The ABC’s

The ABC's

Learning your ABC’s is actually a Phrase Kinda made famous from the US if I’m not mistaken about this one.

The ABC’s of Life is a whole different situation;

I’ve Seen, Heard and been Privy to the various ideas of various People around me;

WILL and WANTING to do something in their Lives.

All of this is really good and I’d Never Ever tell a Soul not to REACH beyond for something Better in their Lives;

BUT then there’s so many People I’ve seen and found that didn’t GET the Basics RIGHT!

As the Saying goes:

Even the Best Laid Plans can go Astray…

But then, How many more People just goes Forth,

Not even Considering where they want to GO,

Or what kind of Plan they’d need be Putting in place in this Regard.

The moment we do not Plan well enough Ahead,

That’s the Time, Moment AND the Situation where we could Easily

Loose Traction in reaching our Goals or Destination!

It’s NOT to say that Things WILL be better the Better You plan ahead,

Seeing that Murphy’s Law or LIFE in General does tend to play a Role in our Plans.

You can DO whatever you can,

But things Just happen on their Own!

Thus, if you do plan,

This could easily involve someone who has more Knowledge of your idea,

Willing to help out more than you’d expect OR

They could just support you in doing what you need,

WORKING Your Rear Off in making things happen.

It is very easy for anyone to Fall off the Band-wagon,

Even MORE so when you’ve lost your Direction,

THUS, having as best Laid Plan AND

Those around who know what you’re Working toward;

They’d ALSO feel a little More involved in your Life,

They just might be that Pillar you need when things turn out a little


AND so,

All your dreams and ideas should Actually come with a

Action Plan,

Just to make the Next smallish – er Goal a little easier to reach.

Write it down,

Talk to ANYONE and Everyone who has any idea about yours,

They may give you In-valuable INFORMATION which you ONLY learn

By struggling through this – when you do not Have to do that…

Best of Luck…


2 thoughts on “The ABC’s

    • Hi there,

      I’m taken-aback,
      Never ever would have in my Wildest Dreams thought that any of my Thoughts, Ideas or Blu-rps
      Would in Any way whatsoever help anyone…

      STILL, I’m really happy if it does,
      Thanks so Much for the Support!

      All the Best,

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