Herbert’s HAT – Chapter ONE, Section 2.

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Early Saturday morning, Timmy got up out of bed to get ready for school. He almost sleepwalked while maneuvering through his room when he realized it was not even a school day. He turned back to his bed intending on getting some more sleep when he tripped over a strange object on the floor. He truly fell himself awake. “What is Herbert up to this time?” He felt very irritated while getting up.

He squinted in the low light as he didn’t have his glasses on, so he couldn’t make it out. Getting on all fours, he saw better what exactly lay just out of reach. Timmy took a hold of it getting up and realizing it was a hat. “Now, why would Herbert take out my hat?” Just then, he felt the hat in his hand vibrating. Studying it, he saw it wasn’t his hat at all. “What’s going on here?” He wondered aloud while starting to feel much happier than he could explain.

A bright red shining feather grew out of the side of the hat like a tree. The taller it grew, the brighter it became as well. This seemed impossible. He became totally mesmerized by the effects of the animated hat. “Herb…buddy if this is your hat, then this is one of the coolest tricks you could have played on me so far. Why do you always just hurt me? Especially, when this is so much nicer than what you’ve done to me so far?”

The hat’s material itself supported the growing feather. He saw a band all around the hat becoming lit as if switched on and it looked like a plastic ruler, but very elastic. The band burst out in a mixture of different patterns and colors. It closely resembled the running text of the advertising space at Time Square. Then while Timmy held the hat, the material-plastic band around the hat changed. It almost looked like the shining colors of the sirens of the police cars ambulances or fire engines he’d seen on television––not only the lights, he could hear the sirens in his head as well.

Timmy looked around him as the light bounced brightly off the walls in his room. The sounds were loud enough so that his parents could probably hear them. He worried it might wake them up. “How is this possible?”

Suddenly, right on top of the hat something started pushing through. It looked like a satellite dish. The kind they used on the moon-buggy. It started turning and looking wobbly like it wasn’t completely built but somehow, to him, it looked right nonetheless. Just then, a light started blinking on it as well.

To Timmy’s astonishment, he now saw a boy and dog running all over the top of the hat. They played with a Frisbee. The dog caught it every time. Once or twice, the dog even jumped far over the rim of the hat catching the Frisbee out of reach and then touched back down on the hat itself. These times, the dog got a little naughty and the boy chased after it getting the Frisbee back. Timmy saw the two were really happy while they played with each other.

On the side, he saw a railway-track now grew out of the hat. He saw one tunnel on the front of the hat where two carts were hooked to each other. Splashing through some water while they moved. Little droplets even hit Timmy in the face.

This took place on the sidewall of the hat and then at the back––he saw another tunnel. As the carts ran on the one side, a bright light came out of the exit of the little tunnel. Timmy felt amazed the little light being so bright. He saw a bright spot on the wall the moment the train came out of the tunnel. This time, a small locomotive pulled two full passenger cars behind it. Not only did Timmy see the light he heard the whistle and the puffing of the steam engine as well. The train-track kept on appearing while the train ran over it then disappeared when it passed again.

Unexpectedly, he saw a girl on a bicycle riding on the very rim of the hat. She kept looking and smiling at the boy and dog while they played. She never fell off the bicycle and never stopped peddling in a circle around the two either. What he then realized was he could see all of this clearly without even using his glasses. How can this be? He could hardly see without them.

The second Timmy put the hat on his head he felt something tickling his ears and his neck at the same time. “What in the world is going on now?” he asked touching his ears and neck. His hair instantly grew all the way to his shoulders. It became such a brilliant black that it actually glittered. “How is it possible for my hair to suddenly grow like this?” When he took a hold of it looking at it in his hand––his hair suddenly changed into a bright silver.

“This—cannot be happening!” Timmy yelled, “Why would Herbert leave his hat here? I still don’t understand why he’s here and why he won’t just go back home. And now this hat?” His hair stopped growing after reaching his shoulders. “This could be one of his pranks and I’ve once again fallen for it…really good!” He gazed around him, desperately searching for Herbert.

Just then, he took a hold of the hat trying to get it off his head. It stuck to his head like superglue. It wasn’t going anywhere. The hat didn’t feel too big or small, so it should have come off easily enough.


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