An ODE to a Friend, My BROTHER, the Family…


I feel it took me far TOO long in viewing the latest Addition of the

Fast & Furious films – Number SEVEN.

I must admit that I suspected with what I’d heard,

The Brilliant Tribute included in the End of the Film was going to be pretty Emotional.

Few of us Personally knew

Paul Walker,

And Yet, with that Fact herein Mentioned – everyone who has a Heart and KNOW how it feels

Having Lost someone;

Can and Would tell you, knowing that Farewell was coming,

Would know that if you had There and Then have to say your Own goodbye;

That would be Pretty Hard to do, no matter HOW tough you may think you are…

As the Final moments of the Film passed by,

I could see with the Cast Filmed as they were,

You could clearly see the Pain, Sorrow and Heartache they’d endured from the Day

Until, even at the Premier – having to stay there and Finish watching the Film with so many others.

In the Cinema at 14:00 on a Saturday Afternoon,

At least 80% of the Cinema was filled.

I was Happy and Shocked at this Film was still Pulling in the Fans to come watch it.

Only After the Film ended,

Getting to the bathroom, I heard three Young boys talking;

Happily about the Film – but even more so, Each of them had seen the Film 3 times already.

It Might be strange for most to have such a Strong connection to those Celebrities which they FOLLOW and Love for what they do,

But in the Case of

Paul Walker

And all the interviews as well as Memories from his Friends,

With what he did for those around him,

You can clearly SEE that there’s just a Distinct Few Human Beings on our Planet,

Which in their Own way,

Impact on Others far more than Most can even Comprehend…


I was really Happy at seeing that the Film Company had Elected to say such a Fitting Farewell to such an Awesome person.

I myself had Never met,

But through what MOST of us had Heard and Knew of Him,

Our Admiration towards a Man such as him isn’t Misplaced.

I truly Hope and Believe to some Extent that the Cast had somewhat of an Input on what they’d as well Feel would be a Fitting Tribute.

AND then came another shocking Realization,

When I was aiming to Watch the Film before,

For the Specific Night’s Viewing it was Totally Sold OUT;

So I’d left and walked back to my car.

Finding out from a Female Car Guard that many a Person since the Film’s Release was themselves as well Unable to buy Tickets…

THUS, I do suspect that the Film would stay with Us for a few weeks still.

The THING that Blew my mind,

Whilst speaking to this Woman was a shocking fact…

As MANY people there are who Enjoy either a

Film Franchise OR even Follow that One Actor/Actress –


There are those Idiots who cannot Comprehend the Connection to those who Deserve You Admiration.

As this woman told me she Couldn’t understand what all the Fuss was about.

Not only THIS, but they’d watched a Stolen version of the Film;

Which Pissed Me Off Right There!

But then, as a Woman having Better Access to her Emotions,

She didn’t GET the Film OR

Either that there was a Tribute to

Paul Walker

Included in the Film as well.

This Can / Would / Could as easily have been a MAN telling me this,

But then,

No matter what You or I believe,

There Could and or Would be Others not Sharing your





Brotherly Love towards Him or Her – for whoever they may be.


While You are watching what

Paul Walker’s

Friends, Family and Fans may feel or Have endured over the past few Months;

Just think back to that Person (s) which YOU may have LOST along the way,

Letting them go,

Continuing on,

Living Our Lives…

That can be the Hardest Journey to Continue with.

BUT one thing I Hope / Believe / Pray for,

Everyone of Them,

Would want All of US to be Better Off Ourselves…

Each Of Us,

LIVING a Free & Happy prosperous, Life each Should be Living…


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