The Reality of Manipulation

We can see this kind of things so many times over within the broad spectrum of the World of Celebrity – it happens regularly and unfortunately constantly as well.

The Irony here is this, we either have seen in our daily lives that someone endured this OR you have been the victim of this yourself.
You’d wonder what I might be talking about,
But then it’s so Easy it’s not even funny!

When you or your friend sees a Dress or more Regularly that Boy who might even like you.
Even between boys this is the issue,
There’s a Girl…

You, I, They’ve got first dibs AND
Then, it turns out that Whoever it was – ONLY saw you as a Friend.
Thus People get upset when they Might not, Don’t Want to see the Signs.
Not investing as much Energy into something that doesn’t even Exist…

Not to mention when Your Friends or close acquaintances do not think that You should be free to make your own choice…
It’s so IRONIC,
There May be someone willing to tell you what they believe you should do,
BUT They want the Freedom to do what they will!
You’re NOT allowed to Caution them against the Mistake you believe for them to be making…
Still, You’re supposed to Listen to THOSE who believe themselves to know better!

THEN comes the Worst one of them all.
When Your OWN Family want you to be Happy,
But they Totally and Utterly refuse to accept the Person or Terms or Choices You’ve made in securing Your OWN happiness.
No matter what direction you go in,
No matter what you do,
We all have the need to be Loved and Accepted in this regard.

This will not have happened; when THOSE around you believe they know BEST,
Which is sometimes the Furthest from the Truth! ! ! ! !
There are those days that they’ve seen something You’ve not.
But then, STILL it’s your right to make that Mistake AND for no one around Us to make any Choices for you.
How will anyone Learn what looks Good and What Not;
IF most of us do not get that Opportunity to make those Mistakes.

At the end of the day,
Even if “THEY” know you best,
You, Me, We All still have the Right to make-up or Minds and even THEN making the Mistake in giving the Wrong person the Chance…

That being Your Life to do such things.
THE best the Rest can do,
Support that One person,
Seeing that No One has that Right to Manipulate you OR the Situation so that You HAVE to change your Plans and Live,

To accommodate someone Else…



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