To BE or Not To BE…

Country Fresh

I have a VERY Important subject to discuss with you.

Although it Might only be My IDEA here,

But then when you do read this, You’d be thinking of this as well!

Every now and then I do have the Fortunate situation of watching a Movie at the Cinema.

When I do this, Mostly weekly,

I also frequented this Ice-cream shop.


I would now and THEN eat this Specific flavor.

They’d run out and I’d not even bother with the Rest-

If that ONE Flavor catches you, it’s All Over!


This Ice-cream there at the shop,

I must Admit that it’s pretty Expensive…

Sometimes I’m giving this ice-cream when it’s Cold and Solid,

Other times on warmer days,

The Ice-cream is a little more soft AND

Then there are those days which it’s SO Runny I have to take a Cup and not a CONE!

The Nestlé – Country Fresh Plus,

I find that whilst I’m Either busy,

Watching a Movie or just take TOO long in eating,

The Ice-cream ALSO gets softer,

BUT, inside the Plastic Bucket, it doesn’t bother me…

NOW comes this Very Important Question…?

When you Eat the Ice-Cream Solid or Running,

Do you Taste it better or even Pick-Up that there’s a Difference in taste Altogether?


If the Ice-Cream MELTS in your Mouth,

You Might pick-up the various Tastes it consists of better,


I have found that,

When it’s Solid and when it’s Runny,

There IS a definite Difference in Taste!

This cannot be,

Seeing that the Rollo and the Country Fresh is made in a Specific way!

HOW in the World can the State differ when it’s Solid and Melted?

It’s ALMOST like the Argument with Coffee,

Adding the MILK before the water


Adding the Milk after the water,

Is there an ACTUAL difference?

Now then,

The Chicken and it’s Damn egg…

Well now,

I Cannot believe this to be True,

YET, I’ve tasted these Two Flavors as giving just this…


Even so,

I cannot believe that it is possible nonetheless…

At least NOW,

I’d not be the ONLY one wondering about this,

ESPECIALLY when You do eat your favorite Ice-Cream,

That said,

When it’s Solid or Runny,

IS there A definite DIFFERENCE in THE taste OR not?


HAPPY Smiles… if you can!

Rolo Ice Cream


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