Herbert’s HAT (World of Imagination Series, Book 1 of 6) Chapter 2 Section 4

10 Herbert's HAT          Flying…

He fell as fast as Donald and Victoria did when they jumped over the waterfall. Herbert then landed on a huge grass-leaf halfway down. The grass grew some distance up from the ground, so it stretched up high and this allowed Herbert to slide downward on it, right to the bottom.
“If this situation wasn’t weird enough this place is getting weirder by the moment,” Victoria shouted after him, “Now, we’ve got to jump a second time? Nothing will make me jump again!”
“We need to get down from here and we need to help Timmy get back to normal. We have to jump again…Take my hand and close your eyes. Hopefully, the grass ill catch us when we do go over,” Donald told her, taking her hand while shaking as much as she was.
They kept an eye on Herbert as Donald and Victoria stood there like statues standing in total shock seeing just how far Herbert stood below them.
“This idea doesn’t look safe enough!” Timmy shouted down at Herbert. Before he knew what happened with the last bit of energy Herbert possessed, Timmy was pulled from the hilltop, screaming like a girl all the way down.
Timmy knew the grass reached for him. It caught him and he slid to the ground.
“You two need to come down, we’ll need to stay together if ever we want to leave this world together,” Herbert called out to them. He knew despite the distance that they could still hear him, things were different here than where they came from. Herbert then saw one of the big elephant look-a-like animals walking up to them.
Covered in various colored stripes over its body, it stopped close enough to the two, then blew it’s trunk at the couple. It sounded like a ship’s foghorn, ripping almost through them while they were blown off the hillside. Free-falling off the hilltop, both of them looked more like they were trying desperately to paddle back. Screaming terribly loud all the way down, even more than what Timmy did. Not stopping like Timmy did halfway down though. With their screaming, the poor grass vibrated to the point each strand of grass separated from the other. They still held their form but just barely.
Donald and Victoria touched down on the grass, then they were spinning constantly on their backs. It wasn’t fast but by then, they looked really upset. When the spinning slowed, there they lay while looking bewildered. When they tried to get up, they spun around on the grass-slide.
“Where—where—is Timmy now?” Victoria managed to ask.
Timmy took a branch that lay on the ground and swung it around a few times. “Can the two of them see me doing this?”
“Yes, here they could even see the whole you if they would still believe and imagine like a child would.”
“They’re just angry because they think you made the animal scare them on purpose. Both of them are really nice but they’re not what you would call go getters,” Timmy explained to poor Herbert––who knew very little about Timmy’s parents. “That’s the real reason why they took over ten years to move to New York, then they’ve got this issue with me. Wanting me to be just like them, not doing much, just not getting into trouble. Strange, I’m just like them but they think I’m different.” Timmy walked toward the deep dark scary forest growing wildly before them as he spoke, “I only try the things I’m really curious about. They do what they can I suppose, but then sometimes, life looks a little scary for everyone.” He smiled as though he just figured something out for the first time.

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