Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 1 Section 8

Herbert's HAT Small

Herbert got up, walking into the bathroom it being his first time ever to use the toilet.
Timmy stood just inside the door, since Herbert didn’t close it.
“How can they do this…everyday?” he asked “How can they sleep only this little amount of time too? I really need to spend the whole day in bed!” Herbert said, yawning so much he struggled to aim correctly, so he steadied himself.
Timmy chuckled. It was his turn to tease the little ‘boy’ wonder. “Hi there buddy!”
Herbert immediately swung around and missed the entire toilet-bowl.
“Do you know what would be really nice? To relieve myself and let my very-very full…bladder go!’” Timmy griped, not feeling so superior now.
Herbert didn’t even wash his hands and he left the messy toilet as it was. “This kind of life will be the death of me! Where do you even get the energy from to play?” he asked ignoring what Timmy said.
Timmy grumbled some more and glared at Herbert.
When Herbert walked out of the bathroom, he wasn’t feeling too well––since he’d never slept like a real boy before. Feeling miserable, he didn’t know what would happen nor what he should be doing. He went to the dresser and put a pair of black pants on. They more resembled Chinos, but still, they looked sturdy enough. He wore a grey T-shirt. Timmy wouldn’t be using his own shoes, so Herbert took a pair which fit nicely. They were the oldest pair Timmy had. He had no time for play or talking, because he felt hungry and he decided to head to the kitchen. He saw Donald and Victoria were already having breakfast. He had no real choice and he felt he might even get away with this, so he walked right into the kitchen. There would be no easy way around this. He stood there looking for their reaction when they saw him and not—Timmy.
“Oh… there you are Timmy, did you watch television this morning?” Donald asked, walking around the corner of the kitchen table.
Victoria waited for the answers herself. “Timmy, why don’t you answer you father?” she asked moving along the table’s edge.
Timmy smiled hugely at the unsure Herbert.
They both sat down and drank their coffee as they waited for an answer from their son.
It seemed like his parents were not going to react though. Timmy turned and stared at them.
When ‘Timmy’ didn’t answer, they both looked over at the boy and froze. Neither of them spoke and they looked stunned.
Herbert stood as tall as Timmy did. He did have the pure black short hair and when they looked closely, much lighter skin than even Victoria, but the strangest feature was his light grey eyes with no pupils. Dressed in almost the blackest clothes he could find, it just sealed the shocking deal of their lives.
“Good morning. This must not—be what you expected to find this morning or what?” Herbert asked while trying to smile nicely.
They both rose up slowly and moved toward him. Stopping, they gaped at him, with their mouths hanging open.
“I do understand. You figured Timmy would have been here this morning…” Herbert started. “But then, something’s happened––which you wouldn’t believe, um—when I tell you.”
Victoria then got off her chair walking up and down, talking hysterically to herself––pacing over the kitchen floor.
“Timmy had a little accident, but he’s in no danger or been hurt,” Herbert told them. “Wow! This is really hard.”
They only stared at him, the shock was not going away. Their son was now missing. Victoria ran to his room with Donald right behind her and they plundered the room in search of Timmy. “Timmy! Where are you?” both of them shouted over and over again. Still rambling through the room, opening every door and moving everything they could.
Herbert walked into the room and watched them for several minutes. “He’s in the apartment but you can’t see him.”
They once again froze where they stood, then turned mutinously toward him.
Herbert panicked at their angry expressions and he turned, running out of the door, down the hall and through the kitchen, heading toward the foyer. He saw the way Timmy’s parents reacted when they thought they’d lost their child. He wasn’t particularly interested in getting beaten up by them.
Suddenly, Donald shouted from behind him and unfortunately, Herbert turned around while not looking where he ran. He fell over a golf-bag dropped in the middle of the hallway. “Timmy, this isn’t the time to play tricks on me!” Herbert shouted sliding over the floor and lightly hitting his head against the door.
“What did you do with Timmy?” Victoria screamed from behind Donald.
Herbert jumped up and ran from them again. He knew he just needed to get them tired enough and then they could all sit down and talk.
“I’ll kill you if you hurt our son!” Donald shouted turning and running after Herbert again.
By now, Victoria’s emotions totally drained her. She stopped running and sat down on the sofa in the living room.
Donald realized she wasn’t running behind him and he immediately halted. He looked around and saw her sitting on the sofa.
“If we stop chasing him—then he might come out and tell us what—he knows,” she told Donald breathlessly.
“What—do you really think he’d tell us—the truth?” Donald asked her while out of breath too.
“Just how many friends does he have here—who would help him to play such a prank on us? Even if Timmy is as angry as everyone suspects of him—he’s our son and I cannot ever believe he would do something like this. He’s not cruel!” Victoria told him while tears rolled down her smooth cheeks. “If he’s not here. Let’s hear what the boy has to say and find Timmy. That’s all I want.”
Donald sat on the sofa and held her close.


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2 thoughts on “Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 1 Section 8

  1. Read what u sent Interesting.It left me searching and wanting to know more. I quess that means I need to read the book. I however think. U dropped conversation after giving me links.I was was wondering If u in the USA? ? Cool to chat but writers don’t chat. They put it all in writing to their work.i wonder if my your a recluse.lol.

    • Hi there,
      I must admit that I didn’t know that I’d sent you a Link directly. Not only this, but getting the word out for the Book is even Harder than Writing it or even Editing the manuscript.
      I’m from South Africa. If what you’ve read so far, then Please buy the book and see if you enjoy the rest as well.
      Here and the other places I put my Thoughts (Blog) I only place an Update once a week. So that May not be as Brilliantly nice for you.
      Thank you for the comment,
      Chat some more later…


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