Taking That Leap…

The OTHER day I walked into a shop,

Looking around me and the Happy Realization or Inspiration HIT me,

I’ll not say this was of my Infinite WISDOM, seeing I’m still LOOKING for that one…

Still this being said,

I had this Thought hitting me and Immediately asked the Curious Question,

Which I know that I’d so Ever Regularly Able to come up with.

From there I was Directed to the Shop Owner and After talking with him,

I made an Appointment to go meet him in the Following Week.

There was No way I’d know if My plan would work and IF they’d be interested

In helping me in this Endower in the least!

This wouldn’t be the Issue- What will be OR regularly IS the Issue;

We’re NOT born with that Drive to Reach for our Dreams and Desires!

It does NOT matter what they Will or May be,

Taking that Uncertain Leap of Faith – Hoping that when you Do this thing,

You’d be landing on your Feet OR would you go Down in Flames!

The Ironic Fact is this,

YOU may NOT be Willing to put Your Everything out there –

But then we Want to be Peeved at Those who DO Risk it all and

Possibly find the End worth the Effort they’d put IN, in the Beginning…

TAKING that Leap is a Frightening Fearful Idea;

BUT what I’ve Learned over the Years,

NOT taking that Chance will Haunt you even Longer!

YES, YEs AND yes…

I’ve Felt that Fear a few times in my Life –

AS my (1) Sister would Atone to this,

There’s was a Public Figure I approached on a Very Specific Day,

Asking for SOME kind of Assistance or Insight to my Predicament;

Which didn’t Materialized in the least bit,

NOT that I suspected More, but then I did do my best In getting SOME kind of Feedback.

Thus, the Door Closed in my Face and NOW I’ve got a SHOT at a Network of At Least

+ / – 200 Networked Shops,

This isn’t for certain either,

BUT, when I spoke to the specific Owner he did Sound far more Enticing in this Idea…

NOW be it only the CEO.

BUT, the Thought and Idea here is this;

No Matter if the ONE idea doesn’t come to Fruition,

That isn’t to say that if You knock at the Window,

Someone Might NOT give you the Time of Day.

Asking For some kind of Help isn’t horrible, bad or even Unheard of;

This ONE person you do Ask



Thirdly… AND so ON;

They May need You as much as You need Them,

IF You do NOT take that Leap of Faith,

THE person a Block away,

In the Other Neighborhood,

On the Opposite Side of Your City


That Different City Altogether

WILL take Their Leap and JUST might be the ONES who would get the

OPPORTINITY You should have Landed,

Because they’re Willing to get Up again and do it all over again!

No one Will Ever tell you Reaching this Dream, Plan OR Idea will Ever be Easy,

But it’s Far More Easy to

Stand Back from what We Fear…







Taking That Leap


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