Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 2, Section 2

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While the two were arguing, Herbert walked through the tunnel and stood at the end. He saw a massively big waterfall. The water rushed past from an invisible place and blasted well out of his reach. It was cool and he could taste the water vapor on his tongue when he opened his mouth. The water refreshed him, soothing all his pains, scratches and bruises. Inside the water, he could see there were fish of some kind, swimming upstream.
“Oh—brother—what now?” Timmy stood next to him on the very edge of the waterfall. “How much of this is me?”
“I have no idea. The thing of this place is…what you like the most comes through most of the time. The things you’re the most afraid of comes through the least. So, unless you dislike such a huge massive waterfall we’re facing at the end of this tunnel, then I think it must be one of them dreaming this up. Flying is easy––but running away from your problems might not be such a good idea.”
“Do you know how nice it would have been to pee into this water…But then again, you do know I can’t do that anymore.”
Herbert rolled his eyes as his young companion completely missed the point of what he just explained.
The longer Timmy and Herbert stood at the end of the tunnel the louder the roaring waterfall became.
Only now did the Donald and Victoria walk over to them. Due to the roar of the water, they were unable to hear each other arguing any more. They saw a light mist beyond the tunnel they were in. Below them, lay a massively wide stretching forest. There were hundreds of birds and even a very nice looking rainbow reaching far and wide, away from them. It wasn’t straight at all, rather it ran like a constant wave. Having a crest and then dipping…a crest and then dipping. It looked smooth reaching over the sky but it looked solid as well.
“The rainbow could be you, and I hope it’s made up from candy or something nice.” Herbert looked over at Timmy.
“Why do you need to reach the end of the rainbow when the rainbow itself can be the treasure?” Timmy thought aloud, then both of them suddenly fell out of the tunnel’s end.
Looking up, the two saw Donald and Victoria were still at the edge while both Herbert and Timmy were floating like feathers down to the water.
“There’s more than one entrance into my world. Every time we go, it is into a different entrance and if we enter my world with someone who shouldn’t be here…we’ll fall into my world,” Herbert shouted at Timmy, “And I’ve never ever heard of a human coming here. It will take some doing to get to the Elders.”
Just then, they heard the tunnel behind them as it started to fall in on itself. Well, at least none of the black candy balls would roll into the tunnel after them.
Donald and Victoria gaped at the drop before them. They heard the crumbling tunnel heading their way while both stood terrified. “How can this be happening?” Victoria screamed.
“I have no idea, but we’ll have to go or we’ll be crushed!”
His parents came along and they got soaking wet on their way down next to the waterfall.
Timmy in fact, floated with the mist generated by the water. He chuckled when his parents zipped past him looking like gravity worked twice as hard while pulling them toward the water below.
Herbert and he heard one massively long, intense scream blaring out from his parents.
Even Herbert suddenly fell as fast like they did, while Timmy enjoyed the slow scenic route on his way down.
Long before the three even reached the bottom, the three were soaked trough their clothes. While they were falling, they saw fish stacking upon each other.
Timmy had time to peruse the odd fish, he figured that the waterfall reached far too high, so they were working together to get to the top and the fish were aiming for the rocks in the flow of the water. To his surprise, they also used ropes. They didn’t swim upstream as some of them didn’t have fins. They would just clasp onto the rope at some point, then be pulled along. They looked like each other but they differed in smaller detail. Some of them had arms and were of various colors. Others, only legs and there were those with both. Then there was the poor unfortunate ones which didn’t have any limbs. One thing all of them did have in common was teeth—very sharp teeth with which they could take a nice piece out of anyone. This made them look really weird, especially when they smiled. They weren’t Piranhas but they did look pretty scary even if they were smiling nicely.
“Why are they trying to get up the waterfall?” Timmy shouted over the constant thundering water.
Herbert was far too far away from him but heard Timmy in his mind still. “To be completely honest I have no idea. I’ve never come into my world this way. This is a first for me as well!”
They’d fallen so far down by now, Herbert couldn’t see Timmy while he kept on floating down toward the water below. Herbert darted into the water falling behind Donald and Victoria. He wanted to shout back at Timmy but then, he hit the water. Only, they barely touched it. They didn’t go below the water at all. With the water constantly falling from above, Herbert just lay on top of it. He drifted some distance away from the falling water before the thundering sound of the waterfall suddenly stopped.
Timmy still floated down with the water-mist and he could still hear the massive roaring thunder in his ears. He had no idea that the roaring sound would stop until he got to the water.
Although Donald and Victoria fell really fast they didn’t hit the water fast either. Just dipping slightly into the water. As soon as they were in the water, they were almost pushed up to the surface before they stopped stressing.
Along the edge above them, herds of strange animals were busy making their way forward. Some had horns and spots while others were different colors of neon, almost glowing. There were even big hopping bunnies of all colors and candy striped squirrels.
“Are those animals?” Donald asked Herbert. “What are they doing?”
“Yes, those are animals. I think they’re being transported to everyone’s dreams. No matter who you are––if anyone dreams of anything at all we have to make sure they have an image of what they’re dreaming about. If I’m right, this is the section for the animals everyone dreams about. In fact, they always use the waterfall as a portal to go through. The fish are stupid they’re doing something different…I have no idea why.”
The water became yellow while they reach the end of the small lagoon. They weren’t far enough from the falling water not to hear the impressive thunder from it. Still, its thundering wasn’t in their ears anymore.
Everyone could stand now. They had solid ground underneath their feet while looking around them, so now they could see various animals and a big enough forest for them to live inside of.
Just then, Herbert saw Timmy only had a few feet or so to go. While he floated the last short distance, he moved even faster than they did and slammed right into the deep water. Leaving on massive splash of water. He dropped right to the bottom of the lagoon.
Herbert kept looking back to see when and where he’d come up. Uncertain of where he might be.
“Is Timmy here with us?” Victoria shouted.
“He floated down on the mist and plunged into the water even harder than we did. But then this is my first time entering from this side and with humans, so I just don’t know.”
“Well? Where is he?” Donald asked.
“Timmy is okay, he’s walking out from under the water now,” Hebert told them having heard his thoughts as he smiled uneasily at both Donald and Victoria.

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