Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 2 Section 1

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          Before they even realized it, they were high over the city.
Herbert didn’t care to tell them but then their own curiosity forced them to open their eyes.
“Are we really flying?” Donald shouted, looking around them to see they were over wide open country already.
“What are you talking about we can’t be—?” Victoria screamed, finding they were flying “This is crazy! This is impossible! This cannot be happening!”
They looked behind them to see the city lay far back now. There were grass fields below them and many trees around them.
“What is going on here?” Timmy yelled, realizing he had a little fear of flying, especially while holding on like to a thread.
“Relax…we’re all in this together!” Herbert shouted at him.
Suddenly, there were massive birds in the sky.
“Okay now, whoever is dreaming up these things as long as they don’t attack us, then we’ll be okay!”
“What do you mean? Aren’t you the one creating all of this?” Donald called to him.
“Yes, you’re the one coming from this make-believe world, isn’t it you who’s creating all of this?” Timmy shouted while the wind played around with their clothes.
“I’m sorry to tell you that where I’m from, only humans can use their imaginations. We’re only created to help children and sometimes adults when they’re in need of our help,” Herbert explained.
Just then, a massive balloon floated across their path. Herbert lifted his head, pulling the four of them up and they all flew right over it.
The four climbed up higher and were flying with the racing birds now. They moved so fast that not one of them saw what these things really looked like. They could now see the sun was setting in the far distance.
“I thought you said if Timmy was still invisible when the day came to an end, he would be invisible for the rest of his life!” Victoria shouted at Herbert.
“Not to worry. As soon as we took off from your balcony, we entered this world of wonder and time started to run backward. By the time we get back, you’ll be where you were and hopefully, we’ll have the answer to the riddle!” Herbert really shouted now, while the wind blasted past them, pulling and tugging at their clothes even more.
Even as high as they were, they suddenly dropped from the sky and dove to the ground faster than even the racing birds could go. Only there were no birds following them now. They heard the roar from behind them as a purple elephant also flew as fast as it could using its normal sized ears. It rushed past them. It wasn’t very lucky, because when it wanted to land its hefty body slammed into one of the bushes. Rolling a few times before the poor animal got up to run around in delirious circles.
While they stared, they heard something else behind them.
“Come on! We need to get out of the sky. If the rain falls on us while we’re flying, our wings might get wet and we could fall out of the sky!” Herbert warned and then he started kicking with his feet, almost swim diving toward a tunnel that was visible now.
“What do you mean—our wings?” Donald asked and then only did the three of them see in fact––they weren’t just floating—they did have wings on their backs.
The funny thing about this unexpected surprise was that only one feather existed on each wing. They looked so thin and weak, like one ply toilet paper. The feathers were pure-white as well.
“Hey buddy, each of us got only two feathers. What is the deal?’ Timmy wondered.
“Why do you have two wings full of feathers and each of us has only one each?” Victoria asked while the thunder came closer and they dropped closer to the ground.
“I’ve existed here for as long as I know. What? Did you really expect with you coming to my world, you’d have everything I’ve got, just because you showed up here?” Herbert answered as he dodged one of the lightning bolts which struck a big tree, ripping it in two.
The four of them twirled around a few times while evading more lightning and the falling tree.
Then the raindrops started to fall, blasting past the four flying people. Only now, they saw the raindrops were actually giant candy balls whirling past them. The candy-balls shot by them so fast that if any hit them, they’d be sore for a week.
“Hey!” Timmy yelled. “I just like to mention that these rain drops kind of hurt when they hit you! Why am I in pain now?”
“Things aren’t the same here. Some of those candy balls will only feel as if they were raindrops. The ones that look like the various colors of the rainbow––they’re okay. If the black ones hit you—you’ll feel pain. While you’re here, you can feel pain and being invisible back there, you couldn’t!” Herbert explained loudly to him. He then concentrated on landing and getting out of the rain. No matter how Herbert tried, they would still be landing short from the tunnel. They’d have to make a run for it, keeping out of the way of the black falling candy-balls. He spotted the first of the black balls coming down. “Fly! Fly faster!” he screamed seeing more and more of the black balls whizzing past them.
Before they could get away from the falling, black candy-balls one of them hit Donald’s wing. Just as the ball hit the wing, it caught fire and Donald’s entire set of wings fell off.
They were flying one moment and the next, they were dropping like heavy rocks.
“Donald—Donald!” Victoria shouted while being pulled down by him.
While all of this was happening, the clouds above them were turning into a never-ending darkness. Just as their decent stabilized, they hit the ground harder than what Herbert hoped they would.
On the ground, alive and in one piece but really feeling the pain, everyone laid there breathless. The impact knocked the wind out of them.
Herbert got up first and then he moved to the rest of them. In his world, he was stronger than them and the impact didn’t affect him so much.
They all looked the worse for wear.
“We need to get into the tunnel!” Herbert shouted at them. He did his best in moving them faster, only walking toward it now.
They were going slowly, as they were tired and in pain. They steadily got their breaths back.
“Where does all of this come from?” Donald asked in a weak tone.
“I’ve got no idea. One of you must be thinking of something you’re remembering,” Herbert told them, getting them to the tunnel as fast as he could.
“Well, I’ve got no idea of why all of this is happening. It isn’t me!” Timmy shouted at him.
“If this isn’t Timmy, then either one of you has seen a movie or you’ve read a book and this could be the reason why we’re here on the ground right now…early!” Herbert yelled at Timmy’s parents. “It could even be a nightmare from your past…anything can take shape or form here. Everything becomes very powerful here…” Herbert rushed them from the danger they could be facing.
“The days when we dreamt of such things are long gone!” Victoria told Herbert. “Tell him Donald, we’re past…”
Donald stared at her. “Both of us are doing this Victoria, it has to be. No matter how old you get, there is still leftover memories and dreams. You may not believe it, but just look around!”

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