LIKE/unlike – FOLLOW/unfollow…

It’s been some time since I’ve read the Article, Post, Blog or just Information online;

Stating that like Myself as well as Any other person within the Bracket of Entertainment-

Having to Look at the aspect of Social Media…

It stated for ME; if you do not have Enough Social Media reach,

As with ANY other Writer,

That the Publishing Houses – Companies require their Authors to do As Much as they’d do Themselves in reaching possible Fans or Potential customers in Buying the Published Book…

That said,

How many possible Avenues are there which We, You or I can reach other’s via Social Media


Which of those would be the best at doing this?

YET again I state this,

Everyone who is out there, within the Entertainment Arena HAVE to look at this,

Reaching as many possible Fans, Potential Customers and THUS;

In the end this is a really Integral part of the Social Media Reach – Selling Yourself out there!

Within this piece I’d read such a long time ago,

I found that the Person combining the Information,

That if you’ve got a Good reach;

Almost Half of the work was done.

Seeing that you have enough people Following your Ideas, Blogs, Thoughts and Music or Whichever it is that you’re Putting out there for Anyone to see and HOPEFULLY, Enjoy to Come back to and visit again…

There would be,










And SO MANY more!

It’s a JOB at getting to all of them,

It’s not the Easiest of things in Keeping them Up To Date AND

Worse of all – SOMEHOW, getting Others out of the BLUE to follow you as well!

I can equate this Problem to that of…

How do I get HER to fall in Love with me?

How do you get TOTAL strangers to give You of all People their Time?

How do you get THEM coming back for More?

How do you Make Them believe OR see that You’ve got something?

No matter who the Person is,

You are ALWAYS in Competition with OTHERS…

IRONCIALLY, with Social Media out there;

There’s SO many more who can Showcase their





Or Passion…

SO, this Exercise, Plan or Action is getting Really hard in getting THEM to see YOU.

SEEING there are So many who are Aiming for the SPOTLIGHT themselves,

Not that ANYONE do not have the Right at reaching there,

B U T,

The question is this, within the Mired of Wanna-Bee’s…

How many of them Actually have the Talent,

Taking the Moment, Second or Choice for the Possible Fans,

Away from those How do Have the Sparkle –

FOCUSSING it on someone who should Look at their Second Dream maybe…

Coming back to another Idea,

Within the Bracket of





If you really Look at this,

Remember back in the Day when You were at School


That Young?

I’m your Friend…

We’re not Friends Anymore…

Come over on Friday to play at my house…

Never Call me again…

We’re not Dating anymore…

I don’t like to be your Friend anymore…

I’ve fallen out of Love with you…

Life will happen,

But then, in the Aspect of Social Media,

This Normal, Basic Human trait has spilled over onto the Net…

Especially when You/They Un-friend someone on


When You/They Un-follow OR Block someone on


At the Point when You/They refuse to further partake in that Person’s life.

The Fact of the Matter is this,

You’re going to Irritate someone at some Point,

No matter what you do,

Getting Upset about this,

That will NOT change…

People in General will do what they will,

There’s NOTHING we can do about that,

The ONLY thing You can do, when ALL of this strangeness over the NET happens to you –

Is Controlling how YOU react to it…

There are Infinitely WORSE things that can Happen


Each day, DOES happen all around us!



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