Technologically Savvy…


I very recently bought myself a new Laptop. I was running around almost a Month in advance, while I was researching what was out there.

I found that not only could I get a Second-hand Laptop from Cash Crusaders, but then found there was a Cash Converters also quit close to me.

The NICE thing about them was, no matter which Second-hand Laptop I’d buy – it would still be running Windows 7.

I do have a MASSIVE issue when buying anything of Value, spending any considerable amount of Money – not taking something NEW and NOT having that Warranty that comes with the new Item…

Ironically with this, while I was doing some Backing Up work on my older PC;

I found that the Writer wasn’t functioning correctly all the time anymore.

THUS, I was forced to use the Laptop’s Writer

AND can you imagine that there’s a Warranty on this system!

Still, I still work on Windows 7 on my PC and now, work on Windows 8.1 on my Laptop.

I have taking some time and learned what I have to know about the Operating system…

YET, even though SOME may say that it’s Easier than Windows 7 –

If those Users were to look for the Various things within the System,

Their location isn’t as easy to access no matter what you do!

YES and Yes,

I suspect the TILES and such can be Modified in doing a better Job for me to Access the program or even Accomplish what I want to do;

But then that wouldn’t be Pertinent to the Way the System is running.

I cannot even Begin to wonder what the Real change would be,

Between Windows 8 and 8.1 –

Hence, this makes me think of Cars as well.

The Manufacturers brings out a Specific car.

They see that it MAY sell well and do not allow ANYONE to tweak the final Product.

While they still see what the Market is doing,

The PEOPLE who does the Tweaking,

They get the time in doing even more of it.

Giving them more and more time in getting to the Point where they could submit all their Ideas and Findings,

TO the POWERS that BE!

In this regard we have a possible,

Facelift version of a Car which may sell pretty well.

There could Always have been such an idea,

NONE of us would Ever know if this is true or not.

The idea is to sell more of the Product and keep it in the People’s eyes, Mind and Mostly

their Hearts!

With this comes a new Thought as well,

I opened a Mail which Invited me to WIN a new Samsung S6 and it’s Brother,

Samsung S6 Edge (if I can remember correctly)…

With the Latest i-Phone 6 release,

I can see that Samsung is really Taking the Battle of the Phones to Apple.

But then, like the updated version between Windows 8 AND 8.1,

The idea of a Facelift version of a Car which is selling well AND now,

The latest Release of the Samsung S6 – which is following closely on the S5,

Are just one of the things which MOST companies do in generating VOLUMES of Sales and

Generate Potential Clients…

With the Windows Operating System I still cannot ARGUE that it’s Easier to use than I’d now use a Apple Laptop or PC.

Having Struggled with an i-Pad,

But not having other Apple Components to work with it…

There’s not ALWAYS such a big change or DIFFERENCE in the Products.

Yet, while we SPEND it’s okay for the Companies to bring out MORE technology or at SUCH a steady pace,

Who could keep up with Everything happening around You?

I just wonder, when it Happened that Technology didn’t HELP us so much,

BUT because of the Ideas behind the Technology,

It turned on the rest and Became part of the Problem –

SEEING you JUST needed TO have THAT item…

Where-to would this kind of Mind-set, Sped-up life be taking us?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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