Herbert’s HAT, World Of Imagination, Chapter 1, Section 6 & 7


Shadow ran across the city as fast he could. Jumping and bobbing from one shadow to another. Most of the animals he passed didn’t know what hit them. They just saw the shadowy movement passing them. But then, they were so stunned by the sudden movement and seeing no one there they ran off in all different directions. When Shadow ran, he generated a whirling powerful wind. This got to everyone.

He didn’t look behind him, because he didn’t want to know how close the Fear Eater was. The only thing he knew was what Herbert had told him, ‘Shadow you run as hard as you can. Get back to Headquarters and get some help. You need be very fast indeed!’ He thought these words over and over.

Running as hard as he had, it still didn’t feel like he made-up any ground. He kept running so hard, he started to look like only a shadowy mark over a page. No one could see his movements anymore. He ran far too fast, looking like this black strip, reaching over all the roofs while moving further and further away from Herbert.


Section 7

Timmy found he couldn’t sleep. He sat up the whole night watching TV

His father walked into the entertainment room thinking he must have left the TV on and switched it off, then walked back to bed.

Timmy waited and looked in on them to make sure they were sleeping, then he turned the TV on again. While sitting there, he wanted something to drink. A few minutes later, he patiently waited for the coffee percolator to activate and did his best not to smile about it all. ‘Good morning Mom…Dad. I’d really like to see what your reaction will be…when you hear about ‘this’ one! Would you like to join me in a cuppa Joe?’

“Is Timmy awake yet?” Victoria asked Donald. Victoria stood taller than Donald. She had a slender build and would have been a knockout on any cat-walk if only she’d possessed the determination and courage to do so. She happily caught Donald’s attention when they were both younger with her light blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair.

‘Oh, brother, is it Saturday or a weekday? I forget…’Timmy felt panic upon hearing his mother’s voice.

“Did he have a nightmare last night?” Donald wanted to know. He just picked up a little weight, but not much when he got older. He’d only barely begun losing some of his blond hair and few greys were popping out. His eyes were a light green. Their physical combination didn’t explain why Timmy turned out so different from them.

“I looked in on him and he sounded fine but this imaginary friend of his is really bothering me,” she replied with a sigh.

Timmy bumped into her when she moved too fast for him to get out of her way.

“Why do we bump into things in this place and there isn’t anything there to justify it?” Victoria asked while looking worried.

‘If you only knew what is lying in store for the both of you. Then you’d get I’m not the one who’s got the issues here. Herbert is here and I didn’t ask for any kind of imaginary friend. Just setting the record straight…’ Timmy did not feel happy with their discussion.

“I really don’t know what’s going on with hum. This morning at three, I had to switch off the television. Do you think Timmy watched something so late?” Donald asked her.

‘Oh, and that’s not all! Boy, do either of you know what this morning holds for you!’ Timmy smiled at the thought of Herbert finally getting himself into trouble. An odd feeling grew strong in the kitchen and he immediately stopped smiling while looking all around him.


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