Between a ROCK and a HARD place…

Lets Party

It’s been a few times, places where I worked and where I partook in the Year End function.

Whenever the Employees Expect or Suspect there should be such a thing as a Function at the End of the Year – You kind of have a potential issue coming your way…

Not only this idea of having such,

But then there’s something else which you’d have to worry about OR which can rear its Ugly Head within this situation as well.

The Powers that Be will want to throw this Party or Function to show the Employee their gratitude with the Year’s work,

But at ONE of the companies I’d been working,

Not that long –

This time and Function at the Year’s End always led to massive issues;

THUS, each Year the Location of this Function was changed to a new place,

Seeing there were Troubles and Issues at the previous place,

The Venue Operators made sure that Management KNEW they weren’t welcome again!

ONE company I was with,

THE Grinch in charge of the Company was such a Stingy Ass that I cannot even remember that they’d have something for the People working for them…

BUT then,

As with Many a times when You hear about this Year End Function OR a Christmas Party as it’s been changed to,

If You’re in Management,

Just how much to you partake in this and WHERE do you draw the line?

With the use of Alcohol in Various of these Parties OR Functions,

There’s ALWAYS the issue of the ONE, TWO or more of the Employees,

How goes well beyond what they Normally go or DO…

But then,

When you’re in charge of these Function,

Just how WILD as I can put it,

Should you get or NOT AT ALL,

When the rest of the Employees Dances on the Tables,

Two at a time find a Secret, Safe place where they get to know each other better,


Where they go SO Crazy that the Company isn’t Accepted back the Next Year…

In the Past I’ve heard Everything most of the Rest had heard from the Places where they might have worked,

BUT then,

The simple TRUTH of the Matter is this,

When the Alcohol is Talking and You do not have the Resistance,

Not to Indulge in Your Wildest Fantasies,

That is the Moment you Throw away all the Respect You’ve built over time.

It’s better to LOOK at what they’re doing,

Just Checking they do not Burn the place down…

Keeping WELL clear of making an ASS of yourself,

That may be the best “High Road” to travel,

Seeing that at the End of the Day,

ANYONE’s Stupid Actions could Lead to their Dismissal!

If you’re NOT really comfortable with what the Rest are doing,

No matter what they May get Up to,

Rather keep Your Cool,

Dealing as best You can,

While t


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