Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 2, Section 3, Flying…

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‘This is brilliant. I’m possibly the only one underneath the water!’ Timmy thought to himself while holding his breath and looking about. There were all kinds of things in the water while he walked out of a deep trench right underneath the thundering flow splashing down on top of him.

‘Am I’m the only one who has to walk and climb over some massive boulders just to get out of the water?’ Timmy wondered with frustration, not getting any connection to Herbert while he walked under the water. ‘Could I drown if I can’t hold my breath any longer if I’m not out from under the water by that time? It’s not like there’s any kind of pressure on my lungs…Wow, I might even make it out without needing another breath. What the heck, Herbert? Why can I only now hear you inside the water?’ Timmy shouted at him feeling the water motion on his body––making him walk slowly.

“Don’t worry about it just get yourself out of there!” Herbert answered him.

Before anyone could do or say much, Timmy pulled out and now between his parents. He didn’t disturb the water. There wasn’t even a drop falling from him.

“He’s okay, he’s here,” Herbert informed them.

“I can’t take this place anymore and we’ve not even been here long—how will we survive here?” Victoria asked, walking over to Donald who held her.

Timmy knew his mother was being overly emotional and he shrugged as he looked up and saw they were now on a hilltop. Looking from the top, he could see well beyond. He saw a big village and further beyond, there lay a massive castle in the far distance.

“So, where would your shadow be then?” Donald asked.

“If he didn’t find the Elders in the village, then he would be in the castle. The only thing is we’ll have to walk there from here.”

“That’s just brilliant. At this distance away, just how long would it take us to get there on foot?” Timmy wanted to know, seeing the true distance it actually was.

“It doesn’t matter how far it is away from here. Time doesn’t have an effect on us. The good thing is that as long as we’re here, the Fear Eater cannot get to you…or the rest of us,” Herbert assured him.

“Okay, so what can—get to us?’ Timmy asked seeing Herbert wasn’t too happy with this question.

“Okay—but what can get us here?” Donald asked the same exact question. “What are you not telling us?”

“What kind of trouble lay ahead of us here? Seeing we’re not even supposed to be here?” Victoria added her questions as well.

Timmy walked to the edge of the hilltop they stood on. Then he looked at the deep drop that looked very steep. They could get off it only one way.

The entire group peered over the edge, seeing the ground exposed and saw there were numerous roots growing through the ground. They saw different colored worms as well. Each worm looked different in size and thickness while moving through the ground eating the roots while they moved.

“The problem is this…” Herbert finally spoke, “…I’ve never lost my hat before and this would be the only time I’ve heard that any one of us lost their connectivity to our world. What the Elders would do to me I’ve got no idea. They could throw me in jail and simply just throw away the key. Even if they’re able to help us, if we speak to the wrong people and they know you’re here you might as well never leave this place. I just do not know—what they’ll do.”

“Then why did you bring us here to begin with?” Victoria asked in an angry tone.

Only then, did Herbert turn and look at them. “Because, I have no idea how to get Timmy out from under my hat and the Elders will hopefully know the answer to this. The only problem is by now, everyone will know you’re here—that could be an issue.” Herbert said while tears rolled over his cheeks for the first time ever. “I do not know what will happen but I know with your fears or imagination anything is possible here.”

“Except for prison what else would they do to you?” Donald asked with concern.

Gazing up at Donald and then over at Victoria, he answered, “They’ll burn my hat and I would never be able to step foot in your world again…I’d never help anyone from your world, ever again. In short, I would lose my job!” he answered and then he jumped off the hilltop.

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