Caged Words/Lives;

Thinking Inside the Box, Launching Into Space

As the saying goes;

Thinking Outside The Box…

Seeing that Many-An-Idea which had been construed inside THAT box,

Before the Saying was Coined –

“Thinking Outside The Box”

Were good enough, BUT as times goes by, Life changes and with Progress running it’s Ass off in Leaving us behind;

Something New had to come…


Thinking Outside The Box!

Yet, this idea is ONLY used when Everyone else who created Good Enough Ideas INSIDE that Box are doing a better job than the rest…


What about living Life in Safety or even a life within that BOX!

Life itself is taking chances and living beyond the Means we’d been given,

No one was Ever Born to live a Life in fear OR that Damn box,

Which would Tell you what you Can or Shouldn’t even Venture to Try!

There’s SO MUCH which want to Stop you, me AND everyone,

Reaching Your life’s Potential,

So just why Should you Listen to the Limitations of those who are TOO scared

Taking that Chance at Living the way they Should?

Inside the Box,

Outside that Box –

It really doesn’t Matter,

The Real Question that needs be Asked,

Which is the way that WORKS the Best for You?

As EVERYONE who’d been Following my Thoughts and Ideas would Attest to…

AS long as you Don’t Influence someone NEGATIVE in the way you live,

It really Doesn’t Matter if you Live inside OR outside that Box!

As Long As You Live The Very Best Life You Can Live For Yourself AND

Helping Where You Can, For Those Around You!

It WILL happen that We’ve got Great Ideas,

No one Might help US in getting Further with that.

We MIGHT even live;




Common lives…

Which In itself isn’t as Horrendous as the Experts Might tell US –

If you do the Best with what You’ve got and Love those Around You,

Living the life you can,

Enjoying what You’ve got,

Then this Standard kind of Life is even BETTER,

Than not Living anything in the least bit!

The Treasure isn’t that which you’ve got to Chase down,

It’s that which is Willing to Wait for you,

It’s that which is Waking up next to you,

It’s that which is Happy to see you,

It’s that which is Sharing your Life with you,

Inside or Outside the BOX…

Ideas and Life,

Just do the Best you can for YOU and those Around You,

Murphy will Always come Along and Try BITE you in the Rear,

Doing what You can,

That’ll be the Awesome Idea,

Especially when You BEAT-down that Adversity in Your Own Life.

As well, ENJOY the moments you’ve got with those Around you;

What Could Be Better Than WORRYING About The DAMN Box,

No one really cares about in any case?


4 thoughts on “Caged Words/Lives;

  1. I love your way of talking about living outside the box. It is so some if we all just decide to be ourselves, think for ourselves and do what we can always to help.

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for the response,

      I think the Idea is this, do what works for you. Some times we have to do both;
      But then still stay TRUE to who you are.

      I KNOW for a fact there’s Many a Person who cannot do this,
      If you do know them, Just support those who cannot Live Freely and
      Hope that Life or Circumstance NEVER EVER forces you to do the same…

      If They life in another way from You,
      It’s Not to say it’s bad…

      Just Respect them for that and Support them, If and When they need it…

      ALL The BEST To You!

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