Trust Your Instincts

I know that Most of the time, Women in General are credited with having a better Intuition or Instincts about LIFE and things heading their way.

This may be true, as women in General also Mature faster than men do.

That said, they tend to arrive at Uncomfortable as well as Nice situations LONG before most Men do at their Age…

THUS, I do not dispute that the Intuition or Instincts are correct being said of Women,

BUT also, some Men may not care to Feel or Know something to come either.

It is there for My Believe that some Men,

If they were to trust their Knowledge, Instincts or even Intuition;

They may also see, know or wonder of things which may Transpire.

People in General are Afraid of what they do not Understand.

It’s not only Uncertainty, Fear, but it leaves us NOT to go Look for that trouble.

It keeps us Safe at times and those who do not care for this,

They Could land-up in a Difficult Position or even Worse than that.

STILL, here’s the Question,

When last did you listen to that Inner Voice, which did TRY and help you on the Right path.

How often does this happen that you can Listen to it AND

Find that it’s not Deferring you toward a Wrong Course,

Helping out more than You suspected?

If you do have this Luck OR

Burdon, when you’ve got to Speak to others as you Feel something about them;

Do you Actually Tell them or Just caution someone on Anything which might go Astray.

Are you MORE worried for them to Ask you how you could KNOW?

Do you Rather not even Mention something,

Even though you Know it can help that Person and YOU,

But your Fear of the Unknown doesn’t Allow you to Reach that Far in changing What could or May happen down the Road?

With Any kind of Knowledge and Wisdom,

There’s that Inert Responsibility to share it


At the most, help those which do not have it, Making the Best of choices they can.

Not listening to you, That’s a really BIG possibility,

Not to say they would or take you Seriously.

If YOU don’t even listen to that Inner-voice,

Why would they believe you If and When you try helping out…

The ONLY other question is this, do you Hear, Feel or Know there’s something not good or strange coming-

And what do you do about it.

For Yourself even, as this May not happen Regularly,

Would you Even do a thing about it, if that was, You did Feel something in your Bones?



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