Minute quantities…


Having had the Subject of Biology at school AND

Having seen a few Films on Aspects of this,

I have learned some on this over the Years.

I had been RUDELY assaulted by a Mosquito the other day.

Not only that, but there were TWO spots next to each other…

Suspecting they had a Plan of Action and worked together in Stealing my Blood!

No… it’s not so Horrible,

STILL, can you imagine yourself the Kind of Itch that’s left behind when the spots,

Where they’d bit your,

Are SO Close to one another!

When the First spot gets Irritated,

The second it’s BEHIND at all AND

No matter what you do, there’s Just NO way of getting away from the Itch…

This made me think of someone I’d been at the Correctional Services with,

How, still today, Is allergic to Bee Stings.

Not only this,

But the Volume of the injected Substance from the Mosquito AND the Bee

Isn’t that much.

I had felt a Bee sting Eons before

I can Far BETTER remember the TWO Horse-Fly stings at ALMOST the same Instnace.

Which I can tell,


Now then,

It’s Ironic who such Small, Minute Volumes can Affect us;

Think about the Release of Adrenaline into the Blood as well.

EVEN when you get a Thorn in your skin,

There’s also some of them which have a Chemical on the Tip

AND when you pull the Thorn from your skin,

It’s leaves you Itching as well.

When we get Sick or fall Ill,

That bug originally isn’t such a Big molecule either,

But give it time and it’ll cause Multiple problems for you.


The Human Body can be Adversely affected on

SO MANY levels, but such little volumes–

And Yet the amount of





Chemicals and Such we Continually introduce to our bodies are Shocking!

TOO Much of the Wrong Fats which Leads to Cholesterol…

Even while You’re Breathing now,

The Oxygen is Transported to the Cells,

Which is Used to make the Most Important Element for the Body,

H²O, Water, Which the body Consist of at least

60% of in Grown-ups…


The Oxygen coming into the body,

In the small volumes, is also the very Element which is Making Us look older.

Seeing that our Cells are circulated on Average of 7 to 10 Years – If I’ve got this one Correct…?

It might NOW look like a Little bit of whichever You are taking now,

When Your Body gets Use to it,

Your volumes can increase and it’ll Adjust…

But be really careful of what you Introduces to your Body,

It may not Always be something Good for you,


That Little bit of whatever it is,

Like the Mosquito bit,

Can have SUCH an Effect on our systems…

Just so you’d know, the Red-Blood Cell is the MOST intricate Chemical Composition so far as the Clever People know…

AND that Red-Blood Cell,

Is inside Your Body,

Which in-it-self would be the MOST Complex UNIT – “for a Lack of a better Description”;

That you Own…

Take care of Yourself


Take care of Others…


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