Herbert’s HAT, World Of Imagination, Chapter 1, Section 3

As soon as Timmy picked up the hat, they both knew something would go terribly wrong, so Herbert and his shadow ran to the bedroom. “I just hope he doesn’t put it on!” Herbert said.

“What do we do if he does?” Shadow asked in Herbert’s mind.

“Just cross your shadows and hope for our sake it doesn’t happen.”

“Herbert my friend, if this human boy does put on the hat do you even know what will happen?’ Shadow asked him.

“Seriously…thinking such things will not help us right now. With the hat on, he would see you too. This cannot EVER happen. If a living boy ever saw my shadow, he wouldn’t be in this world for long,” Herbert replied while they both kept a close eye on Timmy.

At that very moment, the hat came alive and mesmerized the boy.

“Great! There’s a heap of trouble on the way,” Herbert grumbled.

“He’s very interested in knowing why you left your hat on the floor! Why did you leave your hat there for him to find?” Shadow asked while watching Timmy as he opened the closet-door and looked in the mirror.

“This is not good! Not good at all!” Herbert said sneaking quietly into the room.

“He’s going to see what happens when the hat’s on his head! He’s going to know!” Shadow shouted and jumped.

Herbert peaked out from behind the bed. He didn’t see Timmy’s shadow anymore, now that Timmy wore the hat. He knew they should be careful now, because Timmy’s life and so much more depended on it. “Shadow you run as hard as you can. Get back to Headquarters and get some help. You need be very fast indeed!”

A sudden thunderous boom ripped through the room. Lighting and the loudest roaring of wind hit the room, the kind Herbert never heard before, then he couldn’t see Shadow anymore. The wind hit him pretty hard. Suddenly, he could feel a great deal of pain. “What in the world—real or not—is that?” He got up very slowly as he stood in Timmy’s room. In the same building, Timmy lived in. It looked different from the way he saw it all before—this is Timmy’s world.

Herbert always had pure white spiky hair short enough not to penetrate through the hat itself. This was changing as well. While he stood there, his spiky hair changed to brilliant black flowing hair. He barely caught his breath while gazing all around him. “What’s going to happen now?” he asked aloud, stressing more than he wanted to. “Did any of them hear what just happened?” He wondered if Timmy’s parents would come and see this mess while holding his very human hand over his mouth.

Herbert realized with a fearful start that he had just become a real boy.



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2 thoughts on “Herbert’s HAT, World Of Imagination, Chapter 1, Section 3

    • Hi there, thanks so much.
      Seeing this is my First Published Novel, there will be mistakes and a Definite learning curve.
      I just hope that anyone who reads the book or even just parts of it I’m publishing in a few places – do not get TOO bored with all the mistakes.
      It’s a definite journey and not just getting to the other side…

      Will do my best!

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