbert thought this to be a big joke.

Timmy didn’t show his wild thoughts and brave side to his parents. It might just shock them. Still, he stood firm went things went astray. He would run fast to get out of trouble when needed. Otherwise, he seemed to be a normal boy, despite Herbert’s appearance in their lives a few months back. His black hair came from neither of his parents––but within the family. Having the darkest brown eyes––almost looking black at times. If Timmy didn’t stand next to them no one would believe him to be their son. Everyone who met him was astounded by his looks. Still developing, he looked the same size as other boys and girls.

They’d recently moved from Chicago. Victoria at last, earned herself a position at a local television studio in the newsroom. Donald landed a position at an architectural company. Each enjoyed their dream job. Now, they were renting from a Manhattan based Apartment Company.

Neither of them were emotionally prepared for any of this, seemingly not as strong as their young son. Even their personalities differed from his. Neither one were adventurous in the least. Avoiding confrontation at all times.

“Are you ready?” Victoria asked while sitting down on the bed to read to her son before bed. She didn’t need to read much before Timmy would be fast asleep. The last few weeks had been really hard on all of them. Exhaustion now heavily affected both Victoria and Donald. They got into bed at night and were fast asleep in a short time.


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